Tribute or Insensitive? Chanel Steps in it With Indian Headress

More politically correct nonsense, now from the fashion world.  Chanel did a show for its pre-fall collection in Texas.  The theme of the collection is south-western with a Native American feel to it.  They had the audacity to use headdresses as part of the finale of the show.

Heaven forbid do something that shows of the beauty of the Native American culture.  Then you are, at best, insensitive and probably racist too.

When you look at the clothes that they were showing you can clearly see a Native American flair to them.  Personally, while I wouldn’t wear the pieces with the fringes on them, just not my style, they are quite beautiful and obviously well crafted pieces.  But of course with the hypersensitive culture we live in, the demands for apologies abound.

Chanel has issued a statement:

“Native Americans are an integral part of Texas’ rich history and culture and the feather headdress, a symbol of strength and bravery, is one of the most visually stunning examples of creativity and craftsmanship. We deeply apologize if it has been misinterpreted or is seen as offensive as it was really meant to be a tribute to the beauty of craftsmanship.”

This constant need that some have to turn everything into a conversation about race really needs to stop.  The word has lost its true meaning at this point.  People should be very concerned about that because when real cases of it come up, people will not take them as seriously as they should.

Take a look at some of the photos and you can see for yourselves that nothing was meant as disrespect to Native American culture.  They were simply doing what fashion houses do at fashion shows, making the outfits over the top.

Chanel "Metiers d'Art" Show Chanel "Metiers d'Art" Show