Barbies of the World, Passports, and Controversy Oh My

Mattel, the manufacturer of the Barbie doll, has released a new doll in their Dolls of the World series.  This one happens to be from Mexico.  The doll happens to come with a passport as part of the accessories that are sold with the doll.  Of course the cries of racism started almost immediately.

“It is not for me to inform you about the ‘play value’ that a passport provides, so go ahead! Play with your Barbie Mexicana and don’t even think of calling her indocumentada,”

Sadly, the people who were making these claims I guess couldn’t be bothered to do any research, as all the Dolls of the World do.  There was nothing targeted about the country of Mexico.  Mattel was making no commentary.  But you know, why let pesky little details get in the way of claims of racism?

Now if you are going to make a complaint about this doll I would go more for the Chihuahua and the really stereotypical mexican wear that most likely hasn’t been worn on a regular basis in that country in decades,  unless they are performing some sort of dance for tourists.  It looks like a costume as opposed to how Mexican woman exist in today’s world.  Had that been the commentary I could see it.  But no, it is about the passport.

Someone has decided that was meant to be an insult and/or a statement about illegal immigration.  To me the real insult would have been if the doll didn’t come with the passport.  Now that would have been a statement.