Amsterdam’s “Scum Villages”

Amsterdam has set up a housing complex that is being dubbed “Scum Village”.  It is made out of refurbished shipping containers and was constructed to hold people who exhibit “anti-social” behavior, and is supervised “police supervised”.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard E. van der Laan says:

“The family has many years of serious nuisance, and has a history of vandalism, noise, and threats. If other solutions do not work, it must be the culprit that moves, not the other families around them.”

While that sounds good on the surface, one has to wonder what constitutes anti-social behavior and who exactly it is that gets to decide when that is exhibited and what it takes to put into this special “housing”.

Isn’t this Hilteresque?

The first residents of this village are members of the Dimitrov family, part of the famed Roma Gypsies, long considered a group of people who suffer persecution.  While others tells tales of them being nothing but a bunch of grifters.  They were a group that was targeted for extermination by the Nazi’s during World War II.  Approximately 3,000 were killed in concentration camps.

Another problem with this bright idea is that it will just create an environment of groups of people who are “anti-social” all in one place.  Won’t that create a larger problem?  I mean it only makes sense that what one considers anti-social isn’t going to be what another will term the same way.  You are just going to end up with a large group of people who have already proven to be hard to live near.  Won’t that create more crime and larger problems?  It seems they are setting themselves up for an entire area of undesirable people living together and causing all kinds of problems to each other as well and anyone that has the misfortune of living any near that place.

I find it chilling that this is happening in 2013 in a city as modern as Amsterdam.  It seems that humanity is moving backwards instead of forwards and we have not learned from our mistakes.  I guess history has taught us nothing.

Government over-reach is alive and well.  So much for a city and a country that prides itself on human rights.