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  • just a conservative girl 1:44 PM on 05/30/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Investigating Eric Holder 

    Believe me, I am no fan of Eric Holder.  I feel that he never should have gotten the job as Attorney General.  The Department of Justice has a bad habit of looking at everything on a color bar instead of justice.  The entire purpose of our justice system in this country is give equal rights to all.

    Since Holder has taken over lawsuits against states to firm up their voter rolls have been dropped.  By law, every state across the union is supposed to update their voter registration rolls in order to get the money that the federal government gives them to help cover the costs for all federal level elections.  The department filed these suits against states that were not keeping up with their end of the bargain when Michael Mukasey was heading the department.  They were summarily dropped when Holder took over.  The evidence of how the department of “civil rights” is anything but.  While most of the people in this department are career lawyers, it still is a statement of the people who are running the department when eyes are closed to what they are doing.  Free and fair elections cannot happen if we don’t have trust that the states are doing what they should be doing when it comes to removing ineligible voters off the rolls.

    As much I would like to think that Eric Holder is going to be convicted of perjury, I just don’t see it happening.  What Eric Holder actually said was that he wasn’t aware of anyone wanting to prosecute reporters.  While it may be a parsing of words, there is a big difference being investigating a person and charging a person with a crime.

    The real thing that should be investigated is who is the person who misled the courts?  By AG Holder’s own testimony, they never had any intention of charging James Rosen with a crime, they just wanted some information that they could get no other way.  Someone stood in front of judge and asked for phone and email records of a private citizen who they never had any intention of prosecuting.  Not only that, they went judge “shopping” to find one that would allow them not to notify his employers and called him a flight risk.  This person should be fired for cause, therefore giving up all rights to the federal benefits, and also be barred from practicing law, ever again.

    Now, I do think that since Eric Holder’s signature is on the paperwork he can no longer be trusted by Americans to do what is fair and just.   If President Obama had any sense he would ask for the resignation of his attorney general.  Moving forward the citizens of this country deserve to have someone at the helm of this department that they believe is doing the work of the office, giving citizens the belief that our justice system is doing its job, upholding the law without regard to political beliefs, race, color, or creed.  The amount of power this department used to go after one person is exactly what our founders warned us against and tried to protect us from.

  • just a conservative girl 6:44 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    About that Claim of Going Broke in Georgetown 

    So we have this young woman, Sandra Fluke, lying testifying in front of a congressional hearing about the high costs of birth control; students are going broke.  One would think that someone that is smart enough to get into Georgetown law would be able to do what I did in less than a minute.  I googled the locations of Planned Parenthood that are close to the campus. Guess what?  There are four different locations less than 10 miles from campus.  

    Oh and you know what else, Target sells generic brand birth control pills for $9 per month.  Let’s see that is $108 per year if my math is correct; 9 x 12 yeah that equals 108.  I have no idea what PP charges for birth control but I can’t imagine it is much different than Target.  I bet the average Hoya spends more than that on coffee every year.  

    Since I live in the greater DC area I can tell you that they have a very aggressive free condom program here.  The reason being that Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of AIDS/HIV infection in the nation.  (Maybe having a lot of sex with local people may not be a good idea, just a thought). The website that tells you how and where you can get your free condoms is in seven different languages, too.  

    Isn’t it illegal to testify falsely in front of Congress?  I think that is called perjury, but what do I know?   I am not in Georgetown Law School.  Where do the dems find these people who are willing to lie so patently and openly? 

    • Adrienne 7:00 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      A fluke is a very ugly worm. Just sayin’…

    • SignPainterGuy 9:41 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      “Where do the dems find these people ….?” Most libs I know are attention ho`s, will do a lot for $ or interesting barter and coincidentally, have no issues with prevarication !

    • Patti 6:12 PM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I feel so sorry for that she has to have sex 3 times a day and is broke buying birth control. Tell her to keep her legs together and get a vibrator. Back in my day your insurance did not pay for your birth control pills nor did we have all the protection that is out there now. Any one that has that much sex is a whore and I hope she is charging for it. If she can afford to go to Georgetown then she can afford to pay for her own birth control. I am on a fixed income should I go before Congress and beg for more money to be able to afford gas and food ??? People just want a free hand out and congress and the Obama Admin. need to be impeached and thrown out of office for wasting time when the country needs to concentrate on fixing what they created not stupid things like birth control.

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