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    Open Letter to VA State Senator Louise Lucas 

    Dear Ms. Lucas:

    I heard your comments about the upcoming presidential election and how Mitt Romney is appealing to the racist segment in society that is against President Obama due to his skin color.  Your exact statement was:

    “All of the folks who are saying ‘we don’t like Barack Obama,’ they can’t tell you any reason they don’t, because — let me say this first of all, President Barack Obama did not create the situation that has us in this economic mess that we’re in. Everybody knows that this stuff happened under President George Bush, and they’re trying to dump on the president. But those people — intelligent people understand that President Barack Obama did not create this mess, and the mess that was created could not be solved in two or three or four years. Intelligent people understand that.

    “But Mitt Romney will go out and try to play to the fringe by saying it’s all Barack Obama’s fault. But intelligent people know better. I listen to MSNBC. I listen to all the media outlets. And you know exactly where the slants and biases are coming from. But right thinking people know that this mess was not created by Barack Obama, and he’s done the very best job that anybody sitting in the White House could’ve done to try to pull us up out of the muck and mire that George W. Bush got us into.”

    I can give many reasons that I don’t like President Obama and not one of them has to do with his skin color.  I have three years worth of blogging about issues that I care deeply about that again have nothing to do with skin color.

    You make these statements without any regard to the people in this country that have real differences of opinion about how policy should be dealt with.  It makes no difference to you the people who I have in my life.  The people who I consider my loved ones, my close friends, the people who I genuinely care about.  You can’t be bothered to find those things out before you spew your racial comments.  Comments that are not meant to be the least bit helpful, but to further divide our country.

    You see Ms. Lucas, I am willing to concede that there are people who don’t like President Obama simply based on skin color.  Why is that you are so unwilling to concede that the vast majority of people who are not happy with the job performance of President Obama have differences in opinion regarding policy?  Could it be that you have nothing left to say and you can’t defend the policies?  Because it seems to me that is the most logical explanation.

    In your diatribe you even admitted that you couldn’t get your own children to see the racism that you seem to think permeates everything and everyone in this country.

    Frankly Ms. Lucas I am sick to death of people like you playing the race card.  It has long since reached its limit.  What you have done is make it next to impossible for the people who are truly victims of racism to get a fair hearing.  Your calling everything under the sun racism has done nothing but diminish the word to the point that it has virtually no meaning any longer.

    You would like to know what it is that I don’t like about President Obama?  Ok, here you go:

    1. Obamacare will not reduce healthcare costs in this country.  I will be paying more for insurance than in the past.  I was told I wouldn’t lose my health insurance if I was happy with it.  That was a lie, I did lose my insurance.  I am now paying close to 80% more than I was the day Obamacare was signed into law.
    2. The Stimulus package did little to actually stimulate the economy.  It was a payoff to democratic constituencies.  The next generation shouldn’t be saddled with that debt to make your union buddies happy.
    3. Yeah, I have a problem with guns being brought across the border and having two border agents lose their lives.  Why don’t you?
    4. Eric Holder is a disgrace.  He used his position to further political causes without regard to the law or our constitution.  His refusal to help Arizona with a law that the Supreme Court says is perfectly consitutional is proof of that.
    5. President Obama using executive privilege to save Eric Holder’s ass is disgraceful and illegal.
    6. President Obama has skirted around the legislature in order to pass his so-called Dream Act.  It matters none to him that is an issue that has to be passed into law through congress.

    Those are things that simply jumped to the front of my mind.  I could come up with hundreds of others.  My opposition to President Obama has nothing to do with his skin.  It has to do with his policies.  My objection to you is that you are a small-minded idiot that thinks that dividing people will score you cheap political points.

    The economy is awful.  The spending is out of control.  We have more people on disability then those living in the City of New York, and record numbers on food stamps.  Unemployment has not been below 8% since the President took office.  We were told if that we spent almost a billion most borrowed dollars we would never reach that point.

    We continue to rise the debt limit so that President Obama and his buddies like you continue to spend money we don’t have.

    You want to come at people who oppose the President with facts, than have at it.  I am willing to debate you on that.  But until that time, please go crawl under a rock.  We don’t need to hear from the likes of you of how racist this country is.

    What you are saying is that President Obama is perfect and deserves no criticism.  That is simply ridiculous. Had President Obama been a white man you would be the first in line to brink torches and pitchforks to The White House demanding an answer of what is going to be done for the 14% unemployment rate for blacks.  But you are the one who is showing your racist stripes by refusing to address this issue.  You are the one that can’t criticize a black man.  That is what is racist.  You give him a pass and treat him differently because he is black.  I simply treat him as bad president whose policies are failing.  You should try it sometime.  It is quite liberating.

    • John "KJ" Gibby SR 12:16 AM on 07/24/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Wow! What have I stumbled upon? I’m not sure what or whom I’m typing to. I apologize for my grammer, and other issues you’ll discover later on. I was sitting here watching Bil O]reilly when I heard the tape of Ms. Lucas’s rant. I thought my grammer, well, sorry. Heres another lie of Obama-Care. I became disabled in 2000. Been living on SSI, and Medi-Care is my health insurance. Not once have I applied for Food Stamps. If I keep my budget under controlled, don’t buy New Cars with all the works, the nicest clothing, jewelry, etc., I get by ok. I’ve not even looked at Medi-Caid, but lots of people tell me I should. I get bombarded with emails telling me I qualify for this Govt Program, and that one. The Foodstamp Attack isn’t limited to emails, I actually get these Pop-Ups telling me I should apply. How funny, our govt has spomeone writing programs to pop-up on some poor guys PC, so that I can get all the freebies, that cost more, well we know. Several Months ago I was typing with a TEA Party person. I suggested someone should just stop this madness. I said I would be willing to give 10% of my SSI every month for a year if it went to our debt, as long as there are no spending increase, even those every year our govt needs to increase spending increases. I was laughed at, just saying.
      Ms Lucas. I am receiving lowere benefits thanks to Obama-Care. My SSI check has decreased, to pay for Obama Care because my Medi-Care Costs went up, to pay for Obama-Care. I lost a Dr who had a choice, keep taking Mdei-Care Medi-Cade, or don’t. He made the obvious choice, and I lost my Dr of 15 years, TY Obama Care. Will you give 10% out of your income to pay for our debt Ms Lucas?
      My truck takes me to Dr appts, Winn Dixie, and other misc trips, like wal-mart. It’s not the best looking truck, but it’s what I can afford. Friends can’t believe its the poorest neighbor, the sickest neighbor, the only neighbor willing to take a cut to get rid of this debt. They look at me like I’m a freak of nature. I guess I dont fit the typical conservative. Obama-Care is just a small part of wht “our” president has done to show people the differece between extreme left thinking people. There’s not enough time for me to continue this path.
      Ms Lucas, you are the Racist. If my skins not dark, you won’t listen to me. You wouldnt do anything to help me. If my skin wasnt dark enough, you’d point your finger screaming “Racist!!” Just like you’re doing when you speak about Mr Romney. Just ask George Zimmerman. He’s not dark enough. There fore you call him a Racist that went out of his way to kill Trevon Martin. What’s going to happen when he’s found innocent? A Riot? Why? Just when was the last time a white person told you what to do? To think?
      My main issue Ms Lucas is simply this, my skin isnt dark enough because Geor Zimmermans is darker than mine, but my skin is Red’er. My mom brought me and my brothers up off the reservation saying in this Country you reep, what you soe. You work hard, you will get payed well. Never play the victom. Never stick your hand out. If you need aid, get it, but not when you don’t. You see Ms Lucas, I live on a budget. I have a nice truck. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my fridge, and cabinets. I payed for my benefits, and I won’t take more that I dont need because I am from a Proud Race. If anyone has a rite to point fingers, it’s not Blacks in this country. Your Liberal thinking has caused 2 things to happen. The don’t haves, you know, your Race, have less. And the do haves, are the only ones getting more. I once owned a successful business until my health crashed. Last year I started up a hobby. By the end of this year I’m thinking I can make enough money doing my hobby, to start paying taxes again. That;s my goal this year. No more SSI checks. No more Medi-Care. But I bet I will keep getting all these emails and pop-ups telling me to get “my share” of handouts. As my Mom would say Ms Lucas, the “Racists” makes the noise. Shut up and goto work son! KJ

    • Hoosier Tea Girl 10:39 PM on 07/24/2012 Permalink | Reply

      WOW–these are both excellent responses to Ms. Lucas’s racial diatribe. I just heard her on the Dennis Prager Show, and could hardly believe what was being said. Especially since it is coming from a State Senator. I can only imagine how sad the good people of Virginia are right now to realize she thinks she speaks for them. And oh my gosh, she was finally able to convince her children that people who vote against President Obama hate black people. In so doing, she has just taught her children to hate white people. As long as people such as she espouses such beliefs, what racism exists in this country against any and all ethnic groups, will continue. I choose not to vote for President Obama because he has been and will continue to be a disaster for this country. He and his Administration fight the states if they try to enforce federal laws that the DOJ refuses to do. He has come out and said they will not enforce immigration laws; DOMA, and by illegal executive order is enacting Dream Act, even if not calling it that. I too must now pay more for my health insurance, but am thankful I have a job and can do so; have cut out lots of extras to do so. It is appalling that the President can look straight at us and with his teleprompter in full force tries to convince us we are better off than before he arrived. Give me a break. Talk to the average person on the street and what you hear are the following: better start storing food and prices will skyrocket; gas prices will continue to rise and no more vacations for the kids; how many of us will have a job by next year if he gets re-elected?, we have our homes and cars because we work 50-70 hours a week and don’t expect a handout, why should we be forced to give up what we have worked for to the ones who sit around protesting not having anything, but won’t get out and work for it. These are just a few of the statements heard this week from a wide variety of people. This, Ms. Lucas, is why I WILL BE VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY IN NOVEMBER. He is a decent, honorable, hard working, family man who believes in the sanctity of life; not partial birth abortions as the President helped get adopted in Illinois as a Senator. Mr. Romney believes in an individual working hard and receiving rewards in the workplace for this hard work. He does not want everyone on welfare/food stamps. He and his lovely wife will finally restore patriotism and respect for the office of the President and the First Family. They will happily be invited to visit with dignitaries that have currently shunned us because of the ridiculous acts of the President and First Lady (remember the outrageous gifts given to the PM of Great Britain). Mr. President to be Mitt Romney will know how to approach visiting dignitaries and will be a voice for the great United States of America, not be ashamed of our greatness as the current President and his wife acknowledges. Shame on your Ms. Lucas, an elected ofificial, for speaking such gutter talk.
      I am saddened for your childen and for Virginia.

    • MomToNana 11:35 AM on 07/25/2012 Permalink | Reply

      All I can say is Thank You to “Just A Conservative Girl”, John “KJ” Gibby, Sr, and to Hoosier Tea Girl! Each of you said it all so well. Thank you, thank you. To Mr. Gibby, I commend you. I wish I could give you a hug. You touched my heart and all I can now to do is remember to pray and ask God to bless you abundantly each and every day.

    • Denise 8:50 PM on 07/25/2012 Permalink | Reply

      yes louise is correct, This country has not come to terms with the fact that a black man has finally gotten the change to run our country. Yes Obama has not kept his promises but, all these years, white men have ran this country and look at it, it is a mess. I am a black women who feels that black people will never get a fair change at least not in my life time and if you want to continue talking about this subject then I will be more then willing to meet you face to face.

      • just a conservative girl 8:08 PM on 08/07/2012 Permalink | Reply

        Bring it on Denise. I am social and fiscal conservative. Do you think I would like Obama’s policies if he were white? Because if not, your point is mute. I don’t like what Hillary Clinton is doing as SoS either. Do I hate white women too? Oh, by the way, when we meet face to face you can meet my husband and son. They look a whole more like you do than they do me. Do I hate them too?

      • Ednar 7:03 PM on 08/08/2012 Permalink | Reply

        It is Barack Hussein Obama that is a true racist. Remember, he attended the white-hate mongering church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 yrs listening to his diatribes of hate & the philosophies of the Black Liberation Theologies. Barack DID absolutely NOTHING as did Eric Holder when they allowed Spike Lee to give out the address to Zimmermans house via the internet. This exploded once Obama put in his two cents worth as he did with Prof. Gates, remember? The Black Panthers are one of the most racists suppressive violent groups out there & Jeremiah Wrights church also entertains the likes of Farrahkan from the Nation of Islam … another racist radical anti-white anti-American organization. Even Michelle Obama can NOT escape this! She wrote in her Princeton thesis her disdain for white people!
        We dont need a divider in the White House. We dont need an attorney either.
        We need a UNITER!
        We need a business man with common sense to work with all peoples from America!
        That leaves Obama OUT! He is inept, inexperienced, illegitimate & unqualified for another term as president. His next term should be in prison.

    • Howard in North Carolina 2:39 AM on 07/26/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Two Negro men were interviewed by a Caucasian news talk show host last evening. They were rational and very intelligent men. And I appreciated and applauded them for telling the real truth. They both agreed that it’s the resentful, hateful Negro people, like you, to a very large extent who are keeping racism alive in a very racially diverse country. Almost from the very founding of our country, the few original states had become the melting pot of people from all over the world. There a couple of Negro men who perpetuate racism – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If I were a Negro man, I would tell them to shut up because their day has past. But NO!!! When there is any controversy involving a Negro, they only make make matters worse for all Negro people. They show up on TV either in back of or elbow to elbow to the controversial person in the news. Their racial rants also perpetuate a racial divide among people, regardless of skin color, who have a common bond as an American. Yes, I still think many Negro people need to take “English as a Second Language” class. They are probably racists because they don’t want other people but their ‘bro’ to understand anything they discuss.

      My earliest ancestors came to this once great country in the 1640’s. They were peasant farmers from north part of United Kingdom. They came with nothing and survived with nothing. No, I’m not a pure Englishman. Through intermarriage of different peoples, I have English, Irish, German and Swedish blood in my veins. In my generation I have 4 male cousins who are married to women from 4 different countries. I will be the 5th man in my extended family when I marry a Russian woman later this year. I am 63, retired, have great health and will probably live until mid 90’s.

      God has truly blessed me. Not only with the brief things mentioned, but also painfully growing out of racial thoughts towards Negros. You see, when I was a young 6 year old boy, who unfortunately had a racist father, I would see him get out of his seat and turn off our TV when Sammy Davis, Jr. came on. I was taught to think like a racist at that young innocent age. Before seeing these things from my parents and many from their generation, I did not see color of skin.

      Ms. Lucas, I don’t mean to judge you or lecture you. But I will admit disliking your hateful speech on TV news. Not only did I have trouble believing what I was hearing from you, but your tone of voice was very disturbing. Not only were you lying about Obama’s policies, but even worse your are a teacher of racism. My father is 88 and no longer sees color. I was able to enjoy the freedom of not seeing color from my early 30’s. I have very good friends of all races in this country. and through the power of the Internet and Skype, I have made friends around our planet including China. I’m trying to set the stage to say I don’t hate you or particularly disrespect you. We have the joy of freedom of speech. There are more and more Democrats who are seeing Obama as the person he really is. I thank God that people realize more and more that Obama has no idea on how to lead the USA, has broken the law, intimidated the Supreme Court justices and runs a corrupt administration. I simply don’t understand why he has not been impeached to date. And why hasn’t his partner in crime, Eric Holder, been dismissed and prosecuted as an accessory to the murder of Americans with the gun running to Mexico. Our current “leadership” could not do a better job of destroying America if they tried.

      But we still are Americans who enjoy a government for the people by the people. Poetic justice will be served in November, but it’s too late for a quick fix. If we can find and elect moral leadership that respects our constitution and law and order consistently, we might need more than 2 decades to recover from the wreckage Obama has brought to the USA like a plague. Dear God, please forgive the wrong America has done to you by dismissal of prayer in school and showing you disrespect in many other stupid ways. And please, please bless America!

    • Ednar 8:16 PM on 07/30/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Senator Lucas,
      May I ask HOW you became a Senator? My dear, do you not know that Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in to congress in 2005? He was part of the PROBLEM of our economic downturn that began January 3rd, 2007! Barack Obama voted 90% the way Nancy Pelosi wanted him to! Remember, Chris Dodd & Barney Franks? Both were their respective Congressional Banking Committees making the decisions to our countries economic woes! Barneys lover, Herb Moses, was CEO of Fannie Mae! Barney insisted there is NO need for regulatory reform as McCain & Bush had asked for!
      So you see, Senator Lucas … Barack Obama was part of this economic problem DURING THEW BUSH TENURE! He simply isnt experienced enough to know how to fix the problem because he is NOT a businessman & has never had enough experience as one! Leave these economic woes to those like Romney who are businessmen! Obama is an attorney. He only knows how to suck the blood from a rock! You are NOT thinking of this country or her heritage but are prejudiced to skin color. Skin color will NEVER bring us back our American pride. Maybe you ought to read, again, the words of Martin Luther King, the Republican.

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    Quote of the Day – VA State Delegate Bob Marshall 

    “TSA was created 4 out-of-work urologists.”

    Today at the first of 3 debates for the GOP nomination for the Virginia senate race.

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    See Bloggers Do Make a Difference – FCRC Will Be Giving Free Tickets to GOP Debate 

    Yesterday I wrote about the local republican party here in Fairfax County, Virginia and the upcoming GOP debates for the open senate seat.  You can read that here, in case you missed it.  

    The general gist of the post was that even though I received an email by the chairman of the party stating that the tickets for the upcoming debate in Northern Virginia would be free, the Fairfax County Republican Committee was requesting you volunteer for two hours in order to get your free tickets.  My point was that it was deceptive and wrong to handle it in this fashion.  

    I not only blogged about it, but I also used my social networking connections to spread the word about this.  I emailed the Chairman.  I contacted larger blogs too.  Around noon time the head of the FCRC called my friend Phil to let him know that I would be getting my ticket without being forced into doing volunteer work.  

    Great for me, but what about the rest of the people in NOVA?  This was never about me getting a ticket, this was about allowing the voters access to the candidates so they can make up their own minds who they are going to vote for.  

    For those who don’t live in this area you may not be aware of the background.  George Allen is our former governor and senator.  He was the one that made that now infamous Mecacca comment six years ago, which played a part in him losing his re-election bid to the senate.  For some in the tea party and grassroots movement George Allen represents all that is wrong with the republican party.  He is conservative in many ways, but he also did some big government and fiscally irresponsible things during his tenure in the senate.  He is considered by some to be part of the good ol’ boys club of the republican leadership that is more interested in power than in conservatism.  They are looking for to elect another of the three candidates who are running. 

    They feel very strongly that FCRC is in the tank for the Allen campaign.  Many feel that they were also in the tank for Romney.  While I do know that many are Romney supporters, I can’t say for certain that they are “in the tank” for any candidate.  I can’t get into the head of another person.  I just can tell you how other grassroots supporters are feeling and discussing with me among others.  

    The post got enough of a response that emails and phone calls were flying this morning and this afternoon.  The bottom line is this.  All tickets will be free for everyone without any strings attached.  All you need to do is go pick them up at the FCRC headquarters in Fairfax.  

    This is the best solution for everyone.  There are people who are not able to volunteer for the party as they are putting their efforts towards one of the candidates.  There are also people who may be elderly or handicapped, and can’t make it to the Fairfax office for two hours.  

    This debate is for the voters, not for the party to use as some tool to force get people to volunteer for a few hours.  This came down from on high.  I am not sure exactly how high up in the party it went, but high enough that FCRC has backed down and tickets are available on a first come first served basis.  

    For other bloggers out there, the lesson here is that no matter how small your readership may be, if they are willing to put actions to your words, you have accomplished something.  I want to say a special thank you to Smitty over at The Other McCain for helping get the word out on this.  

    I am looking forward to hearing what the Bishop has to say in the debates.  Check out his website.  He is a good man and I think would make an awesome Senator.  

    Can I just say that Smitty and I ROCK!!!!  

    Thanks to the party for getting the message that it is about the voters, not the party.  We deserve the chance to hear the candidates in their own words so we can decide for ourselves who will represent us in November. 

    • Sherry 6:21 AM on 04/28/2012 Permalink | Reply

      You both do rock –awesome job! And I completely agree with you about Romney, that the establishment picked its candidate long before the primaries. And agree (though I’m on the other side of the Potomac), that Allen is more GOP than conservative.

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    And The Republican Party Wonders Why it Can’t Make Traction in Fairfax County Virginia 

    As many know, there is an open senate seat in Virginia due to the retirement of Sen. Jim Webb.  The GOP has four candidates running in the primary.  There will be a series of debates before the primary.  One such debate is in Northern Virginia.  For those who may not be aware, Northern Virginia is progressive central.  The reason that many here are unhappy with Obama is because he has not been left enough.  As you can imagine the republican party has a hard time gaining ground in this atmosphere.  

    This race is said not to be all that competitive, George Allen is expected to win the primary handily.  But, the “experts” have been wrong before.  I like George Allen, but there are few other interesting candidates as well.  So I was really looking forward to hearing the debate before making up my mind who I was going to support in the primary.  

    As some may know, I no longer can drive for health reasons.  So I have to take the bus to get anywhere during the day.  For those who have never had the pleasure of taking mass transit, the buses don’t exactly run the most direct route.  You can go all over kingdom come to get to your final destination.  The bus I needed to take to the Fairfax County Republican Committee office is one such bus.  It is maybe 10 miles, but it takes more than hour to get there.  I then have to walk about a quarter mile to get to the office.  

    Today is the day that the tickets are supposed to be available.  Here is a portion of the email that I received, you can read the entire email here:

    The third debate will be held on Friday May 25th at 6:30pm at the Fairview Park Marriott located at 3111 Fairview Park Drive – Falls Church, Virginia.  Free tickets to the Northern Virginia debate will be available beginning on April 20th at the Fairfax and Loudoun GOP Victory Centers.

    I take two hours out of my day to get to the office to pick up my “free” tickets.  When I get there I am told that I have to volunteer for two hours.  Hmm, here is the definition of free from dictionary.com:

    Idioms 44.for free, Informal without charge: The tailor mended my jacket for free.

     Now, is it just me, or is asking someone to perform two hours of “volunteer” work a form of payment?  So lets go back to dictionary.com and find out what volunteer means:


    noun1.a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for aservice or undertaking 2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

    yeah, I think it is a form of payment.  Which means that the tickets are not free.  So I said to the women at the office today that I thought the are free.  She said they are.  Really?  How so?  She then tells me that the email from the Chairman said that volunteer work would be required to get the “free” tickets.  Uh, no it doesn’t.  

    So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate.  When I got back home I sent  the following email to the Chairman:

    I am writing to tell you how deceptive the FCRC is.  The below email says that the tickets for the debate are free.  I no longer drive for health reasons, so it took me two hours round trip to get to the office today to pick up my “free” tickets.  Come to find out according to them free means that I have to do two hours of volunteer work.  I even inquired on why the email said that the tickets are free, she said they are free.  How exactly is something free if you are required to work for two hours?  I was told that your email said that they were looking for volunteer help in exchange for the “free” tickets.  Unless I am missing something the below email says nothing about volunteering.  

    I have given money and volunteered in the past.  No more.  The RPV will never get another dime or one bit of help from me again.  This is why you can’t make traction in Fairfax County.  No one wants to deal with people who are purposely deceptive.  

    There is no way for me to get to the office in Loudon County to get my so-called “free” tickets.  So I guess I won’t be going to the debate.  But I can guarantee you what I will be doing moving forward for the RPV is a big fat zero.  Never again will I do work for them.  I will not phone bank nor will I give money.  It is not like I was some huge donor by any stretch of the imagination, but every dollar helps when you fighting an uphill battle in a county such as this one.  

    Thanks for nothing FCRC.  Lets go back to dictionary.com one final time:

    1.apt or tending to deceiveThe enemy’s peaceful overtures maybe deceptive.2.perceptually misleading: It looks like a curved linebut it’sdeceptive.

       [dih-sep-tiv]  Show IPA

    Yeah, I would say that about covers it.   

    This isn’t so much that I am not willing to do volunteer work.  I have done plenty.  I can list plenty of examples of work that I have done.  Matter of fact I was at the FCRC’s office not all that long ago doing data entry work for the delegate conventions that are coming up.  This is about principle.  If you are going to send out an email saying that the tickets are free, they should actually be free.  

    • SignPainterGuy 12:02 AM on 04/21/2012 Permalink | Reply

      Some times dishonest people just don`t get the message ! It`s especially gawling when those people are supposed to be the ones on our side.

      Years ago, I got a postcard from a film developing co. offering a huge discount for just showing up to see their service. It seemed much like real estate deals where you listen to a sales spiel, tour a home or two and get a gift, like a camera or watch or clock. Family members had gotten several things that way, so what the heck ! And besides, on this postcard it said THREE TIMES that there would be No Sales Spiel !

      When we arrived 20 miles away at the conference room, we were immediately told the sales spiel would begin in a few minutes. I asked why the card said there would be no spiel if there indeed would be. The guy just looked at me. Well, it turned out that to get the discount film developing, there would be a $500.00 upfront charge. I then asked how many photos I`d have to take to break even on the deal ? Again, the blank stare. He knew he was caught, offered me and anyone else who wanted it our free gift and the opportunity to leave. About 10 out of 25 or so grabbed our gift and left, snickering at having not wasted a pile of money. The choices of gifts were all junque, so we took the GrandMother clock, maybe $15.00 at Wally World.

      That`s about as near to FREE as I ever got ! Well, except for being raised by good parents ! Can`t dismiss that !

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    Quote of the Day – VA State Senator Watkins Edition 

    “I’m a God-fearing, God-believing Christian. … If any of us think that we own the property, you better take a close look inside you, because God and Mother Nature own everything.”

    John Watkins arguing on the VA state senate floor against a bill that protects VA property owners from an overbearing government seizing property to give to corporations.  This bill is in reaction to the Kelo decision in which the Supreme Court took a private homeowners property to give to another business for them to develop in the hopes that it would raise additional tax revenue.  The last I heard this property is still vacant after the homeowner had her home ripped from her by the state of CT.  This bill did pass.

    Sadly, this man is a republican.  Will anyone stand up and mount  a primary challenge against this man?  One could only hope.

    Can anyone say Agenda 21?

    H/T Right Side News


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    Quote of the Day – Dave Wasserman Edition 

    How good was VA Dems’ map tonight? Dems winning 420k votes to 661k GOP votes in #VAsen races (39%) and winning 52.5% of seats

    While it seems bad on the face, it has to have team Obama shaking in their boots.  I don’t know about all of Fairfax County, but I do know about parts of it.  The GOP wiped the floor compared to the dems.  Fairfax County is a stronghold for liberals.  Obama must win Fairfax County in order to take VA next year.

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    Virginia Primary Day Almost Upon Us – Those Last Minute Donations Sure Are Interesting 

    The primaries in The Commonwealth of Virginia will be held tomorrow.  One race that I am keeping a close eye on is Tito Munoz against Jeffrey Frederick.  They are squaring off to see who will face long time State Senator Toddy Puller. 

    Tito received a donation from an unusual place, Mr. Christian Josi.  Mr. Josi is Jeff Frederick’s former financial chairman.  It wasn’t all that long ago that Josi was calling Mr. Frederick “a conservative rock star”.  Could this be part of the reason that Mr. Josi has decided to back Tito for the senate seat?    I am not sure we will ever quite know for sure.  But it sure is interesting that a former staff member no longer is supporting him.

    • BackyardConservative 6:47 PM on 08/22/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck to Tito, what a great guy, and lucky to have you helping him out!:)

      • just a conservative girl 11:03 PM on 08/22/2011 Permalink | Reply

        It will all come down to who gets out the vote better. They are expecting very low (pathetically low) numbers tomorrow. We will see if all the door knocking and phone calls paid off.

        Tito is a great guy. A very principled man who will make a great legislator. He simply wants to serve, he isn’t looking for power. Exactly what is needed in this country.

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    Is Senate Candidate Jaime Radtke Just Status Quo? 

    As some may know this is an election year in Virginia, out entire legislature is up for grabs.  The House of Delegates is expected to stay in the hands of the republicans, so many republicans are working very hard to turn our senate red.  You may also know that I am doing work for Tito Munoz, senate candidate in the VA 36.  This is a contested seat for the republican nomination.  Tito is facing off against former delegate and state GOP chair Jeff Frederick.  I don’t think that it is any secret that I am hoping that Tito wins the nomination and goes on to beat Toddy Puller in November. 

    We also will have an open federal senate seat next year as Senator Webb has announced he will not be seeking re-election.  The GOP candidates are Senator George Allen who lost his seat to Webb five years ago and Jaime Radtke.  Jaime is a former employee of Mr. Allen, so it is going to be an interesting race.  But Jaime isn’t just a former employee of George Allen, she was also the head of the Virginia Tea Party Association.  Virginia was the first state to hold a state Tea Party Convention, it is said to be one of the most organized in the country.  Jamie is a big reason that is true.  She was very committed and worked for basically nothing to get our Commonwealth organized.  The Tea Party Convention was a great success and had some very big names that came and spoke, Herman Cain, John Fund, and Dick Morris to name just a few.  I attended and enjoyed myself throughly.   I have a great deal of respect for what Jaime was able to accomplish. 

    But, back to the state senate race………..As in most races the candidates receive endorsements.  Tito was endorsed by George Allen.  Jaime then endorsed Jeff Frederick.  There are some things about Jeff Frederick that are quite troubling. 

    Frederick is a former delegate that has no real record of getting any major piece of legislation through.  Frederick is also the former GOP Chair of Virginia.  A position he was forced to resign from.  Now, the stories vary depending on who you talk to of why he was forced to resign.  One side of the story is that the “GOP establishment” in Virginia wanted to get rid of him and forced him out.  This establishment includes now Governor Bob McDonnell.  McDonnell was the Attorney General at the time and it was already well-known he would be running for Governor the following year.  The other side of the story is that Jeff used a company he had a financial stake in to do work.  Another words he profited from using this company.  No formal charges were ever brought, the affair was dropped after he resigned.  I can’t get into Gov. McDonnell’s head so I have no way of knowing if he truly wanted Jeff to leave or not.  It wouldn’t be unheard of, it could very well be true.  The problem is that Jeff not only gave him the guns and the bullets, he put a target on himself and walked 20 paces.   Jeff was GOP Chair when John McCain was running for president.  Jeff made no secret of the fact that he didn’t like McCain all that much.  In the September before the campaign while I was out knocking on doors and making phones on a nightly basis, Jeff took a family vacation.  His job was to get the base excited.  If he felt he couldn’t do his job to the best of his ability because he didn’t like the candidate he should have resigned then.  Not do a half-hearted attempt. 

    We can also move onto the small business that Mr. Frederick owns.  He has been classifying himself under the 8(a) disadvantaged minority status.  With this status he has been able to get set aside contracts from the federal government that many small business owners were never allowed to bid on.  Frederick has denied using his status to get these contracts, but his website lists the following agencies that he has worked with:

    Patent & Trademark Office IPA Blanket Purchase Agreement #45PTO254900
    NECO (Navy Electronic Commerce Online) Registered
    Department of Commerce COMMITS Contract No. 50-CMAA-9-00042.
    GSA: IT Professional Services GSA Contract No. GS-35F-0558P
    GSA: PES (Professional Engineering Services) GSA Contract No. GS-23F-0234L
    GSA: MOBIS GSA Contract No. GS-10F-0262K
    Frederick is the former GOP Chair in Virginia, he is a former state delegate, and he owns a nice home (I was there once for a fundraiser).  I don’t want to sound insensitive here, but his last name is Frederick, he speaks with no accent, and he looks like a middle-aged white guy.  Many people wouldn’t know that he was Hispanic by that.  How exactly is this man disadvantaged? 
    All of this information is readily and easily available and it is all true.  This isn’t a smear campaign towards Mr. Frederick.  This is about the principles that Ms. Radtke says she stands for.  Mr. Frederick is running as the “anti-establishiment candidate” all the while taking the very establishment like advantages to further enrich himself. 
    Ms. Radtke says she wants to change the way Washington works.  Isn’t it a Tea Party principle to get rid of the federal government choosing winners and losers based on minority status?  Or am I mistaken?  If that is the case, why would she back a candidate such as Mr. Frederick?  I contacted the Radtke campaign several times to get a simple answer of why she choose to endorse Mr. Frederick.  I never heard back.  I guess I am just some lowly blogger, so who cares.  But I am also a voter.  Not only am I voter, I am a primary voter too. 
    Again, this post isn’t about Jeff Frederick, this post is about Jaime Radtke.  Radtke waited until after George Allen came out and endorsed Tito to make any statement about the race.  Once he did, she jumped on the Jeff Frederick bandwagon.  The question I am left to ask is this just business as usual? 
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