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    Will The Corporate-Controlled Media Sweep This “Mosque-rade” Under The Rug? 

    The New York Post, in an exclusive, has learned that a founding member of an organization run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the driving force behind the planned mosque near Ground Zero, claims that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” and that Muslims have been made scapegoats.

    Faiz Khan—who has preached at least twice at the former Burlington Coat Factory building, the site of the proposed mosque—was for years Rauf’s partner in the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims, which is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Islam.

    Khan also serves on the advisory board of Muslims for 9/11 Truth and is a founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, known as MUJCA.

    On MUJCA’s Web site, Khan wrote that “the inescapable fact [is] that 9/11 was an inside job.”

    “The prime factor for the success of the criminal mission known as 9/11 did not come from the quarter known as ‘militant Islam,’ although the phenomenon known as ‘militant Islamic networks’ may have played a partial role, or even a less than partial role—perhaps the role of patsy and scapegoat,” he wrote in documents uncovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. [Please click the link to read their explosive exposé on this tool.]

    Khan was listed as one of three directors of the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims in its 1997 incorporation papers, when it went by the name of the American Sufi Muslim Association.

    ASMA and Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative are spearheading the drive to create a $100 million Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero.

    In an e-mail exchange with The Post, Khan said he ended his affiliation with the ASMA in “2002 and 2003,” although that claim is contradicted by a record of him speaking at a 2006 ASMA conference in Copenhagen, where his bio listed him as a board member.

    When The Post asked Khan who he thought was responsible for 9/11, he initially declined comment, but later said in an e-mail: “I am certain of a few things…The towers and WTC 7 could not have collapsed without controlled demolition place from the ‘inside.’ ”

    Ray Locker, managing director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said: “For someone who claims he wants the mosque project near Ground Zero to help build bridges and heal the wounds from 9/11, it’s odd that one of Feisal Rauf’s fellow bridge builders is someone who thinks the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people were an ‘inside job’ by the US government.”

    Khan told a group of 9/11 deniers at a 2006 Chicago summit called “Revealing the Truth/Reclaiming Our Future” that “the most logical explanation” for 9/11 is that the hijackers were working for corporate America and that the heroin trade creates “billions of dollars” that are laundered by “Citicorp and Procter & Gamble.”

    Rauf’s spokesman didn’t return calls for comment.

    Meanwhile, Rauf said yesterday on ABC’s “This Week” that he wasn’t “making a threat” when he said moving the mosque would incite Islamic extremists to attack the United States—although he insisted the warning held true.

    “I’ve never made a threat, never expressed a threat, never,” Rauf said. “I would never threaten violence ever, because I am a man of peace, dedicated to peace.”

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

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    Are the rest of us whores, then? 

    “After 9/11, I noticed people were confused, not wanting to learn but just going on what they see in the media,” said Syed, 36. “The impression it leaves is … that Muslim women are being oppressed, suppressed, abused and forced on — everything that Islam does not stand for. Islam respects women. We are a love-thy-neighbor people just like the other Abrahamic religions.”

    Really? Are you cloistered too?

    More here.

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    Ground Zero Humor. Can’t we all get along? 

    Video via Breitbart. You’ll recognize the genre.

    • rubyslipperblog 2:36 PM on 09/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I love it. It still totally rattles my cage that the filmmaker is abusing copyright law with takedown notices for Hitler parodies anyway. This is perfect.

    • backyardconservative 3:23 PM on 09/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, I thought it was particularly apt in this case.

      And hey, why should the filmmaker have a monopoly on Hitler?

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    Do we want a theocracy of terror here? 

    Video. Holocaust Survivor Cursed Out by Ground Zero Mosque Supporter

    Jonah Goldberg:

    Here’s a thought: The 70 percent of Americans who oppose what amounts to an Islamic Niketown two blocks from Ground Zero are the real victims of a climate of hate, and the much-ballyhooed anti-Muslim backlash is mostly a myth.

    Let’s start with some data.

    Americans are more aware than ever the PC media is cowardly, malicious and IGNORANT–willfully or just your usual leftie navel-gazing–when it comes to defending our freedom.

    More at my spot.

    …We are well aware. Bread Upon the Waters. Nice Deb.

    • Yukio Ngaby 11:43 AM on 08/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

      You know the GZM is taking up way too much of the Right blogoshere’s time. I’m against the Ground Zero Mosque. It’s become an emotional and divisive issue. But that’s it. At worst, the building would be a PR coup for Islamic extremists and an insult to America, and most especially to the Americans and the families of Americans who lost their lives there. Let’s not trivialize that, but let’s still keep some perspective here.

      Shouldn’t we be more concerned with issues that can have real and deveatating consquences, issues like Iran’s nuclear capability, Obama’s selling out of Israel and other global allies, ObamaCare, etc.?

      And this comment isn’t directed at you, BackyardConservative. I know that you post about all sorts of relevant issues, and I admire you for it.

      • backyardconservative 12:21 PM on 08/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Well, yes, I see your point. All these issues are important.

        But I would say the Ground Zero Mosque debate brings home what’s at stake in the world–and helps engage Americans on Israel, Iran.

        And I guess the subtext is the contempt with which the PC media holds Americans–and how much they lie and distort–on this and other issues, like ObamaCare

        • Yukio Ngaby 12:37 PM on 08/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

          I think your assertion was correct about two weeks ago. That sounds condescending, but I don’t mean that way.

          I think the debate has become so intense and emotion-based now that all metaphorical side-issues and subtexts have become forgotten, lost or moot. Now it’s solely about winning (either building the mosque there or not) and nothing else.

          “deveatating consquences” *sigh* I really can splle. Rellay…

  • nosheepleshere 6:50 AM on 08/21/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    9-11 Hard Hat Pledge 

    A mosque to be built near Ground Zero has become a lightning rod issue.  It’s not just a local issue anymore.  When the errand boy sent by grocery clerks inappropriately supported its construction at an Iftar dinner held at the White House on August 13, 2010 it exploded into a national debate.

    A growing number of New York construction workers are vowing not to work on the mosque planned near Ground Zero.

    “It’s a very touchy thing because they want to do this on sacred ground,” said Dave Kaiser, 38, a blaster who is working to rebuild the World Trade Center site.

    “I wouldn’t work there, especially after I found out about what the imam said about U.S. policy being responsible for 9/11,” Kaiser said.

    The grass-roots movement is gaining momentum on the Internet. One construction worker created the “Hard Hat Pledge” on his blog and asked others to vow not to work on the project if it stays on Park Place.

    “Thousands of people are signing up from all over the country,” said creator Andy Sullivan, a construction worker from Brooklyn. “People who sell glass, steel, lumber, insurance. They are all refusing to do work if they build there.”

    “Hopefully, this will be a tool to get them to move it,” he said. “I got a problem with this ostentatious building looming over Ground Zero.”

    The media have put little effort into exposing the truth about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the mosque project who once said the U.S. was “an accessory to the crime” on 9/11. The media could focus on the fact that no one will say where the funding for this $100 million project is coming from. Instead the media focus on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s and Fearless Reader’s newfound love for religious freedom.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

    • Carol 9:44 AM on 08/21/2010 Permalink | Reply

      First thing I did when I read about The Hard Hat Pledge yesterday was call my son, a member of Ironworkers Local 397, and asked him if he would sign the pledge. Without a moment hesitation he said, “You bet, and I’ll tell others about it too.”

      With the construction industry a total bust right now, the men and women who refuse to work on this building are standing up for their convictions at great personal cost. I am proud of everyone of them.

    • Good Worker 1:54 AM on 08/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      People still remember of what happend on 9-11. I understand their reasons but on another perspective, eventhough the attacks were executed by extremists of a certain religion, it doesn’t mean that everyone else of that religion are terrorists.

    • Andy England 8:38 AM on 08/24/2010 Permalink | Reply

      We British have lost our sense of national pride. We are made to feel ashamed of being proud of ourselves, our history (some is negative, but plenty of it is positive). For the sake of the Western world, stand against this. Make them build this mosque further away from ground zero.

  • Quite Rightly 4:29 PM on 08/15/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Won’t Bloomberg Let A Church Destroyed on 9/11 Rebuild? 

    Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed on 9/11 by the collapse of the Twin Towers, has spent NINE YEARS trying to get building permits. Nine. Long. Years.

    From Fr. Constantine J. Simones Waterford, courageous pastor of St. Nicholas Church:

    Shame on Mayor Michael  Bloomberg and the members of his Landmarks Preservation Commission for  voting 9-0 to allow the building of a Muslim mosque at ground zero in  New York City.

    Too many Americans are sleepwalking when it comes  to understanding Islamic policies during the last 1,400 years of what I  see as its brutal history. No one talks about St. Nicholas Greek  Orthodox Church, which was crushed by the collapsing Twin Towers.

    Why  is the mosque put on the fast track to construction when St. Nicholas’  reconstruction is being hindered by New York City bureaucracy?

    Wake  up, America, before it is too late. The Greek Orthodox faithful of the  Balkans were enslaved by Islam for 500 years. Ask me what it means to  live under the laws of Islam, under Sharia Law and the Hadith. Call me  and I will provide a history lesson on what can be like to live under  Islam extremists.

    Fr. Constantine J. Simones Waterford

    About the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church:

    Since  1922, St. Nicholas Church had stood as a quiet sanctuary of prayer and  reflection amidst the tumultuous and bustling crossroads of commerce.  For the past nine years the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey has  used bureaucratic obstacles and false promises to hinder the rebuilding  of the St. Nicholas Church.

    As Nice Deb (who has published an excellent commentary about the Ground Zero mosque, don’t miss it) pointed out:

    City officials, eager to deflect the criticism of a righteously outraged  public, claim that nothing can be done [to stop the mosque from being built on hallowed ground]… something that anyone who has  contended with zoning boards across the country knows to be untrue.

    Ask the congregation of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of New York City.

    Many thanks to patriot Chris Wysocki at Wyblog for a heads up on the Ground Zero Church. You’ll want to read his report on moderate Muslims in New York (and watch the video) here.

    Cross-posted at Bread upon the Waters.

    • nicedeb 9:24 PM on 08/15/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Grrrrrrrrrrr! Now I’m really mad!

    • pjMom 12:41 AM on 08/16/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Ditto nicedeb. So much for tolerance and diversity, eh?

    • Shredderofmass 6:56 AM on 08/16/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Republica candidate for congress and Harvard Physicist Mike Stopa says he would not want a Mosque in his Neighborhood.
      See this same content at a great pro-Israel site

    • Jack 9:04 PM on 08/16/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Shared you and NiceDeb on Facebook…two awesome articles.

    • Jim 9:57 PM on 08/16/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Good question!

    • Investigator 12:00 AM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I may be wrong about this… but a little investigation seems to indicate that “Fr. Constantine J. Simones Waterford, courageous pastor of St. Nicholas Church” may not actually exist. The only reference to him that I can find is the same text posted in the blog that started this thread. In fact the only places he shows up is in blogs… each of which contain the same text. It may turn out that the text, and the fictitional Fr. Constantine, was simply fabricated in order to incite unrest.

      The web site for St. Nicholas Church NYC says this:
      “Our priest, Father John Romas, has been temporarily assigned to St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral at 64 Schemerhorn Street in Brooklyn. St. Constantine and Helen’s Congregation have also warmly welcomed the Congregation of St. Nicholas as we work to rebuild our Church.”


      Another story from NYTimes indicates that the major problem the rebuild project has faced is one of acquiring land; enough land to build a new church six times the size of the original for the 70 families that comprise the parish membership. While the church has retained the original 1200 square foot lot that the original four story church stood on, it is apparently not big enough for the new church they want to build.


      • Quite Rightly 12:42 PM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

        My bad. This is what happens when a writer doesn’t go back to original sources but relies on other people’s reporting. After further investigation on my part, I have concluded that the Greek Orthodox cleric in question does indeed exist but that his name and actual location have gotten garbled somewhere along the line during reprints. (More in next comment.)

      • Quite Rightly 12:50 PM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

        The delay in rebuilding the Church does not seem to result from any bad faith or “land grabbing” on the part of the Church. Originally, the Church was assured by then NY Governor Pataki that they could rebuild on the original location. However, the Port Authority wanted the Church’s land and offered the Church a land swap, which the Church accepted. But the Port Authority has never concluded the deal (more).

      • Quite Rightly 12:59 PM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

        We all know that building projects everywhere in the U.S. routinely get ensnarled in red tape, and the Ground Zero site presents many more than the usual issues. So, the glaring question in all of this for me is: How is it that the Ground Zero Mosque is getting escorted to the finish line with the support of the NYC mayor, the State Department, and even the president of the United States. Where is support for St. Nicholas Church? Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/03/nyregion/03trade.html?pagewanted=1&n=Top/Reference/Times%20Topics/People/B/Bagli,%20Charles%20V&_r=1

    • Don 8:06 AM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I bet you could not build this church in Tehran ! I’m not from N.Y. city,so it really is non of my business,
      but building a mosque at Ground Zero is spitting in our faces,there are plenty around the corner…….If all of this is untrue then I agree with “Investigator “.

    • Grace Taylor 11:59 AM on 08/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      There is a retired Greek Orthodox priest with the name of Fr. Constantine Simones.
      In 2006, and maybe today for all I know, he lived in Waterford, CT.
      He has been involved in Justice for Cyprus. Cyprus, as you will remember, is currently 37% occupied by Muslims in the form of the Turkish army.
      A link which I think satisfactorily proves he exists: http://news.pseka.net/index.php?module=sponsor

      • Quite Rightly 7:37 PM on 08/19/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, Grace.

        Also, the rebuilt church will need to be much larger to accommodate a large number of the visitors to the 9/11 memorial, once it is completed.

    • Crosshairball 12:08 PM on 08/18/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Quite Rightly,

      I hope you don’t mind, but I have posted this post in it’s entirety over at Crosshairball. I did link back to here and attributed the post to Quite Rightly. I wanted to contact you first to ask permission but can’t find an email link. I figured this would be ok because of the cross posting part at the bottom of the post.

      Cross-posted at Bread upon the Waters.

    • Ignatz 10:39 AM on 08/19/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Quite: The mosque is 4 blocks away in an area of abandoned stores. That’s why there’s no red tape,

      • Quite Rightly 8:19 AM on 08/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Ignatz – Respectfully, I think you should check out the aerial views, widely available on the Web, including here. The actual distance from Ground Zero rubble to the mosque site is less than 600 feet, about 200 steps. Pace it off. In fact, a piece of the first airliner to hit the WTC plunged through the roof and top floor of the Burlington Coat Factory. How far away from Ground Zero is that?

    • Rachel 3:42 PM on 08/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

      The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


      Free exercise of religion. One of OUR founding principles. I am suprised no one has brought this up yet. You CANNOT argue about freedom of religion and just mean Christianity. If the founders had meant freedom of Christianity, they would have said “Freedom of Christianity” and not free exercise of “RELIGION”.

      Yes, the bombing of the Twin Towers was horrific, but so are many other acts of violence toward any PERSON. Pardon me for my sarcasm, but I find it hypocritical to label all Muslims under the ‘extremist’ label, when there are numerous ‘extremist’s of EVERY RELIGION.

      Oh yeah, lets not forget that Judaism, Christianity, AND Islam all worship the SAME GOD. “Oooohhh, no, those MUSLIMS want to build a place to WORSHIP GOD, GOD FORBID!!!” Phht, personally, I dont think God cares how He gets worshiped, as long as people believe in Him, and try to follow the Ten Commandments.

    • ThatGuy 3:53 PM on 08/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Did you read the entire article?

      “In keeping with the archbishop’s vision, Mr. Koutsomitis planned for a roughly 24,000-square-foot marble church and adjoining spiritual center at an estimated cost of up to $40 million. But church leaders say they have raised only $4 million. JPMorgan Chase has agreed to give $10 million toward the rebuilding of St. Nicholas, as part of the bank’s tentative deal to build an office tower on the site of the Deutsche Bank building. ”

      I wonder why you’re having trouble getting going.

      “The church wants the authority to provide roughly $55 million toward the estimated $75 million cost of rebuilding St. Nicholas.”


      Also, lets not even begin to get into the sheer amount of ignorance and bigotry it takes to even oppose this. Suppose the trade center was destroyed by a group of lunatic pro-lifers (no attempt at disrespect is intended here by the way) and people were protesting the rebuilding of this very church? How would you feel if the actions of others skewed their opinion on not only you but your faith? Do you really think there were no Muslims in the building that day? Do you really feel as though Islam-practicing American-born citizens didn’t feel exactly as you did on 9/11?

      • Quite Rightly 10:48 AM on 09/11/2010 Permalink | Reply

        @ That Guy: Perhaps you missed the part of the article that pointed out that the Port Authority would require the church to install a $35-million blast-proof concrete slab beneath its building to protect it from a possible explosion on the screening center ramps. That $35 million is a Port Authority estimate, by the way, which means, of course, that the actual cost will be much more.

    • Anna 9:44 AM on 09/11/2010 Permalink | Reply

      A article from the Greek Orthodox Observer:

      On September 11, 2001 the barbaric attack not only destroyed the majestic Twin Towers but also the tiny yet historic St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, located south of the second tower of the World Trade Center. In the aftermath of its destruction, very little survived: two icons, one of St. Dionysios of Zakynthos and the other of the Zoodochos Pege, along with a few liturgical items, a book, and some candles.

      Within days, the Archbishop traveled personally to Ground Zero, setting foot on the site where the Church of St. Nicholas stood, in order to conduct a memorial service for the victims of those who perished in the attacks and to offer prayers for the families in mourning.

      On the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, December 6, the Archbishop, joined by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos and area clergy, celebrated a somber Vespers and memorial service near where the Church once stood. Six months after the attacks, His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew also journeyed to this sacred site and presided at a memorial service with family members of the victims.

      Though small in stature, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was a place of ministry and worship both for her parishioners and also for local residents and workers in the Financial District of Manhattan who would pass by and often enter the Church. Following its collapse, the legacy of this tiny Church continues to dramatically impact peoples’ lives, and donations of almost $2 million have been received, as well as additional pledges of construction materials and appointments for the complete rebuilding of the Church. The city of Bari, Italy, where the relics of St. Nicholas were originally bestowed, has donated $250,000. The government of Greece has contributed $750,000 to these efforts, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate has given $50,000. The Governor of the State of New York, George Pataki, met with the Archbishop and pledged his support for including a new St. Nicholas in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site.

      The task of rebuilding the Church of St. Nicholas involves careful coordination, planning and vision. To this end, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios has appointed a committee to oversee the rebuilding project. In accomplishing their objectives, the committee has met with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation so that the task of rebuilding St. Nicholas may be properly incorporated into the concept plans for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site located at Ground Zero. These concept plans, which are the product of an inclusive process, envision the rebuilding of the historic Church of St. Nicholas as a functioning parish, ministering once again to the needs of her faithful. His Eminence, however, also sees the rebuilding of St. Nicholas as a matter of spiritual destiny, so that the millions of people who will visit the historic site of Ground Zero may find marking the place of a national tragedy, a sanctuary of solace and prayer, a concrete and visible testimony of renewed faith and hope.

      Just another point. This church has been there since 1922.

    • Quite Rightly 10:44 AM on 09/11/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you, Anna.

    • K.West 10:04 AM on 11/27/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Attention to all!!!!

      Read Psalms 37


    • Aphrodite 5:26 PM on 12/05/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Why is Mayor Bloomberg eager to build a mosque at Ground Zero but the only church destroyed on 9/11 he is against? This church was build back in 1922 and stood proudly for over 79 years without one incident. Yet, the Muslims who hijacked our planes and successfully murdered 3,000 of our citizens are allowed to build a mosque! Mayor Bloomberg says it freedom of religion but he is against a church being built on the site it was before the terrorists attack. What happened to diversity Mr. Bloomberg? Why do you hate Christians and not Muslims? When did a Greek Orthodox Christian ever destroyed anything in America? The faithful have raised money to rebuild our church. The people of Bari Italy donated money to rebuild our church. Why? Does it make sense? No. Today is the eve of St. Nicholas. Our church member will hold a mass at the site. Let’s see how many media attention this will get. Let’s see if Mayor Bloomberg shows his face.

      Lets pray the Church will be built and we hold a Mass in the new church next year the 10th anniversary of the day it was destroyed. If not it’s another victory for Turkey and AlQueda destroying churches and getting away with it. Remember Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and Apostolos Andreas in Cyprus.

      • Quite Rightly 6:27 PM on 12/05/2010 Permalink | Reply


        Many others also feel the terrible injustice of so much support and attention going to the Ground Zero mosque when your beautiful Church, the St. Nicholas clergy and parishioners, and all the people of the neighborhood who visited that Church, are being all but completely ignored.

        I posted an announcement about the St. Nicholas vespers service (held, I note with sorrow, in a tent) at Bread upon the Waters.

        We must keep spreading the word.

  • nosheepleshere 2:22 AM on 08/14/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The Messiah Finally Found A “Church Home” He Likes 

    Shortly after President Golfbags was inaugurated, NBC’s Matt Lauer asked, “why his family hasn’t found a church to attend yet in their new adopted home of Washington, D.C.”

    In his lengthy interview that aired on the Today show, as Lauer and Obama strolled down the main White House corridor, Obama blamed how he and Michelle would be “very disruptive to services,” but he’s taken advantage of how “there was a prayer circle of pastors from across the country who during the campaign would, would say a prayer for me or send a devotional.” So:

    “We’ve kept that habit up and, and it’s a wonderful group because it’s a mix of some very conservative pastors, some very liberal pastors, but all who, you know, pray for me and Michelle and, and the girls and, and I get a daily devotional on my BlackBerry which is a, is a wonderful thing.”

    To which, an impressed Lauer approved: “Its spirituality meets high-tech! That’s pretty good.”

    President Barack Hussein Obama on Friday, August 13, 2010 forcefully endorsed building a mosque near Ground Zero, saying the country’s founding principles demanded no less.

    Rep. Peter King is the first elected official to respond, with this statement:

    “President Obama is wrong. It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero. While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much. The right and moral thing for President Obama to have done was to urge Muslim leaders to respect the families of those who died and move their mosque away from Ground Zero. Unfortunately the President caved into political correctness.”

    Jennifer Rubin captures the sentiment of most of America with this comment:

    “Obama has shown his true sentiments now, after weeks of concealing them, on an issue of deep significance to not only the families and loved ones of 3,000 slaughtered Americans but of the vast majority of his fellow citizens. He has once again revealed himself to be divorced from the values and concerns of his countrymen. He is entirely—and to too many Americans, horridly—a creature of the left with little ability to make moral distinctions. He sympathies for the Muslim World take precedence over those, such as they are, for his fellow citizens. This is nothing short of an abomination.”

    On March 9, 2008, in an interview with New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof, Obama said, “…the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset”.

    If the Ground Zero mosque is ever built—it’s scheduled to open on the tenth anniversary of the day a hole was punched in the heart of New York City—then Fearless Reader can jaunt to the mosque on Air Force One and the Muslim World will have won its reign of terror on America.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

    • Quite Rightly 9:18 AM on 08/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Fearless Reader will be there, undoubtedly, but Islam prefers that her Majestic Highness, GrandMama, and the Girls stay at home.

      I see another $350,000 European get-away in my crystal ball. The Côte d’Azur, perhaps? She’s probably already seen Cordoba.

  • backyardconservative 9:40 PM on 08/10/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Gutfeld on Beck. Suspicious Packages 

    On his gay bar idea next to the Ground Zero Mosque. Video.

    …but you know, in Iran it’s OK to pimp your mosque. Pedophiles welcome.


    The women can tweet only when a brother or other male relative is beating them.

    Um, do we think stoning is evil? Or what.

    One brave Muslim woman.

    –crossposted at BackyardConservative

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