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  • just a conservative girl 3:58 PM on 01/23/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – Mike Huckabee Edition Part 2 

    “If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government then so be it!”

    Amen.  I could care less what a person does in their bedroom, so stop trying to make it my business by forcing me to pay for it.

  • just a conservative girl 3:43 PM on 05/10/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Because Nothing Says Happy Mother’s Day Like Birth Control 

    From the White House Twitter Feed today:

    Thanks to the , 1 in 3 women under 65 gained access to preventive care—like birth control—with no out-of-pocket costs.

    After all we don’t women “punished” with babies now do we?

  • just a conservative girl 2:11 PM on 09/24/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    You Have a Headache? Too Bad. Oh, You Need Morning After Pill, No Problem. – NYC City Schools Give out Plan B Without Parental Consent 

    As unbelievable as this sounds, it is true.  If you a high school student in New York City you will be given nothing to help you with a headache, but you can be given the morning after pill.  Your daughter can also get an injection of birth control that will last for three months.  New York City also does hand out free condoms as well.

    Birth control pills can cause hypertension and stroke.  Are these girls being given a full exam before these are administered?  Are they being monitored by an actual doctor?

    About 28 percent of city students entering ninth grade have already had sex, and more than half are sexually active before completing high school, according to city data.

    My heart just breaks for these girls.  I remember when I was that age I knew only girl who was sexually active and nearly everyone had a name for her.   I was 13 when I started high school.  It is heartbreaking to me that girls that young are already engaging in an activity that they do not have the maturity to understand.  They are looking for love in all the wrong places.

    One teacher says:

    Teacher Rosa Chavez applauded CATCH, saying she had two pregnant students last year. Getting knocked up, she said, “is not cool and not accepted among peers.”

    But Chavez worries that giving girls Plan B emergency contraception might encourage careless sex.

    Gee, ya think?  Of course it gives girls the idea that they don’t have to be responsible for their actions, someone else will help them take care of it later.

    “We can’t give out a Tylenol without a doctor’ s order,” said a school staffer. “Why should we give out hormonal preparations with far more serious possible side effects, such as blood clots and hypertension?”

    Here we are America, the public school system has decided that they can give your children hormones without your consent.  While they do offer an opt-out plan:

    But sophomore Annette Palacios, 15, outside the school with her mom, said parents should give consent in case their children are “allergic” to the drugs.

    “Girls shouldn’t be sexually active at that age,” she added.

    Her mom, Pania, complained that she got no opt-out letter — and does not want Annette to secretly get Plan B or birth-control pills from the nurse.

    You want your food cooked with salt?  Nope.  You want to eat something that contains trans fats?  Nope.  You want a Big Gulp?  Forgetaboutit.  Birth control and Plan B pills without parental consent?  Perfectly acceptable.

    It is a brave new world, America.

  • just a conservative girl 11:57 AM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey President Obama is Right – She Didn’t Build That 

    So Sandra Fluke appeared with the President of the United States a few days ago to talk about “free” contraception and keeping the government out of our bedrooms. I will forgo the whole paradox of keeping the government out of your bedroom while the government now demands that I fund what goes on your bedroom for a minute. I was kind of hoping that they would go back to the You didn’t build that theme, because Fluke certainly didn’t earn her appearance with POTUS. Rush Limbaugh did. A case where the president is indeed correct, she didn’t build that.  Someone else made that happen.

    And before liberals start in, I did speak out about Rush calling her a slut.

    • A.Men 12:41 PM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

      She didn’t build that. I heard Fluck never has had sex, a friend called me and told me. Let her prove she does — to get her free birth control that other American taxpayers will have to pay for.

    • NotAScientist 1:26 PM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Why so much anger about letting women have birth control?

      • just a conservative girl 3:10 PM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

        She can take birth control all the live long day for all I care. This isn’t about birth control, it is about her trying to force a church that doesn’t believe in it to pay for it. It never was about birth control, it is about about religious freedom.

        • NotAScientist 3:34 PM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

          No…it’s about organizations that happened to be owned by Churches having insurance that covers birth control. Lets not get into how biblical church-owned businesses are…

    • just a conservative girl 3:40 PM on 08/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Do they have a non profit status and operate under those rules? Georgetown University is a school that is run by the Catholic Church. It isn’t a business. You can disagree with the stance, that isn’t the issue. The issue is that they have the right to their belief and to their conscience. Your agreement isn’t relevant., but the constitutional implications are.

  • just a conservative girl 11:39 AM on 03/05/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Rush Changing the Narrative 

    There are many on the right who are very unhappy, to say the least, about Rush Limbaugh issuing an apology for calling Sandra Fluke a slut.  They shouldn’t be.  The anger should be directed at him using the word in the place.  Above and beyond how derogatory the word is towards women, it changed the conversation; and not in a good way.

    I understand what Rush was trying to do.  He was pointing out the irony of her claim.  But the truth is we know nothing about this woman’s sex life.  If you are thinking to yourself that you do, then when is the last time she performed a sexual act?  How many partners has she had in the past six months?  Is she heterosexual or homosexual?  Chances are you know none of the answers to these questions because she never discussed her sex life and what type of birth control (if any) that she uses.  She discusses the topic in a more generic conversation and talked about countless “others” who tell her their stories of woe.

    What Rush and everyone else needs to be concentrating on is the first amendment.  The government trying to dictate to a church what is and what isn’t protected by the constitution, not her sex life.  Seriously, are you all that interested in her sex life?  I am not.  I could care less what she does in her bedroom. As long as it done by consenting adults, it is none of my concern.  What is my concern is how she is trying to push her will and her view-point onto the Catholic Church and Georgetown University.  She chose that school for a reason.  She went there specifically to try to force them to change their policy on birth control.  She did this before Obamacare and the mandates were even an issue.  She has been working on this for almost three years.

    Look, birth control isn’t the issue.  I have used birth control in my life and I can guarantee you no one will be accusing me of being a slut.  Newsflash; not all conservative women are virgins when the get married and therefore use birth control.  Newsflash;, not all conservative women are looking to have large families; so they use birth control.  The issue is does the federal government have the right to force a religious institution to go against the doctrines and teachings of the church that has been around for thousands of years?  These church teachings have been in existence long before the U.S. was ever formed.

    The left set the trap and we conservatives walked right into it.  This isn’t about sex, it isn’t about birth control, it is about liberty.  We need to do ourselves a favor and stop talking about this woman’s sex life and deal with the fact that she is trying to push her will onto the rest of the country; regardless of the constitutional protections that are in place.  We need to stop playing their game.  They wanted to paint conservatives as a bunch of people who think anyone who uses birth control is some sort of sexual deviant who needs us to tell them how to live their lives and what drugs they can and cannot put into their bodies.  That is a battle we cannot, should not  and will not win.  Americans don’t want the right telling them how to live their lives anymore than they want left doing it.  What Americans want is their freedoms and liberties to be protected.  Our job is to tell them that they are being ebbed away by an over-reaching, ever more powerful federal government in the guise of discussion on birth control.  If we keep the discussion on birth control and Ms. Fluke’s sex life they don’t see that they are giving away their liberties willingly in exchange for a $9 pack of generic birth control pills.

    • fuzislippers 11:44 AM on 03/05/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Actually, if I’m angry at Rush for anything (and I’m not), it would be his being too stupid to leave the leftist trap alone. Instead of seeing what they were doing, he just charged in like an idiot and did what too many others are happy to do–and the left is in pure ecstasy about–talk about birth control, sex, and abortion.

      We were winning this battle on the Constitution, on the free exercise of religion, on the huge problem with government dictating to religious organizations, mandating that they go against their conscience.

      Let that sink in. We were winning that battle. Handily.

      Enter all the crazies talking about birth control, then the set up with Fluke, then Rush leaping into the trap. Now where are we? Where is religious freedom? Losing. Big.

      This is not, never was, and never will be about contraception–let’s stop playing into the left’s hands. The issue is freedom. Period. No ifs, no ands, and damn sure, no butts.

      • DemocratGuy 1:59 PM on 03/06/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Visitor from ObamaLand here, hope you don’t mind! I think Fuzi’s point was right, that the whole issue was a set-up–it just seems too perfectly timed with Santorum’s rise in the polls. Obama is definitely not above wedge-issue politics, hopey changey stuff notwithstanding.

        But, I want to press you, Fuzi, on one point. Is it really true that you’re not angry at the attitude Rush put on display? All the stuff about aspirins between the knees, I mean, that’s so unbelievably demeaning to a whole group of women at a religious institution. I’m not talking about the language or the words, but the sentiment. And then the idea that men should be compensated with sex videos? I mean, what sick mind would think of that in the first place, let alone believe that was funny, hilarious, absurd, ridiculous, or anything else but just sick? Isn’t it horribly offensive, no matter your stance on the policy question?

        • just a conservative girl 5:41 PM on 03/06/2012 Permalink | Reply

          I can’t speak for Fuzzi, but that is part of Rush’s shtick. The videos was about the notion that somehow she has a right to birth control. If I and every other tax payer now must pay for birth control then we should be getting something out of it. And yes, all of us will be paying for birth control whether we use or not, whether we agree with it or not. There is no such thing as birth control fairies that will be giving that out for free; regardless of President Obama says. The people who listen to him on a regular basis don’t look at it as demeaning. We just don’t. We think it is demeaning that we are being asked to pay for it.

          • DemocratGuy 10:40 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

            Thanks for letting my comment through moderation. And thanks, JACG, for your thoughtful reply! I realize it wasn’t fair of me to ask Fuzi (or you) to set aside the policy question, given its importance to you as a constitutional issue. In any case, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer my question. Great blog!

            • just a conservative girl 4:27 PM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

              You welcome back anytime since you seem to be willing to engage in real debate minus the name calling and rhetoric. You should now no longer go into moderation. Keep it civil and you won’t be deleted. We welcome all points of view.

        • fuzislippers 10:59 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

          Sorry, DemocratGuy, I only just saw this notification when your second one came through.

          Anyway, to address your delightfully civil comments/questions: heck, no, I’m not angry at Rush’s attitude or what he said. I’m a conservative. If I got upset every time some leftist “comedian,” pundit, talk show host, politician, or random troll called a woman a name (“slut” is actually one of the nicer terms I’ve heard from leftists), my head would have exploded in self-righteous indignation ages ago.

          I’m not in the least upset that a conservative stooped to that level, at least not beyond the obvious fact that it was beneath him (and as JACG points out, he’s a shock jock, it’s what he does—isn’t that Bill Maher’s excuse for calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” and David Letterman making jokes about Bristol Palin’s sex life?).

          Are you honestly upset that Limbaugh “demeaned” a “whole group of women” or are you upset that a CONSERVATIVE used the same tactics and language that leftists use against women on a daily basis? Something to think about. Now I don’t know you, and you seem nice enough, so maybe you do get outraged at all of the horrible things that are said about conservative women (the rape fantasies and death wishes are always fun). Maybe you do . . . . or maybe that’s “different”? Somehow.

          I think that one thing that might bridge the ideological gap is the following consideration of my conservative principles. Name calling is not nice, it’s rude, it’s ill-mannered. It’s not, however, anything more than that (which is why conservatives always graciously accept the (forced) apologies when they are made, which is all-too-rarely).

          If he thinks she’s a slut, so what? Is that really an indictment of everyone with a vagina? Of course not, but I used to be a leftist, so I get the whole group think thing and know that’s both an extension of the collectivist craziness that is the entire Marxist miindset and the knee-jerk reaction to any conservative daring to have a viewpoint. Tolerance, really, isn’t a strong suit on the left. Nor is forgiveness. But I guess that’s why it’s so hard for you to understand that I’m not in the least bit upset that Rush called Fluke a slut. It’s still a (relatively) free country.

          You’ll notice that I’m not talking about contraception because that is not what this is about (never was, never will be).

          • fuzislippers 11:18 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

            Oops, correction: I was never a leftist, but I was a liberal (or thought I was).

            • DemocratGuy 1:41 PM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

              Hi there, Fuzi! Since you asked, for the record, yes, I do get very annoyed and upset when conservative women are attacked this way, and I was thinking of the vicious, vile insults hurled at Sarah Palin by the likes of snide jerks like Bill Maher. I was also thinking about how frustrating it was to hear so few on “my side” speak out against such slime. In fact, I specifically clicked over to Potluck just to see how you folks dealt with a similar situation.

              Thanks to you, too, for the reply. Always great to get your perspective on things, and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me natter on. –Mike

            • DemocratGuy 1:42 PM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

              Oh, and I should have said I laughed out loud re: the “my head would have exploded ages ago” comment. RIGHT ON!

    • A.Men 12:03 PM on 03/05/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rush Limbaugh was 100% right about Fluck. Wake up!

      • just a conservative girl 12:09 PM on 03/05/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I think you need to wake up. Why are we talking about this women’s sex life instead of religious liberties then? We talk about her sex life it allows the left to cover up what they are trying to do. They then win.

    • SignPainterGuy 12:25 PM on 03/05/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rush opened today`s show with an apology to us and acknowledgement that he`d sunk to the left`s level in using the word “slut”.

      Preach it, Fuzi ! ;-)

      • Sherry 9:09 AM on 03/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I struggle still, because Fluke 1) lied before Congress 2) knew she was lying and 3) if she was lying about something as basic as her age to make herself more sympathetic, what else was she possibly lying about?

        Yes there are people who need birth control for medical reasons, not social ones, just as there are men who need viagra for reasons other than pure pleasure. But you’re right, Rush derailed the dialogue with the distraction and as a result, she’s been elevated to the point that the media and left and even now the cowed right, won’t vet her testimony.

        We cannot know if any of the sob stories she told were true. She used her platform to pour out a story that demands people violate thier faith so she can act as she will, be it slutty or chaste. And now with Rush, many more people heard her testimony, and she has become a martyr for the left. She may not be what Rush called her, but she is something else, though perhaps only in such small things as one’s age by seven years, untruthful.

        • just a conservative girl 11:26 AM on 03/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

          Did she lie about her age or did the media assume that she was 23? I don’t think she said her age. The media ran with it. I agree she lied, but I don’t think it was about her age. I will have to listen again to find out. What she lied about was the costs of birth control in the DC area. I live here I know that birth control is dispensed like Pez here.

        • just a conservative girl 7:32 AM on 03/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

          She didn’t lie about her age. In her testimony she said she was a third year law student, but never told her age. She also said that she was an activist and named the organization she was ahead of. here is the link. Much of the media coverage of her testimony is not correct. Wow, what a shock that is. http://current.com/1mhv4kc

  • Sherry 9:06 AM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Vapors for the Left 

    For those irony impaired, yesterday Rush Limbaugh poked fun at the utter farce that our society has become.

    After Georgetown law student and “reproductive rights activist” Sandra Fluke — told sympathetic policy-makers that the administration’s so-called contraception mandate should stand … because her peers are going broke buying birth control, Rush suggested that if women were going to demand that they be provided free birth control for their sexual appetites, that the payers ought to get something in return. After all, demanding money for sex is an old profession. It was brutal satire of what was an absurd proposal.

    Quoting Rush:

    “So, Ms. Fluke, and the rest of you Femi-Nazis, here’s the deal: If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and, thus, pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. And I’ll tell you what it is. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

    The media promptly went insane. According to NBC’s William’s on last night’s news, women were outraged at Rush’s cruel painting of this poor defenseless law student as a prostitute.

    Mind you, a grown woman testifying before Congress that she wants them to force institutions that don’t believe in contraception to pay for her and anyone else like her to be able to have seemingly consequence free sex as often as she and anyone else who wants to likes, is NOT outrageous. Is NOT shameful. Is not something which should give anyone serious pause.

    But suggesting that instead of simply being cheap (morally and fiscally), she ought to “put out” something in return for goodies she demands? THIS tarnishes her reputation? The twitterverse exploded. “How shameful!” Yes. I agree, how awful to women. I feel faint. Heavens to Betsy!…What vulgarity! My poor ears. They’ve been befouled. I need smelling salts. How is a woman who can’t manage her affairs (sexually or fiscally) an empowered feminist? She’s still demanding someone pay for her, take care of her. She’s still a kept woman, or alternatively if that is too harsh, she’s about as emancipated as a confirmed spinster in a knitting bee.

    Memo to all of you moonbat women out there: Don’t want to be referred to as anything but a lady? Act like nothing other than one.

    • just a conservative girl 10:43 AM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      This is a woman who very carefully chose Georgetown. She knew exactly what she was doing when she filled out her applications. If she got into Georgetown she more than likely could have gotten into a number of other law schools that are just as good that did provide birth control with their insurance.

      What truly amazes me is that they think we don’t have the intelligence to see through there false claims. $1,000 per year for birth control? Even CBS looked into what it cost in the DC area and can’t come up with a scenario that it would cost that much.

    • Sherry 10:47 AM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      And didn’t we just learn a few weeks ago that Planned Parenthood will pass out birth control like pez candy to anyone who needs it? What, she’s smart enough to go to Georgetown but not smart enough to Google Cheap Birth Control?

      • just a conservative girl 10:57 AM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Yeah, I did google it. 4 PP offices within ten miles of campus.

        I understand that she is standing up for something she believes in. I don’t agree with it, but I admire people standing up. But how is doing her cause any good when it takes less than a minute to blow her claims to bits?

    • Sherry 11:09 AM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      It isn’t, but the left isn’t used to anyone “fact checking” their dog and pony shows to advance their agenda.

  • just a conservative girl 6:44 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    About that Claim of Going Broke in Georgetown 

    So we have this young woman, Sandra Fluke, lying testifying in front of a congressional hearing about the high costs of birth control; students are going broke.  One would think that someone that is smart enough to get into Georgetown law would be able to do what I did in less than a minute.  I googled the locations of Planned Parenthood that are close to the campus. Guess what?  There are four different locations less than 10 miles from campus.  

    Oh and you know what else, Target sells generic brand birth control pills for $9 per month.  Let’s see that is $108 per year if my math is correct; 9 x 12 yeah that equals 108.  I have no idea what PP charges for birth control but I can’t imagine it is much different than Target.  I bet the average Hoya spends more than that on coffee every year.  

    Since I live in the greater DC area I can tell you that they have a very aggressive free condom program here.  The reason being that Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of AIDS/HIV infection in the nation.  (Maybe having a lot of sex with local people may not be a good idea, just a thought). The website that tells you how and where you can get your free condoms is in seven different languages, too.  

    Isn’t it illegal to testify falsely in front of Congress?  I think that is called perjury, but what do I know?   I am not in Georgetown Law School.  Where do the dems find these people who are willing to lie so patently and openly? 

    • Adrienne 7:00 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      A fluke is a very ugly worm. Just sayin’…

    • SignPainterGuy 9:41 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      “Where do the dems find these people ….?” Most libs I know are attention ho`s, will do a lot for $ or interesting barter and coincidentally, have no issues with prevarication !

    • Patti 6:12 PM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I feel so sorry for that she has to have sex 3 times a day and is broke buying birth control. Tell her to keep her legs together and get a vibrator. Back in my day your insurance did not pay for your birth control pills nor did we have all the protection that is out there now. Any one that has that much sex is a whore and I hope she is charging for it. If she can afford to go to Georgetown then she can afford to pay for her own birth control. I am on a fixed income should I go before Congress and beg for more money to be able to afford gas and food ??? People just want a free hand out and congress and the Obama Admin. need to be impeached and thrown out of office for wasting time when the country needs to concentrate on fixing what they created not stupid things like birth control.

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