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  • just a conservative girl 8:19 AM on 07/31/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Believe in Our Future – New Romney Ad on American Exceptionalism – Video 

    This ad hits on many themes, but the most important being that America is an exceptional country.  Sadly, there are many who live here who don’t believe that.  But I think many, many Americans do.  The President Clinton quote was a nice touch as well.

    • namaste 12:06 PM on 07/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

      this is a great ad! i’m glad to see it posted here. i would have missed it otherwise since i avoid television lately because it’s over-run with obama’s idiotic campaign ads. Romney’s ad has an great pro-America message. thanks for posting this! :)

      • just a conservative girl 12:27 PM on 07/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I’m here to serve. ;}

    • Ednar 3:20 PM on 07/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

      This ad proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that ONLY a businessman can see what is wrong with our country’s’ economy! He can FIX it! Obama is NOT a businessman but an attorney! Granholm was such an attorney & ruined Michigan’s economy! Romney will do what Michigan’s present Governor Snyder is doing!
      For Obama to keep blaming Bush is a cop out but a lie as well!
      Obama was sworn in 2005. He was there when the Democrats took majority of both houses Jan. 3rd, 2007!
      That was the year our economy went BUST! Our economy went spiraling-out-of-control because Democrats(Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank & Nancy Pelosi) were at the helm & Bush(?) … looked as if he were 2nd-in-command!

    • Don 7:11 PM on 07/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Romney wasn’t my guy in the primaries, but the primaries are over and it is time to get behind our nominee. This ad is great, it shows a very positive message and Obama only wishes he could put out an ad like this.

  • just a conservative girl 11:47 PM on 10/11/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    GOP Bloomberg/Washington Post Debate 

    I personally really liked the format.  The candidates seemed much more human in a way.  It seemed much more like a conversation this way.  After all, we are trying to decide who will represent the party and run for the presidency.  Americans want someone they feel like they can relate with to a certain extent. 

    Jon Huntsman is a very rude man.  I really didn’t like the dig to Perry on the Mormon comments.  While I understand that since he is a Mormon, he felt disrespected by the comments, but Perry did not make them.  It made him seem small and petty. 

    Gov. Perry had the perfect opportunity to hit Romney on Romneycare tonight and punted.  He still seemed out of it and was far too defensive.  He had to hit it out of the park tonight and barely got up to bat.  Where’s the fork?  He is done. 

    Romney really interested me tonight.  When they had the chance to ask questions to the other candidates I was very surprised by him choosing Michele Bachmann.  You would think he would go after Perry or Cain.  Voters that are partial to Bachmann are not going to vote for Romney in a primary setting.  As usual, he did no harm and kept most of his attacks towards Obama. 

    I thought Cain did damage to himself tonight by choosing Alan Greenspan as his model for Fed Chair.  Greenspan?  I have to fully agree with Ron Paul on this one; disaster.  Many of Greenspan’s policies helped lead to the financial meltdown we are having now, he kept the interest rates at artificially low rates which was a contributing factor to the mess we are in.  He was the biggest target tonight and handled it pretty well.  A few stumbles, but overall he did OK, although his defense of TARP is not something that most conservatives want to hear. 

    Rick Santorum didn’t get enough talking time.  But he isn’t a realistic top-tier candidate at this point. 

    Michele Bachmann did a better job tonight, she seemed focused and stayed on point.  Although, I think she needs to stop bringing up her 23 foster children so often.  It seems like she is trying to use to score points.  For some reason it doesn’t sit well with me.  She didn’t do enough to revive her campaign, but she will probably last until New Hampshire.  She will more than likely be on a few short lists for VP, although I find it unlikely she will get it. 

    Newt was the grown up in the room.  Again, he kept his focus on Obama and his policies.  I recently read a post on Legal Insurrection saying maybe it is time to give him another look.  The professor may be correct.  There are many things that I don’t like about him, but he has big ideas.  He is big picture guy and that may be what we need right now. 

    Ron Paul was Ron Paul.  Nothing really loony and some good points about the financial mess. 

    Overall, I would have to give the win to Romney.  But he has been running for president since 07, so he should be winning. 

    Biggest loser: Charlie Rose.  Does that man get enough sleep? 



    • SignPainterGuy 12:19 PM on 10/12/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Overall, I have to say I enjoyed the debate / QnA. The format did it, not NPR, WaPo, for sure. Lefties just don`t usually get the Christian / conservative mindset, so I quit looking or even hoping they suddenly will. Karen and the other girl, even Charlie got their smackdowns right off the bat, Bachmann first and then Newt not accepting the left`s premises, pointing the blame at the politicians who created the mess, not Big Banking and Corps. That was great !

      Yeah, Romney won by default as much as anything else by not being asked about his RomBamaScare consultants going to the WH and assisting in the writing of ObummerScare. He`s most polished, besides Newt, and just didn`t lose. I still don`t trust him to insist on complete repeal of OblamerScare.

      All the candidates made some good points, being centered on the economy, where most have experience and knowledge. Even Paul was un-loony. Newt was good and acted as a cheer leader for the whole panel.

      I agree that Huntsman was insulting; he isn`t pres. mat`l.

      Cain needs to tweak his single-ish issue 9-9-9 plan so it`s less harmful to those on fixed income, otherwise, it`s the only plan that restructures / simplifies the tax code, eliminates all loopholes, grants CERTAINTY to biz owners so they know what`s coming, they can adapt and get back to biz. When he selected Greenspan as his rolemodel for a fed ch., I took it to mean “A.G. of the `90s”, not his later yrs. I hope so, cause A.G. was a disaster later. That may be bad for Herm. Still my favorite though !

      Bachmann`s point that adding a new revenue stream for congress (nat`l sales tax) would be next to impossible to remove later has much merit.

      I think the biggest loser was Karen Tumulty. An MBA from Haahvud and still believes in Keynesian economics and caught a polite smackdown with most of her questions.

      • just a conservative girl 7:12 PM on 10/12/2011 Permalink | Reply

        According to Cain his plan is to require a two third majority to make any changes to it. Which will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get.

        Let’s say he becomes the next president, not a scenario that I feel is likely, but if he does, it will never pass into law anyway.

        His entire point is to get the country to a flat tax. But if he calls it a flat tax he will be laughed at.

        • SignPainterGuy 10:26 PM on 10/12/2011 Permalink | Reply

          Purely coincidentally, I just left his website; Phase II is the “Fair Tax”. The “Flat” tax is still “income” tax. The “Fair” tax is a sales tax, not a tax on income, but a consumption tax, tax on what you spend, not on money earned, which is punitive and invasive by way of the requirements to report from whom, how, where, doing what, you earned your money. IMO, none of the gov`s business ! The Fair tax works IF the IRS is eliminated. A dream of mine !

          No guarantee it would pass, but it`s the best idea offered so far, again, IMO !

  • just a conservative girl 3:03 PM on 09/07/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    I Knew There Was a Reason I Like Ann Coulter 

    This of course is causing many calls of “Diva”, “Establishment”, and “Elitist”. 

    There are people out there who like Sarah Palin, who believe in what she is saying, who thinks that she is good at getting a crowd going, and has a canny ability to raise money, but don’t feel that she should run for president.  That in and of itself does not make you a bad person, a bad conservative, or any other thing that you will be called by the Palinista’s.  It just means that you are expressing your opinion.  Something that as an American you are allowed to express.  At least the last time I checked. 

    Some of Palin’s “fans” are rabid fanatics.  They search every website for one little bad word about the Governor and all of sudden you end up with comment after comment questioning your sanity.  People will defriend you on Facebook if you dare say one word against Palin.  How exactly is that different from what happened with Obama a few years ago?  It is the same blind loyalty.  Sarah Palin is not perfect, she makes mistakes, just like every other human being.  She has no magic wand to cure all the ills.  It scared me when this  was the belief for Obama and it scares me now.  It isn’t healthy for our type of government. 

    I agree with Ann, it isn’t whether Sarah Palin is all those things that the left accused her of, it is about whether the squishy middle who decide national elections believe it.  It has been three years and there are still people who think Tina Fey’s comments were actually made by Sarah Palin.  If she hasn’t been able to dismiss these misconceptions by now, I don’t hold the belief that she can.  It also isn’t a question of fairness.  Life isn’t fair.  The left set out to destroy her to the squishy middle and I think they did a bang up job of it.  These people are not going to watch the documentary about her, they have already made up their minds.  I live in a left leaning area of the country, they don’t care what her record is.  They don’t like her.  They won’t vote her.  Yeah, they will vote for Obama over her.  Her true record has no meaning to them.  Her not making a decision about running I think has hurt her, not helped her.  It just allows this type of talk to continue. 

    There is nothing in this interview that should warrant Coulter and Graham being called the names that they are being called.  They spoke their minds in an analytical fashion.  That is what they are paid to do. 

    I am with Ann, it is time to “fish or cut bait” Governor.  The game is becoming tiresome.  Make your decision known.  We can then start the process of widdling down to the candidate that is the most likely to beat Obama.  After all that is the goal, isn’t it? 

    • BackyardConservative 7:17 PM on 09/08/2011 Permalink | Reply

      I thought they were pretty empty on this one. They didn’t go after her on the merits of her positions, they just said she’s too late to get in and won’t win. Then they push non-conservatives to get in.

      As far as Ann Coulter, I’ve met her, I like her. She’s pretty brave a lot of the time. She is also deliberately provocative from time to time. I think this is one of those times. And I also think she’s got some envy issues.

      As for Laura I’m disappointed in her too. Romney? Really?

      Finally, Sarah Palin jumped in the race when McCain asked her too. She’s been carrying the ball for the GOP up to and including the midterm. She’s earned the right to take her time.

      I live in a blue state. I have patience for pols who have to live in them. I have no patience for pundits who claim to be conservative but bash like establishment

      • just a conservative girl 8:25 AM on 09/09/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Oh yeah, the fall back position. Anytime anyone says something the least bit negative about the governor you get called establishment or jealous. That has long since grown old. Can we come up with something new to call these people?

    • BackyardConservative 2:27 PM on 09/09/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Laura and Ann have drawn attention because they are not critiquing Palin on substance. What conclusion should we draw then? They are spinning, they are defending establishment political figures. Yes, I agree, jealousy has grown old. But that’s what we saw in that clip. Pretty much pure snark. She shouldn’t be given time to decide but others should.

      As far as the mushy middle, I would remind you, since I’m 57 and you’re not, that a lot of the TEA party comes from there, involving people who’ve never been involved before. And in my blue state of IL this 2010 election independents went hugely R, electing numerous new congressional members. All I’m saying is don’t underestimate the smarts of the American people and their misery under this president. Why wouldn’t they give Palin a fresh look should she decide to run, and wins the R nomination. Given the alternative.

      • just a conservative girl 3:32 PM on 09/09/2011 Permalink | Reply

        They were not talking about Palin in this clip for the most part. What little they did say about Palin herself was mainly positive. The negatives were about the people who think she walks on water. The Palinista’s are just as rabid as the Paul fans. I have heard that Perry’s fans are similiar. I have not experienced that personally with them, but I have with Palin fans.
        You may not agree, but many in the conservative side feel that the body blows delivered to her by the left and the media are not something she can overcome. Virtually everyone I know that leans to the left thinks she is an idiot. They bought the entire meme hook, line and sinker. Under no circumstances will they vote for her.

        And they did make a substantive comment about how Palin has not released real specifics on how to get the ecomony going again. I have read Romeny’s plan. There are some good things in there. Most conservatives would be happy with much of the plan. That doesn’t mean I would vote for him, but at least he giving out some ideas.

        This is exactly what Coulter was talking about, unless you bow to the alter of Palin you get attacked.

        I don’t underestimate the American people. Nor do I overestimate Sarah Palin. I don’t believe she can win. I can’t support her if that means another four years of Obama.

        • BackyardConservative 7:21 PM on 09/09/2011 Permalink | Reply

          If and when she runs she’ll lay out a specific plan. Certainly more specific than the president’s.

          I happen to think winning with a conservative is more important than winning the presidency. We have had big spending Republicans before and we can’t afford that any more. But the voters will decide. I do think it will be hard to energize our base and up the numbers in the House and the Senate unless we have a strong, principled candidate.

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