Twitter Fun – Donna Brazile Mysteries

This gave me hours of fun this afternoon:

@Artist_Angie #DonnaBrazileMysteries Why don’t the code pink vagina costumes have warts and sores on them?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Wow, they’re treating me almost as harshly as the media treats @SarahPalinUSA there on Twitter. Justice, or racism?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries who exactly did let the dogs out?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Why is gas prices so high when my tires are properly inflated?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Why are people making fun of me on Twitter?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries How come free stuff costs so much???

#DonnaBrazileMysteries You mean my Social Security taxes are not kept in a savings account I will later have access to.

#DonnaBrazileMysteries why is my grandmother not getting any medical treatment?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Suddenly people are laughing a lot when I blame Bush. #Confused

#DonnaBrazileMysteries How come after spending trillions, fewer people are employed today than when BHO took office?#NoGoodAnswer#TGDN

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Wait, the Affordable Care Act affects Democrats, too?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Called Michael Moore, asked why his dieting advice isn’t working, no good answer.

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Why did the rapist suddenly get angrier when I puked on him? He was supposed to leave me alone.

#DonnaBrazileMysteries called NOW to ask if “women’s health” only refers to reproductive organs,what abt the rest of my body?#NoGoodAnswers

#DonnaBrazileMysteries If I move to our 57th State -will my healthcare premiums be lower?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries Che is not a hero?

#DonnaBrazileMysteries is the hokey pokey really what it’s all about? Called the First Lady. No good answers.

#DonnaBrazileMysteries How can we have all that debt when they just raised taxes?