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  • just a conservative girl 4:56 PM on 04/05/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – Melissa Harris Perry Edition 

    “..We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities..”

    Melissa Perry Harris from NBC News.

    Simply terrifying.  No Ms. Harris, my child doesn’t belong to you or anyone else who believes your communist BS.

    • Don 6:42 PM on 04/06/2013 Permalink | Reply

      It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, but evidently it takes a village to support Marxist idiots.

      • signpainterguy 1:02 AM on 04/07/2013 Permalink | Reply

        Lots of villages keep losing their idiots !

    • jim 8:52 AM on 07/24/2013 Permalink | Reply

      A July 22 news article began, “The shootings continue in Chicago, as the death toll climbs to 232 for the year 2013. From Friday to Sunday morning, six have been fatally shot and 17 wounded.”

      Nearly 100 percent of the victims were young blacks. Nearly 100 percent of all shooters were young blacks.
      Most of the shootings took place on the streets in the late hours of the nights or the dark early hours of mornings.
      It seems that if these ‘kids’ are being raised by their communities rather than their parents, “belonging to whole communities” is not such a good idea.

  • just a conservative girl 8:03 AM on 09/17/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    About that NBC Poll 

    A new poll was released last week that was done by NBC/Marist for Virginia.  The poll has Obama leading Romney by 5.  Now Virginia is going to be a very important part of a Romney win.  He can still win without it, but his life will be much easier if he does indeed pull it out.  But as usual, the poll is very misleading.  The internals of the poll is always you need to look to see if you are being given proper information.

    Virginia has a black population of 19% of the total.  This poll has 18% blacks out of 996 of likely voters.  They are being over-sampled.  One would have to assume that every black person in the state is going to vote.  In the last presidential election under 62% of eligible voters made it to the polls.  I can’t find that broken down demographically.  But one must assume that not every black person in the state voted, as you know, some are not 18.  This is also true with the Hispanic population in the state, which by 2010 census numbers are 7.9% of the total population and are 7% of this poll.  They also over-sampled women.

    We then can look at the breakdown of locations across the state.  If you look at the most traditionally heavy democratic areas, they are where the majority of the where the sampling was done.

    Gee one would think they wanted to Obama come out on top in this poll.  Every poll I have looked at has been skewed towards democrats.  I have not looked at the internals of the Rasmussen Polls because they give out that info to their paid subscribers.  But from what I have seen not one of the major polls has been done in a way that can be trusted.

    We don’t register by party in this state, but the one thing that I know for sure is that the registration numbers are up in more traditional GOP areas of the state.  I don’t think anyone but the parties have a true picture of where the electorate is heading.  So all we can do is watch they are doing and how they are spending their resources and their time.

    What is really sad is that the votes are driven by polling.  People think to themselves well so and so is going to win, so I don’t need to vote or they just go along with who they believe is going to win.  The media outlets who commission these polls are driving a false narrative and since most people won’t look at the internals of the polls, they don’t even realize that they are being manipulated.  A very sad commentary.

    • Don 10:00 AM on 09/17/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I am beginning to think that it will be a blow out for Romney.

      • SignPainterGuy 11:46 AM on 09/17/2012 Permalink | Reply

        About two weeks ago, townhall.com did a poll that showed Romney winning every state, but not DC ! It looked really good, but you know the majority of TH readers are right-leaning !

    • Ednar 4:47 PM on 09/17/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Am getting ready for the true Chicago politics to come out from Obama … who wants to & needs to win this badly. This is a must win for both …but Obama needs this to complete his plans to spread the wealth of the 1%. It is NOT the 1% of the wealthiest Americans he wants to spread or tax … it is America who ARE THE 1% … of the world!
      It is America wealth Obama wants to spread around to all the world! After watching 2016, I realized that Obama wants to get rid of all of our nukes & is trusting all countries to do the same!
      Not only is he conniving in his insidious type of politics … he is also naive to believe any nation would be on the same mind set same thought waves same manner of thinking as he is!
      Was told that Obama might just pretend he is a victim to an assassination attempt to draw in sympathy votes!
      He already has the yard sales, bake sales, birthday gifts, wedding gifts … just about everything but the kitchen sink going to his campaign!
      He has campaign fundraisers in Europe!
      I would tap into those rich muslim Saudi Sheihks he genuflected to for financial support!
      But then again … he probably already made BEHIND-THE-SCENE promises to them as he did with the Russians!

  • just a conservative girl 4:11 PM on 04/05/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote(s) of the Day – Don Cheadle Edition 

    “Dear NBC News, Huh???”

    “It was ‘an error made in the production process that we deeply regret.’ Really? ‘Error?'”

    “Anybody out there know anything about editing?”

    “Unless the AVID malfunctioned, SOMEBODY was faking the funk,”

    “Why?, is the question. What was furthered beyond NBC news ratings?”

    “Dangerous subject matter to be f*cking with. Irresponsible, incendiary and completely counter to the furtherance of justice for either side.”

    “I pray this kind of bullsh*t doesn’t effect the investigation or sway the facts in any way. There needs to be a proper outcome based on fact. Truth doesn’t need ‘help.’

    If Zimmerman is proven guilty of a crime he should be charged accordingly and prosecuted to the full extent.”

    “I think what it mostly does is reveal how biased many still are in both polarizing directions; assumptions aplenty,”

    Actor and Activist Don Cheadle tweets on NBC’s admission they doctored the 9-1-1 call of George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Tayvon Martin.


  • just a conservative girl 1:28 PM on 11/22/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Hollywood Keeps it Classy – Lyin’ Ass Bitch Played as Michele Bachmann Walks on Stage 

    The Roots, the band at the Jimmy Fallon Show, played the song Lyin’ Ass Bitch as Michele Bachmann walked on the stage for her interview.  

    To add insult to injury this is how the AP reported this:

    The song itself, about a relationship gone wrong, isn’t political. 

    But I guess I shouldn’t expect much better from NBC or the AP for that matter. 

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