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  • just a conservative girl 2:17 PM on 12/13/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    About Megyn Kelly and White Santa 

    I just love all this.  I really do.  Megyn Kelly had a panel discussion on blog post that was written by a black woman and her feelings of inadequacies as a child seeing a white Santa Claus.  Her tongue and cheek suggestion was that we now make Santa into a penguin so that no one else is forced to feel bad about themselves as she did as a child.

    This discussion, per the usual, turned into calls of “RAAAAACIST” and of course White Privilege.  I wonder how many actually watched the segment or just read what has been written about it?

    St. Nicholas was white.  St. Nicholas is what Santa Claus is based upon.  That isn’t up for debate.  It is history.  He was a historical figure.  The point of the segment was that just because something in history is uncomfortable, is that a good enough reason to change it?  Her answer is no, it isn’t.  She is right about that.

    Across human history there are many things that are uncomfortable.  The crusades, slavery, and the holocaust just to name three.  Do we get to change what happened because someone is uncomfortable with the history of it?  I am white of European descent.  I am only one generation away from it in fact.  I am only the third person in my family to be born in this country.  Now, I do I get to whitewash the history of European whites that held blacks in slavery just because I don’t like the fact that they did it?  No, I don’t.  That is our history.  The same way that blacks that come from African decent don’t get to whitewash the fact that many blacks on that continent made money on selling their fellow countrymen into bondage.  That is their history.

    I was reading an article not to long ago on the 9/11 museum that will be opening at The World Trade Center.  Some people didn’t want the hijackers mentioned at all, they wanted it to be about the victims only.  I say heck no.  We don’t get to decide for ourselves what that day was and what it was not.  19 men hijacked planes and killed 3,000 innocent people based solely upon their sick religious views.  That is what happened.  It doesn’t matter that some people may be uncomfortable with that pesky little fact.  Muslims have to deal with it.  Saudis have to deal with the fact that the majority of them came from that country.  It isn’t up for debate, or at least it shouldn’t be.

    She was making no statement on race.  She was talking about why do we, as a culture, want to change historical figures into a narrative that fits a more “modern, feel-good, politically correct” thing?  What right do we have to do that as a society?  It benefits no one to change our history.

    This has played out in bright colors this week with the death of Nelson Mandela.  I can’t think of another recent example that showcases what Ms. Kelly was saying.  Upon his death he was either characterized as a saint or the devil.  The truth is he contained elements of both.  His history does contain acts of violence and innocent people being killed due to those acts of violence.  That cannot be left out of the conversation about his life.  But the other side to that coin is that he left the violence behind him once he was out of imprisonment and tried to lead a country out of a government that was based on oppression, racism, and nothing short of tyranny.  Now I don’t agree with his socialist views of government, but I didn’t live that life in that time.  I am sitting in the cheap seats and it is real easy for me to say what I would and would not have done in his position, living in that country, as a person of color, in that time.  Freedom isn’t free.  We say that all the time in this country when it comes to conversations about our troops and America’s standing in the world.  I can think of no example of when a country that was under a tyrannical regime working towards more freedom for its citizens that didn’t involve bloodshed.  It isn’t pretty, but it is reality.  If there is one thing that makes me crazier than anything else, it is when people don’t want to deal with the realities at hand.  We don’t get to change our history simply because we don’t like it.  Unless of course you want to be intellectually dishonest and lazy.

    There was nothing racist about what Megyn Kelly said.  She wasn’t saying that black children can’t look to Santa Claus the same way white children do.  She wasn’t saying that Santa is only for the whites of the world.  She was saying St. Nicholas is a historical figure and nothing in the world is going to change that fact.  Deal with it.

    • danielwalldammit 11:53 AM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Are you sure St. Nicholas was white?

      • just a conservative girl 12:24 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes. He is a historical figure. He was greek.

        • danielwalldammit 12:29 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

          Yes, and Greeks were white? Is he portrayed as white in the iconography of the time?

          • just a conservative girl 5:01 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

            What race do you think Greeks are and were? I realize that our government has put boxes for all kinds of things these days, but that doesn’t mean they are true races.

            • danielwalldammit 5:55 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

              Lol true races? You are the one who has declared the issue indisputable. Feel free to demonstrate the man’s complexion with indisputable facts.

              • Jenny 6:23 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

                St Nicholas is a Catholic saint Daniel, and the legends of Santa Claus didn’t originate in Africa, the Middle East, Asia. As to your straw man arguments, like Aisha Harris’ they aren’t based on fact or evidence but out of a desire to criminalize, marginalize and erase white people/culture. Fact is, the ancient Greeks were white, and had blonde and brown hair. As to ancient Israelites, there were 5 tribes, including Canaanites, who had red hair and fair skin, and the Amorites, who included blondes with blue eyes. Crack open a text on ancient Egyptian history, and view the heiroglyphics. Read how the ancient Celts, a people with fair hair & skin, originated in the Middle East. I wouldn’t base any understanding of anything on the rantings of idiots like Farrakhan or Sharpton

                BTW, there are 3 races of humans, Caucasian, Mongoloid & Negroid.

                • danielwalldammit 2:16 AM on 12/16/2013 Permalink | Reply

                  Speaking of straw man arguments lol, and btw, there are no races of humans. But thank you for making it very clear that you are in fact quite literally a racist.

              • just a conservative girl 8:04 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

                Way to twist what I said. Is Hispanic a race? Is Middle Eastern a race? No, they are not. It something that becomes more and more popular as time goes by to divide people. Go tell a Cuban that they are the same as someone from Spain, or Mexico. You will get an earful. Yet today they are lumped together as a “race”, when the reality is that people from the “Hispanic” race come in a large variety of different backgrounds, such as European, Indian, and African. They can look totally different, the only thing similar about them is that speak Spanish.

                • Jenny 8:38 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

                  There is no Hispanic race, Hispanics are those whose ancestors came from Spain, and their skin tones range from white to brown. They’re Caucasian. I believe you’re misinformed due to the revisionism from Latin America, promoted for ideological reasons to hide their history. Very few Hispanics from Latin America have any indigenous ancestry, The Spanis committed genocide against the indigenous of those lands over 500 years ago, far too few of the peoples indigenous to what’s called Latin America, were left after that. The Spanish then invented the trans-Atlantic slave trade to import cheap labor, bringing over 9 million African slaves to what is now Mexico, Central and South America and their Caribbean colonies, including Cuba and Puerto Rico. The Hispanics imported 36 times as many African slaves as were brought to the US and worked virtually all of them to death. Those that remain are not Hispanic. The Hispanics tried to spread into what is now the SW US, at times enslaving the Navajo, Apache and Ute peoples, who joined with the US settlers and kicked the Hispanics out of those lands.

                • danielwalldammit 2:18 AM on 12/16/2013 Permalink | Reply

                  No twisting at all. I just post something and you go. Always nice to see what passes for conservatism these days.

          • Jenny 6:08 PM on 12/15/2013 Permalink | Reply

            Naw, Greeks were really black, in fact, all of humanity were really black until the evil white man arrived on the spaceships and stole credit for civilization, that’s what Sharpton says, day-um!

  • just a conservative girl 11:04 AM on 12/11/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Photo of the Day – Fake Sign Language Interpreter May have Gotten One Sign Right 

    You may have heard that the leader of the World Deaf Federation is saying that the man who was signing during the speech given at the Mandela funeral yesterday was a fake.  I think he may have gotten one sign right though.  

     Too funny. 



  • just a conservative girl 12:23 PM on 12/10/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    President Obama Keeping it Classy at Mandela Funeral 

    We should all be so proud.  Seriously?  A selfie at a funeral?  That goes for you too,  Mr. Cameron.


  • just a conservative girl 4:57 PM on 12/06/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    President Obama Pays Tribute to Mandela. Yes, Of Course it is a Picture of Him 


  • just a conservative girl 9:26 AM on 12/06/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    E.W. Jackson on the Passing of Nelson Mandela 

    Honestly, I think this is one of the best quotes I have heard.  I admit it, I am a fan of Nelson Mandela.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that he was wrong about socialism and I do know his history.  But, the one thing you can’t get away from once he was in a position of power, he didn’t abuse it.  He didn’t turn into those despots that are all so common in Africa.  I also ask myself would I have thought differently in the same set circumstances.

    I do think the world lost a great man yesterday.  His past wasn’t always pretty but in the end he did what he could to bring equality to millions who wouldn’t have had it otherwise and he did it through a democratic process.  He grew and matured into a man that was able to accomplish things that seemed impossible decades earlier.

    People will quibble over whether the African National Congress was the best means of bringing justice to South Africa. They may debate whether sanctions were the right way of pressuring for the end of apartheid. One could point out that Nelson Mandela once embraced violence, but I cannot say that I would not have done the same under those conditions. He later came to realize that violence would not bring down apartheid without destroying South Africa.

    One can certainly question whether today’s South Africa fulfills the potential it has for freedom and opportunity. However, there is no doubt that Nelson Mandela was exactly the leader South Africa needed – even if he didn’t start out that way. He was courageous through long years of abuse and imprisonment. He was magnanimous and a force for peace and reconciliation when he was released and catapulted to the presidency. Others in his circumstances have become dictators and authoritarian leaders, exacting vengeance on their enemies. He came to be admired even by those who had once opposed him. The world has lost a great man today.

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