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  • just a conservative girl 10:21 AM on 12/20/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    A&E and the Dangers of Political Correctness 

    I will say at the offset I have never seen Duck Dynasty nor do I plan to.   It doesn’t seem like something that I would be all that interested in enough to spend a half hour of my life sitting in front of the television for.  I have heard of the family and seen pictures of him with various people, but I really know very little about the show except it has something to do with duck hunting.

    A&E has decided that it goes against their values to employ someone who holds a biblical worldview on sin.  You can disagree with the premise all you like, but it doesn’t change what the bible says.  Homosexuality is a sin according to Christian belief.  I fully understand that there are churches out there that ignore that and have no problem with openly gay clergy and will marry same-sex couples.  That still doesn’t change what the bible says about it.

    Phil Robertson gave an interview with GQ Magazine.  During that interview he was asked a question on his view of homosexuality.  He answered the question coming from a biblical point of view.  He is a person who believes that the bible is the living word of God.  Yes his words may have been crude, but they were not bigoted, nor did he liken homosexuality to having sex with a goat.  He simply gave a list of things that are sinful, he also included having heterosexual sex outside of marriage in his list.

    “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

    All he said is that sex outside the confines of  traditional marriage is sinful, which according to the bible is.  That shouldn’t be up for debate.  Again, you can feel that the bible is outdated, fake, or anything that you may feel about it, but it doesn’t change what scripture says.  If you are to follow the bible and its teachings you shouldn’t be having sex of any kind outside of traditional marriage.  Once you do that, you are committing a sin.

    Another part of his quote gets left out in almost all of the media coverage:

    “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

    Is it any wonder that this gets left out?  How can you say that he is “hating” on homosexuals if he says he is not judging them?  As a Christian it is part of your duty to spread the word of God.  People will do that in different ways and to different degrees.  But a true Christian never makes statements about someone else’s salvation and how God will ultimately judge a person and how they lived their life.  Not only isn’t that our job, it way above our pay grade.

    But of course the media coverage is he is a bigot, he is a hater, or he is some crazy right winged nut job.  He isn’t allowed to have a biblical worldview and share that openly.  That is something you must keep in the closet and act like it doesn’t exist.  Of course the same people who are hitting him hard have no problem with talking about homosexuality in sex ed classes geared to 6 year olds.  That is perfectly acceptable.  But don’t tell them the other side of the equation, oh no, you are a hater then.

    If activists for the gay community are as open-minded as they claim to be, they will have a debate on this topic.  But that isn’t what happens.  The debate gets shut off by people losing their income or labeled a bigot and a hater.  My gosh even feminist and openly gay Camille Paglia understands what is happening by these fanatics

    “utterly fascist & utterly Stalinist”

    Having a debate on the legalization of gay marriage is worth having in this country.  But it devolves into name calling and threats.  What does it say about people who say they are only trying to be accepted and have their rights protected by our society when they care none about the rights of those who believe otherwise?

    We have gotten to the point where any talk of religion must be closeted and must be whispered in the confines of your own home.  We have even gotten to the point that sometimes you can’t have a bible study in your home without interference, putting up Christmas lights on the outside of your home gets you a letter from your neighbors telling them how offended they are.

    That isn’t tolerance folks, that is tyranny.  This is how far we have fallen as a society; a major public university gives classes on the fine art of fellatio and that is deemed a perfectly acceptable use of tax payer funds for “educational” purposes, but a Christian man can’t give the biblical view that he tries to live his life by without losing income.

    A&E has every right to end their contract with Mr. Robertson.  They are a private business and they are under no restrictions constitutionally, as this isn’t a free speech or free religion issue.  The government isn’t interfering.  Just because A&E has the right to end his contract doesn’t mean that it should.  So far the sponsors of the show seem to understand what is at stake here and are standing on the right side.  The side that says he has a right to religious liberty and his viewpoints.

    A sad day in America.  A very sad day.

    • NotAScientist 10:53 AM on 12/20/2013 Permalink | Reply

      “Is it any wonder that this gets left out? ”

      Probably because he’s comparing homosexuals to terrorists and drunks. It’s probably better for his public profile for no one to report on that.

      “The side that says he has a right to religious liberty and his viewpoints.”

      Sure he does. He doesn’t have the right to be on a tv show, though.

      • just a conservative girl 3:46 PM on 12/20/2013 Permalink | Reply

        No he is saying that drunks, terrorists, and homosexuals will be judged on their behavior. He didn’t say that they homosexuals are terrorists or drunks.

        So let me get this straight according to your logic someone who owns a business who is a relgious person should be able to not hire someone who, like yourself, believes that gay marriage is a right? Because you don’t get to have it both ways. You can either employ people based on their personal points of view or you can’t.

        That is the danger of this action. It sets precedent for all kinds of hiring practices that I don’t think most people in this country would be all that comfortable with. They knew his worldview when they hired him. This isn’t the first time he talked about these types of topics. He is an outspoken Christian man.

        This allows a very small minority of people to make decisions about the financial well being of all kinds of Americans. All that accomplishes is shutting down debate. Which is exactly what they are trying to do. Shut and comply. No American should be ok with that.

        I didn’t think the man who yelled at the Chick Fil A girl should have lost his job. I disagreed with everything he said. I think Martin Bashir being forced to resign was also wrong. We are losing our rights to have opinions that others may disagree with. The really scary thing about that is what opinion can you then hold? We have more than 300 million people in this country, I think it would pretty near impossible to find something that everyone agrees on.

        • NotAScientist 7:50 AM on 12/21/2013 Permalink | Reply

          “You can either employ people based on their personal points of view or you can’t.”

          Wrong. Most jobs have nothing to do with expressing your personal views and being seen as a representative of the company you work for while you do so.

          TV star is not one of those jobs.

          Should a conservative Christian tv station be allowed to fire a pro gay star? Sure.

          • just a conservative girl 11:14 AM on 12/21/2013 Permalink | Reply

            Every employee is a representative of the company they are working for in some form or another. That is just reality. You just don’t like what he said and that is why you feel this way. Sadly you are not looking at the larger picture. This isn’t just about him, this is about a small minority of people being able to threaten people into silence, and therefore submission. No one should be ok with that.

  • just a conservative girl 11:31 AM on 11/26/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Gay Bashing Non-Tippers Have A Receipt Proving They Left 20% Tip 

    A server from New Jersey became a nationwide sensation after claiming she wasn’t tipped because she is gay.  How exactly the family is supposed to know if someone is gay or not just by looking at them is beyond me, especially in the world of metro sexual men.  But she put a receipt out on social media that showed no tip left on a $93 tab along with a note saying they couldn’t tip due to her lifestyle.  She has been getting donations pouring in from all over the country and become sort of like a folk hero for donating some of her windfall to The Wounded Warrior Project.

    A family has come forward with a receipt that matches the one that Ms. Morales has been showing off, the problem is that their receipt has not “hateful” note but does include a tip.  Actually quite a nice one, $18, close to 20%.  The family also has a copy of their visa bill that shows that a charge at that restaurant for that date with the dollar amount that matches the tab plus the tip.

    The woman in question said she believes that it started out as a misunderstanding that she thought the hostess told her that her server was named Dan and said

    “whoa, you’re not Dan.”

    The server story is slightly different:

    “oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!”

    The family decided to come forward because the story didn’t seem to be going away.  I am glad that they did come forward because this young woman is profiting off a lie that she is somehow a victim of bias and hate.

    “I just felt like people have a right to know that — it’s fine if people want to donate to her or to the Wounded Warriors, but they’re doing it under a false pretense,”

    One would think that this young woman has some sort of agenda.  Whatever could that be?




  • just a conservative girl 12:39 PM on 09/28/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Barilla Pasta and The Sheeple 

    Oh my the outrage.  The CEO of Barilla pasta said this:

    “If (gay people) like our pasta and our communication, they can eat it. If they do not like it, if they do not like what we say, they can eat a different one.”

    Due to this people are calling for a world-wide boycott.  No where did this man say that gay people are bad.  He said that in their advertising they use traditional families.  Now I worked in the fundraising/marketing field for more than a decade.  While much of what I did was for politicians, the idea behind is pretty much the same.  You speak to your audience.  You speak to the people who are the most likely to buy your product.  Companies spend millions upon millions doing market research.  They know who their main customer base is.  If the majority of people they are selling to are soccer moms, that is who they are going to go after in the large sums of money they spend on advertising.

    I remember once looking over the marketing plan for Joan and David shoes.  See I have a real weakness for shoes and Joan and David are some of my favorites.  They aren’t overly expensive yet they are good quality and have the style that I prefer.  The listing that they had as their main customer base fit me to a tee, right down to the Volvo.  Yes they knew the type of car many of their shoppers prefer.

    But no, this isn’t good enough for the gay agenda activists.  This was a gotcha question, not unlike what was done to Chick-Fil-A.  Of course asking a Christian conservative about gay marriage was going to come out the way it did.  Christian conservatives don’t believe in gay marriage.  That shouldn’t be a surprise.  The real question is does Barilla discriminate in their hiring practices?  The answer is likely the same as it is at Chick-Fil-A, no.

    The idea of tolerance is supposed to mean that all accept others belief systems.  Of course that doesn’t happen with the gay agenda.  You must agree or you are a bigot, a homophobe, a hater.  Not only do you have to agree, you have to advertise a certain way.  You must use gay couples in your tv and magazine advertising, or you are a hater that doesn’t deserve to stay in business.  Lets see gay people make up less than 10% of society worldwide.  The vast majority of people around the world aren’t gay.  Of course companies are going to go after the main customer base.  Their job is make a profit, not to handhold a small segment of society to prove how open-minded and tolerant they are.

    What I find so funny about all this is that all the people who are outraged, most of which are heterosexuals, never bother to look into why the question was asked?  Could it be to further an agenda?  No, that couldn’t be it.  Stop being sheeple and following along simply because someone with one is asking you to.  How many of these people who are so outraged even realized until a few days ago that gay couples weren’t being used in their commercials?  Did you even think about it?  Did you actually care?  Did you actually hear what the man said as opposed to the headlines?

    Barilla Pasta hates gays!!!  Barilla Pasta said they don’t want gay people to eat their pasta!!!!!

    No such thing was said.  But for the sheeple that matters none.  Just follow along and close your eyes to the fact that you are being manipulated.  It is easy, as long as you don’t use your brain and research for yourself.

    • AKA John Galt 12:52 PM on 09/28/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

    • HeatherRadish 12:52 PM on 09/28/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, here’s what I don’t get. Guido Barilla said “If gays don’t like our ads, they’ll eat another brand” and he’s “anti-gay.” So then the whackjobs said, “I don’t like their ads, I’m going to eat another brand!” and they’re “pro-gay.”

      Now, I realize math and logic are alien concepts to whackjobs, but A can’t equal both B and not-B. It’s impossible. But it’s deemed true, and the echo chamber re-inforces it, and the world gets stupider and stupider.

    • justindevere 3:52 PM on 09/28/2013 Permalink | Reply

      This kind of unthinking outrage (or, ‘pretend outrage’?) is why I first started questioning the ‘left agenda’ or
      call-it-what-you-will, and now no longer support it. I presume it was the folly of youth, that got me into that way of thinking, but then I look around and see people my own age who would unthinkingly get on this anti-Barilla bandwagon. They’re mad. From the reported comments, this Guido Barilla seems like a perfectly reasonable, decent man who provides jobs and a product a lot of people like.

    • Jesse Locke 10:09 PM on 10/01/2013 Permalink | Reply

      I’m buying Barilla Pasta on my next grocery shopping trip, for sure.

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