Quote of the Day- Pat Mullins Edition

I am not a huge fan of Pat Mullins, but this is funny.

”Let me be the first to offer my congratulations to Boyd Marcus on his appointment to the Virginia ABC Board. It’s nice to know the exchange rate for 30 pieces of silver these days is about $122,000 per year plus benefits.”

A little background for those not involved in Virginia Politics.  Boyd Marcus is a republican strategist, or was.  I am sure those jobs will be hard to come by for him from this day forward.  Mr. Marcus decided to endorse now Governor Terry McAuliffe in the lead up to the election in November.  Pat Mullins is the head of the Republican Party of Virginia.   All hard liquor in the Commonwealth of Virginia is sold by the state in locations known as ABC stores.  Republicans (or some anyway) have been trying to privatize it for years and have been unsuccessful.  I would think this pay check is part of the reason why.

Funny stuff.