Quote of the Day – Reid Weingarter Esq. Edition

“This wasn’t a Ponzi scheme, There are not widows and orphans surrounding the courthouse wanting his head.”

Reid Weingarter, attorney for the Jesse and Sandy Jackson, Jr. in court today during the sentencing.  He wants people to believe that this was a victimless crime.  After all he only stole campaign funds.

Yes with today’s politics being what they are, the likelihood is that the majority of the money came from corporations, but one has to think that some of that money came from hard working Americans who thought these Jesse Jackson, Jr. would be a good representative.  As laughable as that sounds to me, there are people in this country who are stupid enough to believe it.

Jackson will serve 2 years and his wife will serve one.  While they do have young children, 13 and 9.   This is a tragedy for them, but somehow they were lucky enough to be allowed to serve their sentences at different times.  Sandy will not go to jail until after Jesse gets out.  Not only that, federal guidelines could have given him close to five years.  Instead of that he gets 30 months, with good behavior, he will likely serve around two years.

The judge actually mentioned that he has done such good things for clean water and education.  What in heaven’s name has that got to do with anything?   He broke the law.  He stole money that didn’t belong to him, even though he and his wife made close to half a million per year, to buy nonsense such as a Michael Jackson memorabilia.

The haves and the have-nots strikes again.