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  • Jill 8:29 AM on 05/13/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Steyn’s 2012 picks, et cetera 

    Cross-posted at the WP version of P&P

    I had a busy day yesterday and didn’t even notice that Blogger was down and my morning post had vanished. (Re-cap of that: Chinese commies bad, Obama bad, Mark Steyn great, cheating and plagiarism bad, etc. I guess you didn’t miss much.)

    A few items as I play catch-up:

    Mark Steyn talked with Hugh Hewitt last night, and I’m very pleased to hear that Mark admires Dick Van Dyke and his excellent performances in Bye Bye Birdie and Mary Poppins, two of my all-time favorite movies. How about some Ann-Margret fabulousness:

    Wrenching our attention back to politics, Steyn tells Hewitt he’s “happy for us to be the moat with alligators party.” Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker agrees:

    Well Mr. President, I am proud to say that I do want alligators in a moat that protects our country. And I hope to God that you have one or more decision-makers in your administration that understand that it will take a lot more than killing Osama bin Laden and occasional drone strikes in Afghanistan to protect the citizens who hired you for that job. For while you traverse the country spiking the football and fundraising for the 2012 election, there are way too many terrorists who want to see each and every U.S. citizen dead and who are not taking time out of their planning stages to play golf; party with hateful, racist rappers; and hobnob with the rich and famous at $35,000 a plate dinners.

    Yeah. I hear you.

    More Steyn: He assesses the 2012 GOP field with Sean Hannity — video here. Excerpts:

    Tim Pawlenty:

    I’ve got a soft spot for Tim Pawlenty. I think the last time I saw him was when he and I were on your show together a couple of weeks ago and I think this is a guy who is more likely to wind up with the nomination. He hasn’t got an albatross like Obamacare and he hasn’t got the personal baggage that Newt Gingrich has. He’s got a good record that is flawed. But everybody is flawed. But I think he’s closer to someone who is at ease with himself, is authentic and conservative enough. And, I think someone like Tim Pawlenty could be the last guy standing.

    Michele Bachmann:

    I do like Michele Bachmann. And I think her instincts are good. Whether you can go from a short congressional career to the presidency, I don’t know. But Michele Bachmann is a terrific campaigner and just adorable to watch in that sense.

    The field overall:

    I don’t — all I ask is I don’t want a candidate we have to drag across the finishing line. I want one we can get behind and cheer all the way.

    No, I’m happy to go with the Pawlenty-Bachmann ticket if it comes to that, Sean.

    Adorable! I love it. Read the rest. He has something to say about Gingrich, Trump, Palin, Huckabee, Paul, Daniels, and Romney.

  • Obi's Sister 8:24 PM on 07/24/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Bad Things Happening Down in Texas 

    Stay alert. This is NOT being reported in the news. More here.

    At least two ranches in Laredo, TX have been overwhelmed and taken over by Los Zetas drug cartel killers. The drug war raging just over the Rio Grande in Nuevo Laredo, claiming 12 lives to date, has spilled over the Texas border.

    American soil has been invaded by hostile foreign nationals.

    Can you hear the crickets chirping?

    UPDATE: Now there are reports this may be a false alarm. But how do we really know?

    • rubyslipperblog 10:41 PM on 07/24/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Unreal. I am sure the MSM will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into covering this news.

    • Obi's Sister 6:42 AM on 07/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

      At this point, it’s almost impossible to tell what is true. MM thinks it’s a hoax. Either way, Americans lose because we don’t know who to trust.

      And Obama vacations again…

    • rubyslipperblog 1:30 PM on 07/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I saw Michelle’s post – I think we can safely say this is closed without some credible evidence to suggest otherwise. Let me just say that this story is much more believable than the imaginary 3.6 million stimulus jobs Pelosi bragged about at the Nutroots convention but I suspect CNN and the JournoListers would prefer to make the focus on the blogosphere coverage of this Laredo story instead. If this was a complete false alarm Flopping Aces might be right the story grew from this May FBI report . And as Michelle pointed out finding 51 bodies in Monterrey is a sure sign the bloody drug war is out of control. No problems for Obama though he can sue Arizona to keep hispanics voting Democrat and schedule another vacation.

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