Quote of the Day – Mark Levin Edition

While I oppose the immigration bill, given the border-security issue and Obama’s record of non-enforcement, among other things, I regret linking to a post that refers to Senator Rubio as a slick used car salesman.  He is earnest and thoughtful and deserves much better.  He loves his country and means well, unlike too many politicians.  There are slick used car salesmen on Capitol Hill, many come to mind, but Rubio is certainly not one of them.

Also, while I’m on the subject, there are bloggers, columnists, and radio hosts who will personally trash Rubio because they think that shows how tough they are on illegal immigration or how conservative they are.  Actually, they are pretenders.  Most of them have done nothing on this issue or for the conservative movement.  Landmark Legal Foundation has been involved in every recent, major piece of litigation against the Obama administration involving illegal immigration, including assisting Arizona in its defense of its law and borders.  We went all the way to the Supreme Court.  I don’t recall any of these “tough” guys and gals behind their computers and microphones lifting a finger.  None of them.  Talk is cheap, and many of them are frauds.

Yes, many of them are.