Huma, The Enabler, Stands By Her Man

Apparently Anthony Weiner has not cured his fetish of sending pictures of his penis to women he doesn’t know. Knowing this information he and his wife Huma decided to the enter the race for the democratic primary in the New York City Mayoral race. It is pretty much a given whomever the democratic candidate for mayor is, wins the election.  There are notable exceptions, but not many.

Yesterday during a press conference Weiner’s wife Huma not only decided to stand by her man, but also spoke. She talked about how hard it was on her marriage, how they have gone to therapy to deal with their problems, but she has been able to forgive him, for herself, for him, and their son. Well how nice for her. I am not going to sit in judgement of someone else’s marriage. She wants to stay with a man who was having phone sex with another woman while she was taking care of infant, that is her choice. It isn’t a choice that I would make, but hey to each their own.

During her press conference yesterday she also talked about how they discussed these issues before making the decision.  You decided to go ahead anyway even when you knew that the public wasn’t aware of the latest of his phone pals?  Did she think it wouldn’t come out or did she just not care?  I suppose all this negative press that her son will one day have access to doesn’t matter.  What kind of mother wants her child to read those kinds of stories about their father?  I know I sure wouldn’t.  This man has some deep psychiatric problems.  I don’t think anyone can deny that at this point.  I am not a big believer in the label of sex addict, but in this case it just may fit.

She also stood up in front of the press, and the entire country for that matter, and talked about how this happened “to them”.  No, sweetie, this isn’t something that happened to you.  This is something that you and your husband brought onto yourselves.  No one forced you two to enter the race.  It is not like their aren’t other people running in the primary.  No one was beating down your doors on bended knee begging you to come and save New York City because no other qualified democrat was wiling to take on the job.

This is about two people who are so hungry for power and prestige that they will willingly throw away their pride and dignity to achieve it.  A man who can’t control his urges and then so easily lies about those urges cannot be trusted.  He is also putting himself in the position to blackmailed.  How exactly is this the right thing for New Yorkers?  It also goes to show how little they think of the voting public.  You are so stupid that you can’t see for yourselves that this man is not qualified to hold public office.  You will just buy into the rhetoric that they are fighting for the middle class.  By democrats own definition of “rich”  they are.  So what do they know about your plight?

The keys to Gracie Mansion are more important than shielding their son from having an archive of tawdry information available for his reading displeasure.  That tells you everything you need to know about both of these people.

Huma, the put upon wife, has enabled her husband’s behavior.  She is not worthy of any sympathy.  Any and all pain he brings into her life and that of her son falls squarely on her shoulders.  No wonder the founding fathers warned us of the perils of power.