Congressman Jim Moran to Retire

May I just say this makes me very happy.  Congressman Jim Moron Moran is set to retire at the end of this term.  I really don’t like name calling, I feel we should beyond that in our society, but there are no redeeming qualities to the man, and I mean none.  

Of course the same should be said for the idiots that kept electing this scum of a human being.  His ex-wife called the police to report that she had been assaulted.  Yes, we have elected a wife beater to congress.  Which may very well not be the only time in history that it has happened, but the problem is that everyone knew about it and pulled the lever for him anyway.   I lived in or around this district for close to twenty years.  I personally know many, not just a few, but many, democrats that can’t stand the man.  They are perfectly aware of his history and voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because they would cut off a body part before they would vote for a republican.  Even in the last election a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, libertarian ran and he still ran away with it.  

Not only is he a wife beater, he is a racist, an anti-Semite, and he once thought a 8 year old (yes you read that correctly) was trying to steal his car and grabbed the poor child.  He was black, so I guess thinking him a car jacker was perfectly reasonable to this man.  (Yes that is sarcasm on my part).  

He also had to resign his post in the government of the City of Alexandria because of corruption.  Of course no charges were ever pressed and he went onto to inflict his damage to the rest of the country.  He is scum pure and simple.  

This from a Jezebel:

I am voting based on the positions and not whether they, for instance, get blow jobs in the Union Station’s men’s rooms. There is one exception to this rule for me, and that exception is my Congressman, Jim Moran.Jim Moran votes exactly the way I would want my Congressperson to vote — he’s pro-choice, he votes the right way on women’s issues, he’s decent on economic issues (from my perspective — he’s fairly conservative), he’s anti-war. But, today, for the 4th time, I cast my ballot for Jim Moran’s Republican opponent (who, for once, isn’t a rabid anti-abortion freak, thanks NoVa Republicans). Why? Because of his personal life. In June 1999, Mary Moran (née Craig) called Alexandria Police claiming that her husband had hit her. Her husband was, of course, Congressman and former mayor of Alexandria (1985-1990) Jim Moran. Notably, Moran ran for mayor after 2 years as Vice Mayor — a position he was forced to resign as part of a plea deal on bribery charges which, due to his many friends and relationships in the Democratic party, had no effect on his political aspirations or friendships. Mary Moran later refused to testify and divorce papers were filed the next morning instead. Three weeks later, he filed a cross-complaint in their divorce claiming that the marriage broke up over financial problems for which she was supposedly responsible. Yes, when his former wife filed divorce papers because he smacked her around one night, he turned around and blamed the dissolution of the marriage (and, by extension, the argument that precipitated the domestic abuse) on her. It’s not the first or the only time Jim Moran’s laid his hands on someone in anger. In 1995, he shoved Randy Cunningham in the House cloakroom (granted, Cunningham is an asshole, but still) and in 2000, he manhandled an 8-year-old African-American boy that was looking at his car. And let’s not talk about the time he got caught with a $25,000 interest-free loan from a pharmaceutical company lobbyist, or said “the Jews” were the reason we went into Iraq. He is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to the Democrat establishment, which nonetheless clutches him to their bosom because he’s their guy, a member of their party and, thus, not subject to the standards to which we, as Democrats, would certainly hold a Republican challenger. Jim Moran is a wife-smacking, bribe-taking, black child-shaking anti-Semite that has earned the protection of the local Democratic party as well as many prominent, national Democratic women like Donna Brazile and Patricia Ireland in exchange for voting the “right” way. He gets to be the antithesis of a feminist and to live his personal life in opposition to every supposed ideal of the Democratic party because he’d never vote for a ban on partial-birth abortion or a Constitutional amendment on same sex marriage. Well, great. This “my guy because he’s my party” bullshit that I decried yesterday when it came wrapped in the form of National Review Online editor Katherine Jean Lopez is equally abhorrent when practiced by people that I agree with politically and even admire. And if this year, with the Democrats poised to strengthen their majority in the House isn’t the year that the feminists — let alone the women — of the Democratic Party are going to be willing to dump this guy (and the other guys like him) or support a primary opponent, then when will it be the year? Why does he get a pass for wife beating — because of Roe v. Wade? Fuck that. Roe isn’t getting overturned by a House member, and I’m not voting for a guy that gets away with domestic violence just because he votes for laws to send other men to prison for it.

Sadly, she was in the minority and he was allowed to stay until his heart was contented and did damage to our country as a whole.  

Good Riddance Mr. Moran.  May you rot.