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    Another Seemingly Good Idea That Isn’t – Tennesse Wants to Label All State Issued ID’s with Sex Offender Status 

    The state legislator in Tennessee has come up with absolutely horrible idea of making every state ID stamped with the words “SEX OFFENDER” in red in three different places.  Seriously?  While this may sound good on the surface we all know that the reasons that some people end up on these lists are bogus, the laws are too broadly written.

    Think back to that young man who was pulled a high school prank of streaking at football game.  While we don’t know what would have happened to him but before his suicide he was told he would end up on the state registry for sex offenders.  Streaking is hardly a crime that constitutes being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life.

    I am all for protecting children from predators.  But the truth is this, if these people are so dangerous that they can’t be trusted to be around young children without raping them why aren’t they in jail where they belong?

    The lawmaker, Matthew Hill(R), says the idea came to him from a constituent talking about how many day cares ask for an ID in order to pick up the child.  Again, on the surface that sounds good, but let’s be realistic here, don’t they have a list of adults that are able to pick up the child?  If not, isn’t that the answer to the problem?

    Some of the crimes that can get you listed on a sex registry list is prostitution.  Engaging in consensual sex for money is not something that I would personally do, that doesn’t mean that you are a “sex offender”.  Some states go as far as putting people who are convicted of public exposure onto these lists as well.  Again, not behavior I would engage in but is that person really a danger to society for the rest of their lives?

    There are many instances where the sex is consensual but one person is under the legal age.  We are legally allowed to label an 18-year-old who is having consensual sex with his 15-year-old girl friend.  While I wouldn’t approve of that behavior in my son or daughter I would like to think that they wouldn’t have their driver’s license stamped in big, bold, red letters for the rest of their lives because of it.

    Your ID is used for many things that have nothing to do with being a danger to children.  You need to cash a check, get into many businesses around the country, get on an airplane, and hundreds of other things that are have nothing to do with your past sexual history.

    The real goal should be to protect children by not allowing these people, who have a proclivity to harm, out of everyday society by strengthening the amount of time they spend in jail.  Not putting a scarlet letter on the ID’s of some high school kid that decided it would be funny to take his clothes off at a football game.

    This bill needs to go the scrap heap where it belongs.

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    A Little Twat and a Whole Lot of Controversy – When Republicans are Their Own Worst Enemies 

    Bob Fitzsimmons, Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) used the word twat in a facebook discussion a few nights ago.  Twat in case you don’t know is sometimes used as slang for the female vulva. 

    Now, I am not going to sit here and defend the use of that word.  It never should have been used.  The problem is that if you read the exchange in context, he was referring to the comment that someone else had made as ridiculous.  He used the wrong.  Obviously he isn’t up on sexual slang words.  He should have used the word twaddle, which means stupid speech.  


    Now, what you can’t see in the above graphic is the comment he was answering.  That comment was about why Delegate Barbara Comstock should be the nominee in the hotly contested republican primary simply based on the fact that she is a woman.  His comment was about identity politics.  I am not sure who, if anyone, he is backing in this contest, but I can tell you that I support Barbara.  I like Barbara.  I have worked many a days knocking doors in her elections for the state delegate seat that she currently holds.  But I don’t support her simply based on the fact that she is a woman.  I HATE identity politics.  It is a losing game and I have little respect for people who voted based upon gender, skin color, or financial status of the people in the race.  To me that is the democrats game and played a big part in why President Obama won his election.  On this Mr. Fitzsimmons and I agree.  We are never going to beat the democrats in that game, so lets put up the best possible candidate in each and every race.  I happen to believe that Barbara is that person.  Her voting record speaks for itself.  At the end of the day that is what really matters.  

    What really sits in craw about this entire unfortunate episode is that people who don’t like Mr. Fitzsimmons, for reasons ranging from he is a supporter of conventions over primaries (which I am not) and he is also a big supporter of Ken Cuccinelli and more libertarian leaning people, have used this to try and force him from his job.  Insert primal scream here.  

    This has turned into a national story that has been on HuffPo and in The Washington Post simply because people, who I won’t mention by name, even though I would bet my bottom dollar are involved, are using this to oust someone they disagree with.  

    The man made a mistake.  He used an unfortunate word when he wasn’t clear on the meaning.  There is no way that anyone reading what he wrote can misconstrue that he was calling Delegate Comstock a twat or even the young woman he was having the discussion with that word.  

    Here is the post he was responding to with the name of the person not included:

    I also think women are going to be very frustrated about about a man trying to usurp Barbara’s position in this race. If women come out in force for her, it will create a battle cry for Republican women so loud that Howie Lind won’t have a prayer of competing with her. Republican women are a force to be reconed with and I for one want to see this power harnessed effectively in key political races.

    His response was the he doesn’t like sexist twat.  Now, if he was talking about this woman or Barbara it would make sense that you would be able to replace the word with the name and it would still make sense.  But you can’t do that in this case.  Because he wasn’t referring to a person, he was referring to the thought of using identity politics.  

    So, now we have a national story about how republican men and party officials were using sexual terms to talk about a woman when clearly that isn’t what happened.  

    We don’t need the democrats to do anything, we are doing a bang up job all on our own.  Should he have apologized for using that word?  Absolutely.  Should he lose his job over it?  No, a very clear and unambiguous NO.  This has been blown out of proportion by people who don’t like him and his stances.  Those are the people who should be called out in all of this.  Not a man who obviously needs to spend more time with a dictionary.  

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    Marco Rubio’s Very Impassioned Speech on Immigration Reform – Video 

    I don’t think there is a conservative out there that doesn’t agree with him on why people come to America.  My regular readers will know I am first generation.  I grew up almost exclusively around other new immigrants who left small towns in Scandinavia, who were in bad shape after decades of war and the aftermath, in search of a better life.  I get it.  I don’t know of one of them that came illegally.  Not one.

    My dad had to report to INS quarterly with pay stubs, he had to have a sponsor that had $15,000 in the bank.  This was in the 50’s, just imagine how hard it was to find someone with that kind of money in the bank back then.  He waited four years for his visa to be approved.  He learned English and taught his children to be very understanding of the fact that growing up in this country was a privilege, not a right.  I can’t tell you how rich I would be if I had a dollar for every time I heard “You don’t know how lucky you are to be born in America”.

    Yes, Mr. Rubio, your parents worked very hard to give their children choices and options that were not quite available to them.  How many laws did they break in order to do it?  How many people had to wait that much longer to get their legal visas because of all the people who didn’t follow the rules were able to get a visa that has been unobtainable to them?  (A family member of mine, being one).  How many citizens  salaries suffered because of your parents?  Because even the CBO says that will happen for about a decade if this bill ever becomes law.  The only ones making money off this will be the government.  Great, we keep feeding the beast.

    I was willing to walk this road with you Mr. Rubio if it meant we were going to get real reforms on the legal visa system and border security.  But since we get neither with this bill………………only 25% of the flow of illegals will be stopped.

    So yes Mr. Rubio, your speech was impassioned.  But your vote sold out millions upon millions of Americans.  I hope your parents are proud of that little fact.

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    Mint Juleps and the Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) 

    “There are some people who want to lean in. There are some people who want to lean back and be on a rocking chair drinking a mint julep.”

    Yep, this is the latest attack on SAHM’s.  Sadly, this one came from a “republican”, Ana Navarro on Meet the Press over the weekend.

    It is now almost 10:15.  I have made breakfast on two different occasions.  I am on my second load of laundry, I have read three books, hung some crayon art, and am presently getting ready for some finger painting.  I will need to make some lunches, pick someone up from school about an hour after that.  Then I will have snack time and listen to all the adventures that went on in school today.   Two play dates will follow the snacks.  My kitchen floor is a mess and must be cleaned today (I hope anyway).  Grocery shopping must be done before dinner if I want to eat.  I have dishes that need to be put away, fold the laundry, put it away, take the dog out for her walk (which I try to make at least a mile, she is a big dog and needs a great deal of exercise).   I will have a few more stories to read before the day is over, bath times, a dinner to make, a birthday cake to bake for tomorrow, a church meeting to attend, a blog to keep up with, a man that I need pay attention to as well.   Oh yeah, I have yet to make the beds, I am still somewhat getting a new house in order, three handwritten thank you notes to write; I guess I have a stop at the post office to make too!  The flower beds need some tending, I had the windows opened last night to save a little money on the electric bill, so the chances are good I have to wipe off the window sills; allergies.  

    She then went on to slam the even smaller community of  the SAHD:

    When I say in my house that I want to be a kept woman, the answer I get back is I want to be a kept man. So, you know, that`s not working — it`s not working in my house.

    A kept woman?  That is what she thinks I am.  I looked up recently the costs of what I do every day.  It is about $60K per year.  Personally I think that is very low.   I think I am being way underpaid, but I don ‘t mind.  This is what I CHOOSE to do.  I am not being forced, I am not doing this against my will, nor do I put other women who make other choices down.  Some families simply cannot afford for a parent to stay home.  Some women put a great deal of time into getting an education (I graduated from an Ivy League school by the way) and decide not to put that on hold while raising their children.

    I know plenty of single mothers who have done an incredible job raising their kids.  One of my high school friends has two kids in college now and they both are honor students, very motivated, happy, healthy, well-adjusted young adults figuring out their place in the world.  I also know people who had stay at home moms are very troubled.  There is no one way to guarantee your children will grow up to be well-adjusted adults, but virtually all studies show that children that have both parents in the home and a mother who stays at home statistically will do better.

    Wanting to give that best chance to my children doesn’t make me lazy or someone who is sitting in a rocking chair drinking day after day.  It well past time that women stop putting down other women and their choices they make for their familes.

    stay at home mom

    • kerry 10:20 AM on 06/04/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, I’d love to sit around drinking mint juleps all day. Where do I sign up for that gig? Because I can’t do that now as a sahm … This is just another example of why republicans are the party of stupid. The left doesn’t need to attack the conservative base at all because repubs are all too willing to do it for them.

      • just a conservative girl 11:05 AM on 06/04/2013 Permalink | Reply

        It is amazing to me that someone who is a mother doesn’t have a clue how hard it is to stay at home with your kids all day.

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    For Those Keeping Track – List of All Republicans Who Voted to Give Virginians the Largest Tax Increase in their History 

    Yep, brace for it Virginia.  You have a massive tax increase coming your way.  Here are the republicans that voted for it.  Sadly, due to schedule, getting someone to primary these people this year will next to impossible.  But, I think they knew that and that is why they voted on this on the last day of the session.

    House of Delegates: Dave Albo (42), John Cosgrove (78), Kirk Cox (66), Mark Dudenhefer (2), Jim Edmunds (60), Tag Greason (32), Chris Head (17), Gordon Helsel (91), Keith Hodges (98), Sal Iaquinto (84)*, Riley Ingram (62), Chris Jones (76), Terry Kilgore (1), Barry Knight (81), Jim LeMunyon (67), Manny Loupassi (68), Joe May (33), Donald Merricks (16), Randy Minchew (10), Richard Morris (64), John O’Bannon (73), Bobby Orrock (54), Charles Poindexter (9), Bob Purkey (82), Lacey Putney (I, declared R if running for re-election – 19), Tom Rust (86), Ed Scott (30), Beverly Sherwood (29), Chris Stolle (83), Ron Villanueva (21), Michael Watson (93), David Yancey (94), Joseph Yost (12), Speaker Howell (28)

    State Senate: Harry Blevins (14), Bill Carrico (40), Jeff McWaters (8), Tommy Norment (3), Frank Ruff (15), Walter Stosch (12), Frank Wagner (7), John Watkins (10).

    H/T Bearing Drift

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    The Sad Politics of a Tragedy 

    New Jersey and Parts of New York City are quite literally a disaster area.  Hospitals are without power after the back-up systems also failed.  The National Guard had to carry the patients out to relocate them to another hospital that can give them care.  There is little power, train stations are flooded, tracks are littered with debris (such as boats), some track is simply missing.  There are people in  New Jersey that have lost most of what they own.  Think about that, all their family photos, mementos, their keepsakes of people who have passed away; things that can never be replaced.

    Chris Christie is being given sh*t about saying that President Obama has been available and given him the resources he needs to help the citizens of his state rebuild their lives.  I am floored.  This is how far people are willing to go to play politics days before a presidential election?  A very sad state of affairs, very sad.  No, it is shameful.

    While of course going to survey the damage is nothing more than a photo-op, but the reality is this; had he not gone and done that photo-op he would be lambasted for that.  Sadly, we have gotten to the point in this country that no matter who is president when these tragedies take place they are a in a no-win situation; damned if they show up, damned if they don’t.

    Tucker Carlson has gone as far as to say that Christie can’t stand Romney and he is saying this to get back at him for some reason that he doesn’t clearly define.  Others have said he is positioning himself for a run for the presidency in 2016, therefore it is in his interests for Governor Romney to lose.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that people were talking about Christie was going to be the VP pick, and what a mistake that would be.  Christie was a supporter of Mitt early on, giving him calls of RINO for turning his back on the more conservative candidates.

    Lets look at the facts, Christie has travelled around the country to campaign for Mitt.  It seems to me that people are taking their hatred of President Obama out on Christie.  The truth of the matter is, the president does very little when it comes to a disaster.  Most of the work is done on the state level.  The president signs a declaration of major disaster that allows FEMA to start flowing federal money into the state.  But the real work is done by NGO’s such as The Red Cross, The United Way, and countless others.  The calls for the National Guard comes at the state level.  The federal government can do nothing without permission at the state level (Remember Gov. Blanco during Katrina dragging her heals?).

    Yes, there is an election in five days.  Yes, I personally believe that President Obama being re-elected would be a horrible for this country.  Yes, Governor Christie is not a conservative.  None of that changes the facts that we should be thinking about the people who are living in the aftermath of the storm before we think about the politics of it all.

    I think that the people who are criticizing Christie who is dealing with an overwhelming situation should STFU.  He is the one that is walking around looking at the affected areas with the residents and listening to their tears and stories of grief.  I watched a little of it on the news yesterday and I had tears streaming down my face watching this woman talk about the things from her deceased husband and son that were lost.  She is devastated.  While it is true that she should be grateful that she survived, it doesn’t make her loss any easier to deal with.  Her emotions are raw.

    I was appalled at how the left politicized Katrina and turned President Bush into a murderer and uncaring monster to score political points. I am equally appalled that it seems the right is bound and determined to do something similar to Governor Christie for simply saying that President Obama has helped to give him the resources he needs.

    This is not about politics.  This is about a tragedy of almost biblical proportions.  Real people are in pain, almost sixty people lost their lives, the temperatures in that area are dropping in the overnight, and these people are without heat and basic necessities.  The water systems are not working correctly in some areas, which can cause major health problems.  People are living in makeshift shelters, trying to get over the trauma of losing most of what they own.  There will be people who will be unable to work and will not get paid.  In these times when people are already struggling to pay the bills, think of the long-term effects that can have on their lives.

    Get over yourselves.  This isn’t about politics, this is about helping your fellow-man.  If you are unable to help, then the least you can do is shut up.  This is a time to come together and do what we can to help those who have lost everything.

    Instead of complaining, donate to The Red Cross here.

    This has just furthered my belief that politics are ugly and downright inhumane.

    • Don 4:56 PM on 11/01/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, as much as we all detested Bush Derangement Syndrome, there are folks on the right who are suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      Sad, indeed because when people do that, it does NOTHING to help our cause. Conservatives are supposed to be the side that DOESN’T trade in emotional rhetoric.

      • SignPainterGuy 12:25 PM on 11/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

        At least this time the ODS is fueled by real evidence that is there for all with eyes to see !

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    Quote of the Day – Todd Akin Edition 

    “I think we have a very clear path to victory, and apparently Claire McCaskill thinks we do, too, because she was very aggressive at the debate, which was quite different than it was when she ran against Jim Talent, she had a confidence and was much more ladylike (in 2006), but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging, and I think that’s because she feels threatened.”

    Thank heavens I don’t live in Missouri.  I couldn’t vote for this man.  He is a disgrace.
    • SignPainterGuy 7:49 PM on 09/27/2012 Permalink | Reply

      So you`d be faced with a real conundrum; voting for the R candidate you can`t stand who has his head where the sun don`t shine, vote for the D who is corrupt and otherwise politically unacceptable or not voting for anyone in that slot !

    • Ednar 9:51 AM on 09/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Vote for Akin. He apologized. His apologies seem to fall on deaf ears.
      If he was a Democrat, there’d be no problem.
      But the fact is, he is a Republican & we need all the republicans we can get to out vote the liberal policies of this administration.
      We have to play the hand we are dealt, wisely.

      • SignPainterGuy 11:04 PM on 09/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I tend to agree. Todd may be much like Scott Brown, only a notch or two better than a dem, but at least he IS that notch better. Job ONE right now is to fire Obama and his dem commies. We can cleanse the R party later.

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    Judge Jacqueline Hatch Needs to Resign 

    In Flagstaff Arizona an off duty cop named Robb Gary Evans got drunk, flashed his badge to enter a bar for free, then walked up to a woman, slid his hand up her skirt and fondled her genital region.  The unnamed victim showed a great deal of courage by not only reporting this incident to the police, but by following it through to a logical conclusion; a guilty verdict of sexual abuse.

    The judge in this very sad case not only gave Mr. Evans no jail time, he also doesn’t have register as a sex offender.  But to make matters worse this is what she told the victim in the case:

    If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you. I hope you look at what you’ve been through and try to take something positive out of it. You learned a lesson about friendship and you learned a lesson about vulnerability.”

    Ugh.  What kind of 19th century thinking is this?  Women who are sexually assaulted are not to blame for someone else’s disgusting behavior.

    Judge Hatch was originally seated after being selected by a bi-partisan panel then Governor Jan Brewer made the final selection.  She ran for re-election in 2010 and won with 52% of the vote.  If she doesn’t resign, lets hope that the people of that county are reminded of this and decide to send her into retirement where she belongs.

    The Judge has since issued an apology after this made international news:

    “It was never my intention to make a situation worse for any victim,”

    What did she think was going to happen when she made her statement?  A woman going up against a police officer on a charge of sexual abuse is, at best, a very difficult thing to do.  While I had never heard of this case until now, I am sure that locally it was quite a story.  During the sentencing hearing another cop testified for the convicted felon:

    “These people put their lives on the line every day,” Evan’s former partner said. “I hope you’ll be lenient on him. To me, this is one way we can give a little back to those in law enforcement who give so much to us everyday.”

    I don’t care what a cop does everyday, once he crosses the line into criminal behavior he is like any other defendant.  It is very well-known that cops stick up for other cops that are dirty or otherwise engage in criminal behavior, The Blue Wall as it is called.  So the fact that victim pushed ahead with her case says to me that she has a great deal of courage.  The judge slapped her in the face with her comments.

    Please let me know who is running against this judge in 2014 so I can write them a check.  Republicans wonder why the left keeps up with its “war on women” theme.  Well, here you go.

    • SignPainterGuy 6:18 PM on 09/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nowhere in the story does it say the woman and cop knew each other, so in my mind, that makes his crime a tad more heinous. The women I know who used to frequent bars would have applied the “Right, Left, Right” defense maneuver; with the right hand, she would have grabbed the guys hand and pushed it away from the offended area, with the left hand, she`d have splashed her drink in his face (if no drink, then her purse or an ash tray or anything else hard and heavy close at hand) and then again with the right hand, release his hand and slap the guy`s face into next Wednesday ! These women may also have employed the “quickly-raised knee” to HIS nether region, just for good measure !

      Judge Hatch absolutely should be removed from the bench, ASAP ! She in fact said,”You got what you got because you asked for it !” Does she think that ALL women who enter a bar are “looking for a hookup” ? …..that ALL women who enter a bar have no morals ? …….. deserve no respect or common decency ?

      Years ago, another woman judge told a rape victim to approach the bench and held out a Coke bottle telling the victim that she could not have tried hard enough to resist the attack, that a woman who truly wants NOT to be raped CANNOT BE raped. She instructed the victim to put her finger into the bottle, while moving the bottle around in quick, circular and random fashion.

      Ya know, some women really confuse me !

      • just a conservative girl 6:35 PM on 09/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

        The victim was a friend of a friend of the former cop.

        • SignPainterGuy 7:42 PM on 09/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

          OH, WELL, THAT makes all the difference in the world ! /sarc

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    Akin, Rape, and Pregnancy 

    I came across this today and want to put it here in full.  This woman was impregnated after being raped.  She not only gave birth to her child, she is happily raising her as a single parent.

    What many don’t know (neither did I) is that rapists have the same parental rights as any other father in many states.  So, for anyone to say that “well it is rare” is an argument that doesn’t hold water when you are the person it is happening to.

    As of this writing, Akin has 41 minutes to drop from the race and the allow the party to replace him with little muss.  Doesn’t look like he is going to do that.  He is standing on “principle”.

    For those who think that he didn’t set back the pro-life movement, think again.  He has.

    For all other candidates that are pro-life in cases of rape, remember this sentence:

    I believe that it is wrong to punish the child for the acts of the father.  Simple, true, and easy.  For those that disagree with this strongly, we not likely to vote for you anyway.

    Dear Rep. Akin,

    My name is Shauna Prewitt. You do not know me, but you should. I am one of the approximately 25,000 women who every year become pregnant as a result of rape, and I would like to help you better “empathize” with my story.

    During my final year of college, I experienced an event that was so absolute in its effects that, since it occurred, it has figured as the point of reference from which all understandings and meanings of my life now stem: I was raped.

    I do not know if, in your terms, it was “legitimate rape.” Yes, I cried hysterically. Yes, I fought until my body ached. And, yes, I changed afterward in ways I could not ever imagine.

    Before my rape, I lived normally. A variation of a story you might hear about any other 21-year-old college student. I was young, vibrant, confident and excited about a future that had never felt more within my grasp. In a single, life-altering moment, all of that was stripped away. Physically (and I would say tauntingly), I looked the same after my rape, but inside I felt trapped and incapable of attaining or doing anything because I now was degraded, fearful, weak and powerless. Every moment during and after my rape was an agony. Not even 22 years old and my life, as it seemed, was over. Did I respond legitimately enough for you?

    In the aftermath of my rape, my method of coping — no, my method of surviving — was to resolutely pretend that my rape had never occurred. I treated it as a fictitious nightmare. I convinced myself that if I just lived as I had “before,” I would be as I had “before.” Different plans were in store for me. A month after my rape, I learned I was pregnant from my attack. From this realization, I felt many things. Scared, shocked, even betrayed by my body.

    But, most poignantly given your recent horrifying comments, I felt raped. My pregnancy legitimatized my rape. It had happened; this was real.

    Given your underestimation of the powers of the human body, I suspect you abruptly have concluded that you know how my story ends. But never underestimate the intricacies of human feeling and experience. Although I would not be able to articulate it for months, I was experiencing a most curious emotion toward the life growing inside of me, an emotion that both enlivened me and caused me to experience an intolerable shame. You see, to my surprise, I did not altogether hate the life growing inside of me. Instead, I felt a sort of kinship, a partnership — perhaps the kind that only develops between those who have suffered together — but, nevertheless, I felt a bond.

    I admit that these feelings made me feel, for a long time, like a “bad” rape victim. Why did I not feel hatred? Why, instead of being a source of further darkness, did this pregnancy feel, at times, like a small source of light? Perhaps the answer is as simple as this: Just as being raped did not override my body’s natural ability to get pregnant, rape did not altogether override my body’s natural response to being pregnant. It was not an overnight decision, nor was it an easy decision, but I ultimately decided to give birth to, and then to raise, the child I conceived through my rape. Neither getting pregnant from my rape nor finding unimaginable joy from raising my daughter during the past 7 years makes me an “illegitimate” rape victim.

    Though I felt dead after my rape, my body was acutely alive. How could the very essence of being a living human being — that is, creating life — ever diminish that I had been a victim?

    Today, I am an attorney and the busy single mother of an amazing second grader. My rape is responsible for both of these roles. You see, I enrolled at Georgetown Law School after learning, firsthand, that pregnancy from rape creates unimaginable obstacles for women who decide to raise the children they conceive through rape. In the vast majority of states, a rapist has the same custody and visitation rights to a child born through his crime as other fathers enjoy. In 2010, a paper I wrote on this topic was published by the Georgetown Law Journal, and I continue to travel throughout the country speaking on this issue.

    I believe that the way we as a society, and especially legislators, speak about rape — often wrongly and without a sound, reasoned basis — restricts our ability to pass laws offering meaningful protections. After all, why pass a law restricting the parental rights of men who father through rape when too many legislators argue (without any reliance on science, fact, or experience) that “legitimately raped” woman never would decide to raise a child from that crime? Why pass a law when raped women cannot get pregnant from their rapes?

    Rep. Akin, your statement poses another setback to the cause that I have fought passionately for since my life changed forever when I was raped and became pregnant from that rape at 21. But your statement has not landed on deaf ears or weak legs. My rape did not end my life and, in a profound way, I have become a stronger person after my rape. I will fight to extinguish your inflammatory statements just as ardently as I fought to reclaim a vibrant life. I hope you will find my concerns “legitimate.”


    Shauna Prewitt

    • Teresa Rice 5:29 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      What a passionate letter! She is absolutely correct. While I have never been raped I do have some understanding about at least some of what she’s saying since I have gone through a similar experience in my life. Actually I have been sexually assaulted twice. Once while I was taking care of the horses at the barn while my horse instructor was away for the summer. Her husband stayed behind to tend the farm. The second was much worse and I was really close to being raped. http://catholibertarian.com/2012/02/10/my-divine-providence-story/

      • just a conservative girl 6:17 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Oh my, Teresa that is horrible. I am so sorry you had to go through that.

        I loved this letter too. People have a tendency of making issues seem so black and white when they are not. There is much to think about if you do happen to become pregnant from a rape. There are many sick and twisted people out there who could taunt a woman by trying to get visitation rights of a child after the statue of limitations run out. We need to address that issue. In some small way at least a few more people will be aware of that issue because of his moronic statements.

    • Don 11:09 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, just…wow. With all the leaders of the GOP calling for him to resign and then to receive this letter and still not step down is just wrong.

      I am for the “first time in my adult life,” glad I live in Illinois and don’t have to decide whether or not to vote for Akin.

      • SignPainterGuy 11:21 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hmmm, of the 55 other states you could have chosen, you pick Illinois to be glad you live in so you don`t have to vote for Akin ?! Fascinating ! ;-) Oh, btw, there was a Chicagoan who voted his entire life straight Republican tickets, until the day he died. Now he votes Democrat.

    • Ednar 12:03 AM on 08/22/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Akins apologized … how many times now?
      His apology isnt enough it seems. The Democrats are going to milk this cow until no more milk is found. What does this tell us? His apology that has NOT been accepted? How do we tell our children that sometimes an apology doesnt do any good when it comes to the media or politics! Should we NOT apologize to each other at all now? Does everyone know that a double standard exists? That to be forgiven … one has to be a Democrat & a liberal?
      Have the liberal set their ethics standards too high for all Republicans & CONSERVATIVES?
      Are Republicans & conservatives NOT human as they are?
      Do they NOT make the same mistakes bleed the same color of blood?
      Why are all Dems & liberals depraved actions deliberately forgotten by the media?
      Have we forgotten Bill ClintonS women while in the White House? Or JFK & Marilyn Monroe?
      I still cant forget Barney Franks homosexual brothel he was running out of his apartment!
      Biden is the gift that keeps on giving for the Republicans. He is the Gaffe-Master. He is associated directly to the White House(as the VP, of course!).
      Obama forgave him or just ignores everything Biden says.
      Akin is NOT associated with the Romney/Ryan ticket … YET, the media is ardently trying to put them as close as a glove to the hand.
      If Akin wont give up then thats his choice. We should ignore the media as they ignore Biden!
      But we should encourage Sarah Steelman to run as an Independent.
      I understand Palin endorsed Steelman & all Republicans wished they had listened to her!

      • SignPainterGuy 11:16 AM on 08/22/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Ednar, FWIW, I read in the last couple days that some people DID take Sarah`s endorsement as a sign of the better candidate as opposed to Huckabee`s endorsement of Akin. Too few obviously, but some did.

  • just a conservative girl 5:30 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , crazy republicans, mccaskill,   

    Akin Must Step Aside – Now 

    I feel for the man.  I do.  He is in a difficult position.  He worked hard during the primary to get the nomination.  It was a three-way race and it didn’t come easy for him.

    But the truth is this.  He can’t fix it.  He can’t walk it back.  Especially since earlier this afternoon he admitted that he was wrong on “the science” that a woman can stave off pregnancy during a rape.

    His comments were not only wrong from a medical point of view, they were wrong from an ethical point of view.  Every pro-life politician should be better prepared for the “what about cases of rape and incest” question.  You know they are coming.  It is no different for anti death penalty candidates getting the what if your wife/daughter was raped and murdered question.  They are designed to make the politician look silly when they can’t adequately answer the question.  Politics is a rough and tumble business.  The media loves tripping you up and takes particular pride when you are a conservative republican.

    Clare McCaskill is the worst possible choice to win that seat.  Akin continuing in this race is will all but guarantee that not only she gets re-elected, it also says that Harry Reid will more than likely stay Majority Leader.

    I will go further and say he doesn’t deserve to win this seat after these comments.  They were irresponsible, false, and more importantly demeaning to women.  I have seen the data and the numbers that are complied about pregnancies that occur due to rape and incest.  They are very small in comparison to the amount of pregnancies in this country each year, less than 1%.

    But let me tell you, if you are the woman who ends up being in that 1% you don’t care that it is rare.  That is an academic discussion at that point.  If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself if you developed a very rare form of cancer, would that make you feel any better that it was rare?  Would you say ‘lucky me”?  I don’t think that you would.

    When I was still living in Connecticut I used to volunteer at a rape crisis center.  I used to talk to woman of all different ages.  Most of whom were raped within the past few hours.  They were trying to decide if they should call the police, or go to the hospital.  Many of the women I talked to wanted to know if they went to the hospital would the police be called.  Which of course they would be.  Some elected not to go to the hospital for that reason.  They common thread among these women was shame.  There was no such thing as legitimate or illegitimate rape.

    It is very possible that what he meant by that part of the comment was the fact that rape is the most over-reported crime according to stats.  Sadly, some women use the accusation as a hammer.  There are some LaCrosse players who are well aware of that.  That is true.  There have been men who were sent to jail and years later the accuser recants.  One such story was a woman who said she thought she was pregnant and didn’t want to tell her parents.  Horrible, absolutely horrible.  I personally felt that woman should have been prosecuted for what she did to that man’s life.

    None of that makes what Akin said OK.  I don’t care that Whoopi Goldberg once said “It wasn’t rape, rape”.  I don’t care that Hollywood lionizes Polanski.  Again, none of that matters.  What matters is, is this man competent to serve as a U.S. Senator?  I think the answer is quite obviously no.

    He has until 5pm tomorrow afternoon to have his name removed from the ballot and still give another person a decent chance to compete for that seat.  For the good of the party he should do it.  But he also should do it because it is the right thing to do.

    I, for one, am very proud that republicans have not tried to justify his actions or his words.  At least not in large measure.  There are a few.  But generally speaking most seem to feel the same way I do.  Akin must step aside, and he should be doing it tonight.

    • Teresa Rice 5:46 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I have mixed feelings on this one. I don’t think one mistake, even a big one, makes him unfit to be a U.S. Senator. But I do see the wisdom in having him step aside so someone else is able to take his place because what he said was horrible and/or horribly worded.

      • just a conservative girl 6:06 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

        He said something very similar to this in the past. When he still in the state legislator he was voting on a bill about violence against women and spousal abuse. He said that many women lie about to harm their husbands. He may very well be a nice man. He may very well be respectful of women, but his comments don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy that is the case.

        He has got to go.

        • Teresa Rice 6:17 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

          Well, since he’s used this type of rhetoric more than once I wholeheartedly agree that he must go.

          • just a conservative girl 6:56 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

            How are you by the way? I hope all is well and things are going ok for you emotionally.

            • Teresa Rice 9:06 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

              Thank you for asking. I really appreciate it. I’m okay. Last week was emotional because Kevin and I went to see my doctor. Doing better this week.

              How have you been?

              • just a conservative girl 9:26 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

                Tired, but good. I was home alone for six weeks straight. So I am glad that is over. So r the little ones. They were getting really sick of just me. LOL

    • SignPainterGuy 6:40 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I don`t want to address the issue of whether or not Akin should step aside, but on the issue of women falsely accusing men of rape and other abuse, both of you, I and I`ll bet all of the rest of your readers can remember MANY cases of women admitting, years after the fact and after their “abusers” have served time in prison, that they LIED for one reason or another. It happens. It would be great if there were a fool-proof test to determine truth in these cases, but admit it, the justice system listens to women when they charge someone with abuse or rape. However poorly, Akin made a valid point !

      • just a conservative girl 6:54 PM on 08/20/2012 Permalink | Reply

        No one denies that Guy. But we are not even sure that is what he meant. We are assuming it is. But how many of them accuse them simply because they find themselves pregnant? I don’t know if we could find a reliable number on that. Many false claims of rape are done for money or revenge. I would venture to say that the number done because of pregnancy are not very large.

        All of that is besides the point, it wasn’t even relevant to the question he was asked.

    • Don 10:10 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      The bottom line is this – we need every Senate seat we can get to repeal Obamacare. Especially now that it is a “tax,” it is very, very imperative that we get 51 Republicans in the Senate. That means that a simple majority is all that is needed to repeal it.

      With all that said, Akin puts our hopes of a Senate majority in jeopardy by staying in the race. He damn well better win this or not only is his political career over, but also possibly our chances of repealing Obamacare as well.

  • just a conservative girl 3:14 PM on 08/19/2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , crazy republicans, ,   

    Quote of the Day – The Clare McCaskill Re-election Bid Just Got Easier Edition – Updated 

    “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare.  It it’s a legtimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

    Todd Akin, GOP Senate Candidate, Missouri

    What a jackass.  While he is correct that pregnancy from rape is rare, about .008%, it isn’t because “your body shuts down”.  Many women in this country use birth control on a regular basis.  

    There were three people running for the GOP nomination and this was the best of the lot?  One of the other two had to better than this lunatic.  

    Senator McCaskill must be doing cartwheels tonight.  Her re-election bid just got a whole lot easier.

    Mr Akin has released the following statement:

    “As a member of Congress, I believe that working to protect the most vulnerable in our society is one of my most important responsibilities, and that includes protecting both the unborn and victims of sexual assault. In reviewing my off-the-cuff remarks, it’s clear that I misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy I hold for the thousands of women who are raped and abused every year. Those who perpetrate these crimes are the lowest of the low in our society and their victims will have no stronger advocate in the Senate to help ensure they have the justice they deserve.

    “I recognize that abortion, and particularly in the case of rape, is a very emotionally charged issue. But I believe deeply in the protection of all life and I do not believe that harming another innocent victim is the right course of action. I also recognize that there are those who, like my opponent, support abortion and I understand I may not have their support in this election.

    “But I also believe that this election is about a wide-range of very important issues, starting with the economy and the type of country we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. We’ve had 42 straight months of unacceptably high unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, and Democratic leaders in Washington who are focused on growing government, instead of jobs. That is my primary focus in this campaign and while there are those who want to distract from that, knowing they cannot defend the Democrats’ failed economic record of the last four years, that will continue to be my focus in the months ahead.”

    Will this be enough?  Time will tell.  This race could very well decide the fate of who holds the senate in 13.  It would be a real shame if such a bone headed remark is the reason why Senator Reid stays speaker.

    Rape is a very serious issue in our country.  While there is no denying that women have lied about it.  A case in the news a while back about a woman who came forward to say that she made up her rape because she thought she was pregnant resulted in the release of an innocent man being released from prison.  Rape is the most often wrongly reported crime, but it is also the most unreported crime.  It is a very emotional issue.  If you are going to talk about this issue, the least you can do is think before you open your mouth.

    • Don 10:01 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      It is too late now, but he should have stepped down. He would still be in the House of Reps, and in a few years could take another run at the Senate.

  • just a conservative girl 4:05 PM on 05/15/2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , congressional elections, crazy republicans, defaria, florida 20th,   

    It’s Getting Ugly Out There – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Portrayed as a Dog 

    It seems that people are all too willing to roll around in the dirt to get into congress.  Ozzie deFaria is one such guy.  He is a republican fighting for the chance to go up against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the Florida 20th congressional district.  How does he go about trying to get noticed?  He puts a picture of Wasserman-Schultz up with a photoshopped image of her wearing a spiked dog collar and calling her Obama’s #1 attack dog.

    Wasserman-Schultz and Biden are neck and neck in the who is winning the most embarrassing democrat contest.  You have to really scratch your head to try to decide who commits the biggest gaffes between the two.  As such there is no reason to stoop to this level.  Loop her own words, people will hear for themselves how insane this woman’s stances are.

    deFaria calls himself “The Tea Party” candidate.

    I have not spend the past three years working my butt off to be represented by the likes of this man.  This is vile and disgusting.  It also seems that the man has a criminal past as well:

    CACE11005287 -2011 Auto Negligence(Pending) (Circuit)

    DVCE05007368 -2005 Repeat Violence (Domestic Violence)

    COCE05011501 -2005 Civil litigation (Circuit)

    06011986MM10A-Misdemeanor (Circuit)

    09033561TI30A -Traffic Infraction (Circuit)

    COWE07027615 – 2007 Small Claims litigation (Circuit)

    Sounds like a great guy.  Luckily there is another republican running for the nomination in this district.  We may as well not have an election if this guy is the nominee.

    All this accomplishes is to allow the left to continue the meme of the imaginary war on women.  Both republicans and Tea Partyers can do much better than this man.  Sadly, by the look of his facebook page, he is doubling down on this and attacking his primary opponent for distancing herself from these types of attacks.  All I can say is Karen Harrington for Congress.  Send Mr. deFaria back to whatever rock he climbed out from under.

    • Don 10:39 PM on 05/15/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Besides, this gives attack dogs a bad name…

    • SignPainterGuy 10:58 PM on 05/15/2012 Permalink | Reply

      One of the first times I read or heard her name, it was in conjunction with “poodle” ! It never seemed to fit though. She looks MUCH more like a Golden Cocker Spaniel to me.

  • just a conservative girl 7:18 PM on 04/20/2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: crazy republicans, , , ,   

    And The Republican Party Wonders Why it Can’t Make Traction in Fairfax County Virginia 

    As many know, there is an open senate seat in Virginia due to the retirement of Sen. Jim Webb.  The GOP has four candidates running in the primary.  There will be a series of debates before the primary.  One such debate is in Northern Virginia.  For those who may not be aware, Northern Virginia is progressive central.  The reason that many here are unhappy with Obama is because he has not been left enough.  As you can imagine the republican party has a hard time gaining ground in this atmosphere.  

    This race is said not to be all that competitive, George Allen is expected to win the primary handily.  But, the “experts” have been wrong before.  I like George Allen, but there are few other interesting candidates as well.  So I was really looking forward to hearing the debate before making up my mind who I was going to support in the primary.  

    As some may know, I no longer can drive for health reasons.  So I have to take the bus to get anywhere during the day.  For those who have never had the pleasure of taking mass transit, the buses don’t exactly run the most direct route.  You can go all over kingdom come to get to your final destination.  The bus I needed to take to the Fairfax County Republican Committee office is one such bus.  It is maybe 10 miles, but it takes more than hour to get there.  I then have to walk about a quarter mile to get to the office.  

    Today is the day that the tickets are supposed to be available.  Here is a portion of the email that I received, you can read the entire email here:

    The third debate will be held on Friday May 25th at 6:30pm at the Fairview Park Marriott located at 3111 Fairview Park Drive – Falls Church, Virginia.  Free tickets to the Northern Virginia debate will be available beginning on April 20th at the Fairfax and Loudoun GOP Victory Centers.

    I take two hours out of my day to get to the office to pick up my “free” tickets.  When I get there I am told that I have to volunteer for two hours.  Hmm, here is the definition of free from dictionary.com:

    Idioms 44.for free, Informal without charge: The tailor mended my jacket for free.

     Now, is it just me, or is asking someone to perform two hours of “volunteer” work a form of payment?  So lets go back to dictionary.com and find out what volunteer means:


    noun1.a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for aservice or undertaking 2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

    yeah, I think it is a form of payment.  Which means that the tickets are not free.  So I said to the women at the office today that I thought the are free.  She said they are.  Really?  How so?  She then tells me that the email from the Chairman said that volunteer work would be required to get the “free” tickets.  Uh, no it doesn’t.  

    So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate.  When I got back home I sent  the following email to the Chairman:

    I am writing to tell you how deceptive the FCRC is.  The below email says that the tickets for the debate are free.  I no longer drive for health reasons, so it took me two hours round trip to get to the office today to pick up my “free” tickets.  Come to find out according to them free means that I have to do two hours of volunteer work.  I even inquired on why the email said that the tickets are free, she said they are free.  How exactly is something free if you are required to work for two hours?  I was told that your email said that they were looking for volunteer help in exchange for the “free” tickets.  Unless I am missing something the below email says nothing about volunteering.  

    I have given money and volunteered in the past.  No more.  The RPV will never get another dime or one bit of help from me again.  This is why you can’t make traction in Fairfax County.  No one wants to deal with people who are purposely deceptive.  

    There is no way for me to get to the office in Loudon County to get my so-called “free” tickets.  So I guess I won’t be going to the debate.  But I can guarantee you what I will be doing moving forward for the RPV is a big fat zero.  Never again will I do work for them.  I will not phone bank nor will I give money.  It is not like I was some huge donor by any stretch of the imagination, but every dollar helps when you fighting an uphill battle in a county such as this one.  

    Thanks for nothing FCRC.  Lets go back to dictionary.com one final time:

    1.apt or tending to deceiveThe enemy’s peaceful overtures maybe deceptive.2.perceptually misleading: It looks like a curved linebut it’sdeceptive.

       [dih-sep-tiv]  Show IPA

    Yeah, I would say that about covers it.   

    This isn’t so much that I am not willing to do volunteer work.  I have done plenty.  I can list plenty of examples of work that I have done.  Matter of fact I was at the FCRC’s office not all that long ago doing data entry work for the delegate conventions that are coming up.  This is about principle.  If you are going to send out an email saying that the tickets are free, they should actually be free.  

    • SignPainterGuy 12:02 AM on 04/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Some times dishonest people just don`t get the message ! It`s especially gawling when those people are supposed to be the ones on our side.

      Years ago, I got a postcard from a film developing co. offering a huge discount for just showing up to see their service. It seemed much like real estate deals where you listen to a sales spiel, tour a home or two and get a gift, like a camera or watch or clock. Family members had gotten several things that way, so what the heck ! And besides, on this postcard it said THREE TIMES that there would be No Sales Spiel !

      When we arrived 20 miles away at the conference room, we were immediately told the sales spiel would begin in a few minutes. I asked why the card said there would be no spiel if there indeed would be. The guy just looked at me. Well, it turned out that to get the discount film developing, there would be a $500.00 upfront charge. I then asked how many photos I`d have to take to break even on the deal ? Again, the blank stare. He knew he was caught, offered me and anyone else who wanted it our free gift and the opportunity to leave. About 10 out of 25 or so grabbed our gift and left, snickering at having not wasted a pile of money. The choices of gifts were all junque, so we took the GrandMother clock, maybe $15.00 at Wally World.

      That`s about as near to FREE as I ever got ! Well, except for being raised by good parents ! Can`t dismiss that !

  • just a conservative girl 3:23 PM on 03/23/2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: crazy republicans, idiot of the day, , secret service   

    Idiot of the Day 

    “Pretend it’s Obama”

    An unnamed woman today in Loiusana at target practice with Rick Santorum

    What an idiot.

    1. You don’t yell something like this in front of the secret service

    2. If you are supporter of Rick Santorum (and since she was at his event, it would seem she is) this doesn’t help him especially after yesterday’s gaffe.

    This is not helpful.

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