Twitter Fun – #InfoWarsPickUpLines

These are too funny not to share:

#InfoWarsPickupLines I’ve been picking up signals. Seriously. I’ve literally been picking up signals from you on the EM band

#infowarspickuplines Let me be the poison in your tap water baby

#infowarspickuplines Anyone can make a hat, darlin’. Here’s a tinfoil rose.

#InfoWarsPickupLines “What the hell did you call me? Oh, false FLAG. My bad.”

It’s a conspiracy that you don’t have my number in your contact list yet. #infowarspickuplines

I want to do things to you that are so nasty I’d have to coordinate with DHS to set up several patsies to take the fall #infowarspickuplines

Does your Jdate, ChristianMingle, or eharmony profile include a link to yr bugout plan? #infowarspickuplines

Our RFID chips are compatible. Wanna come home with me?#infowarspickuplines

#infowarspickuplines Can you cover dinner? This restaurant doesn’t take bitcoin.

Hey, baby, it only took Alex Jones 41 minutes to call the Boston Bombings a False Flag. I can last42minutes. #InfoWarsPickUpLines

You’re going to take one look at me and then drop faster than Building 3. #infowarspickuplines

do you wanna go back to my bunker and engage in some hot Symmetric-key cryptography? #infowarspickuplines

Come here and make me legislatively bound by your laws, dominate my world, you shape-shifting reptilian lizard you. #infowarspickuplines

When you and me get together, it’ll be illuminaughty. #InfoWarsPickupLines

“are you a subliminal message? because you’ve been running through my mind all night…” #infowarspickuplines

My feelings for you are deep and complicated like the globalist banking conspiracy against the gold standard #infowarspickuplines

You can stay the night I have a full season of Doomsday Preppers on DVR #InfoWarsPickUpLines

#InfoWarsPickupLines “Wanna go back to my place, and look at my explosive residue theories?”

Hi, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you. #infowarspickuplines

I will give you an inside job the government could never cover up! #InfoWarsPickupLines