The Abortion Contract – NBA Star’s Legal Contract for Girlfriend to Terminate Pregnancy

It is a very sick world we are living in.  NBA star J.J. Reddick apparently got his model girlfriend pregnant in his rookie year in the NBA.  So what do people who have lots of money and fame do in this situation?  Get a lawyer of course.

Apparently the two were dating, or at least sleeping together, and broke up.  Shortly after the break up she discovers she is pregnant and wants to terminate the pregnancy.  In return for terminating the pregnancy he agrees to start dating her again for a period of one year.  In case he decides in less than one year that the relationship isn’t working, he can end the relationship once he gives written notice, and of course a check for $25K.  Now, if either party decides to try to contact the other after the relationships ends, it will be legally considered stalking and arrests could be made.

It is a brave new world we live in isn’t it?  People wonder why we don’t look at life as being something of value anymore.

Another issue here is why would want to date someone who would agree to this?  It is bizarre in every way.

you can read the contract here.