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  • just a conservative girl 10:13 AM on 11/05/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason 34,294 to HomeSchool 

    Read the second paragraph and look at the grade.  I understand that teachers have time restraints but Oh My Gosh.

    H/T to The MetaPicture


    • Kerry 1:56 PM on 11/05/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Actually, this is how a lot of people get through school. They’re able to read the teacher and parrot back the responses they know the teacher is looking for in order to get a good grade.

      Also, this makes me think of my college boyfriend. When he was student teaching, he would have me read the papers he would assign. If they filled the page, he’d give them an ‘A’ because he didn’t care. He might have even assigned this paper.

  • just a conservative girl 11:02 AM on 04/12/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason 16,387 to Home School The Indoctorination of Our Children 

    Gee is it really any wonder that parents are very concerned about the education our children are receiving and many have chosen to take things into their own hands?

    This is from a school in Jacksonville, Florida.  A “teacher” had the students write this sentance after a lecture about the constitution.

    rights for safety

    This comes Wisconsin: A crossward puzzle that says conservative beliefs limits personal freedoms. After all it is conservatives that want to ban certain sized sodas, ban salt, and trans fats.

    crossward puzzle

    From Texas, for 6th graderas:

    Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?

    • kerry 11:15 AM on 04/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Yes. Conservatives need to wake up and start pulling their kids out if the public school system. Even if both parents are working, there are ways to still homeschool your kids.

    • godmadeknown 2:56 PM on 04/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Benjamin Franklin

  • just a conservative girl 9:25 AM on 09/25/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    High Schoolers Not Happy with The One Size Fits All Lunch Guidelines – We Are Hungry – Video 

    My nephew played football and was  high jumper when he was in high school (State Champ in High Jump in his senior year) and during the times that he was either having track or football practice he wouldn’t get home until close to 8 PM.  He left in the morning around 6:30 AM. Luckily he has long since finished high school because I think he would be feeling the same way as these kids.

    The stories that have been coming out for the past week would be downright funny if it were not so sad.  The kids are not happy with choices that they are being given.  While many school systems still “allow” you to bring your own lunch, many don’t.  What are these kids supposed to do, starve?

    You cannot force kids to eat foods they don’t like.  If they are not getting healthy choices at home, they are not used to eating these foods.  What makes Michelle Obama think that they will eat them in school?  Many of these poor kids are eating much less because they just don’t like what they are being given.

    Reason 18,982 to homeschool.

  • just a conservative girl 9:02 AM on 01/03/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason 12,834 to Home School 

    Virginia just can’t seem to keep out of the news lately.  The latest outrage is a bunch of third graders wrote a little diddy they performed in October.  Now, if I am not mistaken a third grader is about 8 or so.  The school says the kids came up with these lyrics totally on their own:

    Some people have it all

    But they still don’t think they have enough
    They want more money
    A faster ride
    They’re not content
    Never satisfied
    Yes — they’re the 1 percent

    I used to be one of the 1 percent
    I worked all the time
    Never saw my family
    Couldn’t make life rhyme
    Then the bubble burst
    It really, really hurt
    I lost my money
    Lost my pride
    Lost my home
    Now I’m part of the 99

    Some people have it all
    But they still don’t think they have enough
    They want more money
    A faster ride
    They’re not content
    Never satisfied
    Yes — they’re the 1 percent

    I used to be sad, now I’m satisfied
    ’Cause I really have enough
    Though I lost my yacht and plane
    Didn’t need that extra stuff
    Could have been much worse
    You don’t need to be first
    ’Cause I’ve got my friends
    Here by my side
    Don’t need it all
    I’m so happy to be part of the 99

    Yeah, I really buy that a group of eight-year-olds came up with this, all by their lonesomes.  On their website, Kid Pan Alley has songs from previous engagements that they have had around the country, some of the songs are named, Christmas in Tennessee, Stinky Socks, Bouncing of the Bottom, and Whispering in Spanish.  So normally these songs take on the silliness and innocence of childhood, yet this particular class wanted to write about the 99%.  

    Our public school system should not be a place to push a political agenda.  No matter who is pushing it.  At the age of eight children should be learning how to think and at this point basic information about math, science, improving their reading and writing skills.  Instead the public schools have become a place where parents are forced to entrust their children to people who have an agenda, and to heck with the fact that some parents may not agree with that agenda.  Why are they teaching young children about class warfare?  There is a time and place for these discussions with young children, and a public school is neither that place nor the time in which to engage young, impressionable children about concepts they can’t possibly understand at such a tender age.  

    Values should be taught at home.  

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