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    A Little Twat and a Whole Lot of Controversy – When Republicans are Their Own Worst Enemies 

    Bob Fitzsimmons, Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) used the word twat in a facebook discussion a few nights ago.  Twat in case you don’t know is sometimes used as slang for the female vulva. 

    Now, I am not going to sit here and defend the use of that word.  It never should have been used.  The problem is that if you read the exchange in context, he was referring to the comment that someone else had made as ridiculous.  He used the wrong.  Obviously he isn’t up on sexual slang words.  He should have used the word twaddle, which means stupid speech.  


    Now, what you can’t see in the above graphic is the comment he was answering.  That comment was about why Delegate Barbara Comstock should be the nominee in the hotly contested republican primary simply based on the fact that she is a woman.  His comment was about identity politics.  I am not sure who, if anyone, he is backing in this contest, but I can tell you that I support Barbara.  I like Barbara.  I have worked many a days knocking doors in her elections for the state delegate seat that she currently holds.  But I don’t support her simply based on the fact that she is a woman.  I HATE identity politics.  It is a losing game and I have little respect for people who voted based upon gender, skin color, or financial status of the people in the race.  To me that is the democrats game and played a big part in why President Obama won his election.  On this Mr. Fitzsimmons and I agree.  We are never going to beat the democrats in that game, so lets put up the best possible candidate in each and every race.  I happen to believe that Barbara is that person.  Her voting record speaks for itself.  At the end of the day that is what really matters.  

    What really sits in craw about this entire unfortunate episode is that people who don’t like Mr. Fitzsimmons, for reasons ranging from he is a supporter of conventions over primaries (which I am not) and he is also a big supporter of Ken Cuccinelli and more libertarian leaning people, have used this to try and force him from his job.  Insert primal scream here.  

    This has turned into a national story that has been on HuffPo and in The Washington Post simply because people, who I won’t mention by name, even though I would bet my bottom dollar are involved, are using this to oust someone they disagree with.  

    The man made a mistake.  He used an unfortunate word when he wasn’t clear on the meaning.  There is no way that anyone reading what he wrote can misconstrue that he was calling Delegate Comstock a twat or even the young woman he was having the discussion with that word.  

    Here is the post he was responding to with the name of the person not included:

    I also think women are going to be very frustrated about about a man trying to usurp Barbara’s position in this race. If women come out in force for her, it will create a battle cry for Republican women so loud that Howie Lind won’t have a prayer of competing with her. Republican women are a force to be reconed with and I for one want to see this power harnessed effectively in key political races.

    His response was the he doesn’t like sexist twat.  Now, if he was talking about this woman or Barbara it would make sense that you would be able to replace the word with the name and it would still make sense.  But you can’t do that in this case.  Because he wasn’t referring to a person, he was referring to the thought of using identity politics.  

    So, now we have a national story about how republican men and party officials were using sexual terms to talk about a woman when clearly that isn’t what happened.  

    We don’t need the democrats to do anything, we are doing a bang up job all on our own.  Should he have apologized for using that word?  Absolutely.  Should he lose his job over it?  No, a very clear and unambiguous NO.  This has been blown out of proportion by people who don’t like him and his stances.  Those are the people who should be called out in all of this.  Not a man who obviously needs to spend more time with a dictionary.  

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    Lt. Gov. Bill Bollings’ Statement on RPV Changing the Rules Mid-Stream 


    Lieutenant Governor expresses disappointment in Committee’s decision to abandon primary and choose nominees for statewide office via a party convention, and pledges to aggressively restructure his campaign to successfully compete in the convention process

    Earlier today, 47 members of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia voted to rescind the Committee’s previous decision to nominate our party’s candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General in 2013 in a statewide primary and instead decided to nominate these candidates in a party convention.  In response to this decision, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement:

    “I am disappointed in the State Central Committee’s decision, which will effectively disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Virginia Republicans, and all active duty military personnel, from participating in the nomination of our candidates.  If we want to grow our party we have to involve more people in the nomination of our candidates, not fewer; and I believe that we do that through primaries, not party conventions.  This decision creates the impression that our party is an exclusive party, as opposed to an inclusive party, and that is not the message we should be sending to the people of Virginia.

    “In addition, I am disappointed that the State Central Committee chose to change the rules in the middle of the 2013 election campaign.  In October of 2011 the State Central Committee voted to nominate our candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General in a statewide primary.  Since that time, numerous candidates, including myself, have hired staff, made strategic and tactical campaign decisions, and expended hundreds of thousands of dollars to put together primary campaigns in reliance on the State Central Committee’s decision.   These decisions cannot be undone and these dollars cannot be unspent.  To change the rules now, in the middle of the campaign, is unprecedented and unfair.

    “Based on discussions with our attorneys, it is my belief that the Committee’s decision to change the mode of nomination in the middle of the campaign may also create significant legal questions.  However, I have decided that it would not be in the best interests of the Republican Party to pursue a judicial remedy.  Right now, our party needs its focus firmly fixed on electing Mitt Romney, George Allen and our Republican congressional candidates in November.  I will not take any action that might further divide our party or distract our attention from the 2012 campaigns.

    “In the days to come I will aggressively move to restructure my campaign and prepare to compete in the convention process.  I have run and won in conventions before and I will do so again in 2013.  My candidacy enjoys the support of hundreds of Republican Party leaders and activists form all across Virginia, and thousands of grassroots Republicans who share my vision of mainstream, results oriented conservative leadership for families and businesses in our state.  With their help I am confident that we can defy the political pundits and win in a party convention, just like we would have won in a statewide primary.”

    I agree with pretty much every word.  Not everyone can make it to a convention.  They work weekends, they don’t have cars, they live hours away from Richmond and can’t afford the gas.  They have the right to decide who will be running on their party’s ticket too.  What about military?  What about people working out of state?  Far too many people are left out of a convention process.  I have heard rumors of why this happened.  But since they are just rumors I will keep them to myself, for now.

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    And The Republican Party Wonders Why it Can’t Make Traction in Fairfax County Virginia 

    As many know, there is an open senate seat in Virginia due to the retirement of Sen. Jim Webb.  The GOP has four candidates running in the primary.  There will be a series of debates before the primary.  One such debate is in Northern Virginia.  For those who may not be aware, Northern Virginia is progressive central.  The reason that many here are unhappy with Obama is because he has not been left enough.  As you can imagine the republican party has a hard time gaining ground in this atmosphere.  

    This race is said not to be all that competitive, George Allen is expected to win the primary handily.  But, the “experts” have been wrong before.  I like George Allen, but there are few other interesting candidates as well.  So I was really looking forward to hearing the debate before making up my mind who I was going to support in the primary.  

    As some may know, I no longer can drive for health reasons.  So I have to take the bus to get anywhere during the day.  For those who have never had the pleasure of taking mass transit, the buses don’t exactly run the most direct route.  You can go all over kingdom come to get to your final destination.  The bus I needed to take to the Fairfax County Republican Committee office is one such bus.  It is maybe 10 miles, but it takes more than hour to get there.  I then have to walk about a quarter mile to get to the office.  

    Today is the day that the tickets are supposed to be available.  Here is a portion of the email that I received, you can read the entire email here:

    The third debate will be held on Friday May 25th at 6:30pm at the Fairview Park Marriott located at 3111 Fairview Park Drive – Falls Church, Virginia.  Free tickets to the Northern Virginia debate will be available beginning on April 20th at the Fairfax and Loudoun GOP Victory Centers.

    I take two hours out of my day to get to the office to pick up my “free” tickets.  When I get there I am told that I have to volunteer for two hours.  Hmm, here is the definition of free from dictionary.com:

    Idioms 44.for free, Informal without charge: The tailor mended my jacket for free.

     Now, is it just me, or is asking someone to perform two hours of “volunteer” work a form of payment?  So lets go back to dictionary.com and find out what volunteer means:


    noun1.a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for aservice or undertaking 2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

    yeah, I think it is a form of payment.  Which means that the tickets are not free.  So I said to the women at the office today that I thought the are free.  She said they are.  Really?  How so?  She then tells me that the email from the Chairman said that volunteer work would be required to get the “free” tickets.  Uh, no it doesn’t.  

    So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate.  When I got back home I sent  the following email to the Chairman:

    I am writing to tell you how deceptive the FCRC is.  The below email says that the tickets for the debate are free.  I no longer drive for health reasons, so it took me two hours round trip to get to the office today to pick up my “free” tickets.  Come to find out according to them free means that I have to do two hours of volunteer work.  I even inquired on why the email said that the tickets are free, she said they are free.  How exactly is something free if you are required to work for two hours?  I was told that your email said that they were looking for volunteer help in exchange for the “free” tickets.  Unless I am missing something the below email says nothing about volunteering.  

    I have given money and volunteered in the past.  No more.  The RPV will never get another dime or one bit of help from me again.  This is why you can’t make traction in Fairfax County.  No one wants to deal with people who are purposely deceptive.  

    There is no way for me to get to the office in Loudon County to get my so-called “free” tickets.  So I guess I won’t be going to the debate.  But I can guarantee you what I will be doing moving forward for the RPV is a big fat zero.  Never again will I do work for them.  I will not phone bank nor will I give money.  It is not like I was some huge donor by any stretch of the imagination, but every dollar helps when you fighting an uphill battle in a county such as this one.  

    Thanks for nothing FCRC.  Lets go back to dictionary.com one final time:

    1.apt or tending to deceiveThe enemy’s peaceful overtures maybe deceptive.2.perceptually misleading: It looks like a curved linebut it’sdeceptive.

       [dih-sep-tiv]  Show IPA

    Yeah, I would say that about covers it.   

    This isn’t so much that I am not willing to do volunteer work.  I have done plenty.  I can list plenty of examples of work that I have done.  Matter of fact I was at the FCRC’s office not all that long ago doing data entry work for the delegate conventions that are coming up.  This is about principle.  If you are going to send out an email saying that the tickets are free, they should actually be free.  

    • SignPainterGuy 12:02 AM on 04/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Some times dishonest people just don`t get the message ! It`s especially gawling when those people are supposed to be the ones on our side.

      Years ago, I got a postcard from a film developing co. offering a huge discount for just showing up to see their service. It seemed much like real estate deals where you listen to a sales spiel, tour a home or two and get a gift, like a camera or watch or clock. Family members had gotten several things that way, so what the heck ! And besides, on this postcard it said THREE TIMES that there would be No Sales Spiel !

      When we arrived 20 miles away at the conference room, we were immediately told the sales spiel would begin in a few minutes. I asked why the card said there would be no spiel if there indeed would be. The guy just looked at me. Well, it turned out that to get the discount film developing, there would be a $500.00 upfront charge. I then asked how many photos I`d have to take to break even on the deal ? Again, the blank stare. He knew he was caught, offered me and anyone else who wanted it our free gift and the opportunity to leave. About 10 out of 25 or so grabbed our gift and left, snickering at having not wasted a pile of money. The choices of gifts were all junque, so we took the GrandMother clock, maybe $15.00 at Wally World.

      That`s about as near to FREE as I ever got ! Well, except for being raised by good parents ! Can`t dismiss that !

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