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  • just a conservative girl 1:03 PM on 04/26/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason 13,583 Why I Am Not A “Feminist” 

    Carolyn Lubby, a senior at The University of Connecticut, has written a letter to the president of the university regarding changes to its Husky logo.  Now to be honest she made some good points about the athletics program:

    1.  On June 21st 2012, UConn Men’s basketball becomes the first BCS school team to face a postseason ban based solely on low APR (Academic Progress Rate) scores.
    2. On October 6th 2012, Lyle McCombs is arrested on charges of second degree breach of peace for a domestic violence dispute in which he was, “yelling, pushing, and spitting at his girlfriend” during an argument outside a residence hall.
    3. On February 11th 2013, Enosch Wolf is arrested on charges of third degree burglary, first degree criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct when he “refused to leave” a female student’s apartment, “grabbed the hair of the victim and pushed her head” and “knocked the glasses off the victim’s face with his hand.”
    4. On March 21st 2013, Tyler Olander is arrested for trespassing in a structure or conveyance while on Spring Break in Panama City, Florida.

    From what I understand about Tyler Olander, he was arrested while on spring break in Florida for being drunk and trespassing on some one’s boat. Hardly an offense that has anything to do with rape.  Now, I grew up in CT and my long and tangled college career did start at UCONN, but I was not mature enough for college at the time and it didn’t work out.  But, I have always loved UCONN and I have complained that the men’s basketball team has put winning before making sure these student athletes graduate college.  They have one of the lowest graduation rates of major universities; at least with their men’s basketball team.  I have real issues with the college athletic system.  As an aunt of a student athlete, I have seen how high level college athletics work and the system isn’t great and needs reforms.  That is a valid point.  Where she loses me is that she is somehow equating this with the logo and saying the logo represents male aggression towards women and rape.  

    Well President Herbst, the new Husky logo may not be capable of frightening small children, but the face of real life UConn athletics is certainly capable of frightening college women.

    Does this scare you?  


     Does that face make you want to cower in fear that you are going to be raped?  She is especially upset by this comment:

    It is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.~Geno Auriemma stated about the new logo change.

    For those that are not aware, Geno Auriemma is the women’s basketball coach.  Maybe I am giving him an unwarranted benefit of the doubt, but somehow I don’t think Coach Auriemma is looking to put the women on his team in danger.  The Lady Huskies recently were crowned NCAA champions; his eighth championship, call me crazy but he seems to have an interest in making UCONN a program that women want to play for.  If they are afraid for their safety, they are not likely to go to school there no matter how good the program is and how good of a coach he is.  

    Look, I am not dismissing the amount of rapes that happen on college campuses.  Sadly, it is a relatively common occurrence. It happens all too often, on virtually all campuses across the country.  It is an issue that needs to be dealt with.  

    But that is one of the reasons that I find her letter so offensive.  Somehow this cartoon like picture of a dog is the reason that men are rapists?  C’mon.  

    Here is a picture of the old logo:

    Now, the dog has been made to look sleeker, but also made to look more realistic as well.  

    This is the type of thing that actually hurts women, not helps them.  It makes them seem like they are victims cowering at the sight of a cartoon dog.  If this is what feminism is, I pass.  You see I always thought that the reason for feminism was to “empower” women, how exactly is being afraid of a cartoon empowering?  To me, empowering women would be done by teaching them self-defense so that they will feel that they can protect themselves if some lunatic tries to attack them.  Evil exists in the world, and changing a logo isn’t going to stop that.  

    But then again I could never put this on my bio, so what do I know?  

    Carolyn Luby is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Spanish and minoring in Latino/a Studies. She is involved in various different feminist groups and violence against women prevention efforts on campus and has particular interest in global feminisms and anti-imperial anti-colonial feminisms.

    Anti-imperial, anti-colonial feminisms; why am I not surprised?  

    H/T The Daily Caller

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    Tucker Carlson, you should be hanging your head in shame – The Daily Caller Enters the Trayvon Martin Fray 

    There doesn’t seem to be an end to the tragedy of the Jayvon Martin story.  Two parents buried their child.  Something that shouldn’t happen ever, under any circumstances.  Lets start with what we do know.

    Zimmerman was out in his community doing a neighborhood watch.  Zimmerman calls the cops about a kid wearing a hoodie that looks suspicious to him, like he is on drugs or something (how he can tell that from driving by him is beyond me).  The 911 operator tells him that there is no need to keep following him.  Zimmerman doesn’t listen and continues to follow him.

    911 gets multiple calls about a fight outside that ends with a gun shot being heard. One caller sees Martin on top of Zimmerman punching him.  People are hearing cries for help.  Two other witnesses say that Zimmerman had his hand on his back after shooting him and made no attempts to help him.  People see a kid lying on the ground and suspect that the kid is dead.  The police arrive.   Zimmerman has cuts and is bleeding.  His injuries are treated in a police car.  No medical treatment that required hospitalization was given.  Zimmerman is then handcuffed and brought to the police station.  He gives a statement saying that Trayvon came up from behind when he was going back to his car after looking at the street sign to get the name of the street.  Trayvon punched him, after falling to the ground Trayvon gets on top of him and is banging his head into the ground.  He started yelling for help, no one came out to help him, he pulled his weapon and shot and killed Trayvon.  Zimmerman is Hispanic (which is not a race by way) and Trayvon is black.

    That is what we know for sure.  From this little information this has turned into a three-ring circus.  Zimmerman has been labeled a racist when the proof of that is scant at best.  In walks the likes of Al Sharpton who has a history of riling up racial strife without knowing all the facts.  Remember the Duke Lacrosse players and Tawana Brawely?  Only two examples of his not having all the facts before shooting off his big mouth.  I remember the Brawley case.  I grew up just outside of New York City in a Connecticut suburb.  I was young, but I remember what he did to that city with the false claims and outright lies.

    Then we have the journalists and talking heads that have taken a word that cannot be made out from the 911 call and have insisted he used the word “coon” which has racial overtones. CNN decided to go the extra mile and cleaned up the tape.  It seems like the word he really used was punk.   The pictures being released of both people have been purposely misleading.  They wanted to paint a narrative that Zimmerman was some wild-eyed racist intent on killing an innocent young boy simply because he was black.  No proof of that exists.

    The president decides to open his mouth and he too further inserts race into the issue by saying his son would look like Trayvon.  We have seen marches, looting, horrible displays of “mourning” done across the country.  It is hard to turn on a cable news channel without it being about this story.  Some being worse than others.  But what I can tell you is from the hits I have had on my several blog posts, this is the story that people want to hear.

    We then have the really idiotic left that has tried to blame this shooting on republicans.  It wasn’t being politicized enough I guess.

    I know that I have been called a racist more in the past three years than I have in the previous years of my life combined.  I get sick of it.  Especially since how I live my life and the people in it are not taken into account before the level is charged.  I am not alone on the right of this feeling.  We are all sick of it.

    We are standing here watching Jesse Jackson, who doesn’t even seem to have a grasp of the basic facts of the case when he said that Trayvon was shot in the back of the head, using this death to talk about voter registration.  Trayvon has been compared to Emmit Till, even though there is no comparison between the two deaths.  We see an agenda and we don’t like it.

    So instead of asking the left to come up with real evidence of Zimmerman’s racism, we decide to handle it by attacking a dead 17-year-old boy.  An intrepid blogger goes digging around on Facebook and twitter.  Finds some tweets that lead one to believe that the kid and his friends smoked pot and a possible fight with a bus driver.  Alleged pictures of tattoos have surfaced.  His school records were leaked to the media.  Apparently Trayvon has been suspended 3 times during his high school career.  Once for tardiness.  Once for spray painting graffiti, and this last time for having a baggie that had traces of pot in it.  The juvenile authorities in Florida have confirmed this boy had no arrest record.  While I certainly don’t condone a 17-year-old kid smoking pot, all in all there is no evidence that the kid is all that different from many others around the country.    If this is all of it, he is much better than many as well.

    I smoked pot when I was younger.  I also got suspended for spray painting some very poorly chosen words about a teacher who gave me a B on school property.  My parents had to pay to clean it up.  And believe me, they weren’t going to hire a professional to do it.  I had to do it.  It took me a couple of hours if I remember correctly.  I learned my lesson.  I never did it again and realized that a B wasn’t so bad.  I have never been, nor will I ever be a gangbanger or a drug dealer.

    So this kid has probably smoked pot.  He may or may not have had some jewelry in his backpack.  No one can prove that story to be true.  He has been late to school enough times that he has to serve a suspension.  He had may or may not have had tattoos, that would have been covered by the hoodie by the way. He may or may not have taken a “swing” at a bus driver; no proof of this happening exists.  Is that a drug dealing gangbanger make?  That is just as much as stretch as calling George Zimmerman a racist.  Don’t “gangbangers” carry guns?  Isn’t that the point of calling them bangers?

    So in walks the Daily Caller and what do they decide to do?  They print the tweets.  They too have decided that they should be playing defense attorney for George Zimmerman.  They too have decided to put the dead kid on trial in the court of public opinion.  All the while complaining about the likes of Jackson and Sharpton doing the same to Zimmerman.  Hypocrites much?

    There is so much we don’t know about this case.  What type of scrapes and cuts did Trayvon have besides the fatal shot.  Did he have any defensive wounds that would put Zimmerman’s version of the events into question?  What angle did the bullet hit Trayvon?  Did Zimmerman have  blood on his shirt?  Where was the body in relation to the car?   It would seem likely to be close by if his version of the story is true.  We don’t know what the coroner’s report says.  As far as I know it has not been released.  It just came out yesterday that the original police officer who questioned Zimmerman recommended that charges be pressed and wanted to arrest him that night.  The district attorney decided that they needed to wait.  Apparently not even the information that the police department wasn’t doing its job as initially reported was incorrect.

    But some on the right have decided to tear this young man’s life apart and turn him into the villain.  I have seen people call him a gangbanging thug who got what he deserved.  Yeah, they said that.  Others believe because he had gold teeth (another thing I am not sure is true or not) proves he was a criminal.

    What is so disturbing about the treatment of the dead boy in this case, this is how rape victims are sometimes treated.  Zimmerman may be charged with murder or manslaughter, a grand jury has been convened.  He already has a defense attorney.  Tucker Carlson shouldn’t be playing that role.  He also shouldn’t be making it harder for Zimmerman to get a fair trial. He certainly should not be turning what could very well be an innocent young, dead kid into a victim for the second time.  Shame on you Tucker.  You are a parent, you should know better.

    • fuzislippers 12:59 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      What did the DC and/or Tucker actually say? Where is the quote/link? I may have missed it, but before I comment, I’d like a bit more information (not a bad thing to await as most of us are finding out in this case). (and I can’t believe you’re buying into the leftist crap about Hispanic not being a race–the government and every school, including universities, made it one. Check when you’re asked what your race is on any “official” form. They’re changing the definitions now, sure, but why are you going along with it? By their logic, “white” isn’t a race, either, nor is “Caucasian,” which is fine with me, but if we’re redefining terms, let’s be consistent about it.)

      • just a conservative girl 1:22 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hispanic is more of a cultural thing than a race thing. As an aside apparently there is affirmative action in how crime is reported when it comes to Hispanics (a post for another time) but Hispanic is broken out in different ways. White Hispanic, Black Hispanic. I worked with a woman who is Hispanic and she calls herself white. Her children are much darker than she, and she calls them colored. So how you define it is up to who you ask. Personally I have always thought there are four races. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. That is how I personally view it. But those are not the legal terms for it. Why we (the country, not you and I)are so obsessed with it is why we are even having this discussion.

        DC printed the tweets all the while they are playing up the “race card” angle of the story as well.

        I am not going to link to them, but they are there. And they are not our business. This kid is dead. We don’t know what happened. Nor did Zimmerman have anyway of knowing what he tweeted or anything else about his kids life before he saw him that night.

        This kid could very well have been murdered. And trotting out his past before the authorities have done their investigation is unseemly at best. Not the first time the DC has done this sort of thing. But it should be their last. Zimmerman has every right to use these things in his defense if it ever comes to that, I guess. This is character assassination to be put out in the public domain in this way. Plain and simple.

        No one ever stops to think that you could have a family member have a horrific thing happen to them and it become very public. This is just unseemly. It adds nothing to public discourse and it makes getting justice that much harder for everyone involved. Shouldn’t that be the goal?

        • fuzislippers 1:35 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

          I’ll grant you “race” is a tricky thing (Jews, for instance, often see Jewish as a race), but it’s not useful to throw out that “Hispanic is not a race” thing because for all intents and purposes, it is. When we start semantic gymnastics, as the far left is trying to do, then actually “white” and “black” are not “races.” And technically, they’re not. This white Hispanic / black Hispanic thing smacks just a tad too much of “mulatto” and other distinctions that actually trace “amounts” of X “blood” in people: are you 1/8 black? etc. It’s ridiculous and a complete game to the left, a very dangerous game designed to pit people against one another. One’s race should never matter, we are Americans. Hey, let’s make “American” a race!

          I’m sensitive to your defense of Trayvon, but you’re taking a human angle that isn’t really based in facts (we don’t know them yet, not really), and the left was gleeful when they had him pegged as a white supremacist, gun-toting Rush listener (he’s not, not even close). If the police didn’t see a reason to arrest him, I have to think, until we have actual facts, that they know what they are doing. But then, I’m a conservative who–until we know that they’re in the bag with BO–believes in our law enforcement officials.

          • just a conservative girl 1:43 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

            My point being that some on the right seems to be gleeful that they can paint him as thug. I find that abhorrent. My boy could be Trayvon one day.

            • fuzislippers 1:51 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

              I know, my friend, I know. But think. Your boy is nothing like Trayvon, nothing at all. And you know this, your son has the best parents I can think of and good grounding in good principles.

              If it turns out that Zimmerman killed Trayvon BECAUSE he was black, he’s an evil bastard who must be brought to justice. Anyone who is killed based on race (or whatever, heh) is deserving of true, and equal, justice.

              • fuzislippers 1:52 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

                Can I say “bastard” on Potluck? Twice?

                • just a conservative girl 1:53 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

                  we will have to ask Jill. LOL.

                  Thanks for the compliment, but you have to understand when you raise a black son, it is a worry. No matter how you raise him.

                  • fuzislippers 2:03 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

                    I know. And that is exactly why we have to fight this racist crap that the left forces on us.

          • Don 8:11 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

            fuzislippers, the term “Hispanic” is not a race. It was a term invented during the Nixon administration. They added it to the Census and it was done with the idea of going after a particular voting demographic.

            “This is all an artifact of decisions taken during the first Nixon Administration. The terms “Hispanic” and “Asian/Pacific Islander” have their origins in a term first placed on the 1970 Census form during the Nixon Administration, and sought in the case of “Hispanic” to unite those with nothing in common other than backgrounds vaguely related to countries where the Spanish language is important. It is not strictly a geographic term, identifying people from Latin America and the Caribbean. While Dominicans, who speak Spanish, and Brazilians, who speak Portuguese, are Hispanic, Haitians, who speak French and Creole, and Jamaicans, who speak English, are not. (And whether this vague type of person should be called “Hispanic” or “Latino” is an absurd and impenetrable controversy all its own.) The decision to invent Hispanics has had profound effects on American culture.”

            Source – http://futureuncertain.blogspot.com/2005/09/how-richard-nixon-invented-hispanics.html

            • just a conservative girl 8:22 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

              That is fascinating Don. Thanks so much. I knew it was an American invention, but didn’t know the history. Nixon’s evil keeps right on popping up doesn’t it?

            • fuzislippers 12:11 AM on 03/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

              If we are going with “Hispanic is not a race,” and as I said, I’m fine with that, then we need to be consistent. “White” and “black” are also not races, Don (and JACG). They are constructs, usually used for political purposes (and grossly misused and abused by leftists.); we call it “identity politics.”

              Here’s a very basic primer in race: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/race/

              • just a conservative girl 6:52 AM on 03/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

                In Europe the word race is used as what country you are from. It is pretty much only us that color when using the word race. You are right, it is only used a way to divide. We are the only country on earth that hyphenates. There is no such thing as a African-Canadian. Which is why I never use the term African American. A black person who has been here for generations has nothing in common with someone who is newly immigrated here from Africa.

                • fuzislippers 7:03 AM on 03/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

                  Oh, but if someone emigrates from South Africa and is white, they don’t get to be called “African-American.” It’s about division and pitting groups against each other.

    • signpainterguy 5:16 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Here`s the Sanford, FL. police report;
      http://weaselzippers.us/2012/03/28/document-police-report-provides-new-details-of-trayvon-martin-shooting/ .

      Here is a pic showing Tryvon`s gold teeth and also an example of how MSNBC skewed the 911 call;
      http://weaselzippers.us/2012/03/28/msnbc-omits-crucial-words-from-911-call-to-paint-zimmerman-as-a-racist/ . Notice how Zimmerman never mentioned Trayvon`s race until asked by the 911 Operator. Any wonder why I refer to them as “MessNBC” and Rush calls them “PMSNBC” ? I think a “bs” fits at the end of it very well ! (MSNBCbs)

      • just a conservative girl 5:42 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

        And none of that has anything to do with painting Trayvon as a thug and a gangster. Which is my point. The left has twisted things and made assumptions to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Why did the right feel the need to make this kid look like a gangster? The exact term used by some is drug dealing gangster thug. The police report only talks about what Zimmerman said happened. Those are statements, not facts.

        • signpainterguy 5:50 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

          I didn`t know if you`d seen a copy of the PR; thought it might be of interest. You mentioned in another thread (I think) that you hadn`t seen a pic showing Trayvon`s gold grill !

          • just a conservative girl 6:14 PM on 03/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

            Yes, since writing it I have seen the pic. I don’t get that, but for some it is a fashion statement. Very popular in some South American countries too.


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