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  • just a conservative girl 7:02 PM on 02/25/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    For Those Keeping Track – List of All Republicans Who Voted to Give Virginians the Largest Tax Increase in their History 

    Yep, brace for it Virginia.  You have a massive tax increase coming your way.  Here are the republicans that voted for it.  Sadly, due to schedule, getting someone to primary these people this year will next to impossible.  But, I think they knew that and that is why they voted on this on the last day of the session.

    House of Delegates: Dave Albo (42), John Cosgrove (78), Kirk Cox (66), Mark Dudenhefer (2), Jim Edmunds (60), Tag Greason (32), Chris Head (17), Gordon Helsel (91), Keith Hodges (98), Sal Iaquinto (84)*, Riley Ingram (62), Chris Jones (76), Terry Kilgore (1), Barry Knight (81), Jim LeMunyon (67), Manny Loupassi (68), Joe May (33), Donald Merricks (16), Randy Minchew (10), Richard Morris (64), John O’Bannon (73), Bobby Orrock (54), Charles Poindexter (9), Bob Purkey (82), Lacey Putney (I, declared R if running for re-election – 19), Tom Rust (86), Ed Scott (30), Beverly Sherwood (29), Chris Stolle (83), Ron Villanueva (21), Michael Watson (93), David Yancey (94), Joseph Yost (12), Speaker Howell (28)

    State Senate: Harry Blevins (14), Bill Carrico (40), Jeff McWaters (8), Tommy Norment (3), Frank Ruff (15), Walter Stosch (12), Frank Wagner (7), John Watkins (10).

    H/T Bearing Drift

  • just a conservative girl 3:46 PM on 09/19/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Picture of the Day – Illinois Joblessness Rates 

    After months of steady inclines in jobs, the joblessness rates increased more than any other state in the nation after the rising of the corporate tax rates.  Color me shocked.

    Numbers complied from US Department of Labor

  • just a conservative girl 7:24 PM on 08/07/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    For Those Who Don’t Understand How Lower Taxes Raises Revenues 

    Sadly there are many who just don’t understand how this works. 

    The federal government decides to let people keep more of the money that they have earned in a year.  This will also include corporations and small business owners.  When businesses have a smaller tax burden they will keep prices more steady, they will hire more people, and they will give larger raises and bonuses to the people that they employ.  They will invest in new technologies, products, and/or services. 

    When they hire more people, more people have disposal income.  When they give bonuses and larger raises people have more disposable income.  When people are paying more steady prices for items they have more disposal income. 

    When people have more disposal income they are more likely to give higher allowances to their children.  When people have more disposal income they may decide to hire someone to clean their house instead of doing it themselves.  Same goes for the doing the yard work.  They will upgrade to a larger car.  They will go on more weekend jaunts or longer vacations. 

    When kids have more allowance they will spend that money at say a McDonald’s or buy themselves another pair of jeans.  These businesses are now busier so they have to hire extra help.  When they hire extra help unemployment numbers go down.  People will have more disposable income. 

    People go out to the movies, go out to eat more often, and drive more.  When people are out and about spending money the businesses where they are spending money need to hire more people.  People have more disposable income.  The unemployment numbers go down. 

    When people are driving more the government takes in more money in gas taxes.  More people are working so the tax revenues go up. 

    When there is more money floating around in the economy small business owners feel more comfortable making investments in new products.  If some of these new products take off and sell well, the businesses have to hire more staff.  People have more disposable income. 

    When there is more money in the economy people are more able to buy homes.  New construction employs more people.  New homes normally will require new purchases, such as furniture, window treatments, hardware items and the like.  Stores will need to keep larger inventories.  Larger inventories require more investment so more money is put into the economy. 

    Now let’s take a look at a family of four who just one year ago was worried that the Bush tax “cuts” were going to be phased out and their tax burden would be increased.  The family sat down and made a list of all the things that they would be cutting back on in order to pay the additional taxes:

    1. Not eating out bi-weekly. 

    2. Getting the pool cleaned.

    3. Having someone mow the lawn every week over the spring/summer months

    4. Cutting back on house cleaning services to once a month

    5. Not buying new plants every year for the garden.  Instead buy perennials that bloom every year, but are not quite as pretty.

    6. Taking a shorter vacation in the summer months. 

    7. Not buying the new car, even though the old one is more than 10 years old.

    Everyone of these items will affect another persons paycheck.  The people who are not be hired will be getting less money, therefore less revenues go to the treasury.  Businesses that start to slow down, don’t make new investments.  Businesses that slow down keep less inventory.  Fewer people are hired.  Unemployment rises. 

    What about this is so hard to understand?

    • McConell 9:28 PM on 08/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Could you explain then why Texas is facing the largest budget deficit in its history, about a quarter of its GDP, despite implementing the most business-friendly tax policy in the country?
      And why its state revenue has been declining year after year, despite record world oil prices?

      • just a conservative girl 9:41 PM on 08/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Texas actually proves my point. They rely heavily on sales tax and property taxes. With a slow economy people have less income so they are buying less. Bringing down the revenues collected via sales tax. 57% of their revenue comes from sales tax. If people are not buying due to higher prices and fewer jobs revenues will fall. No state in this country is immune to the economic slowdown. Texas has fared better than many others.

    • McConell 9:59 PM on 08/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Indeed they do rely on consumption driven tax, sparing the corporate sector, which is the gist of your post.

      However, Texas is on the verge of a serious economic crisis. Their revenue for next year is expected to drop by more than $10billion, a a result of a decade long pro-business tax cuts. And unless the state legislature start raising taxes again, their revenue will remain at that level for the foreseeable future. How does this reconcile with your theory?
      The education and healthcare sector will be the most affected, based on what the legislators are saying the past week.
      With federal funding ending last year, they are on their own.

      The Texas GDP is the second largest in the country, but the per capita income is 24th. That means the corporate
      revenues did not trickle down to the population, as claimed.


      • just a conservative girl 11:03 PM on 08/07/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Did they cut their spending when the revenunes dropped? It doesn’t sound like it. Of course you are going to run into large deficits if you keep spending after your revenues fall. I don’t know a great deal about Texas’ issues. I don’t live there nor do I pay much attention to their state issues. But, if they kept spending after the housing bubble burst when they rely so heavily on property taxes then they deserve what they get. You can’t keep spending when the money is not coming in. Also, I do know that one of the reasons that they have been able to stave off problems as long as they have is due to the income that they receive from the gas and oil sectors. That is one of the problems with government, they keep spending when they don’t have any money. You and I can’t do that. They shouldn’t either. Every government local, state, and federal spend money on stupid and useless things. Then when they run out of money they cut things that people really need. Such as education and law enforcement. Yet they still seem to come up with the money for the cowboy poetry seminars.

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