Some Thoughts on The Oscars and Flotus

I admit it, I am a huge fan of the Oscars.  I rarely miss watching the ceremony.  I love movies and I really like the fact that most years I have seen most of the movies that are nominated for the big awards.  Now, hollywood isn’t exactly a fan of mine.  Or, I should say my political beliefs.  Many within the industry are outright rude to people who hold my political beliefs.  They call me all kinds of not so nice names and twitter has made it even more pronounced.

So last night I was tweeting while watching the ceremony.  Many of the conservatives around the twitterverse talked about how we shouldn’t watch because of the very liberal slant of the industry and the people within the industry.  I say exactly the opposite.  One of the reasons that democrats win is that use pop culture to influence the masses.

Well, Flotus proved me correct last night.

It’s through cinema, Obama said, that “our children learn to open their imagination and dream just a little bigger and to strive every day to reach those dreams.”

More accurately she should have said that through cinema they influence our children.  Now, don’t take this that I am saying that parents can’t do anything about it, but the influences are still there.

Do you still think we shouldn’t be engaging in pop culture?

The sad fact is this, the lines between politics and pop culture are not just blurred, Michelle Obama and her bangs giving out the Oscar for Best Film shows that the lines have been completely erased.  Sit on the sidelines if you want, but it will be to your detriment.