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  • just a conservative girl 11:29 AM on 01/12/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Liberal Logic Photo of the Day Part 4 

    This only goes to prove you can’t win with the left.  Had the republican house stayed firm and not agreed to raise taxes they would be blaming them for that.  You just can’t win with these people.  Had it not been for the republicans the tax increases would have been worse.

    Also, isn’t the senate run by democrats?  Yeah, I think it is.


    liberal la la land

    • Ednar 7:07 PM on 01/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

      This is why our country is in trouble.
      We have the likes of the Three Stooges: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid saying one thing & doing another.
      These forked tongued prevaricators will forever go down in history for trying to dismantle America! And of these three, the only one who had ever “CROTCH SALUTED” our American flag, tried to take “God” out of the DNC Platform, is responsible for the deaths of Americans at our borders & in Benghazi & solely responsible for the debt crisis we face today b/c HE-IS-NO-BUSINESSMAN … was elected president yet again by an uninformed ignorant population who have been stigmatized by the incessant consistent steady feeding of lies by our liberal Marxist-educated mainstream media.

      Quote of the Day – Senator Harry Reid Edition
      “Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable”
      Wait, I thought it was the republicans that were obstructionists? I must be confused.

      “There are two ways to conquer & enslave a nation.
      One is by the sword.
      The other is by debt.” John Adams 1826

      The Quote of the Decade:
      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America ‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”
      ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

      “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

      Barack Obama

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the
      gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

      • signpainterguy 10:26 PM on 01/12/2013 Permalink | Reply

        Feelin` it too ! Good quotes !

  • just a conservative girl 2:38 PM on 09/18/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Yes, I will Say It. There is Nothing Wrong With Governor’s Romney “Secret” Video Statements 

    There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.

    And, I mean, the president starts off with 48, 49 [percent], he starts with a huge number. These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. So he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years.

    And so my job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. What I have to do is convince the five to 10 percent in the center that are independents, that are thoughtful, that look at voting one way or the other depending upon, in some cases, emotion, whether they like the guy or not

    Now, he didn’t say it very tactfully, but this was never intended to go out into the public realm.  Were all of his facts correct?  No.  I don’t think all 47% (or 46.4% as CNN has pointed out) look at themselves as victims either.  Many of the people who don’t pay income tax will vote for him.  But this statement is what should be the heart and soul of this election.  Do we want smaller, more constitutionally limited government or do we want an ever-expending government that hands out as many entitlements as it can?

    This is debate we must have.  Nearly 53% of the country is paying 100% of the bills.  There is something wrong with that picture.  So to the media and to the left, I say Bring.It.On.  I want this debate.  I want  President Obama and the people on the left to answer the question about how long do they think we can sustain this?

    Don’t back down Mitt.

    • SignPainterGuy 5:54 PM on 09/18/2012 Permalink | Reply

      It`s interesting that Jimmy Carter`s grandson is using this months` old recording as a job-search resume enhancer as well as a diversion from the false narrative of a months` old film causing the multiple consulate attacks in the middle east ! It IS a diversion from Obama`s failed policies in that region as well as his spiking the “I killed Bin Laden” football every chance he and the dems could find !

      Today`s topic on the local radio talk show was, “Does this recording doom Romney`s campaign ?” It`s a false narrative, much ado about nothing, nothing but a diversion ! NO, it does not !

      I agree, jacg; Romney needs to be careful that these statements need to be made and must stay in planning meetings, not let out into the public, but he can clarify it easily, as I believe he has already done !

    • Don 10:23 PM on 09/18/2012 Permalink | Reply

      I usually get an income tax refund, but I still am not automatically voting for Obama. But with that being said, I don’t think Romney’s premise is entirely faulty. He is right that he needs to speak to those folks in the middle that don’t automatically vote one way or the other.

  • just a conservative girl 8:02 AM on 09/03/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – Johnny Depp Edition 

    “Well, I kind of do (live back in America). I’m between wherever I end up on location, and then the States. (I left because) France wanted a piece of me. They wanted me to become a permanent resident. Permanent residency status – which changes everything. They just want… Dough. Money… I’m certainly not ready to give up my American citizenship.”

    Depp goes on to explain that if he spends more than 183 days a year in France he will have to pay income tax in both Europe and America, adding, “So you essentially work for free.”

    Johnny Depp on the upcoming 75% millionaire taxes in France.

    People work hard for their money, they don’t want to give it a government who is then going to waste it.

    • Ednar 10:39 AM on 09/03/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Depp probably shouldnt have gone to France nowadays as …
      children probably shouldnt witness childbirth(?)

      Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the 911 call.
      The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old
      girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he
      helped deliver the baby.
      Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked.
      Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born.
      The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom.
      Connor began to cry.
      The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the
      wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed.
      Kathleen quickly responded, ‘He shouldn’t have crawled in there in the
      first place, smack him again!’
      Saw this joke & had to share it! ;-)

      A married couple was in a terrible accident where the man's face was severely burned. The doctor told the husband that they couldn't graft any skin from his body because he was too skinny. So the wife offered to donate some of her own skin. However, the only skin on her body that the doctor felt was suitable would have to come from her buttocks. The husband and wife agreed that they would tell no one about where the Skin came from, and they requested that the doctor also honor their secret.

      After all, this was a very delicate matter. After the surgery was completed, everyone was astounded at the man's new face. He looked more handsome than he ever had before! All his friends and relatives just went on and on about his youthful beauty!

      One day, he was alone with his wife, and he was overcome with emotion at her sacrifice. He said, "Dear, I just want to thank you for everything you did for me. How can I possibly repay you?"

      My darling," she replied, "I get all the thanks I need every time I see your mother kiss you on the cheek."

      • signpainterguy 11:01 AM on 09/03/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Excellent jokes; quite a string of `em actually ! Thanks and keep `em coming !

    • signpainterguy 11:06 AM on 09/03/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Isn`t it fascinating how socialist governments fail to realize how quickly they are running out of OPM (Other People`s Money) !?

  • just a conservative girl 10:54 AM on 06/29/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    So Now That We Have Confirmed Obamacare is a Tax – Here They Are Middle Class – Video 

    But, but Obama said he wasn’t going to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250K.  Did he lie?  Oh, yes he did


  • just a conservative girl 4:01 PM on 09/20/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Quote of the Day – AP Fact Check on Taxes Edition 

    On average, the wealthiest people in America pay a lot more taxes than the middle class or the poor, according to private and government data. They pay at a higher rate, and as a group, they contribute a much larger share of the overall taxes collected by the federal government.

    The 10 percent of households with the highest incomes pay more than half of all federal taxes. They pay more than 70 percent of federal income taxes, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

    The AP did some fact checking on the “fairness” of our income tax system. 

    This year, households making more than $1 million will pay an average of 29.1 percent of their income in federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes and other taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank.

    Households making between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay an average of 15 percent of their income in federal taxes.

    Lower-income households will pay less. For example, households making between $40,000 and $50,000 will pay an average of 12.5 percent of their income in federal taxes. Households making between $20,000 and $30,000 will pay 5.7 percent

    Now, I know this won’t stop Obama from saying it, but shouldn’t this at least help the people who believe his lies and distortions?  As far as Buffett is concerned he are two things that he doesn’t mention when he says his assistant pays a higher rate than he does

    1. The money that he is getting has been taxed on the corporate side at an average rate of 25%
    2. He is the big wig at his company, if he wanted to change his pay structure to a straight salary which would increase his taxable income, he is free to do so.  But he doesn’t. 

     In 2009, 1,470 households filed tax returns with incomes above $1 million yet paid no federal income tax, according to the Internal Revenue Service. But that’s less than 1 percent of the nearly 237,000 returns with incomes above $1 million.

    Can we finally have enough of the lies?  The “rich” pay more than their fair share.  They pay the majority of the income taxes in this country. 

    read the full article here. 



  • Sherry 4:12 PM on 03/19/2011 Permalink | Reply
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    These two telling reads reveal the depth of our current problem. 

    Iowahawk’s http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2011/03/feed-your-family-on-10-billion-a-day.html 

    and Powerline’s http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2011/03/028631.php

    The articles make it clear that far greater of a threat to our long term well being as a country than healthcare, childhood obesity and bullying in school, is the overwhelming debt we are amassing and continuing to pretend doesn’t really need fixing. 

    Now is the time to act, when the CBO has just come out explaining that Whoops, we misunderestimated the deficits by 2.3 Trillion. 


    Making that kind of error in math is rather  like claiming the weight posted on one’s driver’s license is legit.  Everyone KNOWS it’s bogus.  It’s just a question of degrees.  In this case, the White House is counting on everyone being exhausted by the numbers and the amount that has been so out of whack with reality as to make any attempts at less seem almost meaningless.

    That lack of hope is what is in part has derailed the Non Tea Party elected members of congress from being as pumped up about cutting the deficit.  They will get credit for a negative victory if they hold fast.  It’s a lot harder to run on being fiscally prudent in election years when opponents will be able to carp on the legislators giving the state less, cutting programs and being obstructionists to government passing laws and providing services. 

    Republicans are now allowing themselves to be sucked into the quagmire of spend, pay now and more later but  don’t read the fine print with their weak-kneed responses to the Democrats and promises that THERE WILL BE CUTS…but later. 

    MEMO to Republicans: You asked for the opportunity to do the right thing….this is like life, you don’t get points for wanting to do the right thing if you do the wrong thing, and you don’t get points for doing the right thing later if you are doing the wrong thing now and you don’t get points for promising to do the right thing some day.   You do the right thing today and tomorrow and the next and the next and the next and the next.  Cut the federal spending.  Cut it across the board, in the discretionary and mandatory areas.  Roll it back to 2008 or even better, 2006.  Pin it back to the time the Democrats came into power.   You can do this, you just have to muster the steel.  My suggestion, adopt the language from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program. 

    Learn the Fiscal Facts: What is Obesity?  In a person, it is excess body fat, and the normal range is 18.5 to 24.9, while a BMI of over 30 is considered Obese.  So Let’s take the GNP and declare that the Federal Deficit Index should be considered obese if it is over 30%.  

    Now, does anyone see the government opting to make healthier choices for its  habits or taking time out to exercise rather than sit around all day eating our tax dollars?  No.  We see the Democrats howling about the draconian nature of not being able to supersize their fries.   We see the Republicans congratulating themselves on getting a diet coke with their Big Mac and Extra Large Fries.  We see the President talking to the kids about healthy eating choices while pulling into the drive thru and ordering all of them their happy meals of choice with a few pies for dessert.  They may make a cut but it will be dumb luck if it reduces any of our debt or deficit by a scintilla of an iota.  

    Losing one pound when you need to shed 80 doesn’t feel very encouraging and with the current congress, we’re more talking about losing 1/1000th of a pound.   Rah. 

     I think I’ll wait to break out the skinny jeans.


  • Quite Rightly 7:36 AM on 04/28/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Just Spent $600? Must Tell IRS. It’s a New “Health Care” Rule 

    The Cato Institute brings word of yet another “health care” nightmare mandate, this one for small businesses and their customers. Neatly tucked into the ObamaCare bill are “a few wording changes” to the tax code that mean that businesses will have to issue 1099s whenever they do more than $600 of business with another entity in a year.”

    For the $14 trillion U.S. economy, that’s a hell of a lot of 1099s. When a business buys a $1,000 used car, it will have to gather information on the seller and mail 1099s to the seller and the IRS. When a small shop owner pays her rent, she will have to send a 1099 to the landlord and IRS. Recipients of the vast flood of these forms will have to match them with existing accounting records.  [emphasis mine]


    Tax CPA Chris Hesse of LeMaster Daniels tells me:

    . . . Under current law, businesses send Forms 1099 for payments of rent, interest, dividends, and non-employee services when such payments are to entities other than corporations. Under the new law, businesses will be required to send a 1099 to other businesses for virtually all purchases. And for the first time, 1099s are to be sent to corporations. This is a huge new imposition on American business, costing the private economy much more than any additional tax that the IRS might collect as a result.

    There appears to have been little discussion before this damaging mandate was slipped into the health bill and rammed through Congress, but a few business groups did raise concerns. Here’s what the Air Conditioner Contractors of America said:

    The House bill would extend the Form 1099 filing requirement to ALL vendors (including corporate) to which they pay more than $600 annually for services or property. Consider all the payments a small business makes in the course of business, paying for things such as computers, software, office supplies, and fuel to services, including janitorial services, coffee services, and package delivery services.

    In order to file all these 1099s, you’ll need to collect the necessary information from all your service providers. In order to comply with the law, you would have to get a Taxpayer Information Number or TIN from the business. If the vendor does not supply you with a TIN, you are obligated to withhold on your payments.

    The author of this Cato post, Chris Edwards, goes on to ask: “For what purpose? So the spendthrift Congress can shake a few extra bucks out of private industry?”

    I think not.

    Rules like this put so much booking pressure on Mom and Pop businesses that they’ll be making even less income. Congress may not believe it, but entrepreneurs do not go into business for love of paperwork, or even to give the IRS a chance to breathe down their necks quarterly–tempting as that might sound–but to perform the services to society that they are actually good at, have trained for, and like to do, like selling clothing, hardware, or toys; designing houses or technologies; styling hair; raising roses, tomatoes, or dairy cows; or repairing cars or furnaces. Mountains of government-required paperwork severely cut into the time small business people, with loads to do and limited–or no–staff, can spend doing what they went into business to do in the first place, and leaves precious little time left for planning ways to improve the business for growth–or even to hire that unemployed person that Congress wants us to think they care about.

    Taking Congress’s actions at face value, there are few other conclusions to draw than that Congress wants to put small businesses out of business.

    Too bad for Congress. Even they will miss small businesses when they’re gone.

    Hat tip: Cartago Delenda Est.

    More at Bread upon the Waters.

  • Sherry 8:46 PM on 04/21/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    At What Point DO We get the “I’m Not Selfish I’m a Tax Payer Card” from this Administration. 

    We will be taxed. We will get a VAT. We will get add ons by the states to make up the differences as a result of unfunded mandates and to cover the promises already made. They will fiddle with property taxes to make up the losses in revenue from lower property values; they will tack on extra nicks here and there with the gas tax and sin taxes and salt taxes (probably) and sugar taxes (probably) and fat taxes (I’d guess yes).

    We will be told it is patriotic and that sensible people understand this is necessary for the greater good. So my question for all the enlightened smart sensible people is how much pain does one have to have in the wallet to qualify for legitimate gripes?

    When we have to give up our way of life? (i.e. cut back on some things that make our current existence nice or better or bearable?) No, it’s okay if you have to give up a gym or a maid service because that was for rich people and selfish anyway. What if we have to move? or drop schooling? Again, those are luxuries and you do what you have to do and you still have it way better than the rest of the world. So no sympathy there. When do we qualify as having given? We must come up with means to explain how bad the taxes are that the left would understand.

    When we pay to the point that we must endure 12 dollar or less wine? No. That leaves the good stuff for our betters.
    When we pay to the point that we no longer shop except at thrift stores? No. They like recycling.
    When we pay to the point that we no longer eat much other than Ramen noodles. No. We were too fat anyway.
    When we pay to the point that we no longer wash except once a week to cut the water bill and save on soap. No. Especially No. That sort of thing saves Mother Earth.
    When we pay to the point that we don’t go to get hair cuts….let’s see….bad food, poor hygeine, heavy bureacracy and no jobs, now all we need to do is learn French and we can be EuroAmerica; or Eurolite.

    I know! The litmust test to prove to the left that taxes are too high. The way we can get them to really see.
    When we pay so much we have to shop at (sob), Walmart.

    • Quite Rightly 7:08 AM on 04/22/2010 Permalink | Reply

      You got that right! Except that somehow it will be our fault–and the fault of Walmart!

  • Obi's Sister 3:32 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    A Jobs-Lost Visual Aid 

    A map of employment gains or losses by county tells the story of how those job losses first struck in the most vulnerable regions and then spread rapidly to the rest of the country.

    It won’t embed here, so go there. I’ll wait.

    Nauseous? I bet. Add to that the fact that the Obama White House said nuclear blast victims would have to “wait” if when America is attacked due to his spineless performance as POTUS.

    If he can’t tax us to death, he’ll watch us die of radiation poisoning.

    And yes, I’m in a bad mood today. Thanks for asking!

    • Jill 4:03 PM on 04/14/2010 Permalink | Reply

      That map speaks 1000 words.

      Good grief! I just clicked on the nuclear link! #$@%&?!

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