Twitter Fun – #LiberalTenCommandments

I guess someone that was watching The Ten Commandments decided to have some fun:

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou shalt hire sad little dupes like Toure’ to accuse honorable men like Carson.

#TenLiberalCommandments You must covet everything that does not belong to you.

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou shalt register those voters buried at Chicago Memorial Gardens

#TenLiberalCommandments thou shalt honor thy mother and father unless you don’t know them or they expect morality from you

#TenLiberalCommandments: Thou shalt not kill. Unless the baby poses an inconvenience, then you may abort it.

#TenLiberalCommandments Love the Government with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.

Remember the Day the Welfare Check Arrives and Keep it Holy… #TenLiberalCommandments

#TenLiberalCommandments if at first you don’t succeed change the meaning of success.

#TenLiberalCommandments #letsgetfattogether and rely on the United States government

Nothing feels so good and self righteous as spending other peoples money… #TenLiberalCommandments

#TenLiberalCommandments – Thou shall ensure that your local school provides free condoms and morning after pill for the little rug rats

#TenLiberalCommandments Those of the skin white are racist unless they worship at the right (left) alter. Then they can say/do whatever.

#TenLiberalCommandments thou shalt be for redefining the word marriage

#TenLiberalCommandments To demand respect for thy gender, liberal women shall prance around dressed like giant vaginas!

#TenLiberalCommandments– Thou shalt not speak blasphemous of the almighty Obama. For the wrath of the Drones will fall upon you

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou shalt steal from all making over $200,000 a year.

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou Shall Not Have Any Other Obama’s Before Me …especially that Ronald Reagan guy

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou shall only complain about the government when a Republican is in office

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou Shalt NEVER believe, that Solyndra, SoloPower & Other Green Companies Are “Fronts” for Money-Laundering..

#TenLiberalCommandments Thou shalt call every smart, conservative black person Uncle Tom