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    Yet More GOProud Controversary at CPAC 2013 

    I wrote this more than two years ago – it seems we are still having the same conversation.  Sad. This was all over twitter today.  GOProud was once again refused a chance for a sponsorship at the CPAC convention.  This is why the GOP is called intolerant.  Look, I am against gay marriage, but I more than willing to engage in thoughtful debate about the topic.  I don’t understand why the organizers of CPAC and social conservative groups are not willing to do the same.

    The Conservative Political Action Conference is having yet another controversy this year.  The Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America have decided to boycott.  The organizers have invited GOProud to participate and the social conservative groups are none too pleased.

    I have my belief systems and I am not ashamed of those beliefs.  I believe that I have come about them honestly and with careful thought.  That being said I realize that my belief systems is not something that everyone else is going to agree with.  One of the things that I really do not have the patience for is people that would rather shut down speech instead of engaging in debate.  When we shut down speech nothing will get solved.  The only way to bring about awareness is to have the difficult and uncomfortable discussions.

    One of the things that I promised myself when I started this blog was that I would stay true to my own voice even when it wasn’t popular.  So this post will be no exception.  I fully understand and respect the religious beliefs of the far right.  In fact, I agree with much of it.  But, what I don’t agree with is when the far right paints itself into a corner that appears like intolerance.  It happens over and over again.

    The conservative blogosphere has yet to finish its discussion on the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  It is not a secret that the right and more specifically the far religious right is appalled that gays will serve in openly in the military.  It is looked upon as a slippery slope that will eventually bring about the ruin of the Republic.  Of course that is somewhat of an oversimplification in many cases, but it certainly is not in all cases.  I have read some things that have blown my mind.  I can only imagine what people who are not inclined to agree with the right are thinking when they read the same things.

    The country is certainly at a crossroads.  We are on the verge of insolvency and in danger of real shift in how we live in this country.  If there ever was a time that we need more discussion, that time is now.  You hear over and over again from the left that the republican party is a small tent.  This is a perfect example of how it simply isn’t the case.  Although the new meme of the left and the media is that the republican party is making it clear that it no longer has room for moderates in the party.  It is one of the many inconsistencies that media never fully answers about its discussions of the Republican Party.  But, that is a post for another time.

    There are different types of conservatives.  There are people who are socially conservative yet will still spend money like water.  There are those who are fiscally conservative and more socially liberal.  Then we have those that are conservative on both counts.  So the party is a bigger tent than the media would like to admit to.  But, one of the things that can tear the party apart is this type of stupidity.

    I am not saying that any of these groups should change their strongly held beliefs.  What I am saying is that they need to stop acting like if the rest of us don’t agree with them that it is acceptable to pick up their toys and go home.  What we need to do is challenge each other not shut each other out.  By walking away they are becoming exactly what the left accuses of them of; intolerance.  If they truly believe in what they are preaching, then stand up and say it.  Stand up and defend it.  Stand up and show me where I am wrong.  Talk to me, don’t shut down discussion.

    I was at CPAC last year and some of this reared its head then as well.  GOProud was there and gave some sort of presentation that I did not attend, so I can’t attest to what was said.  CPAC has gone out of its way to be inclusive as possible to college students.  There was an awards program for activists on college campuses across the country. College activists were given a short time to speak about what was happening on their campuses.  One activist choose to use his time to state his displeasure of GOProud and was loudly booed by many of the college kids.  The moderator asked the audience to respect our right to speech and give the young man his time to speak.  Regardless of how I felt about what he saying, I respected his right to say it.

    What these social conservatives are saying is that GOProud has no right to speak.  To me, that is not a conservative value that I can condone.  I don’t agree with every speaker at CPAC.  The only way that would happen would be if I chose all the speakers and told them what to discuss.  That doesn’t mean that I should not attend and take part of the experience.  Who knows, I may end up learning more from the speaker that I don’t agree with than the ones that I do.

    The one thing that I am sure of, if we want to put an end to Obamanation, we have to find a way to make room for all republicans.  If we continue to tear each other down, we will see another four more years of President Obama.  An outcome that is not acceptable.  Hold onto your beliefs and stay true to them, but never forget that the answer to bad speech, is more speech.

    Read more here and here

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    CPAC and the Occupiers 

    I had loads of fun with the occuppiers.  I mean that seriously.  They also brought their homes with them, when they marched they brought their stinky tents with them.  Too funny.

    I have video but I had to recharge my batteries and don’t have time to get it done this morning.  I will upload later. 

    I see that they admitted they were paid to be there.  Shocker!!! 

    They did get into the hotel, but that didn’t last long.  They tried to get to Breitbart.  You can just imagine how that worked out. 

    The conservative media was threatened with arrest if they got too close to them. 

    The occuppiers were sitting in the middle of road chanting Whose Street, Our Street and the police did nothing, yet Stacy from The Other McCain got his beer taken away from him. 

    But the saddest/funniest part of it is the fact that I don’t think that they realize they were just a source of entertainment to us. 

    The AFL-CIO rented a bunch of rooms last night which means they will be around again today.  Lets hope the occupiers took the opportunity to take a shower.

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    CPAC Speech of the Day 

    Even with three of the four candidates for president making speeches yesterday, this was the speech of the day that gave the biggest buzz. 

    See it here. 


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    CPAC Speech of the Day 

    This got rave reviews, everyone was talking about this speech today. 

    It won’t let me embed it for some reason, see it here.

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    CPAC Day One – Part 1 

    The security is overwhelming. I have never seen it like this. They are checking each and every pass at the door for every speaker and event. That has not happened in the past. I guess they are taking the occupier protests seriously and doing their best to protect the speakers and the attendees. I am sure that they have had to hire additional people.

    AFL-CIO has decided to up the game and has rented rooms here, so it will be impossible to throw them out, as they are guests. Lovely.

    I just met Victoria Jackson from SNL fame. I ran into Stacy from the Other McCain and The DaTech Guy earlier this morning. They were both telling me I need to support Santorum.

    Santorum stickers are everywhere. He seems to have a great deal of support here. I would venture to say he could win the straw poll.

    Romney has a plan to use this conference to “woo” conservatives. Good luck with that venture.

    The Citadel has 31 cadets here. Nice to see people who not only willing to serve in the military, but also politically active at such a young age.

    Jim DeMint gave a great opening speech. I believe that CSPAN covers the event and will have videos.

    Herman Cain’s bus is here. I have not yet seen Mr. Cain himself, but the bus is at least here. He is due to speak after 4 today.

    The blogger bash is tonight, that should be a good time.

    It is still early, so not much more to report.

    But, I have to say, I always love it when conservatives are in town. They are in short supply in this neck of the woods.

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    Conservatives, Occupiers & Union Thugs; Oh, My 

    So the occupiers have nothing better to do Friday afternoon and they have decided to get together with their union thug buddies to converge at The Marriott Wardman Hotel to “protest” this year’s CPAC.  One can hope they will behave better than they did three months ago at the AFP gathering at the Washington Convention Center. 

    They have set up a facebook page to help organize this little field trip for themselves.  I feel no need to link to that, but I suppose if you search you can find it if you are so inclined. 

    The first of two demonstrations will be noon on Friday and the second planned for the Reagan dinner Friday night. 

    Oh, darn, noon on Friday is when Ann Coulter will be speaking.  Oh, well I guess I will have to forgo that. 

    I say Bring.It.On 

    CPAC will have a much younger crowd then the AFP conference had.  Wardman will also provide much better security for the attendees. 

    If you happen to be in the DC area on Friday at lunchtime, come on down to the Wardham.  The smell might be bad, but the sight of them will be worth the price of admission.

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