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    President Obama is Disappointed in the World Says Biographer 

    A biographer has told the world that he feels that President Obama is disappointed in the world.  Really?  Well my most obvious response is that many in the world are very disappointed in him as well.  But there is more to this.  He is disappointed in the world because he views with rose-colored glasses on how the world should be instead of what it actually is.

    He truly believes that if we just make the minimum wage a little higher people will get lifted out poverty.  Although we have raised the minimum wage throughout the years and we still have poverty.  So the latest is a “living wage”.  Which is just another myth that will never work on a national level.

    If the government just gets involved we can make the world more “fair”.  He doesn’t seem to understand that life isn’t fair, nor will it ever be.

    If the rich just give more of their money, the poor will get more.  Again, this is just another myth.  President Obama is a perfect example of that.  He has made less money in 2013 than he did in 2014, I didn’t get more because he has less.  Nor has anyone else.

    He never seems to understand that many of the people who are stuck in cycles of poverty are so because they make bad choices.  Now, I have this crappy part-time job.  Many of the people I work with are on some type of public assistance.  Yet they have smart phones.  I don’t have a smart phone.  I can’t spend over a hundred month on the bill.  I don’t live in the projects because I spend my money differently than they do.  I make different choices.  I am not trying to disparage the poor, but studies have shown over and over again that they very successful people makes choices in their lives that allow them to become that way, while the poor make very different choices that also allow them to stay in their circumstances.  It may not be the way it should work, but it how it works.  This is reality.  You want to change the cycle of poverty, teach them how to make better choices.  Giving them enough money to survive does nothing except allow that cycle to continue.

    Obama thinks if the U.S. is just nicer the problem of radical Islam will magically disappear.  No it won’t Mr. President.  These are people who are true believers in the ideology.  Most of them are willing, no eager, to die for what they believe in.  They look at becoming a martyr as the very best thing that Allah has to offer.  Until that is marginalized within the Islamic community it won’t change.  You cannot “Co-exist” with someone who wants you dead.  This is reality.

    President Obama doesn’t seem to think that real evil exists in the world.  Putin may not be evil, but he certainly does believe that Mother Russia should rise again.  He and buddies on the left scoffed at Gov. Romney when this came up at the debate.  The running joke was the 80’s wants their foreign policy back.  It was Romney who saw the reality and those on the left that see the world as they think it should be instead of how it is.

    Yes the world disappoints President Obama.  Maybe, just maybe, if he stopped seeing those rosy hues, he can begin to understand that life isn’t fair.  Evil does exist and those evils have to be confronted with strong leadership, not the moving red lines that those in Syria are laughing about all the while killing their own people completely unabated.

    • theraineyview 12:31 PM on 05/09/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Typical liberal confusion between wishful thinking and practical policy. No surprise there.

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    Happy Father’s Day – Richmond, VA Boasts a 60% Single Parent Home Rate 

    The City of Richmond, VA is one of the country’s leaders in single parent households.  This past weekend the city sponsored a Celebrate Fatherhood celebration in order to draw some attention to this very serious problem.  The number grows to 86% percent in black community of the city.

    Think about that, barely over 1 in 10 black children grow up in a two parent home.  That number is not just stunning, but horribly tragic.  Lets face it, a single parent has a much more difficult time raising a child when they don’t have another person in the home to help them.  There are things that have to be done, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and all the other chores that have to be done to keep a household running.  When does this parent have time to read a book, throw a ball, help with homework?  I am not saying that single parents can’t be wonderful.  Many single parents do a great job.  But the problems that go along with being a single parent can’t be ignored.

    This isn’t even an American issue:

    The poverty rate for children living with a single parent has risen 15 per cent since 2001, up from 20.9 per cent to 24.1 per cent. The HILDA survey, managed by the University of Melbourne, has tracked social trends by interviewing the same 12,000 people each year since 2001.

    In America:

    Over one quarter of U.S. children under age 18 reside with only one of their parents, and as many as half of U.S. children may reside in a single parent family at some point in their childhood.  The vast majority – over 85% – of single parents are single mothers.

    Poverty is widespread and severe in single mother families.  According to the recently released Census Bureau data on poverty in 2010, people in single mother families had a poverty rate of 42.2% and an extreme poverty rate of 21.6%.

    There are very real reasons that women end up being single parents.  In some cases they leave an abusive relationship and are doing the very best that they can under difficult circumstances.  But one of the outcomes of so many children being raised in single parent homes is the fact they grow up thinking that men don’t/won’t stick around.  They grow up thinking that men are much more than a sperm donor.  It just creates more problems for future generations.

    Sadly, in the U.S. our government actually encourages single parent homes through our welfare system.  If you are married, you are basically punished.  It makes much more sense for a woman who is low-income to not marry.  While living on welfare certainly isn’t an easy life, getting benefits is far better than getting none even though your job skills are no different if you are married or single.

    Lets take a look at crime rates in Richmond:

    Richmond Crime Data

    (100 is safest)Safer than 8% of
    the cities
    in the US.

    Richmond Annual Crimes

    1,456 9,361 10,817
    annual crimes per 1,000 residents
    7.08 45.55 52.63

    Violent Crime Comparison per 1,000 residents



    in Richmond 1 in 141

    in  Virginia 1 in 508

    Richmond Virginia
    Population 205,533
    Richmond violent crimes

    REPORT TOTAL 36 54 686 680
    RATE PER 1,000 0.18 0.26 3.34 3.31
    Population 311,591,917
    United States violent crimes
    REPORT TOTAL 14,612 83,425 354,396 751,131
    RATE PER 1,000 0.05 0.27 1.14 2.41

    Property Crime Rate Comparison per 1,000 residents



    in Richmond 1 in 22

    in Virginia 1 in 44

    Richmond Virginia
    Population 205,533
    Richmond property crimes
    REPORT TOTAL 1,924 6,500 937
    RATE PER 1,000 9.36 31.63 4.56
    Population 311,591,917
    United States property crimes
    REPORT TOTAL 2,188,005 6,159,795 715,373
    RATE PER 1,000 7.02 19.77 2.30

    Crimes Per Square Mile


    Richmond Virginia

    92% of U.S. cities are safer than Richmond.  Which is really a shame.  If you have never been there, Richmond is a beautiful city filled with history.  But you need to be careful where you go or you will likely end up being a victim of crime.  Of course there will be some saying these two things are not connected.  The police chief disagrees with you.

    “I do know that a large of number of young folks we interact with do not have a father in their home and I think it’s on all of us to recognize a responsibility to help those children,” Chief Middleton said.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the government to stop rewarding single parenthood?  From Web MD:

    In the latest study, reported in the Jan. 25 issue of The Lancet, European researchers reveal that the risks facing children living with one parent may be even more widespread and immediate. They found the risk of suicide was more than twice as high among children in one-parent households compared with those living with both parents

    Children in single-parent homes were also twice as likely to have a psychiatric disease, have alcohol-related problems, and were up to four times more likely to abuse drugs

    Gee, what a good idea to support that.

    “We have a major father absenteeism issue in Richmond,” First Things First Executive Director Truin Huntle said. “I wish more people were discussing why this is such a major issue. We see more people beginning to give some credence to it because they are looking for the root cause of other issues like childhood poverty, poor performance in school. Father absenteeism, broken homes, broken marriages and teen pregnancy are continually being found as the root cause of those problems.”

    This is a man who is on the front lines in Richmond, working every day to help children and fathers.  Maybe he is someone worth listening to.

    • Ike 10:22 AM on 06/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      And what is it that the government can do to fix this mess that its policies helped to create? Not a damned thing that will work; lots of highly-touted cosmetic actions, but nothing that will reverse the increased (and increasing) percentage of single-parent (single moms mostly) families. And what does that mean? More and more kids will grow up with little or no impulse control, no interest in learning, no interest in doing anything constructive for themselves, let alone anyone else. The cancer grows and it’s too late for surgery, too late for radiation, too late for chemotherapy … what outcome do you expect??

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    Quote of the Day – Nicholas Kristof Edition 

    This is painful for a liberal to admit, but conservatives have a point when they suggest that America’s safety net can sometimes entangle people in a soul-crushing dependency. Our poverty programs do rescue many people, but other times they backfire.

    Some young people here don’t join the military (a traditional escape route for poor, rural Americans) because it’s easier to rely on food stamps and disability payments.

    Antipoverty programs also discourage marriage: In a means-tested program like S.S.I., a woman raising a child may receive a bigger check if she refrains from marrying that hard-working guy she likes. Yet marriage is one of the best forces to blunt poverty. In married couple households only one child in 10 grows up in poverty, while almost half do in single-mother households.

    This goes hand and hand with a piece I did on drugging your children for money.

    Read entire article here.

    • Don 5:26 AM on 12/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Speaking as a disabled person who has, at different times in my life had to rely on those social safety net programs. Believe me when I tell you that there is absolutely zero thought given to how to get a person OFF the assistance from the government, no matter what form it may be.

      For example, after I receive my heart transplant (assuming I get a donor heart BEFORE Obamacare kicks in), there will be no “bridge” program for me to get off of Social Security Disability and/or Medicare. When I fully recuperate and begin to work again, utilizing my degree in Psychology, I will understandably no longer receive SSDI. However, I will also not receive Medicare and will have no coverage until my private insurance kicks in. (Again, so much of this depends on Obamacare – will private insurance exist?, will I get health insurance with the benefits in whatever job I resume?, etc…)

      So I will have to find a way to pay for my meds, and medical needs – and believe me, I will ALWAYS have medical bills after being a heart transplant recipient – while I am in that limbo between the nanny state and self sufficiency.

      As I said, there is no thought given to how best to help folks wean their selves off of the government assistance programs.

      • just a conservative girl 8:45 AM on 12/10/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Exactly. That is the biggest problem with them. In far too many cases they hurt more than help. We need to start pro-rating many of the benefits. It will allow people to work themselves out of the program without the fear of them losing everything. That is one of the major problems with people finding better paying positions. Yes they will make a little more money, but it won’t be enough to survive without the benefits, so of course they don’t take the better job. It is common sense that they are not going to take a job that will put them in position of being homeless. There is no transition period in these programs.

  • just a conservative girl 1:51 PM on 07/10/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – Rahm Emanuel Edition 

    “We`ve got two gang bangers, one standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid. Take yourself to the alley, don`t touch the children of the city of Chicago, don`t get near them. And it is about values. As I said then, Scott, who raised you? Where were you raised? And I don`t buy this case where people say they don`t have values. They do have values. They have the wrong values. Don`t come near the kids. Don’t touch them.”

    Mayor Emanuel answering a reporter on the fact that more people die in Chicago than in Afghanistan.

    A frightening stat isn’t it?  For the second time I agree with the mayor.  They have the wrong values.  But what are the causes of these wrong values?  Of course we will never know for sure, but I would venture to say it has something to do with how government behaves.

    Most of the gang violence in Chicago is by blacks.  So this is being said based only that fact.  I would like to know how many of these gang members have been raised in single families.  I would venture to say that the vast majority of them have been.  From what I have read from many gang members who are jailed or have been rehabilitated themselves, they have said that much of the allure of the gang life is a feeling of family and acceptance.  Why do they need a feeling of family?  One of the very worst things that the welfare system has done is make the black man virtually irrelevant.  Being a single mom is what gives you the best benefits, so sadly many have fallen into that trap.

    We have children being raised by single moms who are living around the poverty line.  They sometimes need to work long hours, or in some cases have substance abuse problems themselves.   They are most likely not well-educated and then we ask why they are raising children that have the wrong values.  We then add the fact that many of these young men have few to any positive male role models in their lives.  Fathers are pretty scarce in poverty-stricken areas.  A very sad state of affairs.

    This is part of the price we pay when we dependent on government to solve our problems.  The welfare entitlement programs are killing the black family and black men most especially.  We, as a society, need to wake up and realize that children growing up in single family homes and depending on government entitlements is a recipe for disaster, one that we see coming to fruition in the streets of Chicago.

    • Michelle 10:06 AM on 07/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I love his outrage and shock over who raised these thugs. The same brain dead people who continue to vote for democrats and are a continual drain on all aspects of society, schools, health care and every aspect of our country’s finances. These people also get a total pass on the Obamacare tax but the working middle class who don’t have insurance are “free riders”. I want to scream when I hear the Democrats when they say the “free riders” overrun the emergency rooms and cost us more money. If you have an income, the hospitals will pursue you until you are dead to pay those bills. The welfare folks and illegals, not so much.

      • signpainterguy 3:28 PM on 07/11/2012 Permalink | Reply

        It has been my experience that clinics and hospitals will accept weekly / monthly payments and as long as you keep up those payments, they have no problem with you, nor should anyone else !

        It`s fascinating how hospitals and clinics love knowing they`re getting CASH on a predictable schedule, even in smallish amounts !

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    Quote of the Day – Tavis Smiley Edition 

    “Not at all. Mitt Romney’s wrong when he thinks that we are engaging in what he calls the politics of envy. No one who happens to be poor wants what Mr. Romney has. They just want to move beyond a poverty of opportunity in this country to an opportunity to play on a level playing field.”

    Tavis Smiley, Marxist and multi-millionaire, appearing on The Hannity Show talking about what people who live in poverty want, while promoting his new book.

    Well, here is a start, let’s get them off welfare and entitlements so they have a chance to improve their lives.  That will never happen as long as they are living off the government dime.  The playing field while you are on welfare will never be level.  It is getting them off welfare that will give them opportunity.

    See more on his book tour here.

    • SignPainterGuy 12:28 PM on 04/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Ms. Smiley is so out of touch. The poor dream BIG; they absolutely DO want the kinds of things the Romneys have, they just have little realization of what is involved in getting them. And as an addenda, the poor have little idea how the rich function. “The rich don`t spend money; how do you think they got rich !?” I hear that so often. It proves that the poor haven`t rubbed elbows with the rich. Ignorance abounds !

      Anyway, the welfare system needs to be reversed in it`s procedures for getting on and off. It should be made much more difficult to get on, having to prove you need it, but once you start earning money and begin to need assistance less, the checks should not be cut off immediately, but tapered slowing, so that a welfare recipient can save a bit and work into independence rather than jumping straight in without a cushion.

      • just a conservative girl 8:31 PM on 04/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

        You are correct. It is such a simple solution. Start pro-rating welfare and food stamps so they when they are able to take moderately better paying position and not lose everything. Too simple of a solution for the government to ever bother doing.

        • SignPainterGuy 9:51 PM on 04/29/2012 Permalink | Reply

          It would seem the objective is to “keep” people on welfare.

          Rush has made an excellent point; If the gov. entitlement-way is so great, then where are the success stories. They should be everywhere in great numbers, but only free market capitalism provides a way for most anyone with the will to be successful.

  • just a conservative girl 4:25 PM on 01/09/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Tavis Smiley Getting a Taste of the Race Card 

    Tavis Smiley, a favorite of mine, is getting a taste of the leftist use of the race card.  Smiley is an activist for issues within the black community.  He wants the issues of poverty and high unemployment addressed.  While he and I agree on that, we strongly disagree with ways in which to accomplish them.  When I talk about the president and how his policies are failing, I get called a racist.  

    Well, Mr. Smiley is seeing how annoying it is to have your dissent thrown back in your face.  Smiley was scheduled to be a speaker at a celebration remembering the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and he has been summarily dismissed.  Why?  He has been critical of the president.  

    It doesn’t seem to matter that Smiley has a point and the needs of the black community have not been addressed under this administration.  The unemployment numbers are reaching historical proportions, the levels of people becoming dependent upon food stamps is growing and has long since reached record numbers.  

    The latest numbers are that more than 26% of those on food stamps are black, while they only make up 12.6% of the total population.  That is a staggering number.  Smiley has the right to be outraged at these numbers.  The black community is falling further behind, partially due to the ‘great recession”.  

    But, apparently, he is not allowed to say so.  Heaven forbid a left leaning black man say anything against “The One”.  The great black hope, that has done nothing to deserve that title.  He has done nothing to help that community address the real issues that are plaguing them.  Of course he is the president of the entire country, but there were expectations of what he would do for the black community.  

    Both he and Michelle have not really addressed some of the real issues.  Poor educational choices (oh, that’s right, they don’t believe in choice except when it comes to abortion), rising unemployment, 72% of all children are born to single mothers.  Study after study has shown that babies born into single homes are far more likely to face a life of poverty and are less likely to get a college degree.  Without a good education the chances of lifting yourself out of poverty become almost non-existent.  None of these issues have been addresses by the first family.  

    It has been extremely disappointing to see the first black president who by all appearances has a close family unit not addressing the problems within their own community.  He has the perfect platform to stand up and talk about being involved in your child’s life.  He grew up without a dad, he knows how that can affect a child.  He knows how that can affect the financial stability within a family.  Yet he says very little.  Michelle should be out making these points, yet she has chosen to worry about obesity.  Not fitness, but obesity.  She has chosen to help create one size fits all government programs to address these issues and force the non obese to comply to them as well.  She spends little to no time addressing the family unit.  

    Well Tavis, welcome to my world.  Saying anything against this president means one thing and one thing only, you are a raaaaacist.  The so-called black leaders in this country are more interested in appearances than calling the president out on these issues.  Remember when Emanuel Cleaver said this?

    “If (former President) Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House, there is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

    So you see Tavis, it has never been about whether the president is addressing the issues.  It is about you knowing your place.  You are not allowed to criticize his holiness.  You are not allowed to the leave the democratic plantation; pointing out that all the poor get under this president is more handouts that keep them dependent.  He is the great black hope, just ignore the fact that his hope and change has been a big fat failure.  As I said, welcome to my world.  

    As an aside, maybe Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were not too far off about there comments there Tavis.  They just may have been on to something.


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    They Told Me If I Voted for John McCain There Would Be Children Living on the Streets. Turns Out, They Were Right 

    Homelessness is rising in a dramatic fashion in this country for the nation’s children.  Since Obama has taken office the increase of homeless families with young children has increased by 33%.

    At the First Light shelter in Birmingham, Ala., the fastest-growing group is women with children, executive director Ruth Crosby says. She says the emergency shelter, which houses about 125 women and children, is full every night. An overflow room with mats on the floor fills up every night, too.

    Sadly, not all the parents that are bringing their children to these shelters are single moms or people who have lived in poverty for long periods of time.

    Shelly Jordan, a case manager for the homeless in Hattiesburg, Miss,. says it has become common for two-parent households or families headed by professionals to turn to the city’s lone homeless shelter.

    People had savings or unemployment and that’s run out,” she says.  “This is their last resort.”

    Although, the government is not reporting this number.  The federal government is reporting only a 28% increase.  The reasons for this is that they don’t count everyone.  Sort of like the unemployment number.  

    The economy in this country is driving countless people to the streets and our government is having an argument over a payroll tax break that will have little to no effect on improving the job market in this country.  Without an improving job market, these families will have to stay in these shelters, or tent, or cars, or where ever they happen to be spending the night.


    Gee, I wonder if this would be getting more headlines if George Bush were still in office.

    You can read the report here.  If you want to read a blog by someone who has been homeless for months and how she is dealing with it, go here. 

  • just a conservative girl 5:09 PM on 09/29/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Picture of the Day 

    • SignPainterGuy 5:30 PM on 09/29/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, only 3 of 11 cities had other than Progressive-Democrat control over the economy. Obviously George Bush and the Evil Republicans obstructed Prog.-Dem. efforts to get everyone possible on the gov. dole in those 3 cities.

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