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    BOMBSHELL: EmergingCorruption.com Has Released The Kraken On The White House 

    ACORN whistle-blower Anita Moncrief held a press conference on Friday at the Right Online Convention in Las Vegas. She announced that she will press FEC charges against the Obama Administration for the campaign’s illegal coordination with ACORN during the 2008 election.

    From EmergingCorruption.com we learn that Moncrief wonders if the biggest story covered up in 2008 was the illegal coordination between ACORN and the Obama campaign.

    Moncrief treats us to a screen shot from the newly released Obama second quarter 2007 donor list and then provides the reader with the archived document for viewing. The information is more complete than what the Obama campaign turned over to the Federal Election Commission.  Read the whole article here.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

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      I saw that earlier today. Fabulous screen shots of incriminating emails!

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      Notice how the reporter gets the same intimidation tactics from the Obama campaign Lenny Ben-David got from the JournoList thugs. Really interesting in the email was the acknowledgement that if no one spoke on record the likelihood of the information making the paper went way down. I thought nearly everything coming from the WH came from unnamed aides speaking on background.

      God Bless Anita for pressing charges!

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      Yes we can!!!!!!

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    Obama drivels on 

    Another Steynless Saturday morning. This is unsustainable. We need Mark to provide an antidote to Obama’s mind-numbing blather.

    One thing you can say for our president: he’s consistent, ever-ready to point fingers, deflect blame from his exalted person, baldly misrepresent facts, impugn motives of opponents, etc.

    What’s worse — his mendacity or the tiresomeness and utter predictability of it all?

    “I can’t tell you that this plan will bring back all the jobs we lost and restore our economy to full strength overnight,” Obama said. “But I am confident that we are finally headed in the right direction. We are moving forward. And what we can’t afford right now is to go back to the same ideas that created this mess in the first place.”

    Wake me up when it’s over.

    Obama was attacking Rep. John Boehner’s plan for creating jobs, which our “leader” called “surprisingly short, and sadly familiar.” (Why drag Barbara Boxer into this?) If Steyn weren’t away he’d use that line to say something actually funny.

    At the risk of putting you into a coma, here is what Obama said about Boehner’s terrible ideas:

    First, he would repeal health insurance reform, which would take away tax credits from millions of small business owners, and take us back to the days when insurance companies had free rein to drop coverage and jack up premiums. Second, he would say no to new investments in clean energy, after his party already voted against the clean energy tax credits and loans that are creating thousands of new jobs and hundreds of new businesses. And third, even though his party voted against tax cuts for middle-class families, he would permanently keep in place the tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans – the same tax cuts that have added hundreds of billions to our debt.

    These are not new ideas. They are the same policies that led us into this recession. They will not create jobs, they will kill them. They will not reduce our deficit, they will add $1 trillion to our deficit. They will take us backward at a time when we need to keep America moving forward.

    Is there any point in mentioning that Obama’s ideas have been tried, too, and are bringing down Europe as we speak? As for killing jobs, well, I have to concede that he’s the expert on that.

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      “(Why drag Barbara Boxer into this?)” LOL, you’re doing a good job picking up for Steyn.

      It’s completely pathetic that our President uses his weekly address as a campaign vehicle. Still, nearly everything he spends his time attacking begins to gain support paradoxically. He’s probably doing Boehner a favor.

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      I’m beginning to think that he doesn’t take the Presidency as a serious job, a real job, but only as a stepping stone to something bigger. He has NEVER stopped campaigning.

      As to the “something bigger,” well, the thoughts on that are pretty frightening.

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        I don’t think he knows what it is to hold a serious job though, has he ever had one? I doubt he ever seriously gave thought what work would be required to turn back the tides, heal the planet and lead a divided nation of red states and blue states into a United States. If Joe Biden were to have an honest conversation with him, instead of the imaginary one he had with George Bush, he would have to say, “Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one is following.”

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    Memo to Barack Hussein Obama: We aren’t all as shallow and driven by bigotry as you think 

    He tried to use his oh-so-scary furrin name as the reason we bitter clingers opposed him during the campaign, and now he uses it to try to explain away Israel’s 100% justified belief that he is not their friend.

    I can’t believe he actually said this:

    Some of it may just be that my middle name is Hussein and that creates suspicion.

    What a supercilious ass.

    ETA: Jennifer Rubin’s title says it all: Israelis Are Racists, and Besides, Some of My Best Political Hacks Are Jews

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      This is typical leftist projection. They are constantly accusing people of all their own worst traits, including being racist, shallow, and driven by bigotry. Can they name one person, ONE, who is opposed to BO because of his middle name? And isn’t this the same loser who actually dismissed early charges of racism about his opponents by acknowledging that he wouldn’t have won the election without a good percentage of the white vote? All this does is clarify and solidify his own anti-Semiticism (his relationship with shower boy Twinkle Toes not withstanding)

    • Obi's Sister 8:46 PM on 07/09/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I like to call it ‘projectile projecting.’ Obama is the master.

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    Mexican Drug Cartel Threatened to Blow Up Texas Dam 

    There are plenty of events that you might think would make big news but don’t because they contradict utterances made by Barack Obama or one of his high-ranking Obamatons. A case in point is the reported plan by a Mexican drug cartel, the Zeta cartel, to blow up Falcon Dam on the Rio Grande, southwest of San Antonio, Texas, as an act of vengeance against their rival, the Gulf cartel.

    The plan came to the attention of U.S. officials when members of the Zeta cartel circulated handbills and drove around “the Mexican side of the river near the dam” with bullhorns to warn the population “to get out of the area.” Some members of the cartel are known to be ex-military members “trained in special forces tactics,  including demolition.” If  these drug thugs had succeeded in seriously compromising the dam, they  would have released 534 billion gallons of water stored behind the dam in Falcon Lake, not only disrupting the Gulf cartel’s smuggling routes from Falcon Lake to the Gulf but also flooding “massive amounts of agricultural land . . .  as well  as significant parts of a region where about 4 million people live along  both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.”

    Contrast the Zeta cartel’s threat in May of this year with a statement made by Obama during his “immigration reform” speech of June 1:

    So the bottom line is this:  The southern border is more secure today  than at any time in the past 20 years.

    The threatened attack on the dam was met with secret actions by the “American police, federal agents and disaster officials” including the “U.S. Border Patrol, the Texas Department of Public Safety and even game  wardens,” according to officials. A “stepped-up presence by the Mexican military” may also have played a role.

    Said Gene Falcon, director of emergency preparedness for Starr County where Falcon Dam is sited, “It would have been a hell of a disaster. There was plenty of concern.”

    I’ll bet.

    But will that concern ever reach the White House?

    More at Bread upon the Waters.

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      I suppose liberals in denial will call the cartel an NGO. Maybe the UN will recognize them.

      • Quite Rightly 9:12 AM on 07/06/2010 Permalink | Reply

        LOL! Sounds about right. Or maybe they’d like NASA to focus on the cartel’s “scientific contributions.”

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      Ugh. Don’t you just feel totally overwhelmed by the horrors sometimes? What the hell is going on in this country?

      Is it November yet? Or better yet 2012?

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    Can we call this criminal negligence yet? 

    God help us if we are ever attacked. The government’s ability, and desire, to respond to a crisis is pathetically lacking. Read all of Doug Power’s post. He quotes CNS News:

    Billy Nungesser, president of New Orleans’ Plaquemines Parish, sensed that a chart showing 140 oil skimmers at work — a chart given to him by BP and the Coast Guard — was “somewhat inaccurate.” So, Nungesser asked to fly over the spill to verify the number.

    The flyover was cancelled three times before those officials admitted that just 31 of the 140 skimmers were actually deployed.

    Insert your own outrage here.

    A bit more from Doug:

    Nungesser, you may recall, was one of the parish presidents who waited three hours to meet with Joe Biden and ended up seeing him for 30 seconds. Prior to that, Nungesser said that President Obama “chewed him out” during one visit to the Gulf.


    Cross-posted at P&P.

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    Deceiving The Infidels 

    Stephen Schwartz, writing at the Weekly Standard, informs us that Rashad Hussain has dubbed the current occupant of the Oval Office America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam”.

    Rashad Hussain is America’s Special Envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference.  In his keynote speech on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, which welcomed Tariq Ramadan, Hussain congratulated Fearless Reader for sending Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser, to last year’s annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America, a notorious front for Saudi-financed Muslim radicalism.  

    Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna himself stated clearly that the Qur’an and other Islamic doctrines “summon people…to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.”

    Hussain noted in his speech to the OIC, “that Obama has called for references to ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘jihadism’ to be expunged from the official vocabulary employed by his administration, and has pronounced last year’s Fort Hood massacre to be unrelated to Islam.  As the president has assured the world, terrorism is anti-Islamic and the term ‘jihad’ has been misused.  Thus Obama presumes not only to act as ‘educator’ on Islam to non-Muslim Americans, but to define the religion for its own adherents.”

    “Hussain addressed his comments to an event assessing the impact of Obama’s Cairo speech.  But Hussain employed a phrase that must have been chilling to those who heard in it an echo, saying ‘Islam is a solution’ to the current global challenges emerging from Muslim ranks.  A ‘post-Cairo’ phrase indeed: ‘Islam is the solution’ is the slogan of the radical Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.”

    By refusing to name the enemy and by systematically downplaying in our Middle East diplomacy the nature of the jihadist threat, the current administration has made the problem worse.

    Slaughtering fellow human beings so that adherents of the “true faith” might prevail over “enemies of God” may be acceptable for liberals searching for sociological or economic motivations for terrorists and jihadist propagandists but I learned all I ever needed to know on September 11, 2001 about the barbaric animals who cloak themselves in a seventh century warrior faith dedicated to conquest—with power, wealth, and glory accruing to conquerors.  I don’t need this president to educate me.

    Please click over to Israel Matzav to view an eye-opening video on the subject of demonizing Islam.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

    • fuzislippers 9:19 AM on 06/25/2010 Permalink | Reply

      This is a great post, I tweeted it. This administration is making us less and less safe by the day with regard to Islam and our borders. Our police are being threatened on our own soil by foreign armed criminals, and what does BO do? Tells taxpayer funded government agencies to cancel its meetings in AZ, when AZ residents are among the taxpayers funding these meetings. It’s an outrage. Add to this his absolute refusal to deal with jihad as it is, and we have a recipe for pure chaos. Wars within our borders, on two fronts, and a president who is completely indifferent to it all. Tell me again why we can’t have him impeached? He’s tried to bribe officials with jobs, judgeships, and God knows what else, he’s not securing our borders unless he gets what he wants (refusing to do his constitutional duty without pay for play), he’s purposefully slowing down and stopping efforts to protect the Gulf coast and its citizens, and he’s mindfully, willfully giving Iran all the time in the world to create its nukes (and hand them off to BO”s terrorist buddies in Hamas and al Queda), and he’s lying–daily–to the American people about the threat of Islam, a threat that we have all long underestimated and misunderstood. There’s more, of course, including the fraud and forgery used to push the moratorium on oil drilling and the take overs of GM, banks, student loans, and soon energy.

      None of this is about incompetence. Carter, that was incompetence (and idealism), but this, this is being engineered with a very clear goal in mind. A goal clear to the admin, anyway, if not yet to the American people.

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    Obama Tells His Price for Border Security, AZ Senator Says 

    Arizonans and other Americans suffer enormously from illegal immigration, but what does that suffering amount to for the president of the United States? It makes a great bargaining chip. When you are in serious pain, you might agree to just about anything to make the pain stop.

    On Friday, June 18, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) told an audience at a town hall meeting in North Tempe why President Obama won’t enforce America’s immigration laws. The entire video is worth watching, but the Obama information starts at 3:17.

    Here’s what Senator Kyl said:

    I met with the president in the Oval Office, just the two of us . . . and we had a discussion about this. . . . Here’s what the president said:

    “The problem is,” he said, “if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”

    In other words, they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform.

    Now, I explained, “You and I, Mr. President, have an obligation to secure the border. That’s an obligation. It also has potentially positive benefits. You don’t have to have comprehensive reform to secure the border, but you have to secure the border to get comprehensive reform.” I said, “You’d be surprised. Maybe you don’t think that there would be any more incentive for comprehensive reform. But I’m not so sure that that’s true.” In any event, it doesn’t matter. We’re supposed to secure the border.

    But that’s why it isn’t being done. They frankly don’t want to do it. They want to get something in return for doing their duty.

    That is, of course, if “they” plan on securing the border at any time.

    Hat tips: Snaggletoothie of the Loyal Opposition and The Right Scoop.

    Cross-posted at Bread upon the Waters.

    • fuzislippers 7:12 PM on 06/20/2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s official, I cannot abide that man. BO is a . . . ugh! Words fail me. We knew this is how he thinks, but the confirmation of it is still unsettling.

      As to securing the borders, that’s the job of the federal government, they all swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. To me, this is nothing less than failing to live up to the office he took: I won’t protect or defend this nation . . . unless you do what I want? No, no, no. That is not how it works. The Constitution is clear about this, and people are being killed, terrorists are coming in from Mexico, and this petty, bully Chicago crap has got to stop. He’s crossing lines here, and it’s just not acceptable. Hell, BO is just not acceptable.

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    Democrats Plan to Pass Energy Bill in Lame-Duck Session 

    Via Jay Cost who writes in a piece titled, “The Pulpit of a Bully,” comes this startling bit of information uncovered in a report at Politico:

    EXCLUSIVE: Phil Schiliro, the White House congressional liaison, has told the Senate to aim to take up an energy bill the week of July 12, after the July 4 break (and after the scheduled final passage of Wall Street reform). Kagan confirmation will follow, ahead of the summer break, scheduled to begin Aug. 9. The plan is to conference the new Senate bill with the already-passed House bill IN A LAME-DUCK SESSION AFTER THE ELECTION, so House members don’t have to take another tough vote ahead of midterms.

    A White House aide has the official word: “President Obama reiterated his call for comprehensive energy and climate legislation to break our dependence on oil and fossil fuels. In the coming weeks he will be reaching out to Senators on both sides of the aisle to chart a path forward. A number of proposals have been put forward from Members on both sides of the aisle. We’re open to good ideas from all sources, and will be working with Senators on a comprehensive proposal. The tragedy in the Gulf underscores the need to move quickly, and the President is committed to finding the votes for comprehensive energy legislation this year.”

    FACTS OF LIFE: How many crises of historic proportions are going to require unprecedented government action? Stimulus, Wall Street, health care, troops, energy: These are all big issues, but at what point will people think the president is just trying to spook people into massive government action?

    Cost notes the 51st Congress was known as the Billion Dollar Congress, after the Republican-run legislature “raided the Treasury in an effort to pay off all its supporters.” Cost suggests the 111th deserves the moniker the Trillion Dollar Congress.  After passing an enormously unpopular health care bill despite the protestations of the American people, the Trillion Dollar Congress intends on pulling the same shenanigans by passing a huge energy package in the lame-duck session before the 112th Congress is convened . Wither the will of the people who would have rendered their verdict on this Congress during the November midterm elections.  We all know how they value the will of the American people.

    President “Never Waste a Crisis” Obama set the stage for this in his widely-panned speech from the Oval Office Tuesday night.  Though the speech is replete with references to the urgent need to transition from fossil fuel, this section seems excerpted from his many health care speeches with only the subject changed to energy:

    Now, there are costs associated with this transition.  And some believe we can’t afford those costs right now.  I say we can’t afford not to change how we produce and use energy – because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security, and our environment are far greater.

    Read the rest if you have trouble remembering the formulaic speeches Obama used to set the stage before Congress pulled every single trick imaginable to pass the health care law.   All the pieces are in place just as they were for health care: a House-passed legislation that won’t be deemed dead until a new Congress convenes in January 2011, a Congress led by the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and a band of merry thieves in Congress intent on imposing a New World Order whether the American people like it or not.  Damn the law – let the peasants shout Viva il Duce.

    Doug Ross suggests we commit this bit of advice from Jim Geraghty to memory:

    Every Republican challenger ought to be demanding that their Democrat incumbent opponent pledge in writing that they will not pass an energy bill in a lame-duck session if they are defeated.

    Cost warns such bullying will haunt Obama in the 2012 presidential election.  That is all well and good, but heaven knows the extent of the damage he will have inflicted until he finally usurps Jimmy Carter’s place in the annals of failed One-Term Presidents.

    Cross posted at Ruby Slippers

    • Robert Putnam 3:09 AM on 06/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

      One thing that I have not heard much is exactly how many hits can an economy withstand and survive?
      We are still in the middle of the 2nd worse economic crisis we have ever experienced: a combination of failed humanitarian policy, economic excessiveness, investment loopholes and failed political response – blow to the legs. . .
      Throw in an attempt to provide free health care to millions people on the backs of those who still have jobs – slug in the gut. . .
      Then the worse ecological disaster we have known threatening the property and lively-hood of millions in the Gulf Coast – roundhouse to the head. . .
      Now let’s press all businesses (those that have not gone bankrupt during this depression) to manage and pay for cap and trade and energy legislation that god and everyone else who thinks knows will cripple our GDP for some period, at least, until the market adjusts to the change: perhaps years. . .
      We are leaking money in Iraq. . . money in Afghanistan, the UN, NATO, NAFTA, CAFTA and everywhere else the government can find a good cause, and no one even wants to talk about the deficit that is so mind-boggling a number that we cannot relate to it. . .

      I believe that one of three possibilities exist for the future of America: 1) It will legislate itself into non-importance and destroy the economic gain that has developed since the 80s; 2) It’s economy will bleed out by trying to save the world and everyone in it within 4 years of economic boondoggle; or 3) we will watch as China becomes the only world power and learn to accept our place as second.

      Do you really think that America is invincible economically? Do you think that taxing business will be paid by business profit margins and not come out of our pockets as prices are adjusted for the additional expense margins? Do you think that coddling 10-15 million illegal aliens will not have serious affect on our economy. By the way. . . our work force is shrinking, and there will not be as many wage earners and taxpayers in the future. I have a good idea! Lets open our borders to millions and millions of people in the name of humanity and then hope that our welfare system doesn’t collapse. It will never collapse, you say! Why is congress cutting off the unemployment benefits of those who still have not been able to find jobs? Because they cannot afford it! Oh by the way, look for the jobless rate to decrease shortly, as the ones who are dropped from employment security are no longer counted. That information should come out just before election time in October. . .

      I think those in office are scared. . . they have not had the superior voting capability they have now for years and they are afraid they will not have a chance for some time in the future, so they are pulling out all the stops and trying to enact every socialist institution they can while they still can spend our money. The question is: will we survive it. Alarmist, you say? I say, pragmatist. America cannot take many more punches; it’s already on its knees.

      • Quite Rightly 7:44 AM on 06/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Robert, you ask, “Do you really think that America is invincible economically? Do you think that taxing business will be paid by business profit margins and not come out of our pockets as prices are adjusted for the additional expense margins? Do you think that coddling 10-15 million illegal aliens will not have serious affect on our economy.”

        I know many people who believe these things wholeheartedly. They live in a mythical world in which the United States is invincible at the same time that, in their minds, most Americans (themselves excepted, of course) are backward and stupid. They firmly believe that their desire to use a non-existent, futuristic green energy system absolves them from bearing responsibility for their actual, real-world participation in a post industrial-revolution economy. The disconnect is so complete that many of them cannot grasp the idea that the weakening of the United States threatens their own individual dreams, goals, and lifestyles and the health and well-being of their own families.

      • Yukio Ngaby 7:12 PM on 06/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t put too much stock in the “rise of China” theory. China has a ton of economic, soical and political problems, any one of which would be crippling. Should America collapse, China would go with it, should America be a “second-class nation” China could not replace it. In the 80s it was Japan taking over economic supremacy, now it’s China… Both are short-sighted views without knowledge of the fragile nature of their economies– and in this case China’s govt.

        The US has been through worse economic crisis in the past– not merely the Great Depression. This recession is unpleasant and Obama and Congress are working mightily to make it worse, but the US and other less economically resilient countries have been through much worse. The Health Care Law will have to be repealed, and probably will be either through a GOP Congress, or thru legal challenges. One can only hope that it happens before it wrecks the American health care system.

        Debt is the main issue. Curbing spending and the bribes which both parties have heaped upon the public to win votes (on top of graft, useless spending etc.) needs to stop.

        • fuzislippers 10:32 PM on 06/17/2010 Permalink | Reply

          Yay! You make things seem better. And yes, the careless and useless spending and bribes and pork have GOT to stop. A little free market principle needed here, no? If that crap fails to win votes, they’ll stop doing it. That takes time to sink in, of course, so in the meantime, we don’t vote for people who promise the moon and stars . . . for free. That’s all got to stop both in the political arena AND in the voting population.

          • Yukio Ngaby 8:51 AM on 06/18/2010 Permalink | Reply

            The problem is so much of it is now part of our political character. Every Congressiona Rep. that has ever represented me, constantly waxes on about everything they’ve done for California or Oregon. What they always mean is how much fed. money they’ve ushered into the state by cutting political deals, voting a certain way, etc.

            Representation in this day and age has come to basically come to mean elected lobbyist and often party shill.

            I don’t to make things sound rosy, but cruddy economies and bad laws like this have happened in the past and in other countries. It’s not unprescedented.

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    On Being The Nothing He Never Ceases To Be 

    When I was a young woman, my father would rant about the government wanting to make all of us ride bicycles instead of driving cars.  It was thirty-three years ago, on April 18, 1977, that Jimmah Carter AKA “President Peanut” took to the Oval Office to pronounce that, “I am sure each of you will find something you don’t like about the specifics of our proposal. It will demand that we make sacrifices and changes in our lives. To some degree, the sacrifices will be painful—but so is any meaningful sacrifice. It will lead to some higher costs and to some greater inconveniences for everyone.”

    CAFE fuel economy mandates passed in 1978 forced Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers to start marketing down-sized automobiles.  We’re not to the point yet of being forced to ride bicycles but the push is on for us to switch to battery-operated crap boxes. 

    From the Oval Office our gelding said, “When I was a candidate for this office, I laid out a set of principles that would move our country towards energy independence. Last year, the House of Representatives acted on these principles by passing a strong and comprehensive energy and climate bill—a bill that finally makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses.”

    “Now, there are costs associated with this transition. And some believe we can’t afford those costs right now. I say we can’t afford not to change how we produce and use energy—because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security, and our environment are far greater.” 

    The names Carter and Obama are now interchangeable.  Both all sound and fury signifying nothing.

    Like wind-up toy dentures clacking noisily, “Bathtub Boy” Olbermann, “Tweety” Matthews and Howie Fineman are apoplectic over GOTUS’s (Gelding of the United States) disastrous oil spill speech.  Mo Do (Maureen Dowd) opined, “You know the president is drowning—in oil this time—when he uses the Oval Office. And do words really matter when the picture of oil gushing out of the well continues to fill the screen?”

    Disappointment is deepening from talking heads from across the political spectrum.  What bewilders me is how long it’s taken them to see the truth.  It brings to mind part of the lyrics from one of the most beloved hymns of all times, Amazing Grace:  “I once was lost, but now am found.  Was blind, but now I see.”

    Their defection is almost as embarrassing to this regime as the historic defection of Russian ballet star Rudolph Nureyev forty-eight years ago.  Suddenly the soaring rhetoric is lame, the boundless promises have been broken and the stagecraft is like erectile dysfunction.

    As Drew M. wrote over at Ace of Spades, “It’s almost enough for me to feel bad for Obama…but not quite enough.  So yes, yes I will have another serving of schadenfreude.”

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

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    Daniel Hannan: I was wrong about Obama 

    H/T: Allahpundit on Twitter

    I will admit I found it puzzling that Daniel Hannan could have rationalized supporting the election of Barack Obama.  Hannan supported Obama despite the protestations of his wife who Hannan describes as a far better conservative than he.   Those who have seen the movie The Big Chill may recall the power of rationalization.  Ahem. While Mrs. Hannan failed to convince her husband,  Daniel is no longer able to deny the reality of the failure that is the Barack Obama presidency:

    I was wrong. Not that Obama is without his good points, obviously. His commitment to school choice is unfeigned. His foreign policy has been a jolly sight cheaper than McCain’s would have been. The election of a mixed-race president who opposed the Iraq war has made the USA slightly more popular.

    None of these advantages, however, can make up for the single most important fact of Obama’s presidency, namely that the federal government is 30 per cent larger than it was two years ago

    This is not entirely Obama’s fault, of course. The credit crunch occurred during the dying days of the Bush administration, and it was the 43rd president who began the baleful policy of bail-outs and pork-barrelstimulus packages. But it was Obama who massively extended that policy against united Republican opposition. It was he who chose, in defiance of public opinion, to establish a state-run healthcare system. It was he who presumed to tell private sector employees what they could earn, he who adopted the asinine cap-and-trade rules, and he who re-federalised social security, thereby reversing the single most beneficial reform of the Clinton years.

    These errors are not random. They amount to a comprehensive strategy of Europeanisation: Euro-carbon taxes, Euro-disarmament, Euro-healthcare, Euro-welfare, Euro-spending levels, Euro-tax levels and, inevitably, Euro-unemployment levels. Any American reader who wants to know where Obamification will lead should spend a week with me in the European Parliament. I’m working in your future and, believe me, you won’t like it.

    Read the rest, Daniel starts slow then works himself into a lather over Obama’s faux-outrage at “British Petroleum” then moves on to the snubs against American allies.  It appears the proverbial straw was  the fact the administration “is backing Peronist Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands – or, as Obama’s people call them, “the Malvinas”.

    Word to the normally-wise Daniel Hannan – resist the power of rationalization and listen to your wife.

    • Jill 6:04 PM on 06/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Er, I think I was wrong about Hannan. How could he not have sniffed out that Obama was a Euro-socialist?

      I don’t think we can say that O is committed to school choice, either. Far from it. And is America “slightly more popular”? Seems to me we’re held in contempt for our weakness or despised for our betrayals.

      • rubyslipperblog 6:56 PM on 06/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

        He has a hard time letting go of some rationalizations. I saw him on Hannity when he first became popular here explaining his decision to support Obama. He generally believed Congress held the power and Obama would be an inconsequential leader who might help America’s image. He did support Republicans for Congress but as many didn’t know who even controlled Congress his support seemed to me wasted.

        I do agree with him that Congress can be more powerful than the presidency. I tend to doubt that Obama would have pushed for passage of ObamaCare had he not been encouraged by Pelosi’s assurance she would do anything to get it passed. Obama would be far less powerful without her. Nevertheless he can still do quite a bit of damage without a Democratically controlled Congress. Hannan missed that along with Obama’s Euro-socialist tendencies. I think he thought he would be the passive “present” vote as President.

        I am not rationalizing Hannan’s willful disregard of Obama’s blatant flaws but I do think his admission is significant. Voters who did the same will take the same path in their awakening that Obama is a Euro-socialist who presented himself falsely as a pragmatic problem-solver who tended to lean “slightly to the left.” People who voted this way will first blame Congress and then with overwhelming evidence admit that they were wrong about Obama. I have had this feeling for a month or so the tide has turned for Obama. Barring some miraculous return of a booming economy, Obama is wasting away in Carteritaville. I am not sure it will even require the emergence of another Reagan to stick a fork in this presidency.

    • Quite Rightly 9:15 PM on 06/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I like Hannon, but I think many of his statements reveal that he doesn’t understand how Americans think. As Jill points out, he has no commitment to school choice, and I am hard put to imagine the “advantage” gained from his foreign policy, such that it is. However, fallen away Obamatons will have to hang their disaffection on something, and it can hardly be on agreement with conservatives. We’ll be seeing some pretty bizarre criticisms of Obama, I’m thinking, as liberals and progressives scratch around for a one-size-fits-all criticism of Obama that is easy to market to most of their group-think customers. That will take a while. The turn-around should be much easier to accomplish in the UK, which is the obvious object of Obama’s scorn.

      • pjMom 9:51 PM on 06/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Ditto. I like Hannon but you’re both right concerning school choice as the kids in DC can attest. I think the head-scratching among uber-liberals has already begun, hence the 14% of liberals who think the Democrats are “too conservative” from the Gallup that came out today. They’re peeved that he didn’t push for single-payer up front, trojan horse or no trojan horse.

  • Pat Austin 11:56 AM on 06/12/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Obama   

    Not Resting, Again 

    Thank goodness Obama has his boot on the neck of BP and isn’t resting until this crisis is solved and people are back to work in south Louisiana.

    Last night he was not resting at the Kennedy Center, taking in a performance of “Thurgood.”

    The New York Times says of the play,

    At the end of the play Marshall recites from a Langston Hughes poem opening with the following line: “Oh, let America be America again.”

    Amen to that.

    Meanwhile, NOLA reports:

    Coast Guard Rear Adm. James Watson has written a letter to BP, giving the company 48 hours to come up with additional “leak containment capacity” to deal with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    At least somebody is on the job. 

    Cross posted at And So it Goes in Shreveport

  • Jill 5:53 AM on 06/11/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Obama   

    Kickin’ it with Barry 

  • Quite Rightly 2:07 PM on 06/10/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Obama   

    Presidents Who Really Could KSA 

    Joaquin over at How Is That Obama Vote Working Out For You???, points out that a dude who can’t even pitch a baseball faces a credibility gap when it comes to threatening to perform an activity usually reserved for tough guys.

    Joaquin has posted a list of presidents who possessed some real authority in that department. Readers might want to add their own favorites to the list.

    Now, if you want to talk about Presidents that can kick ass!

    George Washington–clearly
    Andrew Jackson–he killed a guy in a duel. So yeah!
    William Henry Harrison–yep
    Zachary Taylor–for sure
    Honest Abe–absolutely…if pushed
    US Grant–just ask Robert E. Lee
    TR–oh yeah!!
    Harry Truman–bantam weight
    Ike–yes sir!
    JFK–maybe in his prime
    LBJ–reluctantly, but yeah!
    Gerald Ford–a Wolverine
    Ronald Reagan–the Gipper

    Cross-posted at Bread upon the Waters.

  • Sherry 10:46 AM on 06/09/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Obama   

    Things I Would Ask and Tell the President 

    Now that there’s an empty chair at the press conferences when they’re held, I humbly throw my hat into the ring with the following questions and commentary:

    1) Mr. President, if you’ve been aware and in charge and involved since day one, why haven’t you spoken directly with Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP about the leak?  It’s now day 50.  Do you think maybe, you know, you could call him up?  Isn’t he the major posterior you need to kick? 

    2) BP said at first the rig wasn’t leaking but that if it did, it wouldn’t be bad. Now either they lied to you in which case you should be majorly ticked and get your foot ready, or you knew they were lying in which case we should be ticked at both of you or you were both ignorant, in which case, again, we should be ticked at all of you.   Which is it and how can you prove it?

    3) The Crude hasn’t’ stopped but you’re president, you won so the buck stops with you. This took place in Federal waters. It’s your problem, not Bush’s, not the Republicans, it’s yours. Roll up your sleeves for more than a 15 minute photo-op and get your hands dirty. We see you walking on a cleaned up beach making jokes and jetting back for a barbeque with the stars.  In writing, the mantra is show don’t tell.  You tell us you care. You show us, you’re all about the party.  Guess which one is more compelling?

    4) Need some ideas on how to fix this?  Stop calling college professors for counsel.  Call all the CEOS of every oil company together and have them brainstorm about how to fix it, have them clean it up as a public service, let them keep what they capture.  Offer incentives of public praise from the oval office for those companies who out of civic self interest, help fix things in the Gulf.  College professors have theory, you need practical application.  Why aren’t you picking up the phone to call people who would actually know how to do this and be able to do something?   

    5) Why are we annoyed and irritated with you?  You sign into law countless bills you haven’t read spending hundreds of billions of dollars and rewriting 1/6th of the economy but suddenly require extensive engineering and environmental reports to determine whether or not to procure the booms requested by the States to protect their marshlands? Here are Republican conservative states asking for government intervention and you have a chance to validate everything you’ve ever believed about the Federal role in the world and you go…golfing….and on vacation….and to parties….and to fund-raisers.  The only thing you haven’t done is read “The Pet Goat.” to some kids somewhere.   What’s on the party agenda for this weekend?

    6) Maybe if you called Tony Hayward, you could use some of that political muscle and have him pay for the booms for Louisiana that Governor Jindal asked for back at the beginning of May before all those ugly pictures of dead dolphins and turtles and pelicans started showing up on the Internet.  I bet he’d even finance the shipping.  Do you need his phone number?  Do you need a phone?

    7) Yesterday, to show you were serious, you swore on national television.  Why do you think showing leadership means talking like Joe “Big F’ing Deal” Biden?

    Thank you Mr. President.

    • fuzislippers 4:05 AM on 06/11/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’d be interested in hearing him respond to: Name five things that you love about America. Or three. Or one (and it can’t have anything at all to do with YOU).

  • Pat Austin 7:36 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Obama   

    No Worries; Obama is “Not Resting” 

    Via Mark Knoller, the Congressional picnic is underway on the White House lawn.  The salmon is cooking, Pelosi is schmoozing and Obama and Michelle hold court.

    All is well.

    Not resting.

    Cross posted at And So it Goes in Shreveport

    • heyitseliza 7:41 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, I love Obama’s ‘not resting’ talk. He’s had a couple of parties since the oil spill started. I’m not saying he could solve this overnight, but his response has been so slow. And when you think about the parties too it’s hard to take his ‘not resting’, take charge attitude seriously. And that’s pretty sad.

    • rubyslipperblog 7:51 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      They sure do like a party don’t they? How about they give it a rest, it’s our dime after all.

      • Jill 8:08 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Let the poor guy unwind. It’s not easy being enraged and kicking a$$ all day.

    • Jill 8:12 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Caption: “At picnic, Pres. Obama, w- Michelle at his side, thanks members of Congress for their devotion & sacrifice.” Devotion is exactly right. Are they pouring libations at his feet or what?

    • Sherry 8:37 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Memo to the administration: The oil leak in the gulf is “not resting.” The national debt is “not resting.” The insurgency funded by terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan are “not resting.” You my friend, you my dear president, may not be “resting,” but you sure as hell aren’t working either.

    • Quite Rightly 9:59 PM on 06/08/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’d be tired too if I went to four formal galas this week.

  • nosheepleshere 10:52 AM on 06/04/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: "anti-Obama" protests, , Obama   

    Pelican Brief 

    Today at Bloomberg.com, Nicholas Johnston and John McCormick’s article has a quote from White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod that I find remarkably ludicrous:  “Our fundamental responsibility is to deal with that [the BP oil disaster] and the ongoing and multiplying effects. Ultimately, the president of the United States and the government is going to be judged on its ability to deal with that and not on stagecraft.”


    Stagecraft is the only thing this regime knows.  Remember the Greek columns?  The rigged townhalls?  Hell, even the teleprompters are there to keep this gelding on message.

    Now the truth is that Fearless Reader has canceled his trip to Indonesia yet again because of the Indonesian press article below.  I want you to understand that what follows is EXACTLY as it appears on the site.  I have not altered one single word; not one. [Emphasis mine.]

    Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA.ir) INDONESIA—About 500 Indonesian Muslims from some Islamic organizations gathered on Wednesday (2/6/2010) protesting the visit of US President Hussein Obama in the midst of June this year.

    The today’s protest alone was the fourth wave of protest against the visit of Hussein Obama scheduled to be on June 14th to 19th.

    “Actually, there were about 53 Islamic organizations planning the protest, but today’s protest was only followed by half of them,” said Muhammad Mursalim of Laskar Pembela Umat (Fighters of Ummah Defender).

    Centering the mass in front of the US embassy on Medan Merdeka Selatan Street of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, they yelled slogans ‘anti-Obama’ in regards to his response on the Gaza Flotilla raid by Israel terrorist country.

    Further the mass said that they would stage the protest in a series until the day Hussein Obama comes to Indonesia.

    “The US is a close friend of Israel. And therefore such a protest will continue until Obama comes to Indonesia,” Mursalim added.

    Munarman, spokesman of Forum Umat Islam (Islamic Ummah Forum), also claimed that the US and Israel terrorist are ‘the same.’

    “America and Israel are the same,” Mr. Munarman said regarding to the orchestrator behind the inhuman fire by Israeli terrorists on Freedom Flotilla ships.

    Ustadz Abu Jibril—whose son is accused with ‘fraud charge’ by Indonesian Police—further told that there is no benefit for human being, especially for the Muslim ummah, along with the coming of Obama to Indonesia.

    He said that Obama came to the White House upon support from Israel, and therefore Obama will keep silent and take no real action in response to the recent raid on humanitarian activists on Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

    With over 683 million adherents to Islam, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country by population and home to nearly sixteen percent of the world’s Muslims.  The Secret Service and the Indonesian police cannot protect the current occupant of the Oval Office.  That is the unvarnished truth behind the trip to Indonesia being canceled.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

    • Quite Rightly 10:12 PM on 06/04/2010 Permalink | Reply

      What? No chance for Obama to listen again to that Muslim call to prayer that he called “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset”? Maybe the Palestinians can record it on an iPod and send it to him as a state gift.

      • fuzislippers 6:34 AM on 06/05/2010 Permalink | Reply

        lmao, but QR, didn’t you hear? iPods are bad for democracy, filling people’s heads with misinformation and things that don’t register on the “truth meter.”

  • Adrienne 9:28 AM on 06/04/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Obama,   

    Remember When the White House Occupants Had Some Class? 

    While the Obama’s and their ilk continue to rain criticism and blame upon the former President Bush, this is what Laura Bush had to say in an interview:

    Former first lady Laura Bush says she doesn’t think President Barack Obama should be faulted for the continuing oil spill crisis in the Gulf Coast area.

    Interviewed on “Good Morning America,” Mrs. Bush said: “I think they’re doing everything they can.” She said it cannot be one person’s responsibility to solve the problem.

    She went on to say this about Katrina:

    In her appearance Friday, Mrs. Bush was asked about comparisons with the federal government’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina under the leadership of her husband, President George W. Bush. She declined to answer directly, but did say “there’s always a lot of finger-pointing in something like this.”

    Meantime, the Obama’s were yucking it up with Paul McCartney who proceeded to insult the literary capabilities of President Bush.  I might add that the Obama’s two young daughters were witness to this despicable behavior by a guest in the White House.  Keep it classy, Obama!

    • Jill 9:42 AM on 06/04/2010 Permalink | Reply

      Re your title, Only very vaguely. It seems a lifetime since the One took over. And that remark from McCartney was as classless as Obama.

      But they know how to party.

  • nosheepleshere 9:11 AM on 06/03/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Gloria Borger, Obama   

    Rose-Colored Glasses Are Never Made In Bifocals 

    The bloom is off the rose for CNN’s senior political analyst Gloria Borger.

    Borger is crestfallen over the announcement that the 40-year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore is ending.

    “…the shock it sent is about us, not them. It’s about the way we perceive (and choose to perceive) what’s put in front of our eyes, especially when it comes to the political world.”

    “All of which leads to President Obama. He was elected because he is cool, calm and analytical. That’s what we wanted to see after George W. Bush, so we made him president. But now the disaster in the Gulf has made many of us want to see someone else—with plenty of anger, emotion and bravado. We want him to yell at BP. We want him to loudly tell us he’s whipping the cleanup effort into shape. We can’t tell BP ourselves, so we want him to do it for us. Fair enough. But that’s not the person we elected.”

    Dear woman, this gelding you say “we” made president is an illusion that came with fine print.  Fine print that nobody wanted to read—that is, nobody in the corporate-controlled media.  Americans throughout this nation did not vote for this man.  Those that did were swayed by the puff pieces endlessly spewed by idiotarians just like you.

    The hallmarks of this regime’s actions and speeches seem to be to do many small but sinister things in deep background, a few large and ruinous moves using sleight of hand  in the foreground, give little details—to take no questions, and, if a question is entertained, to give no answer. Crudely put—a circle jerk.

    It is because of the media’s bargain with the devil that this gelding reached the Oval Office.  It is because news readers like you, who abdicated your responsibility to be a robust Fourth Estate, that America and all that she stands for is in peril.

    You should be very proud of yourself Gloria.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

  • Pat Austin 8:45 AM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Obama   

    Peter Ferrera at American Spectator is n… 

    Peter Ferrera at American Spectator is no longer predicting Obama’s absence on the ballot in 2012; now he’s going a step further and predicting an Obama resignation.

    Over at And So it Goes in Shreveport I’ve looked at what Obama is facing and I come to a different conclusion from Mr. Ferrera.

    I think he sees it as his destiny to reshape America into his vision of what it should be.  He has no abiding love for the country as it is which is what would be necessary in his heart for him to resign.

    Besides, he’s too narcissistic to admit failure.

    What do you think?

    • rubyslipperblog 11:44 AM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you Pat, he is too narcissistic to admit failure. I think it is wishful thinking to believe Obama would be undone by an impeachable offense. I also think this is the wrong focus if the GOP wishes to show voters they are working on issues that matter to voters. Ezra Klein had an article last week predicting that if the GOP took the House in November Obama would face an impeachment hearing. Suppose the Sestak affair showed some connection to Obama, most voters think this stuff is tit-for- tat partisan politics. Unfortunately most have come to the point they expect things like this happen all the time.

      Pennsylvania runs the risk with all this focus on Sestak that he distinguishes himself as the candidate who can stand up to the Obama White House.. Moe Lane last week said it created an impression Sestak can’t be bought. Maybe he can’t be bought to get out of the Senate race but he wouldn’t need to be bought when it came time to support Obama’s left wing agenda. Sestak is as far left as Obama. He was all there for health care and he voted with Pelosi on every single lousy thing they had on the agenda. I think we are doing Sestak a favor with all this focus on his refusal of a job offer. We would be far better off focusing on defeating Sestak in 2010 and defeating Obama in 2012.

      • fuzislippers 1:08 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

        I definitely see what you are saying and think that you are right in your assessment of people expecting this sort of thing . . . people on the right. Don’t forget that the people who voted for BO are completely naive and have near-total faith in government, particularly in BO himself, the Messiah, the One. He promised to be post-partisan, to change the way Washington does business, to part the seas and feed the hungry, etc. and etc. That he’s just another slimy politician is something that should be pointed out to the left. Often. His myth is his success, destroy the myth, destroy his presidency. They’ll not learn, of course, being near-childlike in their need for the government to be all things to them, their god, but they won’t see him as that figure if they are forced to see him as what he is: a petty, power-hungry, Chicago-style thug who is all smoke and mirrors, lies and broken promises.

    • fuzislippers 1:00 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

      He’ll not resign, no way. Your reasoning is spot on, and I don’t think he sees his presidency thus far as a failure. He thinks, truly believes, that we, the people, are the failure . . . we fail to see that we should be happy to destroy our nation, happy to be “taken down a few pegs,” happy to see our economy, our values, and our heritage trashed. I don’t think he realized, from his ivory tower and total immersion in anti-American radical and “community organizing” culture that there is such a large percentage of the American population who not only don’t tow the PC, leftist, radical line but would be sufficiently ticked off and feel threatened enough to resist en masse. I don’t think he anticipated his dismantling of our entire economy and destruction of our Constitution being so haaaard. But he won’t give up, he believes . . . who knows what he believes, but he’s still immersed in his radical counter-culture, and he’s not going to see, much less understand, that he’s going to fail.

      The only way he’ll leave 1600 is by impeachment and even then it’ll be kicking and screaming. They’ll learn, too, from their mistakes and when they slither back into the dark corners to regroup, they’ll realize that they misjudged the American public and find ways to ensure that we are sufficiently silenced and isolated before they take office again. We must ensure that none of that ever happens.

      • Pat Austin 3:29 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

        I agree about Biden. He’s a doofus sometimes, but I don’t question his love for this country.

        It enrages my liberal friends when I suggest Obama doesn’t care for America the way I think he should; I just think he sees it as something that needs to be changed … by him.

        Biden, on the other hand, I think, just couldn’t be worse than Obama.

    • Jill 3:44 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t imagine him resigning under any circumstance.

      • Sherry 3:54 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

        Agreed Jill. Except President Obama’s pattern has been 2-3 years and up in perpetuity, always bored with where he is and seeking the next place that brings him higher. What is left?

        • backyardconservative 6:37 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

          Dems don’t resign. I think he may not run for another term–yeah, he’s bored, and now he owes Bill Clinton for helping cover up Sestak.

          As for Sestak, it seems to me he colluded in this cover-up. He’s vulnerable there because the story doesn’t hold water.

          • Yukio Ngaby 11:20 PM on 06/02/2010 Permalink | Reply

            Gotta agree. Obama’ll never resign and it was silly for Ferrera to mention it. And Sestak is vulnerable. No matter how you slice it, this doesn’t look so good for him.

            I don’t think Obama is bored. He’s frustrated. He expected America and the world to bend to his will, to work out exactly as he envisioned– a common mistake among people of no experience in any project or industry. And now he’s sulky and believes he deserves better while hitting the links and avoiding the press. Obama was seeking a legacy– and his legacy will probably be the last hard Left presidency for 20 years or so… It depends on how bad the disasters he creates resolve themselves in the next 2 years when he’s culpable.

    • ahem 9:51 AM on 06/03/2010 Permalink | Reply

      He won’t resign; he’ll try to kill the next election.

  • nosheepleshere 2:18 PM on 05/30/2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Obama   

    Uh Oh: Carville, Matthews And Now Mo Kick “President Spock” To The Curb 

    Ed Morrissey of Hot Air wonders aloud, “How did Dowd’s column ever make it past a New York Times editor? Fascinating.

    In Maureen Dowd’s op-ed piece appearing in the NYT, spokesbot Dowd compares Fearless Reader to Mr. Spock citing his behavior as illogical.

    She writes, “Too often it feels as though Barry is watching from a balcony, reluctant to enter the fray until the clamor of the crowd forces him to come down. The pattern is perverse. The man whose presidency is rooted in his ability to inspire withholds that inspiration when it is most needed.”

    Dowd continues, “For five weeks, it looked as though Obama considered the gushing that became the worst oil spill in U.S. history a distraction, like a fire alarm going off in the middle of a law seminar he was teaching. He’ll deal with it, but he’s annoyed because it’s not on his syllabus.”

    What one sees is a man stalked by an unreasonable fantasy supported by a rag-tag collection of apparatchiks with a greed for power—a man that does not stand with his feet planted in the American soil.

    Read more at No Sheeples Here.

    • backyardconservative 6:32 PM on 05/30/2010 Permalink | Reply

      I just wonder if they’re preparing the ground for Hillary to make a comeback. Look how Barack had to bring in Bill to save his sorry rear.

      • fuzislippers 6:15 AM on 05/31/2010 Permalink | Reply

        PUMAs and Hillary peeps feel certain she is making a comeback because her site is up and accepting donations and apparently her people are sending out emails on the DL. Personally, I think she’s just as progressive as BO, but I don’t think she’d surround herself with such a group of utter incompetents.

        Once the left starts thinking about how much they’ll lose by turning on BO, they’ll be back towing the line in no time. He’s their last best hope to get their prog crap pushed through. And time’s atickin’.

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