You Wondered Why I Didn’t Like the Coke Commercial? High School Not Allowed to Celebrate America – It May Offend Someone.

I wrote yesterday that I did find the Coke commercial with America the Beautiful being sung in multiple languages not just offensive, but wrong.  Here is a big part of the reason that I feel this way.

“They said they didn’t want to offend anyone from other countries or immigrants,” a 16-year-old member of the student council told me. “They just really did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

A quote from a high school student in Fort Collins, Colorado after being turned down to have an America Day as part of spirit week.  You see there are students in the high school that might actually get offended if they celebrate America.  The country that is giving them an education.  I looked up the demographics of this city, there is nothing that stands out as much different as the country as a whole.

 The racial makeup of the city was 82.4% White, 3.01% Black or African American, 0.60% Native American, 2.48% Asian, 0.12% Pacific Islander, 3.61% from other races, and 2.53% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 10.79% of the population.

The city is slighty more white than the country as a whole.  But has a mix of different races/nationalities.  Yet, they are being told that people may be made to feel “uncomfortable” if they take one day out of the school year to show some pride in the country they are living in.  Now, I lived in others countries for brief periods of time over my life.  I studied in France and I lived in Israel for a time.  At no time when I was going through those experiences did I expect a store to be open on Friday night.  It is the Sabbath and everything shuts down at sundown and stays that way until sundown on Saturday night.  That is the way it was.  I learned to work around it.  I never felt that I had any right to say anything about their practices.  I was in France during some of their national holidays and dealt with their customs as well.

What really gets me about this is the fact that if there are international students studying there while their families are working in the U.S. wouldn’t it actually be a good thing for them to see the population celebrate and take some pride in their country?  Wouldn’t it be a learning experience for these international students?  How exactly would it be hurtful for them?

This isn’t a one-off.  This is happening all over the country.  Political correctness is going to kill this country.  There is nothing wrong with showing pride in America.  If some family is so upset by it, they can keep their child home for a single day.  This should be a no brainer.  But in our politically correct and multicultural society it has become “offensive” to take pride in your country.

Yes, this is a big part of the reason that I found that Coke commercial to be so wrong.  It is furthering the idea that having a pride in America is something that needs to be done in secret as not to offend some imaginary boogie man that somehow will be made to feel so bad about themselves that they come from say Sri Lanka instead of being from this country.

The school has somewhat relented after being contacted by the media.  They have reluctantly agreed to My Country Day.  You can come showing your pride in “your country”.  Mind you this is coming from the same school administrators who decided that the celebration for Cinco de Mayo is mandatory.