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  • just a conservative girl 1:34 AM on 04/16/2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Suspended Teacher Speaks at Public Hearing on her Students Get-well Letters to Convicted Cop Killer 

    Marilyn Zuniga, a third-grade teacher, has been suspended with pay for sending Mumia Abul-Jamal get well letters written by her students.  The board is deciding on what, if any, further action will be taken.  

    During the meeting that was being held, Ms. Zuniga made a public statement.  In this statement she said:

    “Growing up in a predominantly white suburb, attending a majority white school district, my teachers and peers marginalized me as a first generation immigrant, Peruvian-American. The cultural gap between my educators and me caused me to feel disconnected from my school work and learning altogether. It wasn’t until my experience in the classroom my senior year of high school that I realized I could be the teacher I never had.”

     Ok, fair enough.  I hope that every teacher in the country has a passion to help all students learn and to think for themselves.  That is what a teacher should be doing.  The problem is that she is going beyond that mission.  She is putting her viewpoints into the classroom and to the heads of very innocent 8-year-olds.  

    Now the problem with the supporters of Mumia is that they never answer the question about why he has never told who the murderer of Officer Faulkner is.  There is no dispute that he was there and witnesses it.  There is no dispute that he had a gun.  There is no dispute that his brother assaulted Officer Faulkner.  There is no dispute that the police arrived on the scene within minutes of the shooting.  There is no dispute that Mumia was shot by the police officer.  He was a very short distance away with a gun shot wound and a weapon when the police arrived.  

    Most people want to say he was arrested due to his political beliefs.  The problem is that he was arrested within minutes of the police arriving on the scene.  They didn’t have time to find out about his political beliefs and writings.  Writing that includes talk about “killing pigs”.  For those that may be unclear what that means, it is police officers.  

    Anyone that has read my writing over the years knows that I am against the death penalty.  I have no problem with him be taken off death row.  But I certainly don’t think he is some innocent lamb that is being led to slaughter.  

    She is entitled to her beliefs, but she isn’t entitled to bring those beliefs into the classroom.  No teacher is.  What really kills me is the people who were at this meeting supporting her.  

    “It is teaching children at a tender age one of the most valuable lessons that they need to absorb in order to mature into adults who sympathize with the plight of their fellow human beings,”

    It goes on:

    “The lesson that was taught through this project is that in order for society to be peaceful and just, we must care about or reach out to those members of society who are most vulnerable, including children, the frail, elderly, the sick and disabled, the poor and, yes, even prisoners.”

    What about the family of the dead officer?  Don’t they deserve someone to reach out to them as well?  What about the compassion for the young woman who had to go the hospital in very early hours of the morning to see her husband with a gunshot wound to his face?  A wound that was done at very close range and literally blew most of his head off.  Where is the compassion for a woman who didn’t have her happily ever after simply because her husband was doing his job?  A car was driving down the wrong way on a one-way street so he pulled it over.  He didn’t pull that car over because the driver was black.  He pulled it over because is was posing a safety hazard and violated the law.  She has lived her life without the man she loved enough to marry and pledge the rest of her life to.  

    “We are here tonight because Marylin Zuniga is our hero,” Larry Hamm, chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, said to the board members. “We ask that you restore her to her job and let her continue to teach the compassion that our children need to learn.”

    Sorry to tell you Mr. Hamm, that isn’t her job.  Teaching compassion is the job of the parent.  Her job is to teach children how to think for themselves, not what to think.  Did she go over the evidence of the case?  Did she tell these students that this man has had two trials and numerous hearings and the best the defense can come up with is that it was a racist police force that sent an innocent man to jail because he was black and a political activist?  If not, that isn’t compassion, that is indoctrination.  There are two sides to this story.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this way beyond what a third-grader should be taught in a classroom.  But the point is still the same.  

    Yes Ms. Zuniga should lose her job.  She wasn’t doing her job.  She was making political points in a classroom.  That is a job of an activist, not an educator.  She should lose her job the same way the teacher who went an anti-Obama rant should lose hers.  You are not there to push your point of view.  You are there to help them develop their own point of view.  

    If you have any doubts that she is an activist her tweet that caused this uproar says it all:

    Just dropped off these letters to comrade Johanna Fernandez. My 3rd graders wrote to Mumia to lift up his spirits as he is ill. #freemumia

    Comrade?  Oh yeah, she doesn’t have an agenda.   

    The part I think I like best about this whole thing is this:

    “In April, I mentioned to my students that Mumia was very ill and they told me they would like to write ‘get well’ letters to Mumia,”

    That’s right, lets throw the eight-year-olds under the bus.  

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    Activism – Tea Party Conference Call on Obamacare 


     Did you know that the Supreme Court is expected to release its ruling of Obamacare by the end of this month?
    This could be one of the biggest rulings of this century and we want to bring you as much information as quickly as we can surrounding the ruling.
    Within 2 days of the ruling we will be hosting a Tele Town Hall with some very special guests. Congresswoman Michele BachmannCongressman Steve KingSenator Rand Paul and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will all be joining us on the call to give you their take on what the Supreme Court decides.
    The date will be determined when the Supreme Court releases its decision and will either be the night of the ruling or the night following the ruling, but the call will be at 8pm EDT. We’d love to have you join the call!
    We will send an email as soon as we have set the date and the great thing is that once you sign up with your phone number, we will automatically call you to conference you into the call the night of the call.
    We look forward to you joining us for this exciting event and yet another stop on the Road to Repeal!
    Tea Party Patriots National Support Team
    • Carolyn Gillespie 2:39 PM on 07/01/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Please send phone number and PCT of call tonight with Michele Bachman. Thank you

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    Activism Alert – Rally for Religious Freedom 

    I have been under the weather all week.  So I apologize that I have not gotten this up earlier.  The second rally for religious freedom will be held tomorrow.

    Here is the website to give you locations.  Unless otherwise noted they will be held at noon.

    The DC event this time around will be held at Upper Senate Park.

    • anticsrocks 11:43 PM on 06/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Get better quick!

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    Richard Mourdock Ousts Longtime Senator Lugar in Indiana Primary 

    Senator Lugar will be retiring from the senate come January.  Not by choice, but by the will of the people in Indiana.  

    I have been having a back forth with several different people about this since the news hit last night.  They are blaming the libertarians and The Tea Party for Lugar’s defeat.  They are none too pleased.  I have heard that Lugar is conservative enough.  Really, for whom?  It would seem to me that the person he is conservative enough for is President Obama or maybe majority leader Reid.  After all he supported both Kagan and Sotomayor for their seats on the supreme court.  It will be a rare instance when either of these justices put the written constitution before their own political belief systems.  There is nothing conservative about voting for either of these women.  You cannot say that someone who is putting ideology before the constitution means that they are qualified for the bench.  They are both judicial activists that will continue to erode the limited role of government intrusion into our lives that our constitution guarantees us all.  

    Lugar is a supporter of embryonic stem cell research, has a rating of 78% from the Conservative Union, has a rating of D+ from the NRA and an F from Gun owners of America.  He supported not just TARP, but the illegal and unconstitutional take over of the car companies.  He said not one word when President Obama gave the unions preferential treatment over the car companies bondholders.  Even though that was in violation of bankruptcy laws.  He has consistently voted against much-needed earmark reform.  His record on illegal immigration has shown someone who sides with the illegal immigrant over the rule of law.  He also supported Kathleen Seiblus for HHS.  A woman who is raising her own personal war on consciences of people of faith in this country.  

    I am supposed to think that this man is a good representative of conservative values and the Republican party?  

    Mourdock has a record of protecting life, protecting the 2nd amendment, standing up to the President’s auto company takeovers; he actually took the administration to court to try to stop it and protect the bond holders.  He has brought fiscal sanity back to Indiana by returning money to the state treasury every year, refusing a pay raise, helping communities lower bond costs by pooling resources; saving tax payers money and increasing the effectiveness of the pension funds for the retirees.  Indiana has a stronger fund for families to save for college and the pensions he heads were recently named as one of the top managed pensions in the country.  

    Boy, he certainly is someone I should turn away from simply because The Tea Party backed him.  Those crazy people who would rather see someone in office that will fight to regain some fiscal policy to our federal government.  

    I have resisted the meme that the “establishment” GOP is trying to stop much-needed reform and is only interested in the status quo.  After looking at Lugar’s record and seeing the people who tried to stand up and say he is “conservative enough” I have to give.  That is exactly what is happening.  I get that compromise is needed to get things done.  I don’t deny that.  But it is time that we have conservatives in Washington that understand that the nature of the compromise has been that republicans spend money and the democrats talk about future savings that never materialize is no longer working.  It is time that we cut the budget, rid ourselves of waste, and get our financial house in order.  

    I guess the difference is that I feel no real allegiance to the republican party anymore.  They are just as much to blame for the mess we find ourselves in.  I am a conservative first, not a republican.

    So I must ask again, Senator Lugar is conservative enough for whom?  

    Good Riddens Senator Lugar.  

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    Quote of the Day – Star Parker Edition 

    “No more should my auto insurance cover your tune up, should my health insurance cover your sex life, not your Viagra, not your condoms, not your birth control devices, not your abortions.”

    Star Parker, Keynote Speaker at the Stand up for Religious Liberty Rally in Washington, DC.


    This is the statement that gave her the biggest applause line.  I was there today.  We got a very good turn out considering the HHS building is not in a convenient location when it comes to metro access or parking.  It is very close to the congressional buildings so it can difficult to get to on your lunch hour.

    We had people of all ages there today.  Babies to the Elderly.  I saw some pictures and it looks many other had rain.  We had a beautiful, warm, sunny day.


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    Ignorance and Government Dependency 

    Several small studies have been completed by The University of Waterloo, Ontario and Duke University, the finding show that more ignorant a person is on a complicated issue the more likely they are to allow the government handle it. I would think that Global Warming would be one of these issues, as trying to read some of the scientific data on it is a mind numbing experience.

    But, I have to wonder would the results be similar if they studied less complicated issues?  We live in a society where government dependency is becoming more and more commonplace. One has to look no further on the record numbers on food stamps at the moment. While there is an economic reason why so many have found themselves in a position to take help from the government at this point in time in our history, can we say that this is not going to lead to more government dependency as time goes on? I don’t think that will be clear for quite some time, but it should be a growing concern in this country.

    We are seeing Europe going through austerity measures and in Greece the people are not reacting well to having to retire later and getting fewer benefits.  Isn’t this sort of the same type of thing?  Is the average person living in Greece looking at the numbers and looking at the not so healthy world economy?  One would think that if they were paying even the least little bit of attention they would realize that the changes are quite literally vital to their country’s economic well-being.  

    Uncertainty brings anxiety, Shepherd and Kay explain, and one way to deal with that anxiety is to “simply outsource personal responsibility to supposed qualified others.”

    Do we really have “qualified others” in our government at present?  I am sure that some are, but just take a look at the failure of the “Super Committee”, a committee that was formed that never had a chance of anything but failure.  These are the people we should be looking at as qualified?  

    But here is the money item:

     “Being actively critical of something one is dependent on is thought to be psychologically uncomfortable, and therefore avoided in favor of increased perceptions of legitimacy, trust, and desirability. System justification theory posits that people are motivated to justify and legitimize the status quo and the system in which one lives.”

    Once you have turned over the control to the government you are basically giving them unlimited power to do whatever they want to your life.  You become complacent and no longer feel the need or the desire to pay close attention to what is going on around you.  You become almost slave like to the whims of people who you have never met, who don’t understand your real needs or desires, nor do they care to know.  You have given them unbridled power to behave as they so choose.  They then become addicted to the power and will say and do anything to hold onto that power.  

    I have been saying for years that we have no one to blame but ourselves for the mess that we are currently facing.  We have the government that we deserve.  We expected it work just fine on auto-pilot.  Clearly, with trillions of dollars worth of debt, public schools that are failing our children, and public officials that are out of control, we were wrong.  

    The one bright spot of the research was the following on the Tea Party:

    “Generally I think of those movements as representing instances where people are not following our model, possibly because these are people who feel a) a sense of personal control/efficacy, and b) feel like their behavior can create change. This sense of personal control and ability to create change may make people feel less dependent on the government, or change how they respond to perceived dependence. Either way, it means that the individual may be less inclined to truth authority and avoid the issues.”

    It is clear that we must become more involved in our government and the issues facing this country or we face a life of dependency and outsourcing any sort of control over our own lives. 

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    Gee, Catholic University Has Religious Symbols on Campus 

    Who would have thunk it.  A private Catholic university has pictures of Jesus and crucifixes on campus.  Gee, what a surprise.  But apparently this appears to be a surprise to some Muslim students who feel the university is not doing enough to provide them a place to pray that doesn’t have catholic symbols.

    I am a strong and fervent believer in the right to practice your faith.  People should feel free to pray in this country.  We were, in part, founded on this tradition.  These students want to pray, then have at it.  But, do they really have to attend a Catholic University?

    Catholic University is a private institution.  Therefore, it is under no obligation to take down any symbols of their faith.  Period.  End of story.  But of course some activist Muslims are trying to file a lawsuit to force the university to give them a room to pray in that doesn’t contain any of the symbols of the faith that is practiced by them.

    This is about getting special treatment.  Not equal treatment, which is what our country is based upon.  If a Jewish student were to go to Catholic University the same would be true.  The same for a fundamentalist Christian, who does not believe in using the image of Christ.  If you are going to be a student of this school you must accept the traditions and the use of the symbols of which created the school.  Obviously they are not discriminating against anyone as they will accept student regardless of religious affiliation.  Although, they would be not breaking any laws if they did.

    The Constitution only guarantees that the government does not discriminate based on religion.  It has no jurisdiction for a private institution.  Private institutions are free to discriminate as they so choose.

    I have an idea, if you don’t like crosses and pictures of Jesus at your college, go elsewhere.


    Cross Posted at just a conservative girl and Pundit Press

    • fuzislippers 7:15 PM on 10/28/2011 Permalink | Reply

      This is typical of the behavior of Islamists in every country they go to: they challenge the existing religion, culture, political structure, and society in every area that it is not fully “Sharia compliant” and use our freedoms to impose their own ideology. It’s not at all surprising, but it is very disturbing, and I hope that Catholic University stands its ground on this. Every inch we’ve given to leftist delusions of “multiculturalism” has lead to where we are, continued cavings will lead us somewhere no one here wants to go.

      • SignPainterGuy 10:01 PM on 10/28/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Right you are ! It`s beyond disgusting !

        Hannity had on a professor from CU and the lawyer who filed the complaint. The lawyer denied that the complaint is over the Catholic religious symbols even after Hannity read the complaint on air, and it states, “Catholic religious symbols”. What a b@@@@@d !

        The Catholic Church / University / Pope / anyone who calls him / herself Christian must stand up to this ! They must be defeated now or they`ll be demanding the removal of every steeple on a church !

        • fuzislippers 10:31 PM on 10/28/2011 Permalink | Reply

          I saw that segment. Most revealing was when the pro-CU guest asked the pro-Islmofascism guest if it would be okay to demand that Stars of David be placed in Muslim schools: “that’s not the point.” Agreed, it’s not. The point is to eliminate Christianity, not have “religious tolerance.”

          • SignPainterGuy 12:44 AM on 10/29/2011 Permalink | Reply

            I caught it on AM radio, not the best reception. The pro-islamist lawyer NEVER answered a question; avoided at every turn while projecting his superior “I`ve argued X number of cases in front of the Supreme Court”, “Are you an attorney?”, “That`s not relevant” attitude. Then he and the prof. tried to talk over each other and just got louder and louder. It was tuff not to change channels.

  • just a conservative girl 11:53 PM on 10/18/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Picture of the Day – Deep in the Heart of Texas 

    Three of these went up today in the democratic heart of Texas. 

    If you are unaware of Raging Elephants, check them out here.  A very good organization, that could use a few extra hands spreading the conservative message in minority areas. 


    • SignPainterGuy 12:11 AM on 10/19/2011 Permalink | Reply

      While we`re enjoying the mental image of lib-dim heads exploding, take a look at the name of the sign co.

    • Quite Rightly 4:49 PM on 10/19/2011 Permalink | Reply

      How come Obama didn’t mention that in his Martin Luther King Jr. speech?

      Must have been an oversight! ;-)

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