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  • just a conservative girl 1:44 PM on 05/30/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Investigating Eric Holder 

    Believe me, I am no fan of Eric Holder.  I feel that he never should have gotten the job as Attorney General.  The Department of Justice has a bad habit of looking at everything on a color bar instead of justice.  The entire purpose of our justice system in this country is give equal rights to all.

    Since Holder has taken over lawsuits against states to firm up their voter rolls have been dropped.  By law, every state across the union is supposed to update their voter registration rolls in order to get the money that the federal government gives them to help cover the costs for all federal level elections.  The department filed these suits against states that were not keeping up with their end of the bargain when Michael Mukasey was heading the department.  They were summarily dropped when Holder took over.  The evidence of how the department of “civil rights” is anything but.  While most of the people in this department are career lawyers, it still is a statement of the people who are running the department when eyes are closed to what they are doing.  Free and fair elections cannot happen if we don’t have trust that the states are doing what they should be doing when it comes to removing ineligible voters off the rolls.

    As much I would like to think that Eric Holder is going to be convicted of perjury, I just don’t see it happening.  What Eric Holder actually said was that he wasn’t aware of anyone wanting to prosecute reporters.  While it may be a parsing of words, there is a big difference being investigating a person and charging a person with a crime.

    The real thing that should be investigated is who is the person who misled the courts?  By AG Holder’s own testimony, they never had any intention of charging James Rosen with a crime, they just wanted some information that they could get no other way.  Someone stood in front of judge and asked for phone and email records of a private citizen who they never had any intention of prosecuting.  Not only that, they went judge “shopping” to find one that would allow them not to notify his employers and called him a flight risk.  This person should be fired for cause, therefore giving up all rights to the federal benefits, and also be barred from practicing law, ever again.

    Now, I do think that since Eric Holder’s signature is on the paperwork he can no longer be trusted by Americans to do what is fair and just.   If President Obama had any sense he would ask for the resignation of his attorney general.  Moving forward the citizens of this country deserve to have someone at the helm of this department that they believe is doing the work of the office, giving citizens the belief that our justice system is doing its job, upholding the law without regard to political beliefs, race, color, or creed.  The amount of power this department used to go after one person is exactly what our founders warned us against and tried to protect us from.

  • just a conservative girl 2:01 PM on 04/12/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey Hillary, Want to Hear About my Non-Working Day? 

    I was up at 5:15 this morning.  I slept in compared to my usual wake time.  As per my normal morning routine, I made myself a cup of tea.  Took my medication.  Ate something (the time of the day that I get to eat in peace), got dressed.  I checked my e-mail, paid several bills online then made three more breakfasts.  After that, I got two people dressed.  I then cleaned up the kitchen.  I read two books because neither child can read yet.  I then watched them outside in the yard playing with the dog while I swept the kitchen floor.  I also tried to figure out why the dishwasher was leaking again even though I waited for two and half hours last week for someone show up and fix it.  I put away all the dishes.  Put on a Dora the Explorer and made mid morning snacks.  While I was taking the few minutes to myself, I made some calls to make sure that I had someone to bring the baked goods I was about to make to the church board meeting tonight.  I cleaned up after the snacks.(oh, I had to come up with a quick dipping sauce  on the fly for the carrots because I only thought I bought a new bottle of ranch dressing) Changed a diaper. Fought with a six year old about putting socks on.  Forced a two year old to wear a jacket against her will.  Schelped two kids to the bus stop (I no longer drive).  Went to the grocery store.  Picked up the dry cleaning.  Found a place to have a little picnic lunch with the three lunches that I had made earlier.  Schelped two kids back to the bus stop.  Realized I lost something along the way, and had to go back to find it (losing Elmer the duck is not acceptable and will only lead to a crying jag and possible sleepless night).  Read another book while sitting at the bus stop. Because I had to go back, I missed the bus and had to wait an additional half hour.  Checked my email and my blog.  Got off the bus.  Schelped two kids to the library where I am now sitting while they are listening to story time.  Once that is finished we will hunt for the three books each that they are going to take home.  I will make another snack.  Start baking for tonight.  Start dinner.  Take the dog for a walk.  Sweep the walkway.  Water the lawn and the flower beds.   Somewhere in there I have to feed four people dinner, give two baths, do some laundry.  Look online to find out how much another dishwasher costs.  Take my own shower (something I have yet to do today).  Feed the dog.  Make several phone calls.  Change diapers again a few times.  Figure out where the three still missing Easter eggs are (note to self, next year make a map).  Read the newspapers.  Put away the Easter decorations.  Fold and put away the clothes that will be washed.  Get two kids to sleep.  (some days easier than others) Try to maintain a marital relationship, and get some sleep.

    But no, I don’t work.

    • SignPainterGuy 9:42 PM on 04/12/2012 Permalink | Reply

      That`s not work, that`s fun ! ;-)

      • just a conservative girl 10:30 PM on 04/12/2012 Permalink | Reply

        oh yeah, the putting the jacket on the skirming and yelling 2 year old was especially a good time. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but please don’t any one tell me that it isn’t work.

    • namaste 4:24 AM on 04/13/2012 Permalink | Reply

      hillary sure put her foot in her mouth on that ignorant attack. mothers do so much to keep households, and therefore our world, moving smoothly. i hope you found elmer the duck :)

      • just a conservative girl 9:35 PM on 04/13/2012 Permalink | Reply

        yes, thank heavens. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t find Elmer. With my oldest I was able to keep the attachment to one particular item away. But not so with the youngest. This duck has been very well loved and is a necessary item for day to day life.

    • A.Men 4:38 AM on 04/13/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hilary Rosen (36 visits to the White House) launched Obama’s attack on Ann Romney. Then Hilary, the lesbian, was left on the battlefield by obama, moochelle, Axelrod, messina, and other obamabots!

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