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  • Jill 10:45 AM on 06/10/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    A few from J-Ru 

    Some great stuff from Jennifer Rubin today. I don’t know how she does it. A sampling:

    Is Obama Trying to Force BP Into Bankruptcy?

    As for the bullying of business, this is simply the natural extension of the administration’s abject lawlessness — stomping on the rights of car-company bond holders, snatching bonuses away from AIG executives, pushing for mortgage cram-downs — which views contracts and statutes as mere annoyances. This is what comes from electing people with no private-sector experience and no understanding that the rule of law is central to our economic prosperity.

    Giving Hamas a Helping Hand

    Obama’s efforts in ways big and bigger are destructive to our own credibility, to the security of our allies, to our efforts to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, and to the American people, who have had far too much of their hard-earned money confiscated for idiotic purposes under this administration. But few match this one.

    Lindsey Graham Discovers Cap-and-Trade is a Bad Idea

    Lindsey Graham has had an encounter with reality — whether it is political or scientific is uncertain. But for whatever reason, he is starting to make sense:

    How close is the Senate to a bipartisan climate deal? Here’s the Democrats’ best hope for compromise — Lindsey Graham, at a press conference today: “The science about global warming has changed. … I think the science is in question. … I think they’ve oversold the stuff.”

    You don’t say.

    Read the rest.

    • nicedeb 1:23 PM on 06/10/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I also liked this in Flotsam and Jetsam:

      Not any doubt where Obama’s priorities lie. And thankfully, not everyone is confused as to who’s responsible for the flotilla incident. “Turkey sends a bunch of Jew-baiting Al-Qaeda friendly street-fighters on a floating lynch party and the one party chided by name is … Israel. Well, those pesky facts aren’t too hard to pin down Mr. President–the folks you’ve pinned your peace hopes on are laughing in your face and rolling you like a duck pin.”

  • Quite Rightly 12:06 PM on 04/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Will the Real Cap’n Trade Please Stand Up 

    Introducing our panelists, only some of whom claim to be the real Cap’n Trade:

    • The Chicago Climate Exchange, which figured out a way to make $10 trillion a year making people pay for trading air in the financial markets;
    • Barack Hussein Obama, director of the Joyce Foundation, which funded the Chicago Climate Exchange with seed money to get started;
    • Goldman Sachs, owner of 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange;
    • Generation Investment Management, fifth largest shareholder of the Chicago Climate Exchange;
    • Al Gore, who, together with three Goldman Sachs guys, founded Generation Investment Management;
    • Carlton Bartels, deceased, former CEO of CO2e.com, who invented a system to trade residential carbon credits;
    • Fannie Mae, who bought Bartels’ system to trade residential carbon credits;
    • Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie Mae at the time of that purchase.

    Thanks to Glenn Beck for using his research resources to connect the above dots. From Glenn Beck:  Why Goldman Is Willing to Take the Heat:

    Remember when Fannie purchased risky mortgages from banks, bundled them together and sold to investors as mortgage-backed securities? And then the housing market was absolutely destroyed? Well, former Fannie VP Scott Lesmes was responsible for that bundling.

    Well, here’s the good news: Not only will this new carbon trading “system” try the exact same bundling method (except with air); they are using the exact same guy: Scott Lesmes.

    But, please, don’t worry. The only ones involved in this are the corrupt Franklin Raines, Mr. redistribution of wealth Barack Obama, and all the people who the House and Senate are currently saying are the bad guys. Other than that, this should work out great.

    It’s almost like Goldman is willing to take a little heat now, in order to get a little piece of the $10 trillion green pie later. I challenge the media: Will anyone pick this story up? Will anyone question this and the timing of it all?

    All of a sudden illegal immigration has leap-frogged global warming? Is it because Goldman has to take hits to get the global government structure done? And then they get the payoff?

    To tell the truth, this makes one wonder what’s really going on in those Congressional investigations of Goldman Sachs, doesn’t it?

    Cross posted at Bread upon the Waters.

    • Jill 5:22 AM on 04/28/2010 Permalink | Reply

      That’s one tangled web they’ve woven.

    • KP California 12:20 AM on 09/04/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Al Gore to make $ 15 Billion off of the carbon credit scheme. Is it true that Obama is to make $ 8 billion off of his involment in setting up the CCX in Chicago and it is going to be held in trust by the Joyce Foundation until he is out of office. Valerie Jarrett helped him set it up. How much is her stake going to be? Clinton’s are involved with the former Shore Bank now renamed. How much is their share? Amazing they just bought that very expensive new home. Hmm. How can a president push for cap & trade legislation, it passes, he signs the bill and he starts making his forturne. Where is the main stream media to investigate this scheme. When Obama makes his fortune and laughing all the way to the bank. Come on people this is Chicago at it’s best. Start asking lots of questions and demanding questions.

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