Rand Paul and the Filibuster

I really do hope that you watched at least a little of that last night.  It was epic.  While it certainly didn’t hit the historic lengths that others have over the years, it was still darn good.

I mean how often do you hear the federalist papers read on the senate floor?  I was literally swooning while listening to Shakespeare and the Federalist Papers by Ted Cruz. Oh my.  I also got my tweet read by him as well!! LOL.  I was so proud.

I really hope that all homeschoolers out there used this as a Civics lesson.  I can’t imagine anything better to teach our children about how the government should work.

Brennan will be the next CIA Director, but that wasn’t the point of what he was doing.  The point is the limits of the executive branch and protecting the fifth amendment.  It is amazing to me that even more people in this country are not up in arms about this.  Do we really want any president to have that kind of power?  Do I think it is likely that a president would use a drone to kill an American citizen?  No, I don’t.  But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible nor does it mean that we should give the power to one person just because we think they would never use it.

This was one of my favorite moments:

I was also very happy to learn that he had some support from interesting places;

  1. Sen. Cruz reading Tweets from all of you meant a lot to me. Protecting the Constitution is everyone’s fight.

Code Pink was tweeting along, as well as John Cusack:

Good question“@cenkuygur: Up to 8 Senators now joining the Rand Paul . Where are the so-called progressive Democratic senators?”

For gods sake where are democrats ?? “@democracynow: Rand Paul: Obama Admin Response Drones “More Than Frightening” http://owl.li/itdHI 


So Rand was able to make some strange bedfellows.  Which is exactly what the GOP needs. They need someone to stand up and talk about issues that should be important to all Americans.  Civil Liberties affects us all, and the idea that our government may be taking them away should be a concern to every American.

One of the very best thing that I thought Senator Paul did last night was the never attacked the president personally.  He stayed on the issues.  This is another lesson that many others in the GOP and the conservative movement need to learn.  Personal attacks are a turn off and unproductive.

I was proud last night.  Senator Paul did us all proud.

Here are some other highlights: