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  • just a conservative girl 4:22 PM on 11/13/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Colorado Planned Parenthood Were Against New Obamacare Ads Before They Were For Them 

    Yes, they are this hypocritical.  Apparently when they thought the ads were “fake” and done by some republican group, they were no good.  Once they found out they were actual ads they are not only fine with them, they are praising the idea of “discussing birth control”.  

     Oh my.  

    There is no way to describe these ads as anything other than demeaning to young adults in this country.  All they care about are keg parties, sex without consequences or emotion, and birth control.  That is what this administration thinks of you.  It isn’t me saying it, it is what they think.  You are only worried about partying, having fun, and sleeping around.  I guess that is why so little has been done to address the very serious issue of jobs for recent college grads and young people.   Who needs those things when they get “free” birth control and do headstands with keg stands?  


    H/T. Amy.  

  • just a conservative girl 12:09 PM on 06/21/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – Chelsea Clinton Edition 

    “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

    Chelsea Clinton talking about people who gave birth to her grandmother.  One must wonder if she understood that what she really said there was that her grandmother, her mother, and she herself, could have been prevented had planned parenthood existed back then.   Considering she worked so hard for her mother to become the first female U.S. President she would see for herself that just because a child is not planned, doesn’t mean that the child isn’t wanted nor can they not achieve amazing things.  Asshat


    • Jennifer Chinook 10:04 AM on 11/10/2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have to comment on this even though this post is wicked old. You are seriously stupid conservative lady – do you know how many women died from back alley illegal abortions? Shut your damn mouth about other womens bodies. Youre a damn disgrace to our entire gender. Now go back to making your man his dinner and letting him smack you around – thats obviously your role.

  • Sherry 8:27 AM on 04/27/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Presidential First 

    According to the Daily Caller, President Obama became the first siting commander in chief to directly address Planned Parenthood. He proudly bragged that the number one abortion provider is not going anywhere. He concluded his remarks with the remarkable, “God Bless You Planned Parenthood.” Tiny Tim was not available for comment.

    Shrewdly, he gave the speech on a Friday, allowing the Saturday lull in the news cycle to bury his highly offensive remarks.  If however next week, people are still disturbed by his asking the Almighty to bestow grace upon those who advocate the death of the most innocent for power and money in all circumstances, I’m sure Jay Carney will come to the podium to assure us that someone just sneezed and the president ad-libbed what any normal person would do when someone involuntarily expels unwanted blobs of cells.

    We have come to the point that atrocities of the greatest magnitude no longer hold our interest as a nation.  Or at least, the media has decided, they shouldn’t.  Any attempt by Mark Steyn or others to rouse the imagination of the American public with the gruesome reality of abortion as brought to its logical conclusion via performance abortion artist Dr. Kermit Gosnell is met with a collective yawn. The moral compass of the country continues to mutter in its sleep, the unintentionally ironic slogan of the age, “COEXIST.” At best, we get people to declare the atrocities of the clinic in the city of brotherly love are an outlier, a deviation from the mean, the mode and median of the business of abortion.

    However, the response of those who advocate pro-choice positions does not indicate that this doctor’s practices are the standard deviation from the sample, their silence speaks volumes to the reality of abortion, the clinics, the persons who perform these procedures and the aftermath of those “choices.”  If this were unexpected or unusual, they’d be screaming disassociation, demanding that abortionist providers speak out to declare that you cannot judge us by the behavior of a single person who performed badly.   They are not lining up to do this, they are running for the hills, hoping we will be distracted as we easily are, by anything and everything, so that things may go on as normal, meaning clinics like this go on doing what they do and everyone shuts their eyes to the trains that flow by on time every day. Dr. Gosnell is not the Westboro Baptist Church of abortion, he is the poster child of its practices.

    We can tell ourselves this isn’t happening. It doesn’t make it so. We can say that the deaths of 55 million nation wide over 40 years has no effect on the people of our nation, but it doesn’t make it true.  We can lie all day to ourselves even when there are feet in jars in front of us, it doesn’t mean we aren’t becoming blind to all that is good, true and beautiful, it doesn’t mean we aren’t becoming like Gollum, forgetting the taste of bread, the softness of the wind, the smell of grass, even our own names, and we will weep, precious, we will weep to be so alone.

    Final note: For some reason, struggling with Google to find the full text of his speech, here are the low lights…but you get the point.  There is no law but our law and abortion is its name.


    • Cathy Trowbridge 10:33 AM on 04/27/2013 Permalink | Reply

      I know. I know I know. why doesn’t the world wake up? read my blog about same subject at socialmediabar.com/obamaandpp.

    • Sherry 11:03 AM on 04/27/2013 Permalink | Reply

      P.S. I do hope God’s mercy and grace and peace floods the soul of each and every person in that room, but God’s not going to bless what is evil no matter who uses His name.

    • Edna 12:14 AM on 04/28/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Obama asking God to bless Planned parenthood …

      is like a chicken going up to Colonel Sanders & hugging him & thanking him for taking care of its families future.

  • just a conservative girl 4:24 PM on 05/08/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Yep, The Obama Campaign Continues to Keep it Classy – Voter Registration Drive to be Held at Planned Parenthood 

    Tempe Women for Obama Voter Registration Event(Women for Obama Event)
    Come help us put a stop to the War on Women by supporting Tempe Women for Obama at our local Planned Parenthood by registering voters inside the clinic.
    Monday, May 14, 2012 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Chelsea Forbes-Terry
    Tempe Planned Parenthood (Tempe, AZ)

    1250 E Apache Blvd.
    Suite 108
    Tempe, AZ 85281


    Email Address:
    Postal/Zip Code:
    How many people are coming?

    (incl. yourself)
  • just a conservative girl 9:09 AM on 03/21/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Yep, I am a Bad Mom 

    I don’t have teenage children, but if I did they wouldn’t be allowed to have sex under my roof.  According to Planned Parenthood, I am a mean mommy.

    “In the Netherlands if a girl is in a relationship, she’s not a slut for wanting sex, for making decisions about sex,” she said. Most parents deem teen sexuality a “part of your life that you are allowed to own and make choices about.”

    What she is really saying here is that I would consider my daughter a slut if she did decide to engage in a sexual relationship while still a teenager and living in my home.  That is just so wrong in virtually every way.  As a parent it is your job to give your children values and to show them the pitfalls of the decisions that they make.

    You don’t even have to put God into the equation to see how wrong this thinking is.  Teen sex can lead to disease, pregnancy, and heartbreak.  There is nothing wrong in telling your daughter that her body is something sacred and she should be very careful who she chooses to be intimate with.  Isn’t that the job of an effective parent?

    Teenagers are far more likely to look into scratching an itch then they are in finding a partner that they can make a committment to.  It is very difficult to get people in today’s society to see the benefits of waiting until marriage, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to get your children to understand that sex doesn’t always equate to a relationship.  How many teenage girls find out after the fact that the young man that they thought cared so deeply about her had little interest in them once the reached the “promiseland”.

    You have nothing that is more valuable than yourself.  There is nothing you will ever get that is more valuable than yourself. Having a person be very intimate with you shouldn’t  be about what feels good in the moment.  In the grand scheme of things, that is all it lasts; mere moments.  But having a person in your life who are sure really loves and respects you can last a lifetime.

    I am sick of some organization trying to undermine that message to our children.  Thanks Planned Parenthood, you have proven once again what an evil organization that you truly are.  It is not your job to tell parents how to raise their children, nor is it your job to undermine the parents around the country.  That is exactly what you are doing by telling them how out of it their parents are for setting up a value system that they want their children to live by.  Instead of  sex whenever, where ever and calling it just another lifestyle choice.

    • Don 10:04 PM on 03/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Mark me down as a bad parent. As a father of eight children, my ongoing rule has always been no per-marital sex under my roof. On occasion my daughters have had boyfriends that for whatever reason needed to stay the night. Those were close to sleepless nights for me, not that I didn’t trust my daughters, but that I totally trusted male teenaged hormones.

      • Don 10:05 PM on 03/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

        make that *pre-marital*

        Argh! I hate typos

  • just a conservative girl 6:44 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    About that Claim of Going Broke in Georgetown 

    So we have this young woman, Sandra Fluke, lying testifying in front of a congressional hearing about the high costs of birth control; students are going broke.  One would think that someone that is smart enough to get into Georgetown law would be able to do what I did in less than a minute.  I googled the locations of Planned Parenthood that are close to the campus. Guess what?  There are four different locations less than 10 miles from campus.  

    Oh and you know what else, Target sells generic brand birth control pills for $9 per month.  Let’s see that is $108 per year if my math is correct; 9 x 12 yeah that equals 108.  I have no idea what PP charges for birth control but I can’t imagine it is much different than Target.  I bet the average Hoya spends more than that on coffee every year.  

    Since I live in the greater DC area I can tell you that they have a very aggressive free condom program here.  The reason being that Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of AIDS/HIV infection in the nation.  (Maybe having a lot of sex with local people may not be a good idea, just a thought). The website that tells you how and where you can get your free condoms is in seven different languages, too.  

    Isn’t it illegal to testify falsely in front of Congress?  I think that is called perjury, but what do I know?   I am not in Georgetown Law School.  Where do the dems find these people who are willing to lie so patently and openly? 

    • Adrienne 7:00 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      A fluke is a very ugly worm. Just sayin’…

    • SignPainterGuy 9:41 PM on 02/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      “Where do the dems find these people ….?” Most libs I know are attention ho`s, will do a lot for $ or interesting barter and coincidentally, have no issues with prevarication !

    • Patti 6:12 PM on 03/02/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I feel so sorry for that she has to have sex 3 times a day and is broke buying birth control. Tell her to keep her legs together and get a vibrator. Back in my day your insurance did not pay for your birth control pills nor did we have all the protection that is out there now. Any one that has that much sex is a whore and I hope she is charging for it. If she can afford to go to Georgetown then she can afford to pay for her own birth control. I am on a fixed income should I go before Congress and beg for more money to be able to afford gas and food ??? People just want a free hand out and congress and the Obama Admin. need to be impeached and thrown out of office for wasting time when the country needs to concentrate on fixing what they created not stupid things like birth control.

  • just a conservative girl 11:40 PM on 02/16/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Stat of the Day – Abortion in the Black Community 

    Abortion killed at least 203,991 blacks in the 36 states and two cities (New York City and the District of Columbia) that reported abortions by race in 2005, according to the CDC. During that same year, according to the CDC, a total of 198,385 blacks nationwide died from heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases combined.

    Read it and weep.  It looks like Sanger is getting what she was after when she created Planned Parenthood; death to the black community.

    • Ike 2:24 PM on 02/17/2012 Permalink | Reply

      And the pity of it? No one is killing their babies, except themselves. And the political leaders of the Black Community? They continue to get the benefits of their fathers’ ‘deal with the devil’ in the 1950’s and ’60’s with the Democratic Party: gerrymandered ‘safe’ districts, DOJ enforcement of those districts via the VRA, the national media turning a blind eye toward their corruption and outright crimes, and their share of the money from the federal government’s budget both personally, their families and to their political friends. Just like the white politicians, they loot while their people rot. Not enough shame to go around, I guess.

  • just a conservative girl 10:38 PM on 01/18/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason 15,893 to Home School 

    The NEA among others have come out with new guidelines for teaching sex education to our children.  While the report doesn’t specifically say this, I doubt that this will be opt-in.

    Lets begin with what will be taught to your 5-7 year-olds:

    They should be able to properly name both male and female anatomy, they should be able to talk about all different types of families, and show respect for these families.  They also need to be able to talk about and demonstrate how media influences how boys and girls think and act.

    7-10 year-olds:

    They should be able to define sexual orientation, and be able to name parents or adults that can help them understand sexual orientation.

    Apparently, the worry is that right now, only about 3.1 hours is spent talking to elementary school children about HIV/Aids, pregnancy, and STD prevention.  Silly me, I didn’t think I needed to talk to a five-year old about STD prevention.  I am so out of it.

    Here is one of my favorites:

    By completion of the eighth grade, the report says, students should be able to “[d]ifferentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation,” “[e]xplain the range of gender roles,” and “[d]efine emergency contraception and its use.”

    Upon completion of middle school, students should be able to “[a]nalyze external influences that have an impact on one’s attitudes about gender, sexual orientation and gender identity”; “[a]ccess accurate information about gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation”; “[c]ommunicate respectfully with and about people of all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations”; “[e]xplain the health benefits, risks and effectiveness rates of various methods of contraception, including abstinence and condoms”; and “[d]escribe the steps to using a condom correctly.”

    I am not naive enough to think that kids don’t have questions about sex or are not tempted to experiment.  Their bodies are changing and many kids hit puberty in the eighth grade and they start to have sexual feelings.  I get that.  I also get that kids are much more advanced in many areas then I was at that age.  But I will tell you, the very last thing I wanted to talk about, let alone participate in at that age was the down and dirty details of sex.  I was horrified whenever anyone brought it up.  I wasn’t ready at that age, plain and simple.  I get that not all kids will be like that, but there will be children who are just not ready for these types of conversations and to force it upon them is abusive.

    And by the time they graduate from high school students should be expected to “[d]efine emergency contraception and describe its mechanism of action” and “[a]ssess the skills and resources needed to become a parent.”

    Also included in the guidelines are the following: “Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of abstinence and other contraceptive methods, including condoms”; “Access medically-accurate information and resources about emergency contraception”; “Compare and contrast the laws relating to pregnancy, adoption, abortion and parenting”; and “Describe potential impacts of power differences (e.g., age, status or position) within sexual relationships.”

    Well, at least they are willing to talk about adoption over abortion and abstinence.  I guess I should take some comfort in that.  But never fear, the NEA, in all of its infinite wisdom, has partnered with Planned Parenthood and GLSEN to help write these guidelines.  Thank heavens, they contacted the experts in giving our children moral guidance.  /sarc.

    You can read the report here to get a gander at the glossary they provide.  Ooh, can’t wait.   Bedtime reading.

  • just a conservative girl 11:29 AM on 03/16/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Finally, A Presidential Candidate Speaking the Truth about Planned Parenthood’s Origins 

    It is no secret that I not only heart Herman Cain, but I firmly believe that he would make an excellent president.  There are many things about his candidacy that make him a very long shot indeed.  But, he is going to make it interesting, that is for sure.  He is completely willing to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    During a recent event at The Heritage Foundation Mr. Cain was asked about defunding Planned Parenthood.  Herman saw his chance to talk about Margaret Sanger and he took it. 

    “You probably don’t hear a lot of people talking about this, when Margaret Sanger – check my history – started Planned Parenthood, the objective was to put these centers in primarily black communities so they could help kill black babies before they came into the world.”

    “It’s planned genocide,”

    “It’s carrying out its original mission, I’ve talked to young girls who go in there, and they [Planned Parenthood] don’t talk about how you plan parenthood. They don’t talk about adoption as an option. They don’t say, ‘Well, bring your parents in so we can sit down and talk with you, and counsel with you before you make this decision.’”

    Of course this is not going to be a popular view in some quarters, the reason it is important is the fact that so many young woman (and men for that matter) don’t understand the history of Planned Parenthood.  They don’t understand how and why it was founded.  I firmly believe that if someone is going to support Planned Parenthood they need to know the facts behind the origins. 

    The numbers speak for themselves.  The black community is almost half the size it would be due to abortion.  It is time that someone in the black community address this issue.  If it were not so taboo to be pro-life on the left the race baiters in our society would be outraged by these numbers. 

    This passage is a favorite of modern Christian conservatives seeking to discredit Planned Parenthood, but in a previous time, it was employed to great effect by black activists. Radical professor Angela Davis quoted the provocative wording in her 1983 book, saying the Negro Project “confirmed the ideological victory of the racism associated with eugenic ideas.” A decade earlier, a certain “up and doing” black preacher drew on the same material in rejecting legalized abortion as little more than “black genocide.” His name was Jesse Louis Jackson.
    Al Sharpton does verbal gymnastics to avoid actually addressing the reality of the numbers of abortions done in the black community.  He refuses to address the issue he will only say that abortion is a civil right.  Justice Ginsberg doesn’t hide her views of what she thought the outcome of Roe V. Wade was based on:
    “Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into having abortions when they didn’t really want them. But when the court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong.”
    In her own words, a Supreme Court Justice is saying that she believed that Roe was decided to control populations that “we” don’t want to have too many of.  Which population is that and who gets decide what is “too many”? 
    Herman Cain has stood up and caused a stir.  A stir that may just allow us to get out some of the facts of the history of abortion in this country and the dark history of Planned Parenthood.  Should we really be using tax dollars to fund an organization with such a history? 
  • Jill 4:04 PM on 03/07/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    PP’s selective self-promotion 


    Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States.

    So when it pulled together a “Truth Tour” to shadow the Susan B. Anthony List’s expose-and-defund tour this week, Planned Parenthood made sure their bus didn’t include that little factoid.

    What, no 332,278 abortions in a year?

    That would be bad PR. Read the rest.

    • just a conservative girl 4:41 PM on 03/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Sadly, there are plenty of people out there who won’t think that number is wrong let alone shocking.

    • Obi's Sister 5:06 PM on 03/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Is it just me, or is that bus the perfect shade of CODE PINK?

  • Jill 7:35 AM on 02/21/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Video: Obama is asked about Planned Parenthood scandal 

    Jill Stanek:

    The 1st bit of news to glean from Obama’s response is he was fully aware of the scandal.

    Obama tried to minimize the sex trafficking sting as “manufactured” and only getting attention on the “blogosphere,” both claims of which are patently false. His own Dept. of Justice is now involved, after all, and the videos were repeatedly cited in GOP House testimony last week about an amendment to defund PP – which passed.

    But Obama did nothing to reassure PP beyond that. In fact, he only distanced himself from the sex trafficking sanctuary.

    Obama 1st noted that any “specific problem… should be addressed.” Slap.

    But his most intriguing statement was, “I think that Planned Parenthood in the past has done good work.”

    Past tense.

    Kathryn Jean Lopez:

    Asked about Planned Parenthood and Live Action in a Richmond, Va., news interview, Barack Obama inadvertently makes the case for defunding Planned Parenthood.

    BFFs no more?

    • Quite Rightly 10:38 AM on 02/21/2011 Permalink | Reply

      “Well, eh, eh, you know, I will tell you, um, I think . . . that sometimes these issues get manufactured.”

      This is another way of dismissing people’s legitimate concerns as “astroturf.” If anyone knows about how to “manufacture” issues, it would be the President’s own party.

    • just a conservative girl 11:26 AM on 02/21/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Well, at least he said it is a state issue. Too bad he didn’t that with Wisconsin.

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