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  • just a conservative girl 12:25 PM on 05/22/2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Welcome to Conservatism Whoopi Goldberg 

    Not that she realizes she did this, but Ms. Goldberg made the conservative talking point about the welfare system during a discussion with Dr. Ben Carson on The View yesterday.  

    “As a former welfare mother, very few people want to be on welfare. Very few want to walk with their kids and take food stamps. Most people would rather work. I don’t feel bad about being a welfare mother because I contribute as an American – that’s what we do. And because the welfare system is so bizarre, you can’t work, they don’t allow you to work because they take the money from you. So if we fix the system so that it doesn’t hurt the people, maybe it’ll get better.”

    How long have conservatives been saying this?  For decades that is how long.  Now I will concede the point that some on the right disparage people who take from entitlement programs.  I am not among them.  I go after the system, not the people themselves.  The system is broken.  It isn’t designed to help people.  It entraps them therefore keeping them in poverty.  

    As long as the system stays the way it is currently set up we will continue to have the same problems plaguing it.  For instance the food stamps program is currently set up so that if you make even one dollar above the max amount you lose everything.  That tells people that taking a better job that pays $100 more per month is actually going to cost you everything you get in food stamps.  If your food bill is over that amount, which the prices of groceries today being what they are, you can’t afford to buy food.  

    The only true answer to help people find their way off entitlement programs is to pro-rate the benefits.  This way a person who can slowly move their way up the ladder in the workforce isn’t afraid of taking that better paying position. Today they are.  

    On this Whoopi and I agree.  The problem is most liberals say you are dissing the poor when you talk about these things.  You are trying to starve poor children.  You hate minorities.  Or whatever other insult they will hurl at you that particular day.  I am not against all entitlement programs.  I think safety nets are necessary when people hit hard times.  What I don’t like is a system that doesn’t give you a way out once you hit those hard times.  

    I believe that people should be able to find better jobs without the fear of homelessness or lack of food.  But the current system isn’t designed to do that.  

    I doubt that Ms. Goldberg realizes that she has a conservative view-point on the welfare system, but she does.  Welcome to the right Whoopi.   I know you don’t think you belong here, but your view-point is more conservative than you think.  

    • jonolan 4:22 AM on 05/23/2014 Permalink | Reply

      Sadly, what was true, in many cases at least, for Whoopi’s generation isn’t true anymore. The modern welfare mamma doesn’t feel bad about being on welfare. She feels, instead, entitled to it and far more.

      How could she feel otherwise? The Liberals have spent decades forcing the removal of stigma and shame from being on welfare, describing it and all other largess as the recipients right and due.

  • just a conservative girl 1:47 PM on 04/27/2013 Permalink | Reply
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    I Love it When a Liberal Gets a Dose of Reality – Sherri Sheppard To Become Gun Owner 

    Sheri Sheppard from The View has had her aha moment when it comes to guns and providing protection for your family. Her alarm indicated that an intruder was in her home at 1:30 in the morning.  It was then that the family realized that they had nothing in their home to protect themselves.  

     ‘I’m trying to calm Jeffrey down and all I had was this wicker basket, I have nothing, a bat, nothing. We’re going to get a gun.’


    Jeffrey is her young son who was rightly frightened by the incident.  It is very scary for an adult, so imagine how much worse it is for a child, who is completely dependant on others to provide protection.  

    Of course her liberal co-hosts tried to talk her out of it.  Whoopi Goldberg went as far as to tell her to buy a bat.  While of course a bat could help you, but first and foremost, if they have a gun it isn’t exactly an effective tool to provide protection.  But the most obvious downfall of a bat is how close you to get to the person in order for it to be used.  Why would you want to get that close to someone who is in your home in the middle of the night? Especially if you have been woken out of a sound sleep.  

    Apparently it took seven minutes for the police to arrive at her home.  Think of what could happen to you in seven minutes in your home with someone with criminal intent on their mind.  That may seem like nothing, but a great deal can happen in that time.  She is lucky that she has the ability to afford an alarm system, otherwise the time for the police to arrive would have been even longer.  

    There is nothing wrong with buying a gun for home protection.  You buy yourself something small, easy to use and you take lessons on how to use it and store it properly.  

    Evil exists in our world.  It is all around us.  We can bury our heads in the sand or we can do what we can to learn how to protect ourselves and our families.  Law abiding citizens have every right to defend themselves in their own home.  You can’t wish away criminals.  

    Welcome to the land of reality, Ms. Sheppard.  

    • signpainterguy 8:29 PM on 04/27/2013 Permalink | Reply

      No doubt Sherri realized how important seconds are in a situation like this and the cops WERE only minutes away !

  • just a conservative girl 1:33 PM on 10/18/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Ann Romney Holds Her Own on The View 

    In this segment she talks about her family.  I just heart her.  Mitt is still growing on me, but Ann I just love.


    • SignPainterGuy 5:50 PM on 10/18/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Ann is a model of commitment, devotion, practicality and love of her family. I heart her as well !

      Mitt appears to be a bit squishy on some things, but still very likely the right man for right now as is Ryan.

    • Jeffythequick 10:56 AM on 10/22/2012 Permalink | Reply

      What a happy woman! Why does Baba always want to pull her down. It just seems that the right side of the couch was interested in her, and the left side was looking to just Mrs. Romney down.

      That show is pathetic.

  • Mary Sue 3:23 PM on 07/29/2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Most Articulate President Ever: Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’ on The View 

    Via Memeorandum

    Perhaps President Obama should have taken Ed Rendell’s advice and skipped the estrogen fest we have come to know as “The View:”

    When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: “We are sort of a mongrel people.”

    “I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up,” Obama said. “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.”

    The Hill gets out the mop to clean up after that disaster:

    The president’s remarks were directed at the roots of all Americans. The definition of mongrel as an adjective is defined as “of mixed breed, nature, or origin,” according to dictionary.com.

    Obama did not appear to be making an inflammatory remark with his statement and the audience appeared to receive it in the light-hearted manner that often accompanies interviews on morning talk shows.

    Yes of course we often hear that light-hearted banter from the Jerry Springer genre. When in Rome as they say…

    Oh but there is more -Read the rest at Ruby Slippers

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