Quote of the Day – David Nir Edition

“There are a million things one can say about this bizarre development, but I’ll confine myself to just one.  When Spitzer’s infamous scandal broke, he didn’t leave office merely because he had solicited prostitutes. He did so because he had governed awfully and arrogantly for his entire first year in office and alienated almost every friend he had. A more popular politician who hadn’t cut himself off from his supporters so badly could very well have survived that disaster. But Spitzer succeeded in destroying his own standing with the public even before anyone had heard the name Ashley Dupré, and no one wanted to help him when he stumbled.”

What is interesting about this is the fact that David Nir worked for Spitzer and is one of the editors of The Daily Kos.

But New Yorkers seem to be complete idiots when it comes to voting for people, look no futher than Weiner being up in the polls, the third term for Nanny Bloomberg, and please don’t forget voting in carpet bagger Hillary Clinton.  So don’t be a bit suprised when he wins.

I also think we need to take a look at Sanford being re-elected for egging some of these people on.