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    Can abortion make you suicidal? 

    Feminists played on the sympathies of earlier generations by raising the specter of the back-alley abortion with a hanger. Since then we’ve seen millions murdered in the womb, and the horror of the Philly clinic for mothers and babies alike.

    But what of the social pathology associated with the act? Even Norma McCorvey/Jane Roe herself regretted her abortion, though it took years. Now women can see the baby develop in the womb early on. Preemies are born at younger ages than those aborted. How can this all be denied by a thinking person?

    Now British researchers have concluded a major study, upending prevalent American ones:

    An important meta-analysis published today in the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry demonstrates that nearly 10% of mental health problems in women are directly attributable to abortion.  “Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis of research published 1995-2009,” by Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green University, shows that women with an abortion history have an 81% increased risk of mental health problems and 155% increased risk of suicide.  This meta-analysis combines 22 studies of 877,181 women, 163, 831 of whom have had abortions.  A meta-analysis is an especially powerful type of study because it includes a large number of subjects, and by combining studies is much more reliable than a single study.

    This review, which is larger than any study to date, contradicts the recent and biased and less systematic review by the American Psychological Association, which fails to find a relationship between mental health problems and abortion.  The new meta-analysis also contradicts the stance of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which has been silent on the mental health impact of abortion in its official publications despite overwhelming evidence over the last two decades of abortion’s adverse effects.

    Ignore the evidence at the risk of even women’s health, the gaping loophole of the abortion at all costs crowd.

    P.S. And while giving the Black Panthers a pass at the polling place–where they were actually blocking access and brandishing billy clubs, the Obama Justice Dept. is aggressively going after pro-life protesters at abortion clinics.

    • telltaleimages 3:22 PM on 09/01/2011 Permalink | Reply

      I suggest you go back and read this paper thoroughly. The authors are not nearly so sure of the strength of the findings as you appear to be. They describe the link as statistically ‘modest’ and ‘small’.

      If you are as familiar with this study as you claim to be, in the interests of fairness you should also mention that the study has been heavily criticised for including data from abortions performed for ANY reason at all – including abortions performed on embryos that were simply not viable, i.e., had no chance of living to birth or after birth, and embryos that, had they been allowed to continue developing, would have resulted in the death of the mother. It is unsurprising that women who found themselves in these situations would report an increased incidence of poor mental health and so skew the data in the direction of the effect found.

      You should also mention, in the interests of honesty, that the authors also noted that the effect size they found for increased mental health disorders after abortion was similar to that found in women who had suffered miscarriages!

      • backyardconservative 5:23 PM on 09/01/2011 Permalink | Reply

        They did find it statistically significant though. Perhaps more studies will be done–but this was a meta, more reliable than a single study.

        I think it’s fair to include abortions for any reason. It’s difficult to get into the WHY of the suicidal beyond that. I can posit an opposite explanation to the ones you come up with. That will take more study but this one is on the record.

      • just a conservative girl 6:05 PM on 09/01/2011 Permalink | Reply

        I find it very interesting that you seem to find a big difference between an abortion and a miscarriage. It is all the same thing, the baby is dead.

        Also, there are plenty of mothers who carry to term children with health issues and some even go ahead with a pregnancy even when told it endangers their health. Tim Tebow’s mother’s for example. So to say that skews the numbers really doesn’t make sense. The only way it makes sense is to someone who thinks that abortion in those circumstances is the correct way of dealing with the problem.

    • telltaleimages 8:15 PM on 09/01/2011 Permalink | Reply

      I think the difference in approaches (between myself and yourselves) lies in the fact that I’m not American, I live in Europe. In Europe abortion is simply not the issue it is in some parts of the US If you were to hold a referendum with a view to banning abortion in any western European country it would be defeated very heavily, no question.

      Medical procedures always incur risk. If you were to look at mental health outcomes after any type of invasive procedure, whether elective or not, you would, I’m sure, find negative mental health outcomes compared to pre-procedure. So the question I would ask is, why on earth single out terminations for comment?

      backyard conservative – You state that meta studies are more reliable than single studies. This is wholly incorrect and I doubt if you would find a researcher in any scientific field or a statistician that would agree with you. Meta analyses are famously unreliable because no matter how you select the studies for the analysis you will always be adding large amounts of independent variables or ‘noise’ to the dataset. Meta analyses are used to identify possible trends for future research and not causal pathways. For example, there is no way that you could say that the increased risk of suicide found in the meta analysis is due to women having had a termination (and the authors make this point).

      The reason that including abortions performed for any reason is an error is because women who have abortions by choice might have differing underlying personalities and/or mental health histories than women who have abortions reluctantly, i.e., they have comorbidities such as cancer or severe diabetes and need a termination to save life. Or, women who have a termination due to rape or incest. Or, without reference to the age of the woman or girl. The many differing groups and subgroups may each react differently psychologically to the procedure.

      To put it another way, people who have surgery due to an underlying congenital condition may react differently psychologically to people who require the same surgery as a result of poor lifestyle choices. They may react differently is the surgery is performed as children, or adults. Or if they had children of their own etc etc There is no way you would include data from all groups in a study of mental health outcomes for liver transplant or cardiac valve replacement, for example. It just wouldn’t be good science. You’re trying to tease apart the effect that the surgery has – independent of the effects of age, history, marital status, lifestyle or genes.

      With a similar study of abortion, you’re trying to ascertain the effect that the procedure has, independent of the reasons that women present for the procedure. Otherwise you might as well just get a group 14 year-old girls who’ve become pregnant after being raped by their brothers and study them, or a group of women in their 30s who are happily married and have high status careers and don’t want children to interfere with their lifestyles, and study them – then confidently assume that all females who have terminations for any reason, and from any background will respond the same. They wouldn’t I’m sure – and so it wouldn’t be good science, would it? So you study all the available groups in isolation and make your conclusions accordingly.

      just a conservative girl – you refer to the subject of abortion and miscarriage as a ‘baby’. this is not medically true. The vast majority of terminations and miscarriages occur to a clump of nondifferentiated or semi-differentiated cells. In no way is this stage of development a ‘baby’. It is potentially a baby if a large number of physiological conditions are met. The fact that the majority of conceptions end in miscarriage, ususally at a very early stage with the mother unaware, shows that those physiological conditions are met comparitively rarely. You simply cannot call the product of a conception, a zygote, later an embryo, a baby, it is medically incorrect.

    • backyardconservative 9:15 PM on 09/01/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting. Firstly, abortion is not health care. It is a lifestyle choice. Secondly, no one is talking about banning abortion. If Roe v. Wade were repealed by the Supreme Court the decision would then be left to each of the states. They can then pass the law that suits their values. Hopefully most would choose to protect innocent life. I myself am in favor of abortion for rape and incest, others may differ. As for saving the life of the mother, if she has a chronic condition she needs to be responsible in the first place. I know couples who have adopted for that reason. Abortion should not be used as birth control.

      As far as being from Europe, well, you have a unique situation there. Not enough population growth to sustain you as Europe. Immigration is another matter.

      Yes, meta analysis must be handled carefully. But I’d say this was significant and a trend identified.

      We are talking about life here and the taking of it.It’s not something that should be parsed as a procedure. That’s dehumanizing.

      And that’s the point.

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    Building the Next Bailout…and BUST 


    In July, Illinois went to market with a $900 million BAB issue that attracted 93 investors, including 17 from overseas. The international investors accounted for about 30 percent of the offering. Illinois state officials even joined their underwriters, Citigroup, on a road show through Europe and Asia to drum up interest in the sale.

    Setting up the next bust in Illinois and around the country.

    Screwing up the current one. From e21 Morning eBrief:

    In Foreclosure Controversy, Problems Run Deeper Than Flawed Paperwork (Round Up)Millions of U.S. mortgages have been shuttled around the global financial system – sold and resold by firms – without the documents that traditionally prove who legally owns the loans. Now, as many of these loans have fallen into default and banks have sought to seize homes, judges around the country have increasingly ruled that lenders had no right to foreclose, because they lacked clear title. The court decisions, should they continue to spread, could call into doubt the ownership of mortgages throughout the country, raising urgent challenges for both the real estate market and the wider financial system. The White House has announced that President Obama will pocket veto H.R. 3808 which would have allowed banks to shortcut the current notarization process. See Alphaville for and the Washington Post for more more.

    Goldman Sachs: The US Economy Is Weaker Than You Think (Seeking Alpha)Goldman Sachs issued a very bullish note on the Euro this morning. Not because they think Europe is entering a period of robust growth. No, in fact they reduced their estimates for European growth based on the recent Euro strength; however, they see the U.S. economy simply deteriorating more than Europe. The chart in this presentation that jumped out was the ISM’s index compared to the orders & inventories. The orders and inventories data shows a very strong leading indication of future ISM growth. Currently, the orders and inventories data is forecasting ISM readings in the low 40s.

    Peggy Noonan on Greece and America’s reaction:

    Mr. Lewis: “The Greek state was not just corrupt but also corrupting. Once you saw how it worked you could understand a phenomenon which otherwise made no sense at all: the difficulty Greek people have saying a kind word about one another. . . . Everyone is pretty sure everyone is cheating on his taxes, or bribing politicians, or taking bribes, or lying about the value of his real estate. And this total absence of faith in one another is self-reinforcing. The epidemic of lying and cheating and stealing makes any sort of civic life impossible.”

    Thus can great nations, great cultures, disintegrate, break into little pieces that no longer cohere into a whole.

    Read it all.

    Outrage. Outrage.

    This election is so damned important.

    Related post: Obama Desperately Trying to Save His Own Senate Seat

    –crossposted at BackyardConservative (I’m going crazy, people)

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    Obama rings Rangel’s bell 

    Turns on him. Because Barack’s so squeaky clean. Sure. So dignified. A new kind of Obama hope:

    He’s somebody who’s at the end of his career,” said Obama. “I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity. And my hope is that it happens.”

    Bush ad guru and Obama admirer Mark McKinnon is less than impressed these days. It’s been two years and the blame Bush game is getting old. Now Charlie Rangel–how to explain that one.

    Is this not the Charlie Rangel our President Barack Obama thought he knew?

    The Tea Party bell is ringing. Ask not, Mr. President, for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you.

    More. Ruby Slippers on the Rangel death panel. Nice Deb with nice graphic.

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    The One One Ups Capone 

    Well, we’re not seeing machine gun battles on the streets of Chicago but the rule of law is under assault by this president, and it’s getting more broad and menacing.

    You might say we’re being engulfed. (Well, it just came to me) Never let a crisis go to waste.

    The Bolshie Chicago Mob in the White House: Shakedown

    The Bully’s Pulpit

    Via Pundit and Pundette. Giuliani: If This Was Bush, He Would Have Been Impeached…

    The Law of Obama

    More. The Instapundit quotes Carville. Chicago gets a mention. And Tolkien.

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    Anonymous WH official admits job was offered to Romanoff 

    Changing their story:

    WASHINGTON — Administration officials dangled the possibility of a job for former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff last year in hopes he would forgo a challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, administration officials said Wednesday, just days after the White House admitted orchestrating a similar job offer in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

    These officials declined to specify the job that was floated or the name of the administration official who approached Romanoff, and said no formal offer was ever made. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not cleared to discuss private conversations.

    That’s nothing like what the WH said last fall. See Hot Air for the rest of the story. Everyone’s asking the same question: How many more Sestaks and Romanoffs are there?

    Cross-posted at P&P.

  • Quite Rightly 12:06 PM on 04/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Will the Real Cap’n Trade Please Stand Up 

    Introducing our panelists, only some of whom claim to be the real Cap’n Trade:

    • The Chicago Climate Exchange, which figured out a way to make $10 trillion a year making people pay for trading air in the financial markets;
    • Barack Hussein Obama, director of the Joyce Foundation, which funded the Chicago Climate Exchange with seed money to get started;
    • Goldman Sachs, owner of 10% of the Chicago Climate Exchange;
    • Generation Investment Management, fifth largest shareholder of the Chicago Climate Exchange;
    • Al Gore, who, together with three Goldman Sachs guys, founded Generation Investment Management;
    • Carlton Bartels, deceased, former CEO of CO2e.com, who invented a system to trade residential carbon credits;
    • Fannie Mae, who bought Bartels’ system to trade residential carbon credits;
    • Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie Mae at the time of that purchase.

    Thanks to Glenn Beck for using his research resources to connect the above dots. From Glenn Beck:  Why Goldman Is Willing to Take the Heat:

    Remember when Fannie purchased risky mortgages from banks, bundled them together and sold to investors as mortgage-backed securities? And then the housing market was absolutely destroyed? Well, former Fannie VP Scott Lesmes was responsible for that bundling.

    Well, here’s the good news: Not only will this new carbon trading “system” try the exact same bundling method (except with air); they are using the exact same guy: Scott Lesmes.

    But, please, don’t worry. The only ones involved in this are the corrupt Franklin Raines, Mr. redistribution of wealth Barack Obama, and all the people who the House and Senate are currently saying are the bad guys. Other than that, this should work out great.

    It’s almost like Goldman is willing to take a little heat now, in order to get a little piece of the $10 trillion green pie later. I challenge the media: Will anyone pick this story up? Will anyone question this and the timing of it all?

    All of a sudden illegal immigration has leap-frogged global warming? Is it because Goldman has to take hits to get the global government structure done? And then they get the payoff?

    To tell the truth, this makes one wonder what’s really going on in those Congressional investigations of Goldman Sachs, doesn’t it?

    Cross posted at Bread upon the Waters.

    • Jill 5:22 AM on 04/28/2010 Permalink | Reply

      That’s one tangled web they’ve woven.

    • KP California 12:20 AM on 09/04/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Al Gore to make $ 15 Billion off of the carbon credit scheme. Is it true that Obama is to make $ 8 billion off of his involment in setting up the CCX in Chicago and it is going to be held in trust by the Joyce Foundation until he is out of office. Valerie Jarrett helped him set it up. How much is her stake going to be? Clinton’s are involved with the former Shore Bank now renamed. How much is their share? Amazing they just bought that very expensive new home. Hmm. How can a president push for cap & trade legislation, it passes, he signs the bill and he starts making his forturne. Where is the main stream media to investigate this scheme. When Obama makes his fortune and laughing all the way to the bank. Come on people this is Chicago at it’s best. Start asking lots of questions and demanding questions.

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    Why did SEIU’s Andy Stern Resign? 

    Following up on Ruby Slippers’ post. Is he lawyering up?

    Rezko, Alexi, Blago and the family*SEIU

    I’m not a lawyer. We may need Professor Jacobson to weigh in eventually.

    • Quite Rightly 6:38 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It just crossed my mind that the resignation is coincidentally timed with ACORN’s “reorganization” into a different incarnation. SEIU might be wanting to look a little cleaner too.

    • backyardconservative 6:49 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply


      Though I’m hoping they are stuck with dirt and the Blago trial may unravel all their dirty laundry (if that metaphor works:) RICO, RICO, RICO

    • rubyslipperblog 7:06 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Blago’s trial is coming up fairly soon isn’t it? Michelle is speculating the AFL-CIO will merge with SEIU but that doesn’t preclude Stern bailing because he will soon be associated with all the dirt coming from the Blago trial.

      • backyardconservative 9:04 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Yes. The Blago trial comes up June 3rd. He asked for a postponement but the judge said no. So it looks like it will finally happen.

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    To Control the People 

    Shocking Breitbart audio of John Dingell.

    Flashback: John Dingell’s Wife on GM Payroll

    Guess who’s exempt from Obamacare? New York Post

    • Obi's Sister 11:33 AM on 03/24/2010 Permalink | Reply

      All stunning, but none surprising.

      We the People have suspected for quite some time that socialism has been their goal. Now they are emboldened enough by Sunday’s empty victory to actually admit it.

    • backyardconservative 11:41 AM on 03/24/2010 Permalink | Reply

      The shocker is that it has happened so fast. Michele Bachmann was on our local Chicago radio this morning and said with this health care takeover the Feds now control 51% of the U.S. PRIVATE sector economy–well unless we can roll it back there will soon be no distinction.

    • backyardconservative 3:41 PM on 03/24/2010 Permalink | Reply

      :) Smile or cry

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    Yet another corrupt Chicago story 

    It’s the song that never ends:

    Suspected ‘front company’ has good city hall lobbyist. Former top Daley aide Gery Chico helped Azteca win minority certification. A story of suicide and political corruption. Sun Times with the kicker at the end:

    Read on. And now Americans have the song stuck in their heads too.

    At least we know now in an emergency, care is there. We may be horrifed to find when we open the door to ObamaCare it’s an empty shell too.

    More. Let’s hope it sticks all the way to November. Backlash in the states.

    More. We’ve got fight! In Shreveport. By Carol. Fuzzy’s got fight. No Sheeples. Obi’s Sister. Making new friends with a Stupak foe. Let’s Melt the Witch. Unleashing the hounds of hell on the liberals.

    • Quite Rightly 2:22 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Since you are on the subject of the Chicago economy, I thought I’d throw in this story that I ran into at Gateway Pundit (third comment down):

      “We have a high-tech business near Chicago. We modeled this “health-control” disaster scenario recently. Since it has now come to pass we are moving R&D and manufacturing over-seas. We will be laying off staff in the US and hiring in China and India. It’s pretty clear others will be following us. All you folks who voted for Obama and his crazy leftist friends – have a nice day. Bye”


      • backyardconservative 3:17 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Wow, thank you! I will follow up on that.

        It’s completely predictable to anyone paying attention, isn’t it.

    • fuzislippers 2:24 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, I’ve got fight alright. And it’s growing with each passing moment.

      One thing that we need to work on, as well as Congress (of course!), is electing Republican (conservative, no progs in R clothing) governors. If it comes down to it and we need a constitutional amendment to clean the slate of this healthcare horror so we can work on real, meaningful reform that respects our liberty, then we will need a minimum of 2/3 of this nation’s governors to be on board. More, if possible.

      Massachusetts will almost certainly elect a republican governor. Patrick is a disaster of the first order (and yes, suffering the economic strain of RomneyCare, in part), and he’s definitely left a sour taste in people’s mouths. Add that in with the fact that our electing Scott Brown had no impact on the scoundrels in Washington, and Mass is ripe for another republican. Take that, BO, we’ll cheer, another Scott Brown just for you as you seem not to have noticed the first one.

      • backyardconservative 3:20 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Good to hear Massachusetts is still in revolt!

        I think we have a shot here in Illinois too. If for no other reason than Dems don’t want to have to cut spending on their watch. They think they can pull the wool over voters’s eyes again, but people know the state is not paying their bills as it is. Holding back tax refunds is next.

        • backyardconservative 3:22 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

          Here’s the RCP map with their take on the governors.


          • backyardconservative 3:23 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

            How about you all in Pennsylvania? Looks promising, hmm?

            • rubyslipperblog 5:05 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

              Pennsylvania is due for it’s 8 year party flip. Ed Rendell has finally worn out his welcome and he’s taking the Democrats out with him. I am really devoted to getting rid of my Congressman Patrick Murphy. He is supposed to be a Blue Dog but he was one of the first to sign on to Nancy’s leadership commitment plan to wrangle up her votes. He has never had a town hall except two on the phone conducted by the newspaper and moderated by AARP. He is the biggest toad imaginable.

              Last but not least, I have a fire burning for Arlen Specter. I worked on Bush’s re-election in PA and was begged to vote for Arlen, look how I was repaid. I think he is a goner and I am going to relish that, every minute of that defeat.

              • backyardconservative 5:14 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

                And we will relish it along with you:)

                Arlen Spector, Mr. Scottish law. He gives RINOs a bad name. We have a few “blue dogs” around me I hope we get rid of as well.

          • fuzislippers 3:32 PM on 03/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

            That does look promising, actually. We can get a few of those “leans dem” for sure (MA being one, AZ another). I do think it’s important to ensure that we have sufficient governors in place to force constitutional amendments should BO get out of hand. More out of hand. It may take that to stop him. And it sure can’t hurt to have our bases covered for once, ready for anything (as it were).

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    The Real Coffee Party: Chicago Style 

    It’s not just Alexi’s mobster in the news lately. Convention Center For the Chicago Mob: Chicago’s McCormick Place.

    More here.

    • rubyslipperblog 1:14 AM on 03/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      You certainly have a cast of characters there in Chicago. What do you think of Alexi’s chances? If there is one who shouldn’t be elected and sent to Washington with Barack it’s him.

    • backyardconservative 8:56 AM on 03/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Well, you’re right about that, he’s scum. But then he backed Barack early on with $$$ for his Senate race. And Barack returned the favor in endorsing him for Illinois Treasurer.

      I think Alexi will refuse to be drummed out of the Dem candidacy for Senate, (unless they offer him a sweet sweet job somewhere–a little more difficult these days after Blago’s Bleepin Golden attempts vis a vis the open Senate seat, and the Joe Sestak job offer story).

      I think he will lose to Republican Mark Kirk in November, as the GOP sweeps Illinois state offices, starting with a new Republican Governor Bill Brady at the top.

      It’s a blue state but it’s more corrupt, highly taxed, and in worse financial shape than Massachusetts, and people may still like Barack but nothing good has come to the state on his watch–well, the Dems don’t know how to manage beanbag–and they run everything here.

  • Jill 10:04 AM on 03/08/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Keep an eye on the Massa scandal 

    Maybe it will blow over, or maybe it will blow up in the faces of the Democratic leadership. Read the Roll Call story for  comments Rep. Eric Massa made on radio this weekend. CQ Politics, JWF, and Beltway Confidential have excerpts if you can’t get Roll Call to load. Hotline On Call has these excerpts:

    “There’s a reason that this has all happened, frankly one that I had not realized,” Massa said on WKPQ radio on Sunday. “Mine is now the deciding vote on the health care bill, and this administration and this House leadership have said, quote unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill. And now they’ve gotten rid of me and it’ll pass.” . . .

    “When I voted against the cap and trade bill, the phone rang and it was the chief of staff to the president of the United States of America, Rahm Emanuel, and he started swearing at me in terms and words that I hadn’t heard since that crossing the line ceremony on the USS New Jersey in 1983,” Massa said. “And I gave it right back to him, in terms and words that I know are physically impossible.”

    “If Rahm Emanuel wants to come after me, maybe he ought to hold himself to the same standards I’m holding myself to and he should resign,” Massa said. . . .

    “Steny Hoyer has never said a single word to me at all, never, not once,” Massa said. “Never before in the history of the House of Representatives has a sitting leader of the Democratic Party discussed allegations of House investigations publicly, before findings of fact. Ever.”

    “I was set up for this from the very, very beginning,” he added. “The leadership of the Democratic Party have become exactly what they said they were running against.”

    Stay tuned. At the very least, this will be another distraction for Nancy Pelosi.

    More from Memeorandum http://www.memeorandum.com/100308/p32#a100308p32

  • fuzislippers 9:58 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Michelle Bachman Calls for Investigation of White House 

    Twitter and the blogosphere are abuzz with the news of the offer of a judgeship in exchange for a vote on the health care bill.  And now Michelle Bachman is calling for an investigation of the White House for corruption.

    Guess he thought he was still in Chicago where offering seats in exchange for favors, votes, and/or cash is the norm.  Blago and the Prez might make a good crime boss show, but if this is really a bribe, can a call for impeachment be far behind?

    • backyardconservative 10:09 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply


      Let’s hold off on impeachment though. He’s uniting the opposition just by being there. And Joe the Biden? Gotta win those 2010 seats though. Culture of corruption. Referendum on healthcare.

      • fuzislippers 10:13 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

        An impeachment wouldn’t be possible (Congress has to vote to impeach the president), but a call to do so based on corruption in connection to an already unpopular bill? This is good.

        • Carol 10:28 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

          This is such an arrogant move by Obama that I have to think that he has finally out smarted himself. And I agree with backyard conservative, the thought of Biden-sheesh! On the other hand, Joe is always good for a little comedy relief and boy could we use some of that.

          • fuzislippers 10:41 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

            I agree on Biden (blech), but my first thought was of BO pontificating about how Americans were turned off by the ugly process, and then he turns around and does this? What’s uglier than a sitting president bribing someone to vote for the most unpopular bill . . . since ClintonCare? He’s hoisted on his own petard here. If the reps follow through.

            • backyardconservative 11:13 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

              Barack is the Big Lie.

              He’s been getting away with this kind of phony post-partisan crap for years, even as he plays hardball behind the scenes in the worst way.

              One of the first things he did was knock a little old lady (well, she was a commie too) off the ballot in Illinois for the seat he wanted. He got his Harvard law buddies to challenge her signatures bigtime.

              We’ll see what his fellow Dems, especially in the House, do. (Did you see Lindsey Graham on Greta tonight? He said the House Dems would be chumps to vote for this and rely on the Senate to “fix” it) Remember, it was Bill Clinton’s fellow Dem, Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska who described him as an “unusually good liar”.

              • Carol 6:38 AM on 03/04/2010 Permalink | Reply

                Actually, didn’t Obama originally get his start after he got Jack and Jeri Ryan’s divorce and custody records unsealed? It was a new low in politics and Obama showed what kind of person he was when through his proxies he subjected a child to embarrassment and ridicule for his own political benefit. Pond scum is composed of a higher form of moral fiber than Obama.

  • Jill 9:41 AM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    From the mouths of babes 

    #3 son (no longer a baby but a bit young for this level of cynicism), looking at the front page of the Washington Post:

    Marion Barry should be a senator.



    “You don’t want to be known as the person who took Mr. Barry’s due process away from him,” Barry told Gray. “You’re too good a person. I know you better than that. I love you. You’re my friend. You got caught up.”

    The vote was 12-0 to censure.

    [Barry] argued that Bennett’s report was “inflammatory, accusatory, drawing conclusions without fact,” and he said he did not violate the law. He urged his colleagues to refer the matter to the Board of Elections and Ethics before making any decisions. “Some people say, ‘Well, let’s just punish him anyway and see what happens,’ ” he said. “That’s not justice. That’s not due process. That’s totalitarianism. You expect that in Russia, Iran or somewhere. Not in America.”  [. . .]

    Often called the “mayor for life,” Barry spoke of his legacy and the fairness in judging the entirety of his service, not just some of it. “I have no intentions of going anywhere” he said to applause. “They may take my committee chair. They can’t take my dignity.”


    • backyardconservative 6:03 PM on 03/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s just astonishing how many years he has been allowed to get away with this stuff. And now maybe Charlie Rangel too may finally be kicked out.

      Perhaps we should give some credit to the president’s election by the American people.

      He’s made the economy so bad we can’t afford this corruption, and people know it.

      And Democrats are squabbling among themselves around the country–they are in charge in major urban areas and they don’t have excuses any more.

  • backyardconservative 1:25 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corruption,   

    Blue States Spill the Most Red Ink 

    Neil Weinberg, Forbes. This is not a surprise to anyone who lives in a blue state. You can add to that the urban areas that dominate them are run by Dems as well. A familiar litany of excess:

    Forbes’ metrics for each state included unfunded pension liabilities, changes in tax revenue, credit ratings, debt as a percentage of Gross State Product, debt per capita, growth expectations for employment and the state economy, net migrations and a “moocher ratio” that compares government employees, pension burdens and Medicaid enrollees to private-sector employment.

    One of the abuses is the nexus between union construction and Democrat politicians–you might say they donate to each other with our money. This is one notorious example in Illinois–building tollway sound barrier walls brick by brick. A real work of art.

    Too bad we can’t auction them off. But maybe this time we can finally vote a lot of them out.

    P.S. And as we know to our cost, this is precisely the approach our President Barack Obama, blue state Dem product, took with the stimulus program–the public sector union boondoggle that hogged close to half the money, and is starving the private sector.

    • rubyslipperblog 1:51 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Having grown up in Philadelphia, I don’t find any of this surprising. I recall, when fleeing the city and its outrageous wage tax, it was common knowledge that trash collectors earned close to six figure salaries. Still, the city would never elect a Republican. Very liberal editors at the newspapers were forced to endorse a Republican recognizing Einstein’s definition of insanity was hard at work in Philadelphia.

    • backyardconservative 2:10 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s pretty depressing. But that’s why the Scott Brown insurgency was so heartening. I just hope it can translate to more places, in more elective offices.

    • rubyslipperblog 3:28 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It bothers me more knowing ObamaCare got a bit of a bump in the latest Rasmussen poll They will take any slight shift in the wind and run with it.

      • rubyslipperblog 4:22 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Oops that comment was intended in response to the CNN post below.

        I agree the Brown election gave some hope that others may break from their long history of voting Democrat at all costs. I suspect if we are to see it at all, this will be the year.

    • vegas art guy 10:41 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I was shocked that California was not #1. Hell that state could not get any bluer if you doused everyone in ultramarine blue paint. Hard to believe that when Pete Wilson left office they had a $20 Billion surplus.

      • backyardconservative 11:27 PM on 03/01/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Well, it’s probably a close thing on which is the bluest or the worst state.

        It’s so sad because states like California and Illinois have such abundant natural advantages. I read somewhere if California opened up offshore drilling they could earn $9 or $10 billion just like that.

  • nosheepleshere 5:15 AM on 02/27/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corruption,   

    Calling For “Good Time” Charlie’s Gavel 

    Ken Spain, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said, “Not only do we have a Democrat-led congress that refuses to listen to the American people, but Nancy Pelosi and her allies refuse to listen to themselves. Already four House Democrats have called on Rangel to resign, and still the speaker continues to turn a blind eye to unethical and corrupt behavior within her own caucus. She promised to run the ‘most ethical congress in history’ and instead the voters got an out-of-touch, tone-deaf majority that appears to be belly flopping into the very swamp they promised to drain.”

    Pelosi said during a recent press conference that she had not yet read the full report from the ethics committee, which admonished “Good Time Charlie”, the chairman of the most powerful committee on The Hill, The Ways and Means Committee, for improperly accepting reimbursement for two trips to the Caribbean.

    The Ethics Committee’s press statement found “…that Representative Charles B. Rangel violated the House gift rule by accepting payment or reimbursement for travel to the 2007 and 2008 conferences.”

    During the 110th Congress, Rangel inserted articles by the New York Carib News 45 times into the Congressional Record. The word “Caribbean,” inserted by Rangel, appears on a total of 77 separate insertions into the Extensions of Remarks.

    The New York Carib News is a heavily circulated paper in New York City, providing news to the very large Caribbean community in the city. Rangel’s Harlem district also hosts a large number of people of Caribbean descent and recent immigrants.

    The New York Carib News is owned by the New York Carib News Foundation, which came under fire for hosting a business getaway for members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including Rangel that may have violated congressional ethics rules. According to the New York Post and The Hill, private companies provided the money to the New York Carib News Foundation to spend directly on the travel of the lawmakers. This would be in violation of House ethics rules preventing private companies from providing lawmakers with “in kind” contributions.

    Republicans are calling for Rangel’s gavel but as along a “Piñata Pelosi” ignores the findings of the Ethics Committee and the likes of Barbara Lee (D-CA), Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus say things like this: “He’s doing a fine job as chairman of the Ways and Means committee and he’s going to continue to do a good job. He’s a very effective chairman and he’s going to continue to serve as an effective chairman,” the swamp that was promised to be drained will continue to harbor the slimy critters that nightmares are made of.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

  • Carol 7:13 PM on 02/24/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corruption,   

    Uh-oh, Charlie 

    When asked during a recent Newsmax interview who he would be endorsing in the Florida Senate race former Florida governor Jeb Bush declined to choose between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, saying that there was still plenty of time.  He then went on to call Crist’s embrace of the Stimulus “unforgivable“.  Heh.

  • Jill 6:13 PM on 02/22/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corruption,   

    He thinks we’re idiot children 

    Michelle Malkin is beside herself:

    Ow. Ow. Ow. I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Can. Hardly. Type.

    WaPo brings us the beyond-satire news that the White House wants to put SEIU president Andy Stern on the federal deficit panel. Now, it’s not just a dog-and-pony show. It’s a dog-pony-and-thug show. I love how WaPo uses the word “eclectic” to describe the choice. “Eclectic” is the new synonym for corruptocrat.

    Read the rest. Unbelievable.

    • backyardconservative 6:58 PM on 02/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Obama going WHOLE HOG with his biggest thug. A Big Fat VAT–tax to the max, is coming. But as we know it will never be enough.

    • BoR 9:17 PM on 02/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Good lord, how odd is that? I didn’t read Malkin today but I was ow ow owing all the hell over the place too over Brown’s defection/

    • Obi's Sister 10:08 PM on 02/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Whenever I hear “eclectic” I always my grandmother’s old saying “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, honey.”

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