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    Wreckovery Summer in the City TWO. Michelle 

    Buy one get one free. Not so much.

    Yessiree, Michelle O is going to be the president’s secret weapon this year. One of his best assets. Will she hold another beer summit in the White House?

    More Chicago flash mob reaction. It wasn’t just a suburban biker–two doctors in town for a convention were attacked–on or near what we call here the Magnificent Mile. You know, near the lake. Near the Gold Coast where Oprah has her perch. A comment from the Tribune story:

      Sick-of-the-Chicago-Way at 8:02 AM June 07, 2011 We have a president and Congress that wants to redistribute wealth.  These kids simply chose to remove the middle man from the deal.  Perhaps the solution is a government program that directly gives “disadvantaged” youth Ipads and Iphones

    Yes we can. Let’s Move.

    P.S. Why does Chicago have one of the highest crime rates in the country? Why is Chicago’s population back to 1920’s levels? In other news, Dems overturn the 2010 midterms in Illinois. …Maybe these women will wise up this time and be immune to Michelle’s message. Especially if they can’t move.

    Related post: Women take the long view, drop O in droves

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      Perhaps MO should rethink or at least think through this “My Plate” thing ! I went to Burger Doodle and ate in the car, or pickup, and got it in a bag, not a plate, but it covered all five of the things on “The Food Plate”. Yep, a Whopper Jr with fries and a coke ! The bun took care of the grains (wheat and dairy), the burger handled the protein, the termater is a fruit (I knew that), the lettuce, onions and fried taties (vegebles), the ketchup is more mater fruit and the mayo has a hen egg in it (more dairy). The Coke was a splurgy type reward cause I pitched out some of the fry tips for the sparrows. I`m a good guy that way !

      See………covered the whole thing and I`ll bet MO wouldn`t have approved of any of it ! The fries were really fresh and extra salty ! Mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmMMMmm !

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      Mmm, mmm, mmm:)

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    Insufferable prig can’t wrap noble head around voter revolt 

    But he certainly finds the voters revolting. The Boston Herald on HRH John Kerry, who’s beginning to feel the ground beneath his feet trembling:

    Yes, the commonwealth’s senior senator engaged in what can only be described as a 40-minute whine-fest at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce appearance yesterday, customizing congressional Democrats’ pre-election talking points for a local audience.

    He complained at length that his party isn’t getting the credit it deserves for rescuing the economy – indeed the very nation – ever since a “pale and agitated” Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson came to Democrats begging for a Wall Street bailout in the fall of 2008. [. . .]

    “It’s absurd. We’ve lost our minds,” Kerry said. “We’re in a period of know-nothingism in the country, where truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

    It’s just too vulgar.

    Do these guys know how to energize the base, or what?

    H/t: HotAir

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      Yes, you’re exactly right, it’s just too vulgar.

    • Yukio Ngaby 12:18 AM on 10/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Whta I find to be so amusing about Kerry’s comment is that the US probably has the most informed electorate in its recent history right now. Obama and Congress have forced people to go to the source and become informed– and that’s revealed the John Kerrys et al as what they are– hypocrites, elitists, and cheats. Which makes us all know-nothings and lowest common denominator.

      • rubyslipperblog 12:42 AM on 10/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

        That is so true. I am surprised by people I run into and the comments they make about Congress and this administration. These are people I generally think of as low info voters too. I know life-long Dems who were truly appalled with the way health care was passed.

        Kerry and crew are really having one giant hissy fit and if it is this bad now imagine what it will be like November 3rd. All those Blue Dogs that sold their seats for Obama and Pelosi – they are going to be mad as hornets. I imagine quite a few skeletons will be let out of the closet after that; I can’t wait.

      • fuzislippers 10:11 AM on 10/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

        To which he’d respond, you may think they are informed, but they’re not because they don’t understand the information they are getting or they are getting it from questionable sources like Fox and their X-boxes. Oh, wait, that’s BO’s riff about the danger of X-boxes passing on faulty information. My bad.

    • fuzislippers 10:09 AM on 10/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

      He was just reelected in 2008 (and of course I did not vote for him), so he’s got a few more years to enjoy being an insufferable, condescending, tax cheating prig. I’m not forgetting what he’s said and done, and intend to work my butt off to get him voted out in 2014. Watch.

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      Perhaps he should offer a seat on his yacht to Katie Couric, so they can compare notes on the ‘great unwashed.’

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    Jerry Brown: “It’s all a lie” 

    Stephen Gutowski of Eyeblast.tv has a remarkably candid video clip of a 1992 interview with a former Governor Jerry Brown admitting he had no plan for California; it was all a lie:

    Interviewer: You said something a moment ago that I have to follow up on and I have to draw you out on. You said you don’t have to lie anymore now that you’re not a politician. What did you lie about when you were governor?

    Jerry Brown: It’s all a lie. You’re pretending there’s a plan…

    Interviewer: What did you lie about?

    Jerry Brown: You run for office and the assumption is “Oh, I know what to do”. You don’t. I didn’t have a plan for California. Clinton doesn’t have a plan. Bush doesn’t have a plan.

    Interviewer: You said you had a plan for California and you lied because you didn’t have a plan?

    Jerry Brown: You say you’re going to lower taxes, you’re going to put people to work, you’re gonna improve the schools, you’re going to stop crime… crime is up, schools are worse, taxes are higher. I mean be real!

    Watch the video here. With just a week to go until the election, Meg Whitman appears to be losing ground in her race for Governor. Whitman is not a natural-born politician but she has invested her hard-earned money in the race with a genuine desire to put California on the path to fiscal sanity. She has demonstrated this leadership as a CEO in the private sector. Brown, when he is being honest, admits most politicians don’t have clue how to make these things happen.  Chris Christie is one notable exception.  Jerry Brown is no Chris Christie.  Why on earth would anyone send him back to elected office, particularly when things are so dire, is beyond me.

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    Today’s must-read 

    PJ O’Rourke:

    This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.

    Read the whole thing.

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    Are women more conservative?:) 

    Depends on your definition:) A look at the gender gap and what’s driving it. TWS.

    Apropos, the Independent Women’s Forum column in The Daily Caller: Stiletto Nation: a new agenda for women

    Meanwhile, the president teams up with his radical nannies to go after the “women vote”:

    President Obama focuses on women in the economy during his visit today to Seattle. It’s part of a four-day campaign swing through five states in which Obama is urging voters to help Democrats maintain control of the U.S. House and Senate.

    The trip comes at a time when Democrats are struggling with the womens’ vote, a key part of their constituency.

    As our colleague Mimi Hall writes in USA TODAY:

    Female voters, once a reliable force for Democrats, are roughly split this fall between the Democrats and Republicans running for Congress and governor. Recent Gallup polling, assuming a traditional turnout for a midterm election, finds that Republicans are favored by female likely voters, 49% to 46%.

    And Michelle harvests sweet potatoes. But is it enough?

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    On Constitution, O’Donnell is right, Coons and liberal media are wrong 

    What happened, via Michelle Malkin and Politico:

    Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell questioned on Tuesday whether the Constitution provides for the separation of church and state.

    The comment came during a debate on WDEL radio with Democratic opponent Chris Coons, who argued that local schools should teach science rather than religion, at which point O’Donnell jumped in. “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” she asked.

    The audience at Widener Law School was taken aback, with shouts of “whoa” and laughter coming from the crowd.

    Coons then pointed to the First Amendment, which states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

    “You’re telling me the First Amendment does?” O’Donnell interrupted to ask.

    Following the next question, Coons revisited the remark — likely thinking he had caught O’Donnell in a flub — saying, “I think you’ve just heard from my opponent in her asking ‘where is the separation of church and state’ show that she has a fundamental misunderstanding.”

    “That’s in the First Amendment?” O’Donnell again asked.

    “Yes,” Coons responded.

    O’Donnell was later able to score some points of her own off the remark, revisiting the issue to ask Coons if he could identify the “five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment.”

    Coons named the separation of church and state, but could not identify the others — the freedoms of speech, press, to assemble and petition — and asked that O’Donnell allow the moderators ask the questions.

    “I guess he can’t,” O’Donnell said.

    Jeffrey Lord:

    Well. Isn’t this interesting.

    As John R. Guardiano has noted below, Democrat Chris Coons and the liberal media have gotten the Constitution totally wrong. [. . .]

    This is one very, very big issue. The notion that Coons was wrong is bad enough. The audience not understanding the fundamental founding document that is the U.S. Constitution?

    Downright scary — and a glaring warning sign of just how far off-track the American left-wing and secularists have gotten this country.

    Christine O’Donnell — she the supposed unqualified candidate — got this 100% correct.

    And Coons — the Ivy Leaguer — got it wrong, and not just wrong but abysmally so.

    In this one exchange Americans can see two of our big problems at work. Ignorance of the Constitution — and arrogance from self-appointed elitists about a supposed intellectual superiority they quite laughably don’t even come close to possessing.

    Pass it on. This is being misrepresented far and wide.

    • fuzislippers 9:03 PM on 10/19/2010 Permalink | Reply

      This exact thing has sparked quite a few debates between some of my liberal friends and myself. They honestly believe that “separation of church and state” is in the Constitution, that it’s a founding principle. And they will argue for days about it, even though they are dead wrong. Even when you go to the trouble of proving it (and who doesn’t carry a pocket Constitution), they will huff and puff and talk about “intent” and “living documents” and why we shouldn’t adhere to the Constitution because it’s a dated and (as BO himself has said with pride) a “flawed” document. So as usual, leftist logic goes something like this: it’s a founding principle of America. Oh, it’s not? Well, of course it’s not, the founders were a bunch of dead white males who hated women, minorities, and . . .and puppies!

      All the court’s meddling on behalf of progs through the past century or so has ingrained this idea into many American’s understanding of America. They sincerely believe that they are guaranteed freedom FROM religion, not freedom OF religion. It’s disgraceful, of course, but not surprising. They truly have no clue about our Constitution or our founding principles.

    • Yukio Ngaby 11:32 PM on 10/19/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Have you noticed how Obama keeps not citing the “Creator” as the source of “inalienable rights.”

      He did it again (for the 3rd time) on Monday. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/obama-continues-to-omit-creator-from-declaration-of-independence/

      Robert Gibbs came up with this when asked about it– “I can assure you the president believes in the Declaration of Independence.” Thanks America’s version of Baghdad Bob.

      Fuzzy’s right, it does seem interesting that this section of the First Admendment has been interpreted as protection from religion rather than protections for it. I’ve argued that the phrase keeps away a State dictated morality– a form of “morality” that the Left has been intently pushing upon the citizenry for at least 45 years or so.

      • fuzislippers 10:44 AM on 10/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’m of two minds about his omission of “Creator”: on the one (more generous) hand, he may simply be trying to avoid any backlash by the anti-God squad in his base, and on the other (less generous) hand it’s a manifestation of progressive ideals that dictate the state and only the state can grant (and retract) rights. In the former case, he’s an inept politician who’s totally out of touch with the right-of-center country he “leads,” and in the latter case, he’s an inept politician who’s not only totally out of touch with the right-of-center country he “leads,” but he’s also an egomaniacal ideologue who is so invested in his progressive utopian vision of totalitarian government control that he thinks it best to ignore all that “Creator” nonsense in the “flawed document” (after all, if they rewrite stuff often enough, people come to believe it, witness the “separation of church and state” nonsense). So take your pick, he’s incompetent and a disgrace either way.

        • Obi's Sister 3:50 PM on 10/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

          Wow. Obama unwound in one tidy package!

        • Yukio Ngaby 6:04 PM on 10/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

          Of course the omission is intentional, but remember that much of Obama and his buddies’ backgrounds are academic. Look at the way that God is presented within the university system in the U.S. (and elsewhere for that matter), with a combination of embarrassment and high-handed contempt.

          One time I had to do a talk on Samuel Johnson’s sermons (well, the ones he wrote). Instead of taking the expected social-justice-trumps-mean-old-conservatives-of-the-day line, I instead argued that Johnson was pushing a clockwork universe interpretation of the universe, instead of a Divine Chain of Being idea. This made the everyone very uncomfortable because I was going into theological concepts of metaphysics– and I how dare I talk about God while discussing Johnson’s sermons… Much better to warp Johnson’s work into being a cheerleader for Marxism, or use it as “proof” of the Hegel/Marx nonsense about history moving forward toward a goal.

          I think Obama treats God in politics the way most “academics” treat it in universities– with embarrassed contempt. The fact that freedom to believe in your interpretation of God is in direct conflict with the idea of a State morality (another favorite idea among American academics [and very much European academics as well– another reason for the European resistance to assimilating Muslims, by the way]) is no coincidental, however.

          • fuzislippers 11:24 AM on 10/21/2010 Permalink | Reply

            You gave a talk about Johnson’s sermons and brought up God? What on earth were you thinking? (heh, yay you!) But your point is a good one, academics do indeed treat with contempt God and people who believe in God (but not in Allah, or any other creator, isn’t that interesting? I mean if the complaint is that Christians are unsophisticated, slack-jawed, drooling fools for believing in God, what’s the defense of the billions of people who believe in other gods? Oh, yeah, that they are supposed to be unsophisticated, slack-jawed, drooling fools . . . after all, they are neither white nor western, so they are automatically inferior and should be indulged as lesser beings.).

            As to Obama, I don’t think of him as an academic.. He certainly wasn’t a successful one, was he? A lecturer? What did he publish? Where’s his tenure? At what conferences did he present papers? Where, in other words, are his academic credentials? He liked to latch on to Marxist academics, no doubt about that, but in that hanging around, let me get an A, way, not in anything he substantively added to the academic discussion. His Marxist roots aren’t academic, they’re learned from his parents, from his childhood, and a part of his worldview, no doubt, but I think you give him too much credit by calling him an academic.

            • Yukio Ngaby 7:30 PM on 10/21/2010 Permalink | Reply

              I don’t believe Obama is an academic (why does he keep his academic , records so hush-hush?) but he hangs out with academics, has packed his admin. with them, and I think he likes to believe himself to be one (sort of like Gore). And his attitudes, especially his contempt for Middle America (bitter, racist Bible-clingers and scared children not thinking in their right minds– unlike the cool academic elite, right? LOL) is right out of the Ivy League’s (and wanna-bes’) playbook. American academia is at the heart of Obama’s politics and policies, not his parents and not his childhood– except in the way that Leftist academia influenced both.

              The Left portrays Muslims as victims and have become essentially mascots (a word usage coined by Thomas Sowell regarding American Blacks and the Left) for the Left. Mascot-victims have political uses (most often for demonizing opposition– the modern tactic unfortunately developed out of the days of the Civil Right Movement), but are in no way held in high esteem and can, at best, be thought of as quaint entertainment– there was nothing like “slumming” with those American Blacks in the ’60s (hilariously depicted in the first “Hairspray” movie). The Left has no more respect for Muslim beliefs than they do for Christians’ but Muslims are “exotic” and currently have their political uses. They’ll be abdandoned immediately if the political climate changes to where it’s simply unsustainable (another major terrorist attack for instance), or the victim card simply gets used up. Then the Left will once again think of them as “unsophisticated, slack-jawed, drooling fools.”

              Remember that the Left loved Israel in the early days of the country (Rem. the Paul Newman movie “Exodus” etc.) but Israel succeeded and prospered– an unforgivable sin for the Left. Then they become not the victim, but the oppressor. Had Israel simply had the good sense to be wiped from the map, they would’ve remained in the Left’s good graces and the Left would have been very sorry that the world refused to give the Jewish people a chance…

              Such switches of loyalty are inevitable in Marx-based thought because of Trotsky’s “permanent revolution” excuse/nonsense. Revolutions happen because of oppressed victims, not because of succeeding societies.

              • fuzislippers 7:38 PM on 10/21/2010 Permalink | Reply

                “Revolutions happen because of oppressed victims, not because of succeeding societies.”


    • Vegas Art Guy 10:29 PM on 10/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s sad how liberals only know the first half of the whole ‘not establishing a state religion’ thing. They ignore the whole part about freedom to worship as we wish.

      I mean seriously…

      • fuzislippers 11:28 AM on 10/21/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, this is hugely problematic and has contributed greatly to their ability to win lawsuits that they should never win and manage to remove God from our culture and society to the degree that they have. It’s an intentional misreading. There is no way that anyone can read the actual First Amendment and conclude that it means that seniors can’t say Christian prayers at a nursing home. But then, even in Constitutional Law class, the actual Constitution is not read or taught that much. The focus is on the bastardization of it by later (and progressive) rulings. It’s the old telephone game: start with a clear statement and then dilute it as it gets whispered around the circle. What you end up with is not what you start with. Not even close.

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    Obama Laugh Track 

    At you not with you. Gilbert & Sullivan go more modern. Video via RCP.

    And what’s with Delaware?

  • Jill 10:26 AM on 10/15/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Jim Geraghty would tell us if he could:

    And then, sometimes my day includes exchanges like this:

    Reliable GOP Source: Hey, you can’t print this, but we just had a poll come back saying that [House Democrat who everybody figured was pretty safe] is down 20.

    Me: Well, that’s swell. But why can’t I use this?

    Reliable GOP Source: We don’t think the Democrats know this guy is this much trouble, so we don’t want to tip them off.

    Me: Well, thank you for sharing really cool information that I cannot share with readers.

    Reliable GOP Source: I thought it might be helpful with you determining which challengers to watch. While it would be great to have you break this news, I think it’s more useful to us to keep the Democrats in the dark.

    I’ll give you a hint, DCCC. This incumbent is bigger than a bread box.

    Hmmmm. I guess that rules out Dennis Kucinich?


    • rubyslipperblog 11:33 AM on 10/15/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Ooh I thought Steny Hoyer was a good guess. It could be a few though. I would be thrilled with Barney Frank going down but he’s already on the radar so it can’t be him. There are going to be some surprises November 2nd, I can’t wait.

      Too bad that we didn’t have more Dem Senators up for re-election this cycle. We really need Carly Fiorina to pick up a little speed because I think we have a better shot in CA than WA at this point. The threat of Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer should be motivation for us to close the deal in some of these borderline races.

    • Sherry 3:13 PM on 10/15/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I figured the double b meant Barbara Boxer.

    • Jill 4:57 PM on 10/15/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Update: Mystery solved. Jim Geraghty says it’s Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, who trails by 21 points among voters “who rate their interest level as high” to Scott DesJarlais.

      Too bad, not Steny!

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    This is a heady video:)

    The mild-mannered RCP’s Jay Cost had a map like this just for the Midwest. It was a stunner.

    What we’re fighting for if we can just bring it in on Nov. 2.

    Politico notes the House that Rahm Built may be crashing down:) (Pooor Rahmbo, accosted on the streets of Chicago)

    Dems losing among seniors.

    Dems losing among the young.

    Dems losing in hardscrabble districts they’ve taken for granted.

    Even Huffpo is smelling the coffee.

    But not our president Barack Obama. I’ve only read part of the NY Times magazine piece but he seems particularly clueless, even for The One. And Rush is talking about what the story is between Barack and Michelle.

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    Ann Marie Buerkle 

    Catch the resume:

    Hat tip: Stacy McCain. He likes her.

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    Is O’Donnell making the Dems sweat? 

    They’re shifting resources to Delaware to prop up their bearded Marxist turned bland tax and spender? Per RedState.

    As one commenter stated:

    Whether O’Donnell wins or not (and I pray she does)…

    she’s done a huge service to all Republican candidates by being the “lightning rod”. The media are so obsessed with her, that it’s taken the heat (and potentially negative stories by the left-wing media) off other GOP candidates around the country.

    I liken her role to that of Oliver North in ‘94: the media obsessed with embarrassing him, that it deflected criticism from other candidates, who successfully flew under the radar to win.

    This move, though, looks like they think they might lose:) But perhaps they’re just taking no chances.

    Wouldn’t it be a huge BFD embarrassment if they lost both the Obama and Biden Senate seats:)

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    Women detest him 

    Though he tried to paint his opponent as a Taliban-style oppressor of women, it’s Alan Grayson who is despised by female voters:

    Female voters are anything but ambivalent about Grayson — “They really loathe him,” Lee reported. With Grayson’s 33/53 favorable/unfavorable rating among women, Webster’s lead among females is much stronger (45/33 over Grayson) compared to a statistical tie (41/40 Webster) among males.

    Wake up, fellas. In a very competitive field, Grayson just may be the biggest creep in Congress.

    H/t: Michelle Malkin

    • iainswife 5:44 PM on 09/29/2010 Permalink | Reply

      He really is just such a douche. I think he looks like a mash-up of every jackass who ever hit on you in a bar.

    • archer52 9:12 AM on 09/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

      iainswife basically exemplified what I was going to say. Women do not like men who act like ass***s. Regardless of whether or not the act is direct towards them or not. They just find it offensive. I think Grayson is either crazy or just doesn’t give a hoot. Why else would he act like, as IW said, “such a douche?”

      Could it be there are certain “take one for the team” types on the progressive side? Their mission is similar to the wedge in a football kickoff return. To run pel-mel through the opposition in order to cause chaos so the more focused ball carrier can run through the gaps?

  • Jill 8:19 AM on 09/23/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the day 

    Andy McCarthy, Contra Buckley:

    The movement now ascendant in the country is not about anything so small as the question of which party has control over the Senate in 2011. It is about the future of freedom and prosperity, about the kind of nation we will be. Its goal is to return the United States to a pre–New Deal understanding of the Constitution’s limits on federal power, and to a pre–Baby Boom Left’s appreciation of the greatness of America. That is not a project for one election cycle. It is the work of a generation.

    The Buckley Rule has no place in that enterprise. The object is to make Big Government pols of both parties members of an endangered species. And unlike the callow GOP establishment, the tea party is bold enough to believe good ideas — applied, limited-government conservatism — can win even in Delaware . . . and Massachusetts.

    The GOP establishment will either get the message or it will go the way of the failed candidates it has backed. If it had done its job, if it had undertaken to represent rather than thwart the public will, it wouldn’t now be asking itself how you get Christine O’Donnell elected. It would have found a better Christine O’Donnell.

    Read the rest.

  • Mary Sue 2:44 PM on 09/07/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Sean Bielat money bomb starts tomorrow 

    Via Facebook
    Sean Bielat needs our help to defeat the despicable Barney Frank:

    STAFF POST: We make a conscious effort not to “grovel”, but the fact remains that we need donations to get our message out and defeat Barney Frank. He has 100% name recognition and access to millions of dollars in special interest money and we are a “start-up”, grassroots campaign. Our first online “money bomb” starts “sizzling” tomorrow and will “detonate” at Midnight on 9/12. Please stay tuned for details!

    Michelle Malkin recently threw her support behind Sean reminding us three decades of Barney Frank is enough:

    His name is Sean Bielat. He’s a businessman. He’s a Marine. He’s a young father fed up with “systemic corruption” in arrogant Washington. He opposes cap-and-tax, will fight other oppressive Obama eco-policies that are squeezing fishermen, supports a strong national defense, and believes “It’s time for our leaders to return to and abide by the Constitution.” He launched a RetireBarney campaign back in April.

    His new radio ad takes on Frank and the Dems’ failed stimulus and bailout policies. Listen here.

    Donate here.

    Barney Frank has held his seat for 29 years. Three decades is enough.

    Actually three minutes of Frank is enough but three decades is excruciating.   Sean Bielat is an amazing candidate but he is going to need our help to tackle the leviathan Frank war chest.  No one is more intrinsically linked to the policies that “drove us in a ditch” than Barney Frank.  Sean Bielat is poised to take away Barney’s keys. You can help make that happen, Donate to Sean Bielat here.

    How much is it worth to you to see the faces of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as they report on the demise of Barney Frank?

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    Obama rings Rangel’s bell 

    Turns on him. Because Barack’s so squeaky clean. Sure. So dignified. A new kind of Obama hope:

    He’s somebody who’s at the end of his career,” said Obama. “I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity. And my hope is that it happens.”

    Bush ad guru and Obama admirer Mark McKinnon is less than impressed these days. It’s been two years and the blame Bush game is getting old. Now Charlie Rangel–how to explain that one.

    Is this not the Charlie Rangel our President Barack Obama thought he knew?

    The Tea Party bell is ringing. Ask not, Mr. President, for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you.

    More. Ruby Slippers on the Rangel death panel. Nice Deb with nice graphic.

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    Confidence in Congress at new low 

    Via Memeorandum
    Of the 16 institutions Gallup asked respondents to rate for their levels of confidence, Congress ranked dead last once again:

    Note the drop in expressed confidence for the presidency over the past year while the institutions frequently targeted by the President made some gains. Confidence in the medical system received the largest gain among institutions targeted by the President and Congress.  Though big business and HMO’s are still quite low in terms of public confidence, the repeated attacks made against them in order to sell unpopular legislation could have resulted in at least some loss of confidence. Instead the Presidency, Congress and surprisingly the military take the biggest hits. Perhaps the news General McChrystal voted for Obama and naively expected a fair interview from Rolling Stone shook some confidence in the military.  Fortunately most are wise enough to see our military as our most trusted institution.

    Note too, the historic expression of confidence in Congress as measured by Gallup:

    Since Democrats gained control of Congress in November 2006 confidence has steadily declined.  The minor gain in 2009 is likely explained by the Hope and Change election that many believed also gave Democrats control of Congress as well.   As we now know, many Obama voters mistakenly believed Republicans were in control.   I wonder if Democrats have noticed approval is now seven points lower than the last time they lost control.

    Cross posted at Ruby Slippers

    Also the latest JournoList revelations – JournoList: Trashing Sarah Palin

    Related – Karl Rove: Friendly Fire on Capitol Hill

  • Mary Sue 11:47 AM on 07/17/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 2010, , blame game,   

    Obama’s Promise to Unemployed “I expect to be held accountable” Reaches Expiration 

    A scant two days ago Obama gave his assurance to the unemployed he expects to be held accountable for their continued joblessness:

    “We are going to be doing everything we can to create the environment where the private sector can come in and start creating jobs. But, I’m not any more satisfied than they are and until they can find a job, I expect to held accountable.”

    As with all of Obama’s promises, his assurance had an expiration date.  In the scheme of things, this promise was particularly short-lived as Obama used his weekly address to point fingers at Republicans for filibustering recovery and obstructing progress:

    “But again and again, a partisan minority in the Senate said “no,” and used procedural tactics to block a simple, up-or-down vote. Think about what these stalling tactics mean for the millions of Americans who’ve lost their jobs since the recession began. Over the past several weeks, more than two million of them have seen their unemployment insurance expire. For many, it was the only way to make ends meet while searching for work – the only way to cover rent, utilities, even food.”

    Obama  doubles down on the counsel of Nancy Pelosi that unemployment insurance will jumpstart the economy:

    “The fact is, most economists agree that extending unemployment insurance is one of the single most cost-effective ways to help jumpstart the economy. It puts money into the pockets of folks who not only need it most, but who also are most likely to spend it quickly,”

    There you have it folks, the entire recovery is hinged on those unemployment extensions.  Who knew?  Those nasty Republicans are filibustering and obstructing all the hope out of Obama’s “Recovery Summer 2010.”   Never mind the fact that  every blessed aspect of Obama’s agenda has stifled private sector investment and job growth; it is all about Republican efforts to give tax cuts to the rich, take food from the poor and kick a few kittens while they’re at it.

    That Obama repeats Nancy Pelosi’s laughable economic construct  “unemployment insurance will jumpstart the economy” should be all the proof anyone needs Obama hasn’t a clue about the economy or job creation.  Nevertheless, it serves as a useful deflection from his short-lived promise he “expects to be held accountable.”  Rest assured Mr. President, accountability is coming –  like it or not.   I can see it from my house.

    • Quite Rightly 12:53 PM on 07/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Unemployment will jumpstart the economy until we’re all unemployed!

      Then what?

      Oh, I remember now. Using carbon credits instead of money.

    • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX 4:54 PM on 07/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      One would think that if “Unemployment will jumpstart the economy”, that it would be positively SURGING by now – after all, some folks have been on it for almost 2 years……

    • Obi's Sister 1:44 PM on 07/18/2010 Permalink | Reply

      That was quicker than a gallon of milk. How much longer before he turns into the stinky cheese from the moldy caves?

  • backyardconservative 10:00 AM on 07/13/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 2010, justice dept., new black panther, townhalls   

    New Fury at This Year’s Townhalls 

    Citizens video again.

    The outrage is palpable, this time on the New Black Panther case and our inJustice Dept. Our voting rights are sacrosanct to most Americans.

    Watch, via Powerline.

    This is not going away, Democrats. November is coming.

    More. Michelle Malkin. NY Post. NRO with more hateful Panther video.

    • nicedeb 12:08 PM on 07/13/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Awesome video! I love how the whole room erupts when he admits he’s never heard of the case. The MSM is doing its job, well, n’est pas? Unfortunately, too many folks (many in that room) no longer rely on the MSM for their news. They get their news from other sources including the dreaded internet.

    • Jill 8:30 AM on 07/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      That was a beautiful thing to watch.

    • backyardconservative 8:40 AM on 07/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      And who asked the question. A well-informed, very composed woman voter.

      The last ABC poll showed Obama was losing college-educated women. Thank God.

  • backyardconservative 1:26 PM on 07/12/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 2010, vote fraud   

    Felons for Franken 

    Jill and Carol note vote fraud claims by Hillary voters in the Dem presidential primaries.

    Voters’ perceptions are that women are more likely to have integrity in politics.

    Plus, “at a time when people are down on government and corruption is so big, people tend to rate women as being a bit more honest and having a bit more integrity,” MacManus said.

    This folds into other issues for this fall–are we a country of laws or not?
    Sen. Franken (D-MN) is on the Judiciary Committee.
    • nicedeb 2:33 PM on 07/12/2010 Permalink | Reply

      There is no way that clown would be a sitting Senator without the voter fraud. It shouldn’t have even been close, but he lost.

    • backyardconservative 3:26 PM on 07/12/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so sickening. And the Senate is for six years.

      I hope to God this stuff gets cleaned up before the 2012 elections. Maybe some before 2010.

      • Jill 5:24 AM on 07/13/2010 Permalink | Reply

        I believe that Americans still hold their right to free, uncorrupted elections as sacred. I hope I’m right. If anything should impel us to get out the pitchforks it’s election-stealing.

    • Yukio Ngaby 3:28 PM on 07/12/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Off topic– I’ve been having some troubles with your Backyard Conservative blog. For the past week about 70% of the time I go there it crashes Internet Explorer. No other Blogger site does this to my computer. Is anyone else having this trouble?

      • backyardconservative 8:05 PM on 07/12/2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’ve just heard from one other person in the last few weeks about something like this. Maybe it’s the ads and/or videos.

        I’ve tried to just link to videos more often rather than put them on.

  • Jill 9:15 AM on 07/07/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 2010   

    Democrats’ roadmap to victory in 2010 

    1) Make Obamacare an issue. Seriously:

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doubling down on healthcare reform, betting that it will do Democrats more good than harm in November’s elections.

    She and her leadership team have seized on new polls that suggest healthcare overhaul’s popularity is rising, and they are urging members of Congress to use this week’s recess to tout the new law.

    Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the party leadership have sent lawmakers back to their districts urging them to hold town hall-type meetings to highlight the law’s benefits, in the belief it could help Democrats avoid major losses in November. [emphasis added]

    2) Set up a website to collect gaffes that may be used to smear candidates:

    The Democratic National Committee is seeking “Macaca” moments. The party today is opening a website, http://www.accountabilityproject.com, designed to recruit and display embarrassing audio and video of Republican candidates, as well as information about their schedules and copies of their mailers. [. . .]

    The DNC hopes campaigns and journalists will use the footage in ads and news coverage. The site targets both 2010 candidates and 2012 hopefuls.

    3) Instead of defending your record, look for dirt. Jim Geraghty:

    This is a sad, strange little party, and it has my pity:

    The Democratic Party is moving faster and more aggressively than in previous election years to dig up unflattering details about Republican challengers. In House races from New Jersey to Ohio to California, Democratic operatives are seizing on evidence of GOP candidates’ unpaid income taxes, property tax breaks and ties to financial firms that received taxpayer bailout money.In recent weeks, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has circulated information to local reporters about Republican candidates in close races… Jon Vogel, executive director of the DCCC, said Democrats are merely pointing out that some Republican recruits in competitive House races are “flawed candidates.”

    4) Re-conjure the magic of ’08:

    To avoid such losses, the Democratic National Committee has committed to spending tens of millions of dollars to re-create (or come somewhere near re-creating) the 2008 election model, in which Democrats relied heavily on higher-than-normal turnout from young people and strong support from African American and Hispanic voters.

    The DNC’s plan is ambitious, to say the least: In the space of a few months, the strategists hope to change the composition of a midterm electorate that, if history is any guide, tends to be older and whiter than in a presidential-election year. Put that way, it sounds crazy — and it has drawn considerable skepticism from independent observers.

    5) Send the charismatic greatest-orator-since-Cicero out to campaign for all those vulnerable candidates:

    You can’t be seen with Obama if you’re a Democrat who wants to win in 2010: “PPP has polled on the impact of a Barack Obama endorsement in 5 key Senate races over the last month, and it’s looking more and more clear that there’s just about nowhere Democratic candidates would benefit from having the President come to campaign with them.”

    Oops. Scratch #5. But that leaves them with four sure-to-win strategies. Bring it on.

    Related reading:
    Obama loses independent voters
    Charlie Cook predicts disaster for Dems in 2010

    Cross-posted at P&P and the Green Room.

    • pjMom 10:47 AM on 07/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t help but think of the DNC staffer with whom I spent an incredibly long flight back in April. She seemed so sure of their winning “strategies” and couldn’t help but giggle or smirk each time she said it. If mud-slinging is a cornerstone of said approach, they better steel themselves now: even if hit with October surprises a la Foley, I doubt that would dissuade legions of angry voters who would finally see such garbage for what it is.

      As for touting the glories of Obamacare, maybe they should send Berwick out on a little tour? ; )

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