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    Suspended Teacher Speaks at Public Hearing on her Students Get-well Letters to Convicted Cop Killer 

    Marilyn Zuniga, a third-grade teacher, has been suspended with pay for sending Mumia Abul-Jamal get well letters written by her students.  The board is deciding on what, if any, further action will be taken.  

    During the meeting that was being held, Ms. Zuniga made a public statement.  In this statement she said:

    “Growing up in a predominantly white suburb, attending a majority white school district, my teachers and peers marginalized me as a first generation immigrant, Peruvian-American. The cultural gap between my educators and me caused me to feel disconnected from my school work and learning altogether. It wasn’t until my experience in the classroom my senior year of high school that I realized I could be the teacher I never had.”

     Ok, fair enough.  I hope that every teacher in the country has a passion to help all students learn and to think for themselves.  That is what a teacher should be doing.  The problem is that she is going beyond that mission.  She is putting her viewpoints into the classroom and to the heads of very innocent 8-year-olds.  

    Now the problem with the supporters of Mumia is that they never answer the question about why he has never told who the murderer of Officer Faulkner is.  There is no dispute that he was there and witnesses it.  There is no dispute that he had a gun.  There is no dispute that his brother assaulted Officer Faulkner.  There is no dispute that the police arrived on the scene within minutes of the shooting.  There is no dispute that Mumia was shot by the police officer.  He was a very short distance away with a gun shot wound and a weapon when the police arrived.  

    Most people want to say he was arrested due to his political beliefs.  The problem is that he was arrested within minutes of the police arriving on the scene.  They didn’t have time to find out about his political beliefs and writings.  Writing that includes talk about “killing pigs”.  For those that may be unclear what that means, it is police officers.  

    Anyone that has read my writing over the years knows that I am against the death penalty.  I have no problem with him be taken off death row.  But I certainly don’t think he is some innocent lamb that is being led to slaughter.  

    She is entitled to her beliefs, but she isn’t entitled to bring those beliefs into the classroom.  No teacher is.  What really kills me is the people who were at this meeting supporting her.  

    “It is teaching children at a tender age one of the most valuable lessons that they need to absorb in order to mature into adults who sympathize with the plight of their fellow human beings,”

    It goes on:

    “The lesson that was taught through this project is that in order for society to be peaceful and just, we must care about or reach out to those members of society who are most vulnerable, including children, the frail, elderly, the sick and disabled, the poor and, yes, even prisoners.”

    What about the family of the dead officer?  Don’t they deserve someone to reach out to them as well?  What about the compassion for the young woman who had to go the hospital in very early hours of the morning to see her husband with a gunshot wound to his face?  A wound that was done at very close range and literally blew most of his head off.  Where is the compassion for a woman who didn’t have her happily ever after simply because her husband was doing his job?  A car was driving down the wrong way on a one-way street so he pulled it over.  He didn’t pull that car over because the driver was black.  He pulled it over because is was posing a safety hazard and violated the law.  She has lived her life without the man she loved enough to marry and pledge the rest of her life to.  

    “We are here tonight because Marylin Zuniga is our hero,” Larry Hamm, chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, said to the board members. “We ask that you restore her to her job and let her continue to teach the compassion that our children need to learn.”

    Sorry to tell you Mr. Hamm, that isn’t her job.  Teaching compassion is the job of the parent.  Her job is to teach children how to think for themselves, not what to think.  Did she go over the evidence of the case?  Did she tell these students that this man has had two trials and numerous hearings and the best the defense can come up with is that it was a racist police force that sent an innocent man to jail because he was black and a political activist?  If not, that isn’t compassion, that is indoctrination.  There are two sides to this story.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this way beyond what a third-grader should be taught in a classroom.  But the point is still the same.  

    Yes Ms. Zuniga should lose her job.  She wasn’t doing her job.  She was making political points in a classroom.  That is a job of an activist, not an educator.  She should lose her job the same way the teacher who went an anti-Obama rant should lose hers.  You are not there to push your point of view.  You are there to help them develop their own point of view.  

    If you have any doubts that she is an activist her tweet that caused this uproar says it all:

    Just dropped off these letters to comrade Johanna Fernandez. My 3rd graders wrote to Mumia to lift up his spirits as he is ill. #freemumia

    Comrade?  Oh yeah, she doesn’t have an agenda.   

    The part I think I like best about this whole thing is this:

    “In April, I mentioned to my students that Mumia was very ill and they told me they would like to write ‘get well’ letters to Mumia,”

    That’s right, lets throw the eight-year-olds under the bus.  

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    Disgruntled Student Leaves Note for Teacher – Score One for the Teacher 

    Sadly, this student didn’t get a great deal out of thier English IV class.  In all seriousness, how is this kid graduating high school if he can’t even follow simple rules of grammar?

    Grammar and spelling is a problem for many, myself included, but one would think two months from graduation you would have a better grasp of it.  At the very least they could have used spell check before hitting the print button.


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    Quote of the Day – Joe Biden Edition Part 3 

    “You chose to be teachers because you know every child is entitled to do as well as they can”

    Vice President Biden speaking to educators today at the annual convention of the NEA.  It is too bad that NEA doesn’t agree with his sentiment.  Remember this?

    Or how about this:

    “I will begin to care about the quality of children’s education in this country when they start paying union dues.”

    Albert Shanker, former president of American Federation of Teachers.

    I don’t understand why the rank and file teacher who does want nothing more than to give the kids a quality education allow themselves to be represented by these people.

    • SignPainterGuy 3:05 PM on 07/03/2012 Permalink | Reply

      The main purposes of any labor union is to maintain the union-members` jobs, keep money flowing to union leadership and political candidates / parties, and maintain an adversarial atmosphere between management and employees !

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    Homeschooling Reaching the Black Communities 

    A dirty little secret that you won’t find out about from the U.S. media (shocker, I know) is that more and more black families are turning to home schooling in an attempt to give their children the education that they deserve.  While I am sure it is very difficult in the more urban areas where the public schools are especially atrocious, it is still a growing trend.  Another thing many are probably not aware of the existence of is a homeschool cooperative dedicated to the black community.

     Monica Utsey, who runs a home schooling co-operative for African American children in Washington DC, says: “African-American mothers, especially those who have boys, have a lot of trouble in the school system. The way the classroom is designed is more conducive for girls.”

    For her, though, the main motivation was cultural – she wanted her sons to learn about their African roots and not “to believe that their history begins with slavery”

    Another words, she doesn’t want her sons to be taught that they are victims who have no real chance of succeeding because of a racist society that is America.  Derrick Bell will be rolling over in his grave.  How will the left indoctrinate these young sons who are taught they are equal human beings and have the same opportunities that their white counterparts have, they just have to work for it? Oh Al Sharpton, watch out, you may not be able to make a living peddling fear anymore.

    It is true that homeschooling is not something that will work for every family.  Some parents don’t have the discipline, the qualifications, and some children do well in a public school environment.  I know someone who has one child in public school and homeschools the other.  Her son was just not doing well in school and his teachers were not communicating that to them.  They pulled him out and have him at home.  She works full-time, but works from home most of the time.  He does much of his school work online and if she happens to be away from home she can log in and watch his progress.  She told me the difference is night and day; he is learning –eager even–and is much happier.  Her daughter has excelled in the public school and is a very social young lady, homeschooling wouldn’t suit her personality.  It is a situation that works for their family.  It is the essence of choice.  Not every parent who has that choice will pull their children out of public school.

    Of course that destroys the narrative that the public school system will crumble.  More homeschooling will make the public school system better.  Competition is a good thing.  If they need to compete for the dollars they make sure that they are giving an added benefit to the parents who are making that choice.  One of the things you hear unions complain about all the time is the fact that the class sizes are too large (they are right, they are in most cases) this will also help with this problem.  The teachers will have smaller classes and will be able to give more attention to the individual students.

    Another topic that has come up with these homeschoolers is how they resent that teachers now are only teaching to the test (Thanks Sen. Kennedy and President Bush).  The evil of No Child Left Behind has left children behind.  The school systems are under so much financial pressure to keep and/or improve test scores that the joy of learning has been taken out of the equation.  I am sure it is no joy for the teachers either.  But students are suffering because of this piece of lousy legislation.  Parents are seeing for themselves that their kids are losing motivation:

    It was not the violence, or even the fact that he was being bullied, that finally led to the decision to remove Copeland from his public school in what she describes as a “really bad area” of Washington DC, but the fact that he was “losing his love of learning”.

    Of course this little boy was learning his love of learning – which by the way, is innate in a child – if he is being bullied, seeing violence, and being taught only to a standardized test.
    The shift to homeschooling has been much slower for the black community than for the white.  They are under even more pressure to keep pretending that the public school system has their child’s best interests at heart:
    “For the African-American community there was a huge amount of pressure against it, because in America, the grandparents of today’s home-schooled children fought for desegregation of schools. They thought, ‘The public schools are going to save us,'” he says.

    But Dr Ray, who regularly interviews black home-schoolers as part of his research, says attitudes are changing fast – and it’s also a lot easier today for black families to try it than it was 20 years ago, he points out.

    Joyce Burges, co-founder of National Black Home Educators, who home-schooled all five of her children, aged 16 to 35, says the practice is growing “exponentially” in the African American community.

    “The failings of public schools have caused all of us, whether we are white or black, to come up with creative ideas about how we can educate children.

    It is way past time that the black community push back and stop accepting the failing status quo that has become our public school system and take matters into their own hands.  Stop listening to the stories of the past generation that believed that it was going to be public schools that solved the ills of the black community.  Access is meaningless if the school is failing.  Your children will be much better off for it.

    H/T Jammie Wearing Fool

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    The Verdict is In – Muslim Teacher Gets Back Pay, Legal Fees, & Attorney Fees 

    You may remember the story of Safoorah Khan, a teacher who requested three weeks off in the middle of the school year to attend the Haj.  Her requests were denied three years running.  After the third denial she quit her job and filed a lawsuit with the EEOC for discriminatory practices based on her faith.

    Eric Holder and the DOJ were more than willing to help this women with her lawsuit.  The verdict has come in.  Ms. Khan gets $75,000 in back pay, all of her legal fees and attorney fees will also be paid for by the school system.  The school system has also agreed to write into the employment guidelines about religious tolerance and giving time off for these types of events.

    What many people are not mentioning is why the school system refused to give her the time off.  Ms. Khan taught third grade.  The time off she requested was in mid December.  What happens in January of the third grade?  The SOL exams.  The school system rightly felt that a substitute teacher a month before the exams would be very disruptive to the students studying for the exams, so the leave requested was denied.  It was not denied because she is Muslim.

    She was not discriminated against.  She signed a contract that had nothing in it about taking extended leave of absences. They were legally not required to give her the time off.  Any teacher requesting leave a month before these major tests were given would have been denied.  This was never about her rights being violated, because they were not.  This was always about the Obama administration bending over backwards to give rights to “underprivileged” that don’t exist for anyone else.

    Ms. Khan was given special treatment, not equal protection.  The kids will just deal if another teacher decides to take time off during the testing period.  Oh well, many kids around the country are not up to standard on these tests anyway.  So I guess it makes no difference if Ms. Khan’s classroom of children don’t learn what they need to learn.  Just as long as Ms. Khan and other Muslims  get the special treatment that this justice department feels that they deserve, what’s the difference if the kids get cheated?  It is all about fairness right?

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