Quote of the Day – Erick Erickson Edition

“Already Christians are being harassed by fellow American citizens for not wanting to participate in a gay marriage. The time will come, more quickly than you can imagine, when you will be made to care. … Evil peddles tolerance until it is dominant, then seeks to silence good. That’s why Christians fight on this issue. It is not to force themselves on others, but to protect themselves from others being forced on them.”

Erick Erickson on why the faithful fight to preserve traditional marriage and his answer to young evangelicals that say they don’t care about this issue.

The radicals on the left don’t want you to know this, but it won’t end with gay marriage.  If this was only about giving tax breaks and rights to hospital visits and will rights, it would have been settled by now.  Most people can agree on those things.  This goes far deeper than that.