Quote of the Day – Bryant Osborn Edition

If you think this may have happened to you, here is how you can tell if you are in TOICITASOP’s verification system.  Call the TOICITASOP cynically-named customer service number.  When the mechanical voice asks who you are, say “member.”  When asked what you want to do, say “medical.”  When asked if you are calling for a pre-certification, say “yes.”  When asked what kind of service, say “medical.”  When asked again if you are a member, press ‘1.’  You will then be prompted for your social security number.  If the voice says that you “could not be located,” then you are not in the verification system, and your insurance is worthless.  Be very careful not to get sick or be in an accident.

After reading last week’s column, several people told me that they were glad they had health insurance through their employer and did not have to go through what I was going through.  This proves that there are lots of people who are not paying attention.

My existing health insurance was canceled by Obamacare’s individual mandate.  But Obamacare has an employer mandate that is even worse.  The only reason that those of you who have your health insurance through your employer are not having my problems yet is because President Obama delayed the implementation of the employer mandate.  But be advised: Your day is coming.  Soon.

I am now a single-issue voter, and I am focused.  I will do everything I can to defeat anyone who either voted for Obamacare, or failed to defund it.  Sen. Mark Warner is up for re-election in November, and Eric Cantor has a Republican primary challenger named David Brat.

Mr. Osborne is a farmer who writes a weekly column on fresh and locally grown foods.  He lost his private insurance policy due to the individual mandate of Obamacare.  This is his story about even though he has paid his premium for his “new and improved” health insurance policy through the Obamacare website, he is still uninsured.  Something that media is not covering.

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