Some Things to Remember When Placing your Ballot Today

The military families have had to sue to get this administration to tell the truth that the Fort Hood shooting was a terrorist attack on U.S. soil and not “workplace violence”.

President Obama has repeatedly lied misled the American people on the terrorist attack that caused four deaths at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  60 minutes finally decided to release part of their interview two days before the election proving conclusively that the President did not call it a terrorist attack even though the White House watched the attack in real-time.

We have $16 Trillion in debt, under President Obama that will only increase.  He is on course to bring that number to over $20 Trillion.  On Jay Leno he not only said this isn’t a problem he didn’t know what the number was.  Remember, he said this was unpatriotic when President Bush was in office.  He increased the debt in less than four years than President Bush did in eight.  President Bush added $5T in 8 eight years, President Obama added $6 in less than four.

The stimulus money went largely to buddies of the left.  Unions, green energy companies, and the like.  The vast majority of the green energy companies have since gone bankrupt.  Solyndra was given a loan that allowed the company’s shareholders were given first rights to any assets that were sold before the tax payer.  The American tax payers lost a half a billion dollars in this deal.  This loan was turned down under the Bush administration due to the fact that all evidence showed that company was unstable and was at high risk of not being able to repay the loan.

There is no way to tax the “rich” to cover our debts.  The math just isn’t there.  The tax code needs to be reformed.  The base needs to be flattened to bring and the tax loop holes must be dealt with.  Without this, we will never get out of this mess.  President Obama will not do this.  It goes against everything he believes in.  He will continue the divisive rhetoric of class warfare.  Which will not solve our problems.

The amount of regulation that is killing industries such as the energy sector, will only increase under President Obama.  Green energy is years away from being financial viable.  We still need fossil fuels to run this country.  That is just fact.

I could go on and on.  But time is short for me today.

When placing your ballot today, vote for the country that you want your children to inherit.  A country that will finally start putting the paying off our massive debt to allow more money to flow into the economy, or a country that will only increase in debt and make growth stagnant.  A country that will make its way back to individual freedoms or a country that has a government that is large enough to reach into the lunch bag of a four-year old, tell you what size soda you can buy, how much salt a restaurant can put into the food they sell, and basically run your life.  They believe they can raise your families better than you can.  The choice is yours.

President Obama has admitted that he can’t fix Washington.  Washington must be fixed or this country as we know it, won’t survive.

Get Out The Vote