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  • just a conservative girl 12:49 PM on 06/06/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Bergdahl Classification Isn’t What Matters – Don’t Miss the Larger Picture 

    All over the media there is horror and consternation in regards to the Bergdahl return.  He is being called a traitor and I have seen many calls for the death penalty floating about.  You are missing the bigger picture here.  First and foremost, the military never classified Bergdahl as a deserter.  That makes a huge difference in how the military should behave in trying to find and free him.  The military had an obligation to do so.  Secondly, the bigger picture seems to be getting missed here.  President Obama broke the law in order to get his return.  It doesn’t matter what the standing of the soldier is.  The law would be broken even if there were not serious questions about Bergdahl’s actions.

    Now from the media reports I have read the sequence of events in this “trade” is that a video was made in December of 2013.  The White House was made aware of the video the following month.  In this very short video (I believe it is under three minutes) it reportedly shows Bergdahl in bad health.  In the statements made by the administration, as well as the president himself, the narrative that they are using is that they saw that his health was deteriorating and knew something had to be done.  Does that make sense to you?

    If his health was so dire why did they wait close to five months to do something about it?  If his health was the reason for the “prisoner swap” wouldn’t they have done it in late January or early February?  This is one among many questions that must be answered.

    Another one of the narratives that the White House is laying out there is the need for absolute secrecy.  Everyone knows that there are leaks coming out of Capitol Hill.  That can’t be denied.  But this is also the same institution that knew about the bin Laden raid months in advance.  Nothing of that leaked.  One would like to think that members of congress take national security seriously.  There are many who look at Bergdahl as a traitor, some of those people are members of Capitol Hill.  But that doesn’t mean that they would voluntarily risk the life of that man by leaking the information.  This is just a ginned up excuse that the administration is floating to direct attention away from the fact that he has clearly broken the law.  A law, I might add, that he signed.  It isn’t like he wasn’t aware that the law existed.  It seems like the touted Constitutional law professor has left those ideals behind.

    This administration has emboldened the Taliban to take additional Americans hostages.  Not to mention many other rogue nations across the world such as North Korea, Iran, and a whole host of others.  We are now known for negotiating with terrorists.  We have crossed that line and there will be no going back.

    Conservatives need to do themselves a favor and let the military justice system do what needs to be done and let them handle Bergdahl, we have much bigger fish to fry.

    Impeachment must be discussed in this context.  I have never called for that before during the Obama administration because I don’t think incompetence is grounds for impeachment.  But this is a situation where multiple laws were broken, our national security has been endangered, and our troops all over the world have had a target put on their backs forever more.  That should not be allowed to stand.  This is the fight we should be waging.  Bergdahl is only a small cog in the wheel.  Let the Department of Defense handle him.

  • just a conservative girl 11:29 PM on 03/06/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Isn’t The Tea Party Standing Up for the Constitution? 

    As you may have figured out I am very active on social media.  I am on every presidential candidate’s email list, I get emails from all types of conservative groups, and I have twitter and facebook accounts as well.  I get all kinds of things sent to me about the conservative movement.  Many of which mention the constitution.  I have been doing reading and going to different events to learn more about the constitution.

    So I was very surprised today when I was told that The Tea Party Mission didn’t include the rally that is being held on March 23 to preserve religious freedom.  The posting I put up on this rally was removed and I was given a warning for breaking the “rules”.  Really?  I would like to know what exactly I have been doing for the past three years then.  Wasn’t the entire point of learning more about the constitution was to be able to elect officials that would actually follow it?

    I am in agreement that social issues are not necessarily the purview of The Tea Party, but how exactly do you separate an issue of the first amendment and The Tea Party?  The entire reason we are in the place that we find ourselves in now is because the federal government has been trampling all over our constitutional rights for several generations now.  The federal government has grown well beyond what the founders ever intended.  As such they involve themselves in things that are none of their business and are better left for the states and local governments to decide.  When they do this they waste more and more of our resources in terms of time and money as well as stripping our freedoms away; bit by bit.

    The Tea Party was also formed to let our government know that we were no longer going to stand and allow them to take more and more of our freedoms away.  Mandating to the church that they have to violate their consciences in order to provide free birth control is all about freedom.  It doesn’t matter what you personally feel about birth control and/or abortion because they are not the issue.  This is strictly a first amendment issue.  It is just being discussed in terms of birth control and women’s health.

    You need to ask yourselves if the government is allowed to take this protected right away from the church what is next?  If the Tea Party isn’t going to stand up and protect this then they may as well just fold up the tents and go home.  Because we are done.

    And your thoughts on the matter?

    • Don 12:45 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I agree just, you blew me away when you told me about a Tea Party member trying to censor you on this. Incredible.

      In support, I posted on this at Conservative Hideout 2.0


      • just a conservative girl 9:26 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply


      • fuzislippers 10:14 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Agreed. I just tweeted it on the same grounds, to support JACG and the cause of freedom.

    • AHLondon 9:00 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I expect this kind of censoring when dealing with the left of center, but when it happens on our side, it unnerves me. It doesn’t happen often, but like you I point it out when it does. Gotta fight such Frummery.

      • just a conservative girl 9:29 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t really look at it as censorship. There always have to be rules. My thing is that this person has bought into the left’s meme that this is about personal choice. It isn’t. It is about government forcing its will on the church in violation of freedom of religion. Take as much birth control as you want or don’t want. I could care less, what I do care about is the intrusion into church doctrine.

    • fuzislippers 10:13 AM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Well, I’m not sure where you posted this and were told the “rules,” but you know that there is no “Tea Party,” just a bunch of random citizens & groups with basic agreements on foundational principles. Well, mostly. Sounds like this one is a dud, I’d call them out on it, by name and let everyone know who they are. Anyone who thinks this is a “social issue” debate doesn’t have enough brain cells to make decisions about what is posted anywhere, anyway.

    • sweatyfederalist 10:36 PM on 03/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Not going to wade in on your local Tea Party controversy. The MSM likes to believe the Tea Party were a tightly organized cabal funded by the Koch brothers… as if.

      I do wish to quibble with you on a point you raised. You suggest that the freebie contraceptive issue “is strictly a first amendment issue.” It is actually a Tenth Amendment issue. The National Government has no more right to require contraceptive coverage for employees at the University of Notre Dame as it has to mandate Highmark BlueCross to cover chiropractic services, Ritalin or aromatherapy. Obamacare is not merely an affront to religious freedom; it is a breathtakingly vicious assault on the American constitution (i.e., the Tenth Amendment).


      The Sweaty Federalist

      • just a conservative girl 12:23 AM on 03/08/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but I am not discussing Obamacare. I am discussing only this woman forcing the mandates onto the church. The mandates that they are pushing onto everyone else is a different (and much worse) issue.

  • Jill 7:07 AM on 05/13/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Kagan on judicial activism: “A thing of glory” 

    From George Neumayr’s must-read on Elena Kagan’s view of the Constitution:

    Quoting Marshall with approval in her law review eulogy, she makes it clear that she considers the phony living Constitution to be a glorious substitute for the real one. Hence, the Constitution now “contains a great deal to be proud of,” as Marshall put it. Michelle Obama couldn’t have said it better. For the first time in his life, Thurgood Marshall was proud of his Constitution: “[B]ut the credit does not belong to the Framers. It belongs to those who refused to acquiesce in outdated notions of ‘liberty,’ ‘justice,’ and ‘equality,’ and who strived to better them,” Kagan quotes him as saying.

    As if any reader could have missed Marshall’s egotistical claim, Kagan punctuates it with the praise: “The credit, in other words, belongs to people like Justice Marshall.” Kagan called his baldly unconstitutional view of the Supreme Court’s role a “thing of glory.”

    Tens of millions of unborn babies have died under this “thing of glory.” America is turning into a mindless, Godless, socialist mess because of this “thing of glory.” Yet these out-of-control narcissists still claim a monopoly on justice and wise government. They alone will protect the “despised and disadvantaged,” which Marshall invented out of thin air as the court’s mandate.

    Read the rest.

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