Quote of the Day – Lt. Governor Bill Bolling Edition Part 2

“I enjoy being lieutenant governor, and under the right circumstances, it’s something I might consider, but I just wouldn’t be comfortable running on a statewide ticket with Mr. Cuccinelli.”

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling after his decision to not seek the republican nomination for governor.

I said the other day that his email to supporters sounded like sour grapes.  Boy, was I right.

It is perfectly understandable that he is disappointed.  For those that don’t know, he entertained the idea of running for governor four years ago.  He decided against joining the race once then Attorney General now Governor Bob McDonnell made his intentions clear that he would be seeking the nomination.  Now he believes that AG Cuccinelli should be doing exactly the same the thing he did.  The nomination is owed to him in his mind.  Well, the voters have something else to say about that.  His complaint about the nominating process being changed to convention as opposed to a primary being the reason he couldn’t win.  I don’t think he could have won anyway.  Cuccinelli’s supporters are very passionate.  They have been working on his campaign for months already.  If they were going to show up for a convention, which is much harder to do, they would have showed up on primary day.

The thing of it is, Bolling was never going to beat McDonnell four years ago either.  It was politically smart of him to sit it and wait.  His real issue is that for the second cycle in a row he can’t garner enough support within the party to get the nomination.  He doesn’t seem to get that he may be the reason that is the case.  After these comments the reasons seem all the more clear.

It is one thing not to endorse, especially the days after you announce you are suspending your campaign, it is totally another to undermine the ticket.  That is exactly what he is doing.

I have some advice for you Lt. Gov Bolling – lay off the sour grapes and put down the glass of self-pity juice; neither are serving you well.