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  • just a conservative girl 9:45 AM on 09/24/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Extreme Parenting Part 16 

    A mother in inner city Kansas City made a heart wrenching choice.  An elderly man who is confined to wheelchair was robbed in his home.  He answered the door and was confronted by young man pointing a gun to his head.  He made no effort to resist and the thugs entered his home and robbed him.

    This being the second time that this happened to him, he had set up a video camera.  The entire episode was caught on camera and released to the public.  A mom saw her son being the gang leader in this disgraceful event.  She not only confronted her son, she marched him down to the police department and turned him.

    It was the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it was easy.  It takes a special kind of person to realize that even though you are more than likely putting your child in a position to do time in prison allowing them to get away with that kind of behavior is worse.  Her son is 18 years old.  But obviously he has no respect for private property, he has no respect for the elderly, he has no respect for people who have served our country *the victim is a vet*, he has no respect for himself.  She took it into her own hands to say to her son that this behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by her or by society.

    You also have to remember that cooperating with the police is not looked upon as something customary in the inner cities.  So it makes what she did even more noteworthy.  But I think this mom knew her child was out of control and fixing what is wrong is beyond her control.  I am also sure that she was worried he was on a path to end up dead, possibly in a shoot out with the police.

    Kudos to this mom for doing the right thing.  I am sure her heart is breaking.

    You can watch a news report here.  



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    Hey I Know My Kid Broke the Law, But that Doesn’t Mean They Should Face Any Punishment – Parents Threaten Lawsuits over Their Childs Illegal Behavior 

    Brian Holloway, former NFL player and father of eight, has a vacation home in New York State.  While at his home in Florida his 19 year-old son tells him about some pictures and things he is seeing on twitter.  They were about an out of control party being held in the vacation house.  Now these kids didn’t have permission to be there, they broke in and decided to throw a big party.  Items have been stolen, they cleaned out his house of the alcohol he had in the home, they urinated on his carpeting, they spray painted his walls, destroyed hardwood flooring, and left drug paraphernalia on the property.

    Brian was a long ways away trying to get a hold of the local sheriff to get these freeloaders out his home.  The sheriff did come and break up the party, which by the way they originally planned on staying for the Labor Day weekend.  The house has sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage and a yet to be determined amount loss due to stolen property.  Yet oddly, the sheriff was unable to make even one arrest.   I guess those kids were fast.  They ran and hid or something.

    Brian hasn’t taken this lying down.  He has reprinted all the tweets he could find that came from his home during this drunken home invasion.  What do the parents of these young adults do?  They threaten to sue.  That’s right.  We wouldn’t want little Suzy or Johnny to be publicly humiliated now would we?  After all, most of them are high school students getting ready to fill out applications for college.  How dare someone talk about how out of control their child is?

    Now Brian hasn’t accused anyone of anything.  He has only put out there tweets that these kids themselves put out on social media.  One tweet said:

    yeah mom went to a party and got drunk but hey atleast I’m not a meth addict”

    Emily’s mom must be so proud.

    Dear Maddie was upset that the party got busted, it would have been so much bigger.  Oh no, she missed out on more fun.  That is lawsuit worthy isn’t it?  Another young man was glad that his parents don’t care what he does.  Apparently not.

    Only one parent, count it, one, showed up with their child to help clean up the mess.

    We are more and more becoming a society that care nothing for personal property or the rights of the others.  It is me, me, and me that matters.  While it is understandable that kids that age don’t get how hard it is to earn the money to afford a home, they should at the very least have the understand that breaking into someone’s home is wrong.  That peeing on the carpet is wrong.  That spraying painting on a the wall is wrong.  Do these young adults live in zoo where anything goes?  Would they treat their parents home in this fashion?

    But what is worse is the seeming lack of remorse shown by the parents.  It seems that their little brats getting into college is a more desirable thing rather than teaching their kids a sense of responsibility.  Actually showing their children that actions have consequences.  Very real consequences in this case.  That is a lesson that no college can teach these brats.  That is the lesson that the parents alone are in charge of.  But no, they will use our legal system to bash the victim and teach their kids that hey they are special, it was just one stupid mistake.  No biggie.  Move along, nothing to see here.

  • just a conservative girl 10:52 AM on 08/19/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Pizza, Safety, & Raaaaacism 

    Jets Pizza in Dearborn, Michigan will no longer be delivering pizza in the city of Detroit after dark.  Recently a 19-year-old employee was shot point-blank in the chest while delivering a pizza.  The normal procedure had been two people would go to make any delivery in Detroit.  One of the delivery people was legally armed.  It was the last delivery of the night and only person remained and was willing to go to make the delivery.  Luckily the young college student was not killed.

    The cries of raaaaacism didn’t take long.  So let me see an employer has to take the extra step of hiring people who have legal carry permits in order to protect the delivery man from being robbed and/or shot at while in the city limits.  The management/owners of this pizza place have at very least a moral obligation to their employees for their safety.  In some states it may even be possible that they have a legal one.

    I am sorry, but his has nothing to do with race, this has to with safety.  A young man was doing his summer job and was shot in the chest and the bullet nicked his lung.  He is a football player and more than likely will miss the season because he was trying to be responsible and do the job for which he was hired to do; deliver pizza.

    Detroit is the armpit of U.S. cities at this point in time.  If I owned a business that had delivery options available it is very possible that I wouldn’t even go into Detroit in broad daylight.  I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if one of my employees was badly injured or worse yet killed just to make a food delivery.  It isn’t worth it.

    I do have sympathy for the people who are left in that city.  Good paying jobs are not easy to come by, the crime rate is very high, gangs have infested the city, and it is just downright dangerous.  The public school system is an abject failure.  We could spend $50K per student and it probably wouldn’t make a dent.

    But this has become the new mantra in the U.S., cry racism at every turn.  As an employer do you really think it makes a difference that the city is mostly black?  Do you think the owner of this restaurant would do something different if the city were mostly white and still just as dangerous?

    A local resident said this:

    Ryan, a resident of southwest Detroit where the shooting happened, said he would “never let his wife outside after dark.” Would he go outside himself after dark? “Yeah, I would, but I’m armed,” Ryan said.

    He added that many delivery companies in Detroit won’t go to addresses they don’t already know.

    This man lives there and is afraid to let his own wife go out onto the streets after dark.  Is he racist too?  Maybe he is one of those safe hating black men?

    Another said this:

    John from Chesterfield called in and said, “This is not racist, this is a high probability risk assessment. I was in the military … If you’re going to go into Detroit after dark the risk assessment is you’re going to be robbed, shot or mugged … There are people in Detroit who don’t want to go out after dark either, it’s crazy, but that’s it.

    One more for good measure:

    Mike, a U.S. Post Office manager, said he had a part-time carrier who moonlighted in that area as a pizza delivery man, and he was also attacked. “The guy jumped out of the bushes and basically attacked him, pulled out a gun … It’s very dangerous over there. I’m black, I’m from the city, but that’s the highest crime area I staffed. I can’t blame the pizza owner for doing that. He has to look at those employees every day.”

    The owner/management of this business is doing the responsible thing.  He is protecting his employees from danger that can easily be controlled by not making deliveries after dark when the chances are high they will be robbed, mugged, or even killed.

    As I said, I have a great deal of sympathy for the people in Detroit who are stuck in this crime ridden area and sadly can’t find a way out.  From what I have heard, the mayor is really trying, but has yet to make a significant difference as of yet.

    If you bought me a house, paid all of bills, gave me a very healthy monthly salary, I still wouldn’t live there.

    This isn’t about racism, this is about common sense.  Sadly, there are elements in that city that put zero value on human life, personal property, or civil liberties.  I realize it is easy to say that the citizens need to band together to stop these elements when I am not the one doing it.  I remember a woman in Baltimore who tried to do just that and she was murdered, and her killer was never found.  She was killed in broad daylight in the middle of the street.  Someone saw who did it, but are too scared to come forward.  I can’t say that I blame them.  But the problem is, until the citizens band together to rid their city of these elements, they won’t be getting any pizza deliveries from Jets.  I have this feeling that many others will be doing the same.  The honest people in this city are being held prisoner by the thugs.

    Where is Jesse Jackson on this issue?

    • Don 9:40 PM on 08/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      But you see, the charge of Racism is leveled as a catch all, just as the charge of Global Warming is. The biggest religion by far, is Leftism or Statism, and once you do something the left disagrees with, they pull out their two favorite weapons – Racism and Global Climate Warming Change (or whatever they are calling it this week).

  • Pat Austin 3:07 PM on 07/07/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    The Clock is Ticking for Humberto Leal 

    All eyes are on Texas today as the clock is ticking for Humberto Leal.  I posted on his case here, prompted by this post at Pecan Corner.

    As it sits right now, Leal could be executed any time after 6 p.m. unless Gov. Rick Perry issues a stay.  That looks unlikely, but you never know:

    “Texas is not bound by a foreign court’s ruling,” Katherine Cesinger, press secretary for Gov. Perry’s office, said in a statement. “The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the treaty was not binding on the states and that the president does not have the authority to order states to review cases of the then 51 foreign nationals on death row in the U.S.”

    “The treaty” to which she refers is the 1963 United Nations enforced Viennea Convention on Consular Relations.

    “Leal’s argument is nothing but a transparent attempt to evade his impending punishment,” Stephen Hoffman, an assistant attorney general for the state of Texas, said in a brief to Supreme Court, according to AP.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t see Rick Perry caving on this.


    Cross posted at And So it Goes in Shreveport

    • Silverfiddle 6:56 PM on 07/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hang ’em high! I only wish they could do to that monster what he did to that little girl.

      The world will be a better place when that despicable pos crosses the river styx

    • signpainterguy 8:11 PM on 07/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Gov. Perry stood up TO Obama and the UselessNations and foreign courts and FOR Justice, the state of Texas, the family of his victim and the American people ! THANK YOU Gov. Perry !

      What`cha gonna do now Zero and all those foreign courts you seem to like better than ours ?

    • zillaoftheresistance 3:08 PM on 07/08/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t mess with Texas. That invader murdering rapist bastard is dead now, Zero couldn’t stop the execution.

  • backyardconservative 10:33 AM on 06/07/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Wreckovery Summer in the City TWO. Michelle 

    Buy one get one free. Not so much.

    Yessiree, Michelle O is going to be the president’s secret weapon this year. One of his best assets. Will she hold another beer summit in the White House?

    More Chicago flash mob reaction. It wasn’t just a suburban biker–two doctors in town for a convention were attacked–on or near what we call here the Magnificent Mile. You know, near the lake. Near the Gold Coast where Oprah has her perch. A comment from the Tribune story:

      Sick-of-the-Chicago-Way at 8:02 AM June 07, 2011 We have a president and Congress that wants to redistribute wealth.  These kids simply chose to remove the middle man from the deal.  Perhaps the solution is a government program that directly gives “disadvantaged” youth Ipads and Iphones

    Yes we can. Let’s Move.

    P.S. Why does Chicago have one of the highest crime rates in the country? Why is Chicago’s population back to 1920’s levels? In other news, Dems overturn the 2010 midterms in Illinois. …Maybe these women will wise up this time and be immune to Michelle’s message. Especially if they can’t move.

    Related post: Women take the long view, drop O in droves

      –crossposted at BackyardConservative

    • SignPainterGuy 1:09 AM on 06/08/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Perhaps MO should rethink or at least think through this “My Plate” thing ! I went to Burger Doodle and ate in the car, or pickup, and got it in a bag, not a plate, but it covered all five of the things on “The Food Plate”. Yep, a Whopper Jr with fries and a coke ! The bun took care of the grains (wheat and dairy), the burger handled the protein, the termater is a fruit (I knew that), the lettuce, onions and fried taties (vegebles), the ketchup is more mater fruit and the mayo has a hen egg in it (more dairy). The Coke was a splurgy type reward cause I pitched out some of the fry tips for the sparrows. I`m a good guy that way !

      See………covered the whole thing and I`ll bet MO wouldn`t have approved of any of it ! The fries were really fresh and extra salty ! Mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmMMMmm !

    • backyardconservative 6:19 AM on 06/08/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Mmm, mmm, mmm:)

  • backyardconservative 1:34 PM on 05/03/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    San Francisco not a sanctuary for some 

    In The American Thinker, quoting the Chronicle:

    Hundreds of people marched into Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting to express their fear, frustration and outrage. But so far the response has been disappointing, particularly from the San Francisco Police Department. It seems intent on downplaying the role of race and its impact in the community.

    (snip)City officials, including the Police Department, say these assaults are part of a larger crime picture where gangs of kids take advantage of a vulnerable group of small stature.

    Euphemisms and evasions, what else is new?

    This illustrates once more, the law needs to be enforced even-handedly.

    …and then of course we have actual violence taking place in some of these open border rallies, unlike the accusations leveled at tea partiers who are supposedly fomenting it.

    More. The Left Fuels a Backlash on Illegals – Ralph Peters, New York Post

    • Quite Rightly 10:37 PM on 05/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

      This kind of violence has been around for a long time. It’s not gangstas trapped in multi-generational welfare poverty acting out their resentment of the success of Asian immigrants who make the necessary sacrifices to move rapidly from poverty to the middle class. No. It’s “kids” taking advantage of “a vulnerable group of small stature.” It says so in the liberal manual.

    • backyardconservative 10:51 PM on 05/03/2010 Permalink | Reply


      It’s despicable. PC thugs.

      Hard work and study hard works.

      Work hard. Study hard. That’s the way.

      Every place. Every time.

      You would hope they would figure it out. But not if their role models enable failure, while gaming the system for their own success.

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