My Apologies

I want to say that I am sorry for the lack of postings of late.  But, I do have some very good reasons.

I have been kind of in a funk of late, so that explains part of it.  But not all.

I also have taken some much-needed personal time to make some decisions in my life.  Big ones in fact.

I have come to the conclusion that I really need to simplify my life and start doing more things for myself.  So, I have decided to make some changes in not just how I live, but where I live it too.  I will be moving back to my home state of Connecticut.  Something that I never thought I would do, but here it is.  Never say never I guess is the lesson here.

I have been running myself ragged for the past several years trying to get certain things accomplished and one of the goals I was working towards has become out of reach for me.  So I had to re-evaluate what my goals should be.  In that thought process I realized the need to go home.  To be around people who have known me since I was a little girl.  People who really love and care about me.  People who understand what it is that I am looking for on a longer term basis for not just myself but for the people who love and care for me.

I want to clear my head of the distractions that I have allowed to take over in the past five years and concentrate on the things that really matter.  Living a life of giving and surrounding yourself with people who will always have your best interests at heart; family and loved ones.

Now I will still remain politically active, I will just be doing it from a different location and being in a place that gives me far more comfort than the craziness of the DC area.

So please be a little more patient and I will be back to posting regularly.  I still have some logistical things to work out, but I will return to normally scheduled programing soon.