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  • just a conservative girl 8:00 PM on 08/31/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Short Intro Documentary of Mitt Romney – Video 

    Very few stations covered this part of the convention.  I think unless you watched CSPAN, you missed it.

    You shouldn’t have.

    • Ednar 9:15 PM on 08/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

      In fact, our family DID watch the RNC on C-Span!
      Fox had too many people commenting & we were missing a lot of speakers speaking!
      I like Brett, Hannity, Megyn Kelly, O’Reilly … & their guests, but I wanted to hear the speakers.
      Fox seemed delegated to have the audience listen to major speakers, not all of them!
      I wanted to listen to ALL OF THEM!

      It is going to be interesting listening to the line up at the DNC!
      Logan Act violator, Nancy Pelosi, will be there as will most of the DSA … Democratic Socialist party of America! Which are endorsed by the communists unions like the SEIU!
      Sandra Fluke will be there & I am sure some Hollywood elites as well!
      I wonder if after the convention … they will TRASH all the American flags as they did in their last convention in 2008?

      • signpainterguy 10:07 PM on 08/31/2012 Permalink | Reply

        I think it was Rush, could`a been Glenn Beck, whichever said that NinnyNan Pelousy will NOT be at the DNC, nor will Shrillary !

    • Ednar 12:55 AM on 09/01/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I am curious to see if they will have an Islamic cleric there to give some kind of invocation (jumah)
      Many dont know Islams god; allah is NOT-OUR-BIBLE-GOD!
      1) allah has NO image as ours does! Genesis 1:26-27
      2) allah has NEVER appeared before man as ours did! Genesis 18 & Exodus 6:3
      3) allah hasnt a true name like ours! Exodus 6:3, Isiah 42:8, Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29, Exodus 3:14-15
      4) allah has NEVER called anyone in the quran “sons” or “children” of allah! Allah calls everyone “SLAVES” of allah! Our God(YHWH-Elohim) calls everyone … ‘sons’ or children’ of God! Matt 5:9
      5) allah hasnt the power to become human as Jesus did! Jesus was prophesied (Isaiah 9:6) to become human & transfigured from spirit2flesh. This was the first time, however, Jesus became HUMAN! Gen 18
      6) allah … according to the fabricated quran … doesnt have the power to force satan to bow down to satan( they say shaiytan) All will bow to Jesus & call Jesus “LORD”! Phil 2:5-9
      7) Malachi 3:6 says God doesnt change! Well, our God doesnt! Allah, like a woman on nerve pills, is responsible for “ABROGATING” countless quranic verses!
      8) we do NOT only NOT share Gods with Islam … we do NOT share prophets either!
      Muhammad is NOT from the seed of Isaac thus doesnt qualify for the criteria of prophethood according to Gen 21:12 ” … for in Isaac shall thy (Abraham) seed be called”
      Ishmael, Isaacs older step-brother, was {CAST OUT] forfeiting all birthrights!
      Muhammad is a descendant from ishmael.
      Genesis 25:5 states Abraham gave Isaac everything!
      Genesis 25:11 states God BLESSED ONLY Isaac after the funeral of Abraham!
      Genesis 17:19 & 21 states God named Isaac personally, called his seed again, gave him a 2nd covenant & promised him to Sarah & Abraham … even before he was born!
      Genesis 22:2 states God calling Isaac ‘Abrahams ONLY son!
      No where in the bible did God ever call Ishmael ‘son of Abraham’!
      God always referred to Ishmael as the ‘son of the bondwoman’
      9) The quran … has reversed the roles of Isaac & Ishmael & why they are adamant Muhammad is a prophet descendant of Ishmael who is Abrahams first born son!
      10 we do NOT share Jesus! Islam created a new Jesus & called this one Eesa or Isa.
      Eesa called out to allah … our real Jesus never did
      Eesa called itself a muslim … our real Jesus never did
      Eesa spoke as a baby … our real Jesus never did
      Eesa was NEVER crucified & resurrected … our real Jesus was!
      Islam created Sura 4:157 which calls Jesus a liar for NOT being CRUCIFIED!

      Islam is NOT part of the Pentateuch shared by the bible & Torah.

      ”Which is more apt to be historically reliable? A collection of documents (The New Testament), which was written down within the first generation while the eyewitnesses were still alive, or, a book (The Qur’an) written 600 years later, by a man, who had not even any first hand contact with the New Testament?”
      — Dr William Lane Craig

    • Ednar 6:29 AM on 09/01/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Forgot to proofread my post!
      On #5 meant to say … This was NOT the first time Jesus became human as He appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Moses! Jesus = Jehovah!

      Exodus 6:3 And I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.

      Matthew 22:32 I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

      John 10:30 “I & the Father are one”

    • Marty 9:41 AM on 09/15/2012 Permalink | Reply

      who are these people in these boards? are these americans? all this hatred and ignorance is what is destroying this country. the pundits that created this atmosphere of intolerance and hatred not all together that different from the islamic fanatics in terms of objectivity and reason, should be jailed for treason. they have destroyed this country. I have news for you people: if you want to inject religion into politics, as grotesque as that is, then be accurate:Jesus was very clear about helping the poor, specially poor children, clothing the stranger, praying in private and not being arrogant. Todya’s GOP fails in all counts.

    • Ednar 9:14 PM on 09/15/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Marty,
      U SAID: [[Jesus was very clear about helping the poor, specially poor children, clothing the stranger, praying in private and not being arrogant. Todya’s GOP fails in all counts.]]

      Can YOU tell me how many times “God” was mentioned at the Republican National Convention?
      &/or in their PLATFORM?
      Can YOU tell me how many times “God” was mentioned at the Democratic National Convention?
      &/or in their PLATFORM?
      Are YOU going to vote for someone who doesnt even appear to KNOW how to be an American?
      Barack Hussein Obama “CROTCH SALUTED” Old Glory in 2008
      Have you watched the movie: 2016 … yet?

  • just a conservative girl 2:27 PM on 08/31/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Of Dog Whistles and Other Such Nonsense 

    I have enjoyed the spin on the left about the convention this week.  The outright falsehoods that are going on about the auto plant in Wisconsin has been quite amusing.  The video and newspaper reports that prove that the plant was indeed still making cars when President Obama took the oath of office doesn’t seem to deter them.  I guess Romney’s underwear is truly magic since the videos dated long before he choose Paul Ryan as his running mate.  

    The outright disgusting behavior that was shown towards Mia Love and Condi Rice was very sad,  but even worse, it was expected.  The cries of the female version of Uncle Tom was heard loud and clear.  We get it, you don’t like any person of color being conservative.  They are not allowed to think for themselves.  They must follow your vision, because after all, you are the party of tolerance.  

    The left got their pants all twisted by Ann Romney’s line of ‘I have a real marriage’.  She wasn’t talking about gay marriage.  She was talking about the same thing that every other married couple knows to be true, marriage is work.  The movies and the fairy tales don’t tell you that when you are growing up.  She had five children to raise with a husband who travels.  She has dealt with real tragedy in her life.  The loss of a child, numerous health problems in breast cancer and the knowledge that she will be dealing with MS for the rest of her life.  She has come out the other side of those things with her marriage in tact.  That is not an easy thing to do.  The rates of divorce in our country prove that.  

    Chris Matthews schooled me this week on the words that I am not allowed to use.  Chicago means racist.  Golf means racist.  All that secret code, oh my.  Al Sharpton has decided that the fact that Romney has a proven and clear record of putting minorities and women in positions of power and authority is a negative.  I am not even going to try and figure that out.  In his world up is down and black is white.  The only people who can legitimately put minorities is someone who shares his world view.  If not, I guess they are just pandering.  Some have gone as far to say that proves that they are racists.  Paul Ryan’s college girlfriend who happens to be black is also somehow proof that he really doesn’t like black people.  You figure it out, it just makes my head hurt.  

    But this has to be one of my favorites of the week.  

     But that line about how when America needs to accomplish something great, “you need an American”? Dog whistle to the birthers?

    Now, take a look at what he actually said:

    Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon. And I don’t doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong’s spirit is still with us: that unique blend of optimism, humility and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American.

    She is just pulling this crap out of thin air.  He didn’t say when America needs to accomplish something, he said when the world does.  He was talking about American Exceptionalism.  Something that Maria Cordona obviously cannot even begin to understand.  The left doesn’t see America in the same vision that I and others on the right do.  They just don’t.  They don’t view our place in the world as something special.  We are just one of many to them.  We should be more like Europe to them.  Why they don’t just pick up and move to Europe is something that I don’t understand.  You like it there so much, pack your bags.  No one is stopping you.  I will help you pack.  

  • just a conservative girl 6:54 AM on 08/31/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech Republican National Convention – Video 

    Was it a home run?  No.  But a very solid performance.  The story about the rose on the table for his mother was very touching.  He went far in humanizing himself to voters who don’t know much about the man, just the politician.  As much as I don’t like this,  someone that doesn’t have a likability factor cannot get elected.  He needed to make people feel comfortable that they would want this image coming into their living rooms over the next four years.

    The left totally didn’t get the line about the oceans.  Not that I am surprised.  HE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE HUBRIS.


  • just a conservative girl 10:08 PM on 08/30/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention – Video 

    I thought this was a tad strange, but he seemed to get a very good reaction.  The crowd loved it.

    • signpainterguy 11:11 PM on 08/30/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Because of the perceived rarity of a conservative Hollyweird actor, it`s good to have Crint Eeswood do a bit of spoof with “Invisible Obama”. I thought it symbolic of his leadership style and his likelihood of actually showing up for any serious Q&A – lacking and ain`t gonna happen !

      Clint and I agree, lawyers aren`t my first choice for presidents, biz folk are; they have a much greater understanding of the needs of a country as well as what they can do with themselves ! ;-)

    • Ednar 11:48 PM on 08/30/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Great American icon

  • just a conservative girl 8:07 AM on 08/30/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Paul Ryan Accepts the Republican Nomination for Vice President – Video 

    He did better than I thought he would. I was especially nervous after the speech that Dr. Rice gave (you can watch below).  He started off a little slowly, then worked his way into a very good speech.  He attacked policies and positions of the president and the left.  He never attacked a person.

  • just a conservative girl 11:04 AM on 08/29/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Biggest Buzz of Republican Convention So Far – Tx Senate Candidate Ted Cruz – Video 

    I missed this speech (few networks carried it live) but this is what I have been hearing about.

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